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    We have deve...alarm device that people can have in their homes, alerting them before an earthquake arrives. The final design should be available in Eagle, with a BOM using the Seeedstudio XLS template. We have attached a PDF with full instructions, including reference designs in Eagle for the P1, component libraries, PCB outline in CAD, and more.

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    We are doing a migration from Marketo-SalesForce to Pardot-SalesForces. Everything is set up but we need the smart list data extracted from Marketo and implemented on the Pardot system. We're looking for an expert that has in depth knowledge of the ins and outs of Marketo that can solve this quickly. Thanks,

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    ... | file003.xls | | [login to view URL] | |───Porcessed | | file003.xls | | file003.xls | |───Logs | | [login to view URL] | |───Error | | file007.xls |───folder2 | | file003.xls | | [login to view URL] | |───Porcessed | | file003.xls | | file003.xls |...

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    Hello dear freelancer, we are looking for someone who can establish contact with an electric vehicle manufacturer. This the European vehicle class L3e according to our requirements. After satisfying inspection of a prototype, we are willing to order this vehicle in larger quantities and to import it into the European Union. Greetings, ecojohn

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    Needs to fix the angular project. Now I have a project developed by angular, and I have some bugs in the UI. There is also some error at the junction of the backend(ASP) and angular. I need to fix it soon ...

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    10 teklifler a you to program a 2-channel filter bank using C on the stm32f4 Discovery Board. please use atollic True studio for STM32 software and please give instructions on how to import the file to the software. The filter banks should contain 58 order FIR filters, high pass and low pass filters. I would also like if you could generate signals let's say

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    ...and saved into a plugin sub-folder, and a CSV database to generate static html pages in folder/subfolder location. Every time we run it, the plugin: - has upload function to import a CVS table with all data, - requires to choose the two templates to be used, among those saved - requires to write the folder name - requires to choose the transcoding file

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    Need to export 6300 products & Images from Magento 2 then import to woocommerce

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    I need task done like this : on Magento 1.9.3 - Import product databases - script to mass edit product - edit templates Please bid if you can help me.

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    The job consists of: 1. Setting up a woocommerce website in 2 languages (English and Swedish) 2. Going through aliexpress and import the 50 best selling products in each category/sub category to our website. This will be somewhere around 15000-25000 products I believe so it must be automated of course so let me know how you plan to do it. Images and

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    Launching my store on [login to view URL] Marketplace. Need someone to help me filling out the spreadsheets for product import on the plateform. I should be able to provide most of the descriptions but some will need to be researched on the internet and quickly formatted (bullet points, layout). No HTML required, just plain text on Excel.

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    Need shopify developer with 4-5 years experience. Tasks: 1. Need Customers import with all info like Name,Email,Phone,Address,Order History. 2. Need digital downloads. Thanks

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    Have an asp web site need to look at and see why we can not get running The programmer past away and we loaded the site on an asp server having problems connection strings [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Rich (Removed by Admin)

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    ...information and other static pages content like about us, terms and services etc. 7. Admin should have access to pull the employers email and job seeker email ID’s through import option separately into Excel. 8. Admin can search candidates via location, years of experience and highest education qualification 9. Admin will be able to send emails to employers

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    Need an application which can send Bulk SMS in Android OS, can read Data from Excel Sheet (XLS / XLSX) Able to send data on specific time mentioned in 1. Excel Sheet or 2. Given By User as per his choice ( either 1 or 2 )

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    ...configuration file Setting up PowerMTA Monitor Configure up to 36 IPs Interspire Email Marketer with Plugins 1 million spamtraps MySQL + phpMyAdmin Webmail Install Fast Importer ( Import 100,000 Contacts in 20 Seconds ) Define Bounce back emails Define FeedBack Loops and complaints handling IP rotation Generating DKIM key and Configure it Update my SPF with

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    I need 2 tables created in MS SQL 1 for daily data and 2nd for historical. I need a package created in SSIS to import data from folder with variable file name (date) to table and also add data to a historical table .

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    ...experienced with woocommerce. We have WPallimport premium plugin with woocommerce addon that you can use to aid the import. Approximately 4931 products in the database however thats variants and options as well. Goal: Import all products, variants, options from source website to new website. PM me for website URL ( where we are copying products

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    I am looking for a catchy logo that could represent my business and trade consulting company. My company will offer business and trade consulting serives as well as import/export intermediary solutions to compamies in Canada and around the globe hence the term "inglobe". I would like the design to include a design of the globe and a feature that illustrates

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    ...soon as possible such which blockchain technologies companies are best, how blockchain is applied to sectors such as the banking in Ethiopia, agriculture, international trade(Import/Export), international payments, service sector, solar sector, manufacturing etc just to name a few. Kindly also include how a we can leverage the day to day tasks to make

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    I have a document that I need downloaded from the internet, turned into csv file and uploaded to my website using the WP All Import

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    We are looking for a method to combine several excel spreadsheets based on data - then be able to export data based on the format for import into QuickBooks and our Magneto website. This will require a excel dashboard, vlookup and macros. Right now we combine 3 to four spreadsheets to get a master, then we rip it apart to make separate imports. We

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    I need to import my catalog data on a Magento website. There is an import feature available, but it allows only few lines (about 100 lines) each file. I need to process about 250.000 rows/products. I look for someone how can split this 250k rows files in small ones and process on admin. Attached the procedure and the file format sample. Important:

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    when I try to import there is some problem: Uploaded spreadsheet file has validation errors! See also 'System > Tools > Error Logs' for more details. No server data has been changed.

