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    ...develop an intraday trading strategy that will operate across the stock, forex, and cryptocurrency markets. This is an opportunity to leverage your employment experience and academic training to deliver a solution that will massively impact my trading operations. Key tasks include: - Ensuring the strategy is effective and practical for short-term, intraday trades. - Conducting comprehensive backtesting to ensure profitability and consistency. Looking for a trading view pine script strategy 1) Strategy must be proven 2) if you don't have an active strategy, please don't apply 3) Starategy will be tested on 4) Need to connect strategy via webhook Your ability to deliver a reliable, high-performing intraday trading strategy that can be applied to diverse markets will ...

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    I'm in search of a proficient Pine Script specialist who can help us enhance our trading strategies including creating custom indicators, backtesting, and optimization. Key tasks will include: - Writing custom indicators: To improve our market trends analysis, we need to add some custom indicators. Your job will be to write effective and easy-to-understand scripts for these new indicators. - Creating trading strategies: I need your expertise to develop some new trading algorithms within the Pine Script environment. - Backtesting and optimization: Once the new indicators and strategies have been developed, your next task will be to perform backtesting and optimization to ensure they are performing efficiently. In addition to the mentioned tasks, I urgently...

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    ...Ninjatrader to Tradovate. An in-depth understanding of both platforms is necessary, and experience with indicator conversion projects will be advantageous. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in Ninjatrader and Tradovate - Extensive understanding of trading indicators - Ability to deliver backtesting capability Successful freelancers should outline in detail how they plan on achieving the project goal in their application. Specifically, I'm interested in how you plan on accommodating the backtesting capability for the TrendMagic indicator on Tradovate. Only those with detailed project proposals will be considered, as it offers insight into your approach to the project, and gives me more confidence in your ability to deliver on the required tasks. Looking f...

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    As a personal interest in finance, I'm looking for a Python developer who has experience in creating scanners within t...knowledge of Python coding • Previous experience in finance or stock market trading, especially familiarity with TWS API and IBKR trading platform Key tasks include: • Implementing an efficient system for mid-frequency trading • Automating stock buying and selling based on predefined algorithms • Developing a robust market scanner In terms of features, I'm not yet certain if I require a backtesting function, so please provide this as an optional extra in your quote. I am anticipating solid results and the assurance of a reliable, efficient automated trading system, which could provide a significant opportunity for growth and deve...

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    I am looking for an expert with proficiency in Pine script coding to work on an exciting project. You'll be doing backtesting on TradingView, specifically for our moving average crossover strategy ,Connecting the Trading view with brokers like fyers and Binance app Tasks: - Execute Pine script coding, mainly to manage order execution based on specified criteria. - Conduct extensive backtesting strategies on TradingView to apply the moving average crossover. Ideal Candidate: The freelancer who fits to this role will have a deep understanding of Pine script and an ability to conduct detailed backtesting. Experience with the moving average crossover strategy is a must-have. Past work with TradingView platforms is highly appreciated. Take on this significant proj...

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    I require a customized Ninjatrader that will be specifically designed for Futures trading. The preferred functionalities include: - Automated trading for efficient and speedy execution of orders. - Backtesting capabilities to help in testing and refining strategies based on historical data. - Real-time market data for up-to-date information and informed decision-making. In terms of customization, I am looking for an advanced setup that incorporates complex custom indicators and rules to maximize trading performance. The ideal freelancer for this project should have substantial experience in creating Ninjatraders and should be proficient in developing complex custom indicators. Solid knowledge of Futures trading will be a definite plus.

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    I am looking for a backtest code in thinkscript to run on thinkorswim platform, kindly read below strategy and let me know if you can code exactly using thinkscript and make it works perfectly for thinkorswim. Cover Call backtest strategy On thinkorswim platform Essentially, this is a calendar call: buying a longer-term option and selling a shorter-term option to start out. Then as the short option nears expiration, roll it to the next period. The long option could also be rolled to maintain adequate protection. Income is generated as theta decays on the short option. Action: 1. Buy a calendar call for ticker SPX (user input) at the beginning, date and time are user input.. This consists of 2 legs: a. Buying a six-months (user input) call with delta 90 (user input). Sometimes delta 90 is n...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can indisputably write Python codes to execute an intraday trading strategy that focuses on futures. Time and liquidity are the two critical who can indisputably write Python codes to execute an intraday trading strategy that focuses on futures. Time and liquidity are the two critical factors this strategy must accommodate. The Python coder should ideally: * Have proficiency in handling data from platforms like QuantConnect or Interactive Brokers. * Have a deep understanding of futures trading dynamics. * Please note that a backtesting of the strategy is not required. Your ability to deliver crisp and efficient code will hold in high regard. Aside from these, the ability to keep to deadlines and maintain good communication will be a val...

