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    Merhaba, Daha önce burdan baya proje konusu açtığım oldu ama amaca ulaşamadım, Amaca ulaşamama sebebi bilemedim hani teklif veriyorda seçiyorum bak diyorum verdiğiniz ücrette son kararınız mı evet diyor adam sonra nedense yapmıyor İngilizce dilim olaydı bak yabancılar hemende nasıl yapar, Türk insanımız sağolsun. Kısaca başka bir projeye yöneldim. Hemen isteğimi b...

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    Çocuklar için 40 tane çocuk şarkısının müziklerinin yapılmasını talep etmekteyiz. Örnek şarkılar şunlar; Kırmızı Balık - Çocuk Şarkısı [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Küçük Kurbağa - Çocuk Şarkısı [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Arı Vız Vız Vız - Çocuk Şar...

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    Nişantaşı escort bayan. Ana rollerini Ses Bakan ve Gürgen Öz’ün paylaştığı “Zaman Makinası 1973” 14 Kasım'da vizyona giriyor. Tarkan, } Yolculuk eylemlerinde yaşamını kaybedenleri andı. Popüler Şarkıcının bu paylaşımı 43 kadin escort izmir servisi izmir bayan partner siteleri escort ilanlari binden fazla retweet aldı. Popüler şarkıcı Tarkan, T...

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    Bir programın tanıtım videosu çekilecektir. Videoda sizin ekranınız görünürken arkadan sesli olarak programı anlatacaksınız. Video, resim, müzik dosyaları üzerinde işlem yapan bir programdır. Programın ana ekranını aşağıya resim olarak [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] paragraftan sonraki yazılanlar çekimde neleri anlatmanız...

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    I need to connect a SQL database a .bak file with nodeStypescript and Angular project I got the nodeTypescript api ready and the Angular project files ready to send to you. Previous freelancer could not connect the SQL DB to the nodeTypeScript and he abandonned project. I need someone that did that before! It is urgent. I need this today! I will provide DB .Bak file to restore to SQL express. H...

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    We got a virus encrypter and all our files are encrypted. We dont care about anything but we need to recover or databases of SQL.

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    [URGENT] - SQL Expert needed! Jump on call with me now to help I have actcidently deleted some records from one table and I would like to restore from a backup. I dont want to restore the entire .bak. Only was to restore few tables to match old records. Need an expert to jump on call with me and teamview session now to help sort this.

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    bak to MySQL converter Description to repair the file with the extension Sql .Bak in the 2 links below. but unfortunately I couldn't do it, maybe if you help me, look at these files to convert to mdf, I can charge you a license fee. Database repair help me link 01 : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] link 02 : [URL'yi görüntülemek i&cc...

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    Wix(Corvid) developer required for payment gateway integration Description: We required developer who have experience in Wix(Corvid) development, We have own payment gateway and we need to integration with Wix. Example: User purchase any item with quantity (2 item * $10) = $20 total price they need to pay. One user click on PAYNOW button developer need to call our APIs with respective informati...

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    abhorrence - abrogate abrupt -abysmal abyss - accommodation actually - address address book - admire admirer - adumbrate afk - agar airfare - alaram call alkali - all consuming america - amp amperage - anaemia anaemic - ancy and - anglican anglicism - annex appal - apposition asian - assumbly language assembly line - assure atop - attribute automate - aviary aviation - axil axilla - azygous back ...

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    I need to convert a .bak file to xlsx file, the .bak file comes from an old desktop program called "My Invoices & Estimates Deluxe" from the company Avanquest (

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    We need someone to create a layered vector image to mimic the file uploaded. You will need to find the component images accordingly. Low budget as I'll be working on this myself in the meantime. As this project seems to be being misunderstood - to clarify and make it easier: create an image, initially we wanted a vector, but we'll accept a 300dpi 60cm x 30cm finished size photoshop im...

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    Trophy icon BAK Logo Competition Bitti left

    I'm in the process of developing a new business (BAK Unlimited Solutions) and will like to have a befitting logo. I don't have a concept for logo but I want to leave it up to you guys to have fun with the design. Winner will be awarded $50.00.

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    SQL Server Bitti left

    Hi there, We are an SME that used to have subscribe to a POS and accounting system. We had the data stored in a .bak format on a local SQL server but has not been able to connect to it or whatsoever. Our team does not have this knowledge/expertise. Looking for an expert to help us solve this. We need to recover the data tables for us to create a report for one of our customers in the past. But w...

