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    ...Fuar & Organizasyon Hizmetleri olarak; .:: Fuar Etkinlik ve Organizasyonu .:: Açılış Organizasyonu .:: Tanıtım Organizasyonu .:: Lansman Organizasyonu .:: Bayi Toplantısı Organizasyonu .:: Kongre Organizasyonu .:: Seminer Organizasyonu .:: Kutlama Organizasyonu .:: Yılbaşı Parti Organizasyonu .:: Okul Tanıtım Etkinlik Organizasyonu .:: Yat ve Tekne Gezi Organizasyonu .:: Bar Mitza & Bat Mitza Organizasyonu .:: Festival Organizasyonu .:: Düğün Organizasyonu .:: Road Show Organizasyonu .:: Konser Turne Organizasyonu .:: Yöresel Festival Organizasyonu .:: Şirketler Arası Turnuva Organizasyonu .:: Adventure Etkinlikler Organizasyonu .:: Ekipman Kiralama Hizmetleri .:: Sünnet Düğünü Organizasyonu .:: Ünivers...

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    I need javascript code to run powershell in acrobat.. Acrobat prevent external file (.exe, bat, ps1). How can i run powershell when pdf is open?

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    Looking for a few logo designs for a wooden baseball bat company. Would like a couple of separate designs with 3 animals. A Crow, a Pig and a Donkey. I have attached an example of a pig image as this is the "vibe" I am going for with all 3 animals. Looking for black and white/grey with a hint of attitude. The company is called Bronce Bat Company (or Bronce Bat Co.) The logo will be used for hats and decals on the bat.

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    ... The house is a fully wooden one, with columns, put on a stone base, and with a change of level under which part of a pool is placed. we attach pics for particular details and deco : * floor plan and 3 elevations (the rest can be easily deducted *several pics of the wooden house columns and beams frame (carved) *pics of wooden doors, South * vertical wooden bars opening, as in East * floral and bat pattern as under roof deco in East (pool side) *wooden lattice window with snake like pattern as in East * wooden with shutters and wood opening on side and top as in West *Unicorn as in roof deco, west * three pics for staircase side in stone, one for shape, the other ones for the beast carved * flower transforming into beast head, for roof top. make it not scary as in pic, and round...

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    Will consist of four fairly detailed characters in the foreground, a bearded character above overlooking the group, and a semi-detailed square obsidian tower or two in the distance. Figure one will be a bearded old man w/ spectral bat wings, the second will be a semi skeletal warrior, the next a man holding a skull and a pipe, the next a man in a wheelchair, the figure above is to be a rough 1 for 1 drawing of a man's face, the towers would be pure black and stretch to the sky. I can provide some visual references if requested.

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    Adobe illustrator For 26 Birds and 26 Animals Birds 1. Albatross 3. COCK 6. Flamingo 7. Golden pheasant or Goose 8. HummingBird 9. Ibis 10. Jay 11. Kingfisher 13. Macaw 14. Nightingale 15. Ostrich 16. Peacock 17. Quail 18. Robin 19. Swan 20. Toucan 21. Umbrella bird 32. Vulture 23. Wo...Yellow finch or Yellow hammer 26. Zebra Finch Animals 1. Alligator 2. Bear 3. Cheetah or camel 4. Dinosaur 5. Elephant 6. Fox 7. Giraffe 9. Iguna or Impala 10. Jaguar or Jackal 11. Kangaroo or Koala 12. Leopard or Ilama 14. Monkey ir Meerkat 14. Narwhal or Nilgai 15. Orangutan 16. Polar Bear 17. Quokka or Quagga 18. Rabbit 19. Sloth 20. Tiger 21. Uakari or urinal 22. Vampire bat or Vipers 23. WATERBUCK OR WOLF 24. Xerus or Xray fish 25. YAK 26. Zebra

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    Hello I need my maya/fbx model of a bat animated with only 3 animations and a fly cycle

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    I want to implement Bat algorithm optimization for mobile robot path planning using MATLAB

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    Trophy icon create logo 14 gün left

    need logo created for a community food park. We are looking for a more whimsical feel to the image. We have a focus in pollinators at our garden, medicinal herbs, natives, and local wild life (bats, frogs, birds, etc) etc. We would like a tree, such as elderberry or pawpaw with a pollinator, such as a native bee, butterfly (swallowtail or gulf fritillary) and a bat or bird incorporated into the logo image. Our community garden is designed using permaculture practices and we would like this to be reflected in the image. Our vision as such might look like a scene with a tree with the fruit on it (elderberry or pawpaw) with a comfrey, cone flower or yarrow plant (medicinal herbs we grow) below the tree, and some of the wildlife incorporated into this picture (the bird, b...