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    Looking for an experienced Python developer, specialized in Vectorbt, specifically for: - Implementing backtesting capabilities to evaluate potential trading strategies. - Designing custom indicators for effective data analysis. The perfect candidate should possess advanced Python skills and thorough understanding of Vectorbt. Prior experience in stock market analysis tools using Python is an added advantage. An appreciation for risk management and precision is appreciated to ensure relevant and quick results.

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    I'm seeking a conditions. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Pine Script with a comprehensive understanding of its development environment. - Proven track record of creating effective trading strategies and indicators specifically for upward trends. - Strong analytical skills, with the ability to interpret complex market data and translate it into actionable strategies. - Experience in backtesting strategies to validate effectiveness and refine performance. This project offers the opportunity to significantly impact my trading outcomes by leveraging your expertise in Pine Script and market analysis. I look forward to collaborating with someone who shares my enthusiasm for unearthing profitable market trends and has the technical skills to bring this ...

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    ...pinescript to Python. This project revolves around implementing, backtesting, and analyzing a trading strategy for the S&P 500 index specifically on the 30mins timeframe. Although I did not specify the exact indicators or strategies from the pinescript, I anticipate the application of standard technical analysis tools such as Moving Averages, RSI, MACD among others. **Key Requirements:** - Convert Tradingview pinescript into Python code. An understanding of financial market indicators and the ability to interpret and convert them is necessary. - Execute backtests for the S&P 500 30min timeframe, applying the converted Python script. - Provide a comprehensive report featuring: - Detailed charts and graphs illustrating the backtesting results. - Summary of key m...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to convert my trading strategy from Pine Script to Python. This strategy involves the use of multiple indicators, aiming to optimize my trading decisions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in both Pine Script and Python programming languages - Experience in developing and backtesting trading strategies - A strong understanding of financial markets and technical analysis - Ability to interpret and implement complex trading strategies in Python - Knowledge of software development best practices, including version control and testing Project Requirements: - Convert my trading strategy from Pine Script to Python accurately, ensuring all functionalities are retained. - The trading strategy encompasses multiple indicators; a deep understan...

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    ...Python and financial libraries deployment to set up a Zipline backtesting environment for educational purposes. This self-hosted Quantopian instance will primarily be accessed via a web interface, facilitating my project's core objective: to provide an accessible, comprehensive backtesting tool for students and educators alike. **Key Requirements:** - **Expertise in Python:** Proficiency is crucial as the entire project revolves around Python programming language. - **Experience with Financial Libraries:** Prior work with Zipline, or similar libraries, is highly desired to ensure a seamless setup process. - **Web Interface Development:** Capability to integrate or develop a user-friendly web interface for interaction with the backtesting platform. **Project ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a backtester for the thinkorswim platf...scripting and programming languages relevant to thinkorswim platform development. - **Analytical Skills**: Ability to interpret complex trading strategies and convert them into testable code. - **Portfolio**: A portfolio of past work or detailed project proposals relevant to backtesting or trading applications. I am looking for candidates who can showcase their ability to handle this project with care and precision. Your application should include examples of past work, particularly any projects involving backtesting or trading strategy development. Highlight your experience with the technical indicators specified, and if possible, provide a detailed proposal on how you plan to tackle the...

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    I require a developer skilled in both Easylanguage and Pytho...a developer skilled in both Easylanguage and Python to convert an existing Easylanguage code into Python. The purpose of this conversion is to foster compatibility with other platforms. Upon conversion, the new Python code should be capable of: - Performing backtest against the MESH2024 futures contract - Producing a chart output - Displaying the Profit and Loss (PNL) in the terminal The backtesting process must consider the following features: - Entry and exit rules - Stop-loss and take-profit levels - Commission and slippage settings The ideal candidate for this project would possess experience in trading systems, a clear understanding of futures contracts, and a proven track record working with both Easylanguage a...

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    As part of my next project, I'm seeking a skilled developer next project, I'm seeking a skilled developer familiar with Python, Java or C++ to assist with my Zerodha Kite Algo. Due to the specific nature of this task, applicants with previous experience in any of these languages and knowledge of the Zerodha Kite platform will be preferred. The selected freelancer will be involved in: - Automating trading strategies - Generating trading signals - Backtesting trading strategies To be considered for this role, please include the following details in your application: - Past work in related field - Relevant programming language(s) experience - A detailed project proposal This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a unique project. Looking forward to receivin...

