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    3 pages - Cultural Anthropology Task

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    Project Description: Cultural Anthropology Academic Research We are seeking a skilled anthropologist with expertise in cultural anthropology for an academic research project. The project focuses specifically on cultural anthropology and aims to conduct a thorough analysis and exploration of a chosen topic within this field. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in cultural anthropology with a deep understanding of the theories, methodologies, and concepts within the discipline - Previous experience conducting academic research in the field of cultural anthropology - Proficient in qualitative research methods, data collection, and analysis - Familiarity with various anthropological research tools and techniques - Excellent academic writing sk...

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    We need to translate a book on Shamanism from English to Hindi. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in technical translation, anthropology, psychology, consciousness, and neuropsychology also Sanskrit terms. That Book in total 139400 words, We need to complete it within 10-15 days. There is specific terminology or jargon from anthropology, psychology, consciousness studies, neuropsychology that needs to be used in the translation. The freelancer must be qualified to use appropriate terminology based on their expertise in the subject matter. Maintain placement of endnote numbers in text and associated numbered endnotes also Maintain formatting of headings (Bold, all caps, centered, left flush, italics, etc.).

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    ...freelancer to write a 1500-word essay on the topic of cultural anthropology. The essay should include relevant sources and references that I will provide, and should include a thoughtful and comprehensive analysis of the topic. As a professional in this field, I'm expecting an essay with a clear, logical structure and original research. The essay should also adhere to the relevant scholarly conventions - proper citation and referencing, clear language and succinctness - and should offer an informed answer to the research question. I'm confident that an experienced freelancer can deliver a paper that meets the standards I have set. So if you're capable of crafting a well-informed and well-structured essay on the topic of cultural anthropology, please apply f...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can translate a book on Shamanism from English to Hindi. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in technical translation, anthropology, psychology, consciousness, and neuropsychology. I am open to both literal and culturally adapted translations, depending on what the freelancer feels is most appropriate for the content. There is specific terminology or jargon from anbthropology, psychology, consciousness studies, neurospcyhology that needs to be used in the translation. The freelancer must be qualified to use appropriate terminology based on their expertise in the subject matter. The project timeline is flexible, with the expectation that it will take more than 2 weeks to complete. Small sections and a chapter will be translated ...

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    Looking for an Anthropology/Social sciences consultant for a Master Thesis. Good knowledge of religions, India & most importantly punjabi/sikh studies is a must :)

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to help me edit a grant proposal I'm submitting on July 26th to secure dissertation funding as a PhD student researching biological anthropology using machine learning techniques and dental morphology. The proposal is 10 pages long and I need a proofreading and format review completed prior to the deadline. Experience with research and/or science-related topic areas is preferred, as is excellent command of the English language. The rough draft is already mostly written, and there is no need to provide additional content beyond what has already been written. The current draft is too long, so if you could edit it down a bit and help me make it more engaging, that would be ideal. The grant committee is unlikely to be familiar with machine learni...

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    ...discussions. Requirements: - Native or near-native fluency in Chinese (Mandarin) and English, with exceptional written and verbal communication skills in both languages. - A strong understanding of Chinese culture and an in-depth knowledge of Native American culture, history, traditions, and customs. - Proven experience in professional translation, specifically in the field of cultural studies, anthropology, or related disciplines. - Excellent research skills and the ability to independently gather information from various sources to ensure accurate and up-to-date translations. - Attention to detail and a strong commitment to producing high-quality translations that effectively convey the original message. - Cultural sensitivity and the ability to navigate complex cultural conce...

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    My project is for the translation of an Urban History PHD Thesis from Brazilian Portuguese to English. The total word count of the thesis is 123,000 words. There is no specific formatting requirement for the translation. The translation will be used for the production of academic articles and book chapters. As such, I would like to find a pro...000 words. There is no specific formatting requirement for the translation. The translation will be used for the production of academic articles and book chapters. As such, I would like to find a professional who can accurately translate the text without sacrificing the accuracy and nuances of which this project demands. Experience translating academic work in the fields of history, sociology, anthropology or urban studies is required for thi...

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    ...and wealth management Business and entrepreneurship Travel guides and adventure stories Cookbooks and culinary exploration Psychology and human behavior Inspirational and motivational books Young adult novels Science and technology Art and creativity Environmental issues and sustainability Political commentary and analysis Social justice and activism Historical non-fiction Cultural studies and anthropology Philosophy and existentialism Sports and fitness Education and learning strategies Supernatural and paranormal Poetry collections Fashion and style Mindfulness and meditation Parenting techniques and advice Personal finance and investment LGBTQ+ issues and experiences Pop culture analysis Relationships and dating advice Mental health and well-being Climate change and conservati...

