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    I are seeking a data expert to do the following and insert data into an Excel spreadsheet. * Web Research (google, yahoo, etc.. searching) * Web Scraping (for select company data) * Data Entry, Data Processing * Data Cleaning, Data Cleansing, Verification * Deduplication (no duplicate records) THE DATA: 1. I have a spreadsheet of preset data to dedupe new records against, and enhance wi...

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    I need a custom built video webcam recorder that will fit into a Ruby on Rails web application. Function/requirements: 1. recognize any webcam that is connected into the user's PC or Mac running ie, firefox, chrome or safari. 2. By pushing record the video will be captured. When Stop is pushed the recording will play back automatically. If Record is pushed again it will erase the previou...

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    I’m looking for someone who can develop an android tablet app to connect a handheld digital microscope through the USB port. This is nothing more than a glorified USB webcam app that can take pictures and videos. The question is the driver. The device uses a class driver on a PC that is called USB 2760 Camera. It also has six LED lights that must stay on continually.

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    Hi I need somebody help me to do the coursework mentioned below. The worker should complete this assignment in 3 days and **should provide me with full explanation of how does the script work**. A software company has installed Windows-based operating systems on its pc based systems for normal office applications. In keeping with traditional practice on Windows systems, files which ar...

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    Pyramidical Bitti left

    I have designed a strategy board game which i would like converted to a pc, console, and i-phone 4 game. if interested give me a quote for the or each specific port that can be done.

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    Requirement : Perl + MySQL Update data to 2 mysql server in different location (discuss) Optional Splash screen. Login using https after login go back to http. Disallow hot-link. Not allow user access webpage without login. And DO NOT allowed to modify URL to access other page even after login. eg. [login to view URL] is prohibited SQL Injection is prohibited too. ...

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    Have a program that puts data into an sql database. need 6 fields pulled from it and put into a spreadsheet. files will be local on pc. not web or webhost. want a simple executable/batch file that i can just click and it will produce results. need to be able to extract with by date. like if i need 2 days worth or 1 day or past.. etc.

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    Need to have software created. I have an example of what I would like to have crerated. logo/name with my company, (I will supply) the color scheme blue, & add 2 graphics. also some functions added - (that are not in the example) such as adding more categories under the expenses ie. lawn cutting fee, basement repairs, yearly land trust fee, pest control, deck, patio, dock/dav...

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    The project is to make a facebook app, which the user will be able to upload an image from his self, or maybe take right away from his camera and use that image, to place an object into that specific image, and assign some effects. The idea is that the users will be able to take an image of him, and put some glasses into that image. The glasses will be simple shape (png image) which the user wi...

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    We will be selling monthly web hosting and will be looking for affiliates to help promote our services. 1. We have installed an affiliate script called Idev Affiliate. Please see: We need someone to set up a product in admin so that affiliates are paid £10 per sale or 50% of a £20 sale. We want to pay affiliates at the end of every month for the previous month...

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    I am looking for a partnership with an individual or company that is working in the field of iphone, ipad, android and all other mobile app development for various platforms. You would be responsible for the development of an app that would help parents and I am responsible for the marketing, ideas and content development that would be used in these apps. I will not release any details until I rec...

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    Have a Team that requires a instruction manual for installing and testing OSX 10.6.6 or 10.6.7 on a Gigabyte Motherboard and a Gigabyte HD 5770 ATI Graphics Card , Task to create a working instruction manual that goes much deeper and into more detail than any other site , program , forum . for example the dummy like series of books , will pay for the full manual , a test of course will be req...

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    Hi I need somebody help me to do the coursework mentioned below. The worker should complete this assignment in 3 days and **should provide me with full explanation of how does the script work**. A software company has installed Windows-based operating systems on its pc based systems for normal office applications. In keeping with traditional practice on Windows systems, files which...

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    Complete Design and supply 3 working prototypes is expected. 2 transmitting nodes and one recieving node connected to PC via USB. Node 1 &2: Able to count max 10 pulses per second, detect pulse on rising or falling edge. Store the total internally in non volatile memory. Every xx mins transmit a data packet containing unique serial number + count value. Node 3: recieve packets an...

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    I need a pc program created which monitors a folder of photos. Users can scan through thumbnails of the photos and then select one and post to their facebook wall, send a tweet or email the photo.

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    I need a application to convert; - .pdt to .dwg - .dwf to .dwg - .dwt to .dwg It must support all AutoCad versions It must be possible convert multiple files at same time. It must be done in Visual Studio 2010 using the c# language. It should have the option to run on local pc or on a server. Note that after conversion the .dwg must maintain all the objects as polilynes, arcs...