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    ...integrating with these alerts intersect beyond simple triggers like price breakouts or RSI levels, involving a nuanced, multifaceted analysis of market trends and movements. Given the intricate nature of the desired alerts, the ideal freelancer will: - Have profound experience in Pine Script coding - Possess a strong understanding of market trend analysis - Exhibit proficiency in creating detailed backtesting scenarios - Be capable of translating complex trading concepts into efficient code - Demonstrably work under tight deadlines without compromising quality Write a pine script that identify 20 consecutive bars that have the following pattern: 1. The bars are on the uptrend (or downtrend). You know they are on uptrend when > 15 bars out of the 20 bars are above (or below...

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    ...and Experience: - Proficiency in Python or C++, with a strong background in developing trading algorithms. - Extensive knowledge of NSE options trading and MCX operations. - Experience with backtesting and forward testing trading strategies. - Ability to integrate risk management protocols into the trading algorithm. - Familiarity with strategy optimization techniques, including machine learning, to fine-tune trading parameters for enhanced performance. Requirements: - Develop a fully automated algorithmic trading system capable of operating in both NSE options trading and MCX. - Implement solid backtesting and forward testing capabilities, ensuring the strategy is robust and reliable before live deployment. - Incorporate a comprehensive risk management system to protect ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer who can develop a simple yet effective algorithmic trading strategy for both the stock and cryptocurrency markets. This project aims to leverage a medium-frequ...implement them effectively in a medium-frequency trading algorithm. - Ability to integrate the trading algorithm with exchange APIs for real-time data fetching and order execution. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong understanding of the stock and cryptocurrency market dynamics. - Proven track record of developing successful trading bots or algorithms. - Familiarity with financial data analysis and backtesting strategies to ensure the algorithm's profitability and risk management. - Excellent communication skills to provide regular updates on the development process and performan...

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    8 teklifler and stock market and other financial instruments via drag and drop or C#. The purpose of this video is not only to educate but also to fascinate our target audience - professionals in trading, stock markets, backtesting, and quant analysis - by showcasing the effectiveness and sophistication of our tools and methods. **Key Requirements:** - **Creative Conceptualization**: Ability to translate our trading solution's technicalities into an engaging, easily digestible narrative for our viewers. - **Technical Proficiency**: Comfortable with creating content around backtesting strategies, trading algorithm development, market data analysis, and quant model development. - **Target Audience Engagement**: Skilled in crafting messages that resonate with trading profe...

    €14 - €23 / hr
    €14 - €23 / hr
    19 teklifler by integrating a robust, basic-level trading strategy that leverages the simplicity and effectiveness of basic price action. **Requirements:** - Deep understanding of NinjaTrader 8 platform. - Proven experience in coding custom trading strategies, specifically within the futures market. - Ability to implement simple moving averages into a coherent, executable strategy. - Knowledge of backtesting strategies to ensure effectiveness and adjust for optimal performance. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in financial markets, with a focus on futures. - Prior experience with strategy development that involves moving averages. - Proficiency in C# (the programming language used by the NT8 platform). - Excellent communication skills to report back on progress a...

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    ...(minute, hourly, and daily) for backtesting. - Capability to enhance and fine-tune the strategy based on backtesting results. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - A portfolio showcasing previous work with backtrader and trading strategies. - Strong analytical skills, with the ability to interpret complex datasets. - Experience in handling large datasets and performing efficient backtests. - A thorough understanding of different financial markets and instruments. - Good communication skills for reporting backtesting results and suggesting improvements. **Project Goals:** - Implement a custom trend-following strategy in Python using the backtrader framework. - Perform backtests across minute, hourly, and daily data to evaluate performance. - Analyze backtesting...

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    ...improving bot performance based on backtested and live data. ### Project Requirements: - **Development of a Trend-following Trading Bot:** Create a bot that can identify and capitalize on the trend movements within the cryptocurrency markets. - **Customizable Parameters:** The bot should allow for easy adjustment of its operational parameters to tweak its trading strategy as needed. - **Backtesting Capability:** Incorporate a feature to backtest the bot against historical data for performance evaluation. - **Real-time Trading:** Enable the bot to execute trades in real-time, with minimal latency, for the strategies it's programmed to follow. ### Why You Should Apply: If you have a passionate interest in the intersection of technology and finance, and possess the t...

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    ...strategies. - Strong analytical skills to test the script for accuracy and reliability. - Ability to provide clear instructions on how to implement and use the script. **Objective:** The goal is to enhance my trading strategy on TradingView by using a script that can reliably identify trading opportunities based on predefined criteria. The script should be well-documented, with an emphasis on backtesting results to demonstrate its effectiveness. The idea: Buy/Sell signals RSI Is in oversold Range Bullish Divergence Is detected OBV is trending upwards Price is above Ema RSI is in overbought Range Bearish Divergence is detected OBV is trending Downwards Price is below EMa Preferably I would like the indicator to allow me to switch certain conditions off or on then give t...