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    Hi i have bug in my website in add product section it should be done immediately and .xlsx should be add to db the website is php without framework

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    We need to get data out from podio database to an external database to run reports. Plz check api and let me know if we can export all data and import to a new external database. [login to view URL]

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    We bought an extension from [login to view URL] We want to import products fast with the proper attributes, so we need to know how we can do it.

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    ... I am looking for an Excel VBA subroutine to scrape table data from website: [login to view URL] (Select "Round 1", Select "Traditional") and import into an Excel spreadsheet. No bells and whistles.. just display the data from the webpage table in an excel spreadsheet. To include columns labeled... Pos, Player, Today

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    Hi There, I require the SQLITE database for an extremely short project. I have the data in XLS and i want it to go into the SQLite. Only 40 rows and 9 columns. Strictly a $10 job. No more

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    Spokeo Clone Bitti left owner 2) property owner phone number 3) email addresses 4) social media profiles - Facebook or Twitter. I need the results open / delivered in spreadsheet format, .xls or .csv Looking for a desktop solution possibly created in Visual Basic and ran through Excel Spreadsheet or Google Docs Solution. If you have experience with similar work

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    We have a website designed using html5 and want to embed some plug-ins and also import some boot strap templates in order to create 2 -3 layouts for my customer to choose the web site would be spanning 4 -5 pages

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    We're looking for a person to cull emails we will provide and enter the information into HubSpot CRM You will set up HubSpot and be able to work from home using...person to cull emails we will provide and enter the information into HubSpot CRM You will set up HubSpot and be able to work from home using your own computer May need to import from Excel

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    Hi freelancers. So we have c++ game project of soocer. We want to import or remake this project in Unity Engine. That project didn't make by me. It made by indie developer from Netherlands. you can other information on github , so I need only AI system which includes ( football game rules: foul, offside, penalty and more) Here c++ project link:

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    Hello guys, i explain good what i need. In my website, now, i use Smoobu like channel manager that sync various calendars. my question is: If i remove smoobu from my website, how can import airbnb calendar in my website and sync my reservations with airbnb calendar? my website is [login to view URL] i need to create my personal booking engine.

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    We would like to hire a senior person to review an Asp. Net project source code completely. The person should be preferbaly from South India with at least 10 to 15 years of development and reviewing experience. He / she should sign a NDA with us before start of the project and he / she should be able to work inhouse from our office at Chennai.

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    ... Dashboard Module System Activity Log Internal Messaging News and Events-Calendar Student Module Teacher Module Course Module Translation/Localization User Role Management Import Module Examination Module Attendance Module Timetable Module Fees Module Reports Module Downloads Module Export Module Export Module Document Management Complaints Management

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    I need support to set up my 3Dcart store from scratch. Including product import from Ali express or other drop shippers

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    I need support to set up my 3Dcart store from scratch. Including product import from Ali express or other drop shippers

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    Hi, I am looking for a good experienced asp classic developer that can also debug errors on the server. to maintain existing website thank you Ori

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    ...but none with social media. Products: Rattan Cribs and a baby "Nest" (see attached photos) Rattan cribs are popular right now in the US but they are very expensive to import. My company will be making them accessible for US buyers without high shipping fees. I also hope to stock some of the popular styles in the US so shipping times will be 1-2

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    ...All-access passes for access to different product groups by various user subscription levels • PDF Invoices • Google Drive / Sheets integration allowing automated refresh, import and export of product updates • Frontend Store, Vendor Account management and product Submissions • Some limited customisation such as floating cart, wallet, commission structures

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    I need someone to do small edits some images, just will move these words into another layer ASP

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    Scraper products from [login to view URL] to CSV file to import to wordpress - Name Item - Categories - Regular Price - Sales Price - Sizes - Colors - Product Description - All images Price $100

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    ...task 4. Managing social media marketing 5. Sales Web chat support 6. Preparing all necessary freight documentation when required (training will be provided). 7. Export & Import Admin task 8. Sales Lead task. Working Hours: Mon - Fri (between 9am to 4pm UK time) Language: English Project on the pipeline - a marketplace mainly for African products

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    I need assistance on this subject and see if it is possible. I currently work through several sheets with importrange formula, but it frequently shows "Import Range Internal Error" which is very troublesome. I need to make a fast working script to connect my sheets. I have used random scripts found on the internet but they are not efficient and generate

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    this project talk about a blockchain must prevent unauthorized transfers and illegal...blockchain structure you need read the file pa4 all and understand it very well and read the rules the deadline is:11/04/2019 at 7:00am (GMT) you can't use any import for the classes 1-TransactionImp 2-BlockImp 3- BlockchainImp

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    I plan to import and or sell products eventually with my brand on them,Wide-ranging and eclectic

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    import (main fields) + change finder + grab prices + additional field (opencart)

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    ...con un sistema de gestión de venta, desarrollado en Classic ASP, ideado para el modelo de negocios., el cual comparte datos (SQL Server), con el ERP Corporativo (Clientes, proveedores, vendedores, productos, y otros). Objetivo: Reemplazar y mejorar, en forma paulatina las funcionalidades ASP, por funcionalidades desarrolladas en PHP. Facilidades: Se

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    Hi, I need a custom Google Sheets script which would import JSON data via API with authentication automatically every 30 minutes. - data should be imported into a google spreadsheet (in a simple table format) - data should be queried automatically even if I don't have the spreadsheet open, and it should be queried every 30 minutes (more frequently

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