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    I have an application developed in Java. It is a middleware that receives XML formatted message from any application via socket connection, converts this XML message into a standard message format understood by a Processor and sends the message to the Processor. The Processor receives the message, and sends a response to the middleware. The middleware receives it and send same to the application t...

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    Looking for someone that can write a working crack for Ozeki NG SMS Gateway v4.0.4 software. I am looking for an experienced software reverse engineer. I am willing to pay 250$ if the job is done in 3-4 days.

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    A Linux based tool, which can run from a live CD and thus edit the registry of a Windows PC which is struggling to boot because of malware. The tool will be very similar to Hijack This, but will run from Linux and be updated to cover more locations where malware typically can be found. More detailed requirements in the form of a Cucumber features file can be found at <[login to view U...

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    €26 - €4398
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    Create a desktop time management app for our remote associates who work on line to calculate their working hours. This app shall remain active, while his PC is powered. When he activates the icon, it seeks info, which is emailed to ADMIN. Again, this window activates intermittently automatically and keeps sending info to ADMIN, while this associate is working. Information sought is a calendar, for...

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    We have implemented all the said functionality in the application leaving the RTMP streaming part. The application was required to do live broadcasting from phone to RED5 server using RTMP protocol and HTTP streaming from server to phone. The HTTP streaming part is successfully implemented but we are not getting any solution for RTMP streaming from phone to server. Since Apple havent provided any ...

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    We need translators to translate our software from English to many other languages. We need the following form completed, however there will be many people we will finally work with. All chosen people will be accepted inside vWorker only. Please put your bid in here AND fill fill in the form below... [<wbr />com/a/[login to view URL]<wbr />vie...

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    We need a small webapplication to print individual address labels from a list of clients. Technical requirements: - LAMP server base - preferably browser-independant - preferably no need for client-side installation (if necessary: Windows based) - interface design should be optimized for touchscreen use - printers are connected to the client - not the server - format labels using Line-Mod...

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    We need to develop a software able to make an iPad/iPhone remote controlling using VNC protocol installed on a desktop PC. Please find in attach our software specifications.

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    What I need or require: A sydney based person to construct a basic Microsoft .Net website that facilitates the following: a) simple database table with a few fields and a GUID key b) facilitate the generation of a session key through a simple web page that requests a graphical text string to be typed in, compares with it's text value, and then on success, displays a session key that has...

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    Need a complex website developed. Only top rated providers to apply. project duration - 3 to 4 months

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    Hello Freelancers, We have a PC monitoring software thats suitable for both home and business use. The software is very unique as it doesn't have any server requirement and allows you to monitor PC from anywhere, even with iphones etc. We believe the software itself has huge potential however we need professional marketing person/company that knows how to promote this kind of software. ...

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    SIP PC-2-Phone dialer with g729 support. Video calls are NOT a requirement. Main task will be customizing skin and setting gateway address.

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    We are looking for someone to create for us a desktop program that includes all the features of Senuke X and Scrapebox. Behold the feature list for that Software I need: 1. an fast, good looking, good organized software. SEnuke X has been completely re-written from scratch in a brand new technology. This has allowed us to do things that were technically impossible with the previous vers...

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    What we need is a software developer who specializes in ios software within the SDK app development software It needs to run across all IOS devices which includes Ipad, Ipod Touch and the Iphone 4 and Iphone 3GS Preference is to 2D animation. We are looking for up to a 100mb game that runs smoothly with good graphical imaging that is highly addictive and fun to play And we ne...

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    We need a similar app like this [login to view URL] We will provided the content and you have to provided the app and the backend system to update the content. Previous experience on iOS app is mandatory.

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    auto & rretweet is an aplication for the people that can not stay glued to the twitter. Auto : you upload a list of tweet for all day say the time to publish clik send and go sleep or work If you have a list of news to tweet just upload to auto and click play "send" Rretweet: if you want to retweet all messages fron a user just clik rrtweet this user and all messages fron this use...

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    (please read thoroughly and make sure your reply makes clear you understand the problem) Through Indesign CS5, we have created an interactive PDF with several videos in it that needs to be displayed on an iPad. The ipads will be given to people on an event to send them on a tour. The pdf with video functionality works perfectly on PC & Mac but on the iPad, the videos don't displa...