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    Who familiar with BAT, Powershell, EXE and Reg.

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    I need a creative flyer designed. I am including the text and photos. Plus a sample sample flyers are just for example. Please use the text below. Here is the text for the flyer: CA YardSharks 18G - Leavell We are having an open workout on Thursday 7/28. After a very successful Summer season (two top five finishes at the Sparkler and TCS World Series) we are looking to add a big bat to our roster. We are built on chemistry. All of our players are returning. -Our organization places athletes at ALL levels of college. -We have a great group with solid defense. -Our organization has permanent lighted fields. -Head Coach has no daughter on the team. -Dedicated team College Liaison. -Affordable team fees. In the Fall we will be attending USA Showcase events, Superior Showcase ev...

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    Need Logo created: Organization: CTW Fastpitch (logo attached) Name: 5th Annual Skeleton Classic Year: 2022 Sport is softball - things to use, softball field, Bat, Ball, girls pitching, girls batting Other files are EXAMPLES of previous logos - need to be FUN, and highlight the theme Once winner is selected, we may need to make final adjustments and tweaks.

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    I use an oculus cv1 headset and would like a plugin or bat file made that can add a scaler onto the tracking information for the headset into steam VR. For example, I want a 12cm movement in real life with the headset to equal 36 cm in the game. Right now I use a program that does this for the controllers but I also want it to work with the headset it self.

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    Trophy icon logo design Bitti left

    Create a logo with the letter "V" and "B": the logo must represent a bat OR a diamond by merging/combining these two letters.

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    Trophy icon Logo for a new agency Bitti left

    Create a logo with the letters "V" and "B": the logo must represent a bat (like this one ) OR a diamond by merging/combining these two letters. PLEASE STICK TO THE DESCRIPTION, nothing else will be considered.

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    Trophy icon Bat Bite Bike Co. T-Shirt Design Bitti left

    I am looking for a tshirt design. The front will have the logo that is attached. The back I am looking for bats flying in front of the moon. The shirt is for a bike component company so I would like to see the moon have spokes of a wheel laid over it. Feel free to include mountains or trees in the design and put your spin on it. Please feel free to use other logos that are attached. I also attached a picture of bats flying in front of the moon for inspiration. Looking for something dark and life like, not cartooon looking. Please feel free to ask questions.

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    ...on the up banner (which right now just has 1 image) has to be replaced with a new image. This image will have 4 highlights (1. 5% BONUS ON ALL DEPOSITS. 2. POWERED BY BETFAIR. 3. ALL MARKETS SUPPORT UNMATCHED BETS. 4. ODDS UPTO 100 TIMES. This image will be in greyscale, divided into 4 sections where in each section will show a sport. Eg. 1st session can show cricket and a batsman bating and the bat shows 1 of the 4 highlights. the highlight will be in colors flashing like an led light. we can discuss more about this on a call. 5. The column kept free on the header will showcase upcoming fixtures something what you can see on Admin will update this from time-to-time. The space should support cricket, football and tennis emojis. 6. The login button needs...

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    I require a Mitigation Strategy for a 1 roomed Chapel Planning Application close to Masham North Yorkshire. There are 25 Common Pipistrelle and 1 Brown Long Eared Bat in the building.

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    Design of simply lychgate with large recess within roof area to accommodate bat hotel box. Something along the lines of the image provided, thanks

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    I have bat file to move files from one folder to another but need a trigger

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    Looking for a 80's themed Logo for a Coed Softball Jersey called "The Pink Team". This logo must pop on a Pink Jersey. I attached an example I found online of kind of the vibe I wanted but....Softball themed. Maybe instead of a city...a field with a bat / glove ball?