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    I'm seeking a skilled coder proficient in Python and Pine Script, specifically experienced in strategy backtesting. I'm focused on the stocks market and I need assistance with: - Developing and implementing a backtesting strategy using Python and Pine Script - Fine-tuning algorithm parameters to optimize the strategy for stocks Experience with backtesting libraries such as Backtrader, PyAlgoTrade, Zipline is welcomed, however it's not a strict requirement. A background in financial markets, specifically stocks, is required.

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    I need someone to build me a virtual trading website with features such as: - Real-time Market Data. - Buying and Selling (short selling included). - Virtual Currency. - Free and Paid Plans with different features. - Backtesting options. - Watchlists. - Users should be able to reset their trading lives and a comparison of two lives. - Books such as tradebooks, PnL etc. UI should be modern and sleek. **Kindly note trading knowledge is a must.**

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    I'm seeking a Python adept with a keen understanding of stock market strategies. The ideal candidate will have the ability to code solutions that sync with Chartink screener or align with details documented in a Word file. The project requires: - Implementation of Machine Learning models, specifically clustering algorithms, to facilitate efficient market predictions. - Backtesting of these strategies to ensure accuracy and effective optimization. Key responsibilities will largely revolve around using real-time data to formulate and test these models. A strong background in Data Science and previous experience in stock market strategy development will be highly appreciated.

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    Gostaria de um backtesting para executar em GPU (Placa de video) feito em OpenCL. Já possuo um codigo que faz o mesmo trabalho em Delphi, porem, o desempenho do processamento é muito baixo.

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    ...maintain a fixed distance from the current price. - Must work specifically with E-mini S&P 500 futures contracts. - Ensure the strategy is optimized for low-latency execution. - Backtesting the strategy using historical data to demonstrate effectiveness. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in NinjaScript, the programming language used in NinjaTrader 8. - Previous experience with developing automated trading strategies for futures markets. - Strong understanding of E-mini S&P 500 market behavior. - Ability to backtest and refine the strategy to ensure reliability. - Excellent communication skills to report backtesting results and any recommendations for strategy adjustments. Please provide examples of similar projects you've worked on, along with your ...

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    8 teklifler work seamlessly on the MultiCharts platform with a focus on MC.NET. The ideal candidate for this project will have: - Proficiency in both Pine scripting and - Experience with trading platforms and indicator development - An understanding of financial markets and real-time trading systems The converted indicators should feature: - Dependable real-time data processing and historical backtesting - Customizable parameters for personalized trading strategies - Accurate visual plotting on MultiCharts interfaces Your bid should include: - Separate quotes for each indicator conversion - A bundled quote for all three conversions - Estimated time required for completion This project not only requires technical skill but also an understanding of trading logic. If you possess these ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional who can guide me through ...looking for a skilled professional who can guide me through Thinkscript programming on the ThinkOrSwim platform. I use the ToS platform to trade and possess a bit of knowledge in Visual Basic so I have a little background in programming. I need tutoring that covers: - Syntax and logic in Thinkscript - Understanding the application of indicators and studies - Techniques of strategies and backtesting My preference is one-on-one lessons, which will enable me to ask questions and learn efficiently. Possession of solid teaching experience and in-depth knowledge of Thinkscript will be advantageous. I'm looking for someone in the U.S. and is proficient at the English language. Lessons would be via Zoom or ...

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    I...understanding of recurrent neural networks (RNN). The primary task is to design a machine learning model centered on time series forecasting. This is specifically aimed at predicting intraday stock trading trends and creating a trading bot that I can use on platforms like tradetron.etc. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a Python code based on RNN for time series forecasting. - Perform thorough backtesting and optimization of the machine learning model. - Ensure error-free execution and successful live implementation of the code. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in Python and machine learning. - In-depth knowledge of RNN and time series forecasting. - Prior experience in financial forecasting, particularly intraday stock trading. - Demonstrated ability to backtest and optimize ...

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    I'm looking for someone who can help me test a complex trading strategy specifically for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) dealing with futures. The strategy is based on price and volume data. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct comprehensive backtesting on NYSE futures - Analyze statistical data to validate the effectiveness of the strategy - Provide meaningful feedback based on statistical findings - Optional: Help refining the strategy based on the backtest results Ideal Candidate: - Has experience with stock market algorithms - Proven knowledge and experience in futures trading - Evidence of expertise in handling & analyzing price and volume data - Demonstrable experience with financial statistical analysis. This job is critical to re-confirm my confidence...

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