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    HI- Each manual should have the same/similar design but with a different color scheme. Hello, I am looking for someone who can create 3 different, but similar book covers (front and back) for 3 different training manual books. I am looking for something professional and easy to navigate and look at. You will be responsible for creating a front and back cover for 3 different books. Each book will b...

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    Hello, I need to upload .bak to my previous site on godaddy with cpanel purchased and i need my website to work

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    Hi. My name is Magdalena Bak. I need logo for my business. It’s makeup & hair industry. The name of my business is Magdalena Bak, M.B can be also used and the slogan is Making you and your hair glow. I have an inspirational logo made but I need professional hand with it- I’ll upload it. The tones I want is black, gold, silver . I’m open to any ideas. Thanks

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    I'm looking for someone that can deliver a simple AWS Lambda node js function, that needs MSSQL module, and when triggered connect to RDS MMSQL instance & runs the following excutable query: exec msdb.dbo.rds_restore_database @restore_db_name=’database_name’, @s3_arn_to_restore_from=’arn:aws:s3:::bucket_name/<backup_file_name>.bak’. I'm expecting 2 ou...

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    I have this game server files to connect to the client that it's in my windows server 2016, I can't figure out how to connect to the client to play the game. I want a freelancer who can enter my server via TeamViewer, to fix errors and create new files needed. If you tell me you know how to fix after studying the files and structure, I will select you to make create the milestone. Must...

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    I have 4 SQL .BAK files I need converted to EXCEL. Screenshot of file sizes attached.

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    Hello, this is a bit particular project. I have the following joystick bundle: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] , that is use in the fame Farmsimulator [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] So with this steering wheel i drive a tractor in the game. I want to sync this game&joystick with my console, my console has rs232 port. So ...

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    Our company is developing our first Magento website for a long term client and we are struggling due to lack of Magento experience. At present we have been unable to successfully connect the store to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to facilitate a successful checkout. Resolving this is our initial high priority need, if you can resolve this other layout issues wi...

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    Need to do 3 things via CMD code - please $10 - 15 max bid. Find path to running exe (the name will be specified) Kill task Rename file to .bak

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    I need a Windows batch script which goes through the content of one folder and removes all files which meet all the following criteria: - the file name is in the following format: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (where YYYYMMDD denotes a date) - the file is older than 15 days (the file creation or modification date can be taken or also the YYYYMMDD part of the fi...

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    Trenger noen som kan fjerne svart bakgrunn bak 1 element i logo. logo er i .png format. skulle hatt den i vektor format.

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    Hi Please see attached requirements. Technology: ASP core or MVC Language: C# Database" SQL Server (Already created) Data access: Entity Framework with Linq Fully responsive SETUP table still needs to be populated Connection string will be provided at a later stage (.bak file can be restored) Project has a lot of growth potential with monthly improvements and alterations Please send break...

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    Front end themes will be provided by the front end developer. I would like these themes to be developed into content managed websites using Umbraco V8.0.2 CMS on .Net Version 4.7.2 and Sql Server 2012. The deliverables will be three fold: 1. The source code.(in VS 2019) 2. The published project files (using folder publish option). 3. SQL Server 2012 .bak file The scope of work includes: 1. Theme...

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    I have Recovered .bak File from Computer. But during the restore through Management Studio. It throws an error. Can you Recover the Data from this .bak File.

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    Create the E/R model of the database you are going to build. The more variety the better grade. (All kinds of relationships, associative entities, weak entities, multivalued attributes…). Scan the diagram in a file or build the diagram in word or other text processing program.(ER file) Create the database model in another file and keep it. (Database model file) Normalize all the tables to ...

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    HI, I would like to Build an application which contains information about Sale Items/bargains/Competitions/freebies/Samples available in the market this information will be entered by members of this application This application contains 3 views • General public module ( Sale Items/bargains/Competitions/freebies/Samples) when some one visits the web page they can View all available ale Ite...

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    Hi Isabella, I hope you are doing well; I see you are well quoted on freelancer and as I'm a beigginner in the freelance community I'm messaging you to ask you consider me as a subcontractor for your upcoming work. You can assign to me the task you choose and I will do it and send it bak to you. I'm a business analyst with about ten years of experience as financial analyst; branch ...