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    Applied Anthropology: Directions This is a thirty point project where each student will identify, introduce, and explain, anthropological research in the news. Each student will need a minimum of two articles used to prepare a seven to eight-minute presentation. No media permitted during your presentation. All presentations are due week fourteen. Step One: Think about which subfield of anthropology you are most interested in. The subfields are discussed in chapter one. Step Two: Select one anthropologist from that subfield to showcase for the project. Your presentation will focus on the research done by this individual. Step Three: Identify at least two articles that explain the discovery/research/investigation led by this individual. Then start to pull out the main concepts ...

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    I am seeking a freelancer to create a discussion board post focused on structural violence among Indigenous populations. The ideal candidate will have experience in anthropology or related fields and be able to research and find two articles from anywhere in the world that discuss a specific form of structural violence, as in chapter 12 of Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge by William A. Haviland. The main focus of the discussion board post is on the issue of structural violence among Indigenous populations, with a particular emphasis on the chosen form of violence. The post should be short (300-500 words) and be written in a clear and concise manner. Preferred articles are academic journals or NGO reports, but news articles will also be considered. The freelancer...

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    Need and expert to complete a small project on anthropology.

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    I need help on Sociology and Anthropology. Any Expert in these subject please apply

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    We are producing a series of YouTube videos about travel, history and food. I am a retired chef, restaurateur, caterer and food historian. My partner has a PhD in anthropology and archeology, and is also a food historian. We will provide the compelling, energetic, humorous, upbeat, and informative videos. We will drop 8+ videos a month, with numerous shorts for all social media platforms. Filming and editing is underway and videos will be provided for viewing for the right partner candidate. You manage the channel to provide steady consistent growth and monetization strategies. We are searching for a YouTube channel manager/partner to join us and must have a provable and verifiable experience in setting up a YouTube channel, growing the channel with subscribers and viewership, ma...

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    You are expected to read all the assigned texts and create 1 or 2 questions addressing the readings. Readings: Guest, K. (2018). "Language." CA, pp. 94 Bohannan, L. (2018). "Shakespeare in the Bush." CA, pp. 95-104 Gmelch, G. (2018). “Baseball Magic.” CA, pp. 317-325 Guest K. (2018). "Liminal Youth Among Fuzhou Chinese Undocumented Workers." CA, pp. 337-347 Guest, K. (2018). "Kinship, Family, and Marriage." CA, pp. 213. Goldstein, M. (2018). "When Brothers Share a Wife." CA, pp. 214-220. Geertz, C. (1978). "The Bazaar Economy: Information and Search in Peasant Marketing." The American Economic Review 68(2): 28-32. Guest, K. (2018) "The Global Economy." CA, pp. 261-262. Guest, K. (2018). “Politics and...

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    Target readers who prefer these categories: Spirituality, Memoir, Religion, Anthropology, Adult Developmental Psychology, Self Help. Instead of asking what's the cause, what would happen if we asked what's the purpose? What if we were able to reframe apparent tragedies as blessings? What if we interpreted the language of events, as Santiago did in Coehlo's The Alchemist, to make choices? This is the true story of the apparently impossible happenings in the life of a man seeking authenticity and meaning. Barely surviving an "accident" as a baby, survived getting shot four times during an escape from a Mexican prison, refusing "the Call to adventure" at mid life... then after losing my wife and career, and my therapist refused to continue with me as...

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    ...many projects as you want, but once accepted and assigned to a project, we expect full-time commitment during that project to ensure insights are delivered on time. What qualifications do I need? Fluent in English and Danish/ German/ Swedish/ Norwegian/ Finnish/ Japanese/ Arabic/ Dutch/ or Russian The ideal candidates have experience with qualitative research methods and preferably within anthropology, UX research, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), behavioral analysis, or related fields. You could be an experienced freelancer and have many years of experience within the field of qualitative or UX research methods, be a graduate student who wants to apply the obtained academic knowledge in a real-world setting or somewhere in between. But most importantly you must have strong...