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    I needs an eCommerce website with the following functionality: -CMS functionality so customer can edit main pages (Home, About Us, Contact Us, etc.) -CMS functionality so customer can add, edit, remove, delete pages in a small menu somewhere on the page -Password protected product prices with option to turn off password protection of all or certain products -Users must login to see price...

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    We have desktop software targeting consumers. Please thoroughly test the software from the end-users' prospective, to help us to improve the software. ## Deliverables **More** **Details:** -- This is simple app downloadable from <[login to view URL]> -- The most important aspect of the software is user-friendly 3D animation. -- Please test the app on at least a 32-bit PC with Int...

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    I would like to get 200 x 150 word posts written for [login to view URL] (BMR). It's a blog network where you write a 150 word post, and place links back to our main website. You will be required to write several 150 word posts on the BMR network, on the subject of tablet pcs, ipads, and industrial uses of tablet pcs such as in construction, industrial uses etc. Ideally this is...

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    Looking to utilize elements and images of our website to design 3 items: - Windows Logon Splash Screen - Wallpaper - Screen Saver

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    Need a software that will change my computers and internet IP address or whatever you want to call it. I have to put the Ip address in the software with the proxy.... and if the IP and proxy are working fine it has to assign it to my internet and PC .... ip and proxies i have are form all around theworld ... i will mostly use USA Ips and proxies... keep in touch and let me know if u have th...

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    I would like to get bids for website designing and seo for 3 domains.I require google ranking within top 5. [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] For [login to view URL] I need a zoomable map on the homepage like [login to view URL] should be a journey planner like the one on [login to view URL] .Popular keywords related to London within unique content as well as ...

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    Dear all, The project concerns an android application development which allows to print from the smartphone (find all the printers around, send the file to the selected printer etc.). Technical keywords : PCL protocol, PS, Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), Java Print Service. Example : [login to view URL] (only for BlackBerry), [login to view URL] Please send me your best prices and...

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    I need some technical advice and help on install Ubuntu on an Android Tablet. I need a pure Ubuntu system but NOT DUAL BOOT. I don't want the tablet have an menu for select OS during the restart process, assuming when the tablet restart will go to Ubuntu directly. My tablet is iPad like style without USB port but I can use Apple cable connect to PC USB port. The bidder must be able to h...

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    We need a Lotus Notes/Domino developer with eperience in developing fully functional eCommerce stores on the LN platform. We currently have an online product catalog that is a web-enabled view of an internal LN database with some email/template/workflow functionality that allows us to review offers from customers but need a fully developed shopping cart with the ability to let customers check out.

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    Hello, i need a script to get the coordinate from garmin GPS. So this GPS will be used in a ship, the ship has an internet connection and a PC on the boat. So all I need is the GPS send the coordinate information from the boat, to the server. and translate it into google maps. I'm using php CI languange with windows platform. I already made the web, just need to embedded the tracking ability ...

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    Script editing Bitti left

    I need a developer who can do edit script for me fast a web site which recive SMS messges from pc based software to a web site, use the software named SMSENABLER I like to set up the process of posting the messges from pc to web site work in 2 modes First - is defult the messges get posted automaticly to the web site Second is to set the system do verfication messges before posting it up

    €26 - €220
    €26 - €220
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    We are looking to add someone to our development staff. We will secure your services for a period of 3 hours as a trial basis. If you work well with our team, we will work with you as a full-time asset to the company. I am looking for a someone that can come close to having all the skills that I posses. I will be testing each candidate for a variety of technology fields. VB.NET 3.5 and 4.0...

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    i'm opening a computer programing training center and i need a network design the center is currently 2 floors with a flat design there are about 250 - 300 people connected at peak time a lot of people connect from their homes or remote locations All PC's are windows PCs, however, some of our students require some linux servers so we need liux and windows servers to work toge...

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    The easiest way to describe our need is as follows: 1) Users goes to advertiser site 2) User browses through products and visits the placements for product X, Y and Z and cookies from Re-targeting segments X, Y and Z is being dropped on the user PC 3) User does not purchase initially 4) User goes to a site in our network and gets re-targeted by a dynamic XML feed banner which in this case...

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    We are interested in a solution, which 1. exchanges the phonebook entries between any **NON-HACKED** iPhone and a Windows-based computer (from iPhone to pc and from pc to iPhone) 2. connects the iPhone and the pc via **USB cable** 3. operates **WITHOUT** **interne**t connection and appstore access ## Deliverables The deliverables specified will be: 1. Central DLL (implementing ...

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