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    Trophy icon Build a Brand Name Bitti left

    We are making advanced Lithium-ion batteries (replacement of Lead acid batteries) used in energy storage and power applications like: solar energy storage, electric vehicles, power tools, medical equipments. We need a brand name that relates to lithium/energy (green sustainable energy) and shows technology advancement (disruptive technology/revolutionary). The name should be bold and easy to prono...

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    Need an app that knows Turn the keys , power, home, recnt, bak Button in the app that causes the buttons not to be used

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    We have a working ASP/.NET/SQL web app that has been retrieved from a previous server and we need to deploy it on a brand new Windows Server 2016 (I will give you ZIP archive + .BAK SQL database archive) We have also a Wordpress website that needs to be deployed (zip archive + mysql database dump). I will give you the RDP credentials and you will have to install ASP server + SQL Express Server +...

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    I have a site that was previously hosted in another hosting. Moved it to Godaddy, but i am not able to get the site working. Need someone to help make my website show up online. It is encountering issue as probably because i have not imported the database file. Unable to direct import the MSSQL .bak file due to Godaddy restriction for security reasons. This is one of the solution found online ...

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    I use SQLBackupandFTP to backup our production Microsoft SQL database. The database is backed up to a zip file ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]), it contains the SQL database backup ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] is saved on the server in katy1bksql I w...

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    I need data extracted from a SQL database .bak file to a .csv file. The original file is a backup of our data from [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] of our CRM contacts.

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    [READ CAREFULLY] I'm looking for someone that helps me to migrate a website written in ASP Classic language and MSSQL database. I have already uploaded the source code in the hosting, but it's not obviously working maybe because is missing MSSQL Database. I have a file .bak (backup) of the DB, so your job should be migrate the Database and connect it to the source code for interacton. ...

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    I want to restore .bak files which was currupted by ransomwares. Sample db download : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] i Have no information about anything except mssql version or etc , you can download db .bak files from link and try any of them if it recover and give me proper data from db bid will acceptable and proceed. so any will ask about any thing about ...

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    I want to restore .bak files which was currupted by ransomwares. Sample db : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] around 12 db .above are samples only bid after you restore successfully with snapshot bid will acceptable.

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    Need a single powershell script to copy files to a another directory: Retrieve the latest *.bak file from a directory structure and copy it to another directory Sample source structure: Z:dbs -SQLSERVER1BACKUPS -DB1 -FULL [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi gör&uu...

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    RESTORE MS SQL .BAK FILE , TOTAL AROUND 10 FILES TO RESTORE file at : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    We are in need of having a large SQL file opened, with either one of these SQL versions: • Enterprise • Standard – Per Core We have a 45GB file, CRM data, from Microsoft and just need to extract tables for now. We received your .bak file provided in the dropbox. The 45GB file, contains our data and file attachments. • We need you please provide the data tables in flat fil...

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    Looking for these skills for ongoing work: - Knowledge account systems and chart of accounts - ideally Navision. - Analysis Service Tabular (developed in Visual Studio) - SQL Server 2017 / T-SQL - Power BI / Excel I would like to hire a freelancer for ongoing adhoc help with T-SQL, Analysis Service 2017 Tabular model and MS SQL Server in a Power BI end product. It is a plus if you have R experien...

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    €17 - €143
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    lihat gambar, budget $5 hanya perlu buat tabel dan relasi saja.

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    Hello, I need a simple desktop tool to delete folders with more than x number of files in it. In the folder, there is a txt file, a .bak file and rest are images. I want to delete folders that have more than x images in the folder. Software will have a simple GUI. A browse button to select the folder, it will scan all the sub-folders. And then a field to enter how many files it mustn't ex...

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    ms sql database transfer aur required .bak file.

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    Hi Bak Z., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    We have a large 16gig file that is a SQL backup (.bak) file. We need SQL software ( we don't have currently ) to restore the database. We would then need someone to write a query to pull out the data you I need. This person needs to know SQL to write the query and will need to use the database specifications I will provide to identify the tables in the database that contain the data I'...

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    We have a large .bak file that we need to convert into a friendly database to view information. Would need to be on-site in Howell, New Jersey only due to HIPAA

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