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    I have a son in college. Majoring in Anthropology. Has issues with time management and organization and needs help not just with the subject matter but with organization and time management

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    Look to get help regarding Anthropology Report

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    I have a book i have few question about the book which i want to be explained in simple language to understand it clear

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    Hi there! I am looking for someone to work on my project which is a short essay between 500-700 words using Harvard style referencing. For the Short Essay I have to choose one of two options. The first involves brief anthropological fieldwork. For this option you will observe a social setting, record what you see, and offer an analysis of the location, context, event, interactions, and activities. The second option is a creative prompt that focuses on the theme of defamiliarization. Please contact me for more details. Thank you

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    ...the powerless. This has often meant trafficking in the bodies of Brown, Black, and Indigenous people. Sometimes these remains were stolen from graves or sacred places — the bones of the indigent, the racialized, the people treated as less-than-human. They were collected from the late 19th century to the late 20th century to further the scientific racism that was an unfortunate aspect of early anthropology, to create comparative collections in museums, and to fill medical schools. They were offered precious little dignity in life, and even less in death. " I didn't purchase from Instagram or anything like that, however the fact remains I don't know the sourcing and the idea of owning grave robbed remains of

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    ...the powerless. This has often meant trafficking in the bodies of Brown, Black, and Indigenous people. Sometimes these remains were stolen from graves or sacred places — the bones of the indigent, the racialized, the people treated as less-than-human. They were collected from the late 19th century to the late 20th century to further the scientific racism that was an unfortunate aspect of early anthropology, to create comparative collections in museums, and to fill medical schools. They were offered precious little dignity in life, and even less in death. " I didn't purchase from Instagram or anything like that, however the fact remains I don't know the sourcing and the idea of owning grave robbed remains

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    I wrote 2000 words on why scientists don't get consciousness (have degrees in anthropology and psychotherapy) and been a buddhist monk and taken LSD (50 yrs ago) need help to pitch say to the New Statesman plus keep as much of my content as possible - it starts out illuminating how kids with special needs don't get listened to because psychiatrists and clinical psychologists attempt to objectify the mind - and how LSD and buddhist meditation do the opposite - peel away all the layers of mental constructions so you can know the mind directly....and how it is possible to use knowing stripped of all preconceived assumptions to know the implicit qualities of consciousness directly - for example know sweet tenderness in the heart by being the knowing, and how this can be a repl...

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    A lifetime ago I studied anthropology (and took LSD), since then Ive been a psychotherapist and a. Buddhist Monk, I just wrote 2000 words on why scientists don't get consciousness, starting off with an account of years spent teaching special needs pupils who had been diagnosed and objectified by psychiatrists and clinical psychologists who are trained in the attempt of science to objectify consciousness and reduce it to chemicals in the brain etc. You may know the BMJ has just rejected the idea that serotonin causes depression, and that there is a psychedelic renaissance. My article attempts to explain that scientists are so committed to objectifying data through the senses they have disavowed their own knowing. We all believe we are separate entities surrounded by a world of t...

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    ...anecdotal data or case studies. Please note: Simple compilations of raw research articles and associated data would be insufficient. Areas of focus for research will include a broad spectrum of urgent social/cultural issues facing society today. Experience researching contemporary and historical bodies of literature regarding: political science, sociology, social psychology, economics, government, anthropology, education, media studies, internet studies, women and gender studies, environmental science, and social sciences will be helpful. This behind-the-scenes position may involve providing clear, unbiased, digestible facts to media producers. The ability to examine and document multiple sides of critically important issues as though preparing two sides of a debate requires c...

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    This is a lecture about anthropology on Youtube by the American academic Judith Butler. I only need 45 minutes transcribing. I would want you to put the time codes before each new sentence. I need th project complete within the next three days, please. Thank you for considering this project.

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    Essay of anthropology need to be done and it is done

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    One question based off of an article on anthropology

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    5 question with 5-10 sentence response for each

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    a compare and contrast literature review for a blog about anthropology

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    ...Relativism”: “Ethnocentrism” and “cultural relativism” are two important concepts springing from anthropology. This assignment intends to unpack these concepts through the analysis of a case which made headlines in the United States. Please read the article, “Toddler, Left Outside Restaurant, Is Returned to Her Mother”, by T. Marcano (1997). The article is found on Blackboard, under the ”Assignments” tab on the side menu. Once there, then click into “Essay One” to access the article (PDF). Answer the following questions in essay format using the readings from Week 4 to analyze the case: (1) How are ethnocentrism and cultural relativism playing out in this case? (2) Why is the study of anthropology import...

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    Need help with project. Anthropology

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    10 teklifler (music is given from us) The exact places, for the first 23 videos will be Merida – Yucatan – Mexico 1. Paseo de Montejo 2. Mayan World Museum of Mérida 3. Catedral de Mérida - San Ildefonso 4. Museo Casa Montejo 5. Plaza Grande 6. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Ateneo de Yucatán MACAY – 7. Cantón Palace 8. Monument to the Fatherland 9. Parque de las Américas 10. Museum of Anthropology and History 11. Rectoría de la Ermita de Santa Isabel 12. Railroad Museum 13. Regional Roger Orellana CICY Botanical Garden 14. The rectory Jesus (Third Order) 15. Museo de Arte Popular de Yucatán 16. Parque Hidalgo 17. Monument to the Montejo 18. Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (San Cri...

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    Logo Designer Bitti left

    the logo is for a production house named Mudskipper Productions. we are into producing high quality nature and anthropology films. we are looking for a logo the would show evolvement. Mudskipper is an Amphibious fish which are known for their unique ability to survive both in water and on land. We at Mudskipper Labs believe that we should bring the same ethos that the Mudskipper represents. We would like our logo to symbolize evolution, a leap similar to that of the Mudskipper.

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    ...are asked to skim a passage compared with when they are encouraged to read a passage carefully. Montoya put his introductory psychology students in one condition and had paid volunteers from a nearby senior center in the other. The intro students were given an essay on dating practices in college and were asked to read every fourth word of the article. The other group was given an essay on the anthropology of the Mayan Indians, of equal length, and was told to read the article carefully because they would be asked to answer questions about the passage. After the intro students had finished skimming the passage on dating, Montoya presented them verbally with a recognition task in the form of true/false questions about what they had just read. The other group was given a free recal...

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    We are looking for CREATIVE NATIVE ENGLISH GHOSTWRITERS who know the space of the game called Minecraft. We need a series of fictional stories with a word count of around 30,000 for each book. The sto…

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    I need this work completed in 12 hours. I have a power point and excel sheet template that needs to be filled in. It is a survey of artists that work with light as a medium as well as artists that work with NFTs. I do not require any essay or any critical conclusion. Th... This is not school work. I need someone who can quickly research basic facts on a list of artists that are provided in the excel sheet, as well as identify 40 additional artists. I also need someone to complete the powepoint slides that include the images of the artworks by the artists. This is fit for anyone with a bachelor in any type of literary or arts field. (maybe cultural studies or anthropology) The instructions are provided in the documents. You must open the excel sheet before you open the power point. t...

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    Hi Kelvin Writer, my friend Natalie A referred me to you. She told me you did a 10 page assignment for $100 in 2 days and I also have a 10 page assignment that I need help with. Its based on anthropology, it based on a particular course reading that I can download and send to you. It's on the Kipunji specie. Please let me know if this is something you can do as soon as possible?

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    I need a semi-academic artilcle about elements of culture and the importance of disparity between cultural elements in a multicultural setting. The successful freelancer has to have a track record of writing semi academic articles in this field

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    ...Online Exams, Personal Statements, Creative & Technical Writing, Poetry, Journalism, Discussion Board Questions, Individual & Unit Assignments, Group Projects, Capstone Projects, DQ Posting & Replies, All Work Passes Turn-it-in Site & Plagiarism-Free. It also includes subjects such as Accounting (Cost – Managerial – Financial – Advanced - Auditing), Advertising, Algebra (Linear & Abstract), Anthropology, Architecture, Art & Music History, Asian & African Studies, Astronomy, Banking, Biology, Bookkeeping, Business Administration & Management, Calculus, Chemistry (General – Organic – Physical), Child Development, College Planning, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Consumer Studies, Criminal Justice, Differential Eq...

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    I need freelancer who can write on anthropology.

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    Twentieth century literary criticism in England offers a bewildering variety of critical theory and practice. New discoveries in psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, etc. have brought about a revolution in critical methods with result that modern criticism is quite different from criticism in the 19 th century. Explain the previous quote with a special reference to Eliot’s theory of poetic drama. The answer should be within 2 pages I need within 17 hours

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    I am pursuing Anthropology MA. Require a qualifued mentor.

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    Anthropology, sociology and psychology summative

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    I am trying to create a wordpress website. I write fiction stories, anthropology, and topics on depth psychology. I am trying to create a premium content subscription-based model business. Since I've been experimenting with it, and don't entirely know what I'm doing, it's a wee bit messy. So I would need it cleaned up. I need somehow to post content but ensure some of it will be free while others remain paid subscription. Pretty Simple project. The website is

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    ...writing skills; 8. Know how to use different online research tools; 9. Knowledge of humanitarian/terrorism/war studies – most desirable Eligibility Criteria: 1. Have published more than 2 papers based on qualitative research; 2. Graduation from a recognised university in any social science field (such as humanitarian studies, political science, international relations, law, conflict studies, anthropology, sociology, etc.); 3. Dedicated, highly disciplined and passionate for the writing task. Start date - As soon as possible Estimated time – 1 month Please provide the following while making a bid: 1. Your best writing sample 2. CV 3. A small note on why are you the best fit for this task? Please provide evidence to your claims in the answer. Please read every singl...

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