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    This project is open for Egypt & Jordan only, as the local Arabic dialect is a ...existing payment gateway service - Modify and enhance an existing PHP site - Strong english communication skills Nice to have: - Python, SQL, Java, social media Answer these questions: - Are you incompetent and Lazy? - How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Cairo? - What months have 28 days? - Which number does not belong to this series 1,1,2,3,4,5,8,13,21? - A bat and a ball cost a total of $1.10. The bat is more expensive than the ball by exactly $1. What's the price of the ball? - Assume you're driving the bus from Cairo to Alexandria. Fifteen people get on the bus in Cairo, and only one person gets off the bus when you reach your destination in Alexandria. What...

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    Hi, * I need a .ps1 (PowerShell) script + a .bat file to execute it with Windows ; * This script read all the files names from I: drive ; be careful, files can be in folders ; * This script extracts all the ID from the files names ; the file names can have different extensions but all look like : , or , or , or film-2021-47-na-l-etoile-de-noel-189457.mp4... the ID is the number at the end, after the last "-" For exemple, in this exemple, the ID is 189457 ; * Then this script get the name of the external drive ; * Finally, every 1 second, for each ID, the script calls a web page with the ID and the name of the drive like : {ID}&name={drive

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    I want the attach character model to be done for 3d printing. I need STL file of it but without the ball on the bat I want you to add logo on the player which I will send you it will be on the stand..

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    €39 - €49
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    Hi i need to create a tamper monkey script which will have a link of a webpage to run on.. It will basically detect the set of keywords in the web page and if found then will give them in a popup.. So for day bat and cat is found in XYZ webpage.. Then it will shown in the Pop up. The keyword match should be accurate and maych exact strings.

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    I want website of ludo die batting where users can bat of 100rs 500rs and 1000rs. Money withdraw and deposit and mobile friendly with Admin page.

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    I am a co-owner of a company that has ~2000 employees and am looking to have a developer assist us in fixing some of our automated reports and help us automate more reports ongoing. We have multiple reports that are sent through windows scheduler using a bat file that open an excel file (in the background), refreshes the data, and then sends out emails from a VM. We had a great developer but has been missing/non-responsive months The developer would need deep expertise in the following areas - excel queries with a SQL backend database - Power Query - Overall Excel Automation . Please let me know if you have any questions

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    Trophy icon Build me a website Bitti left

    I need someone to design a logo, catch phrase, and website with support pages. The theme of the website should be horror related. Think gothic, macabre, zombies, Lovecraftian and your worst nightmares. I sell all types of horror items and have interests in all genres. The purpose of the website are as follows: • E-commerce • Blog – Text, Video, and sound • Sign up for newsletter • Contact me – for comments and if they want to sell me an item • Additional items needed o SEO o Security o Privacy Policy - Footer o FAQ o About us o Terms and conditions – Footer o Social Media Links o Product search o Mobile Friendly o SSL Website needs to be expandable and updatable when needed and I will be able to change content. The targ...

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    46 girdi listen to all frecuencies from reciever. • About 10 attempts until the transmitter gives up and goes to sleep, the idea is not to lose a message at any cost. • Each interrupt increments "event" counter in transmitter, need to be persistent in shutdown mode, no need to hold counter if power loss • Transmitter packet payload: •• MAC or ID (unique) •• Event counter •• Time elapsed •• Bat voltage (if possible) The described operation is currently working, the problems start when 2 or more transmitters "talk" at the same time or very close, they start fighting each other and messages are lost and/or unexpected behaviour, the freelancer tried to implement CSMA/LBT but the accuracy turned out to ...

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    Trophy icon Cricket Team Logo Bitti left

    We need a logo for a cricket team Team name Panthers XI Must include a panther, wickets or bat or leather ball any one of them or best of yours.

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    We are looking for the dopest basketball shorts design with the Austin Tx bat theme from the classic “ Austin Ice Bats” hockey team. We will post some references but we need a unique design! Instead of the bat holding the hockey stick we want him holding a lightning bolt. Use the reference theme with the stars in the blue sky and the bats in the yellow with a main bat then use other references for the font saying “ATX” with ”512” under it.

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    Hi Pallavi C., Can you help with this process 1- creating bat file for silent install 2- test the file if the software can be installed 3- create uninstall bat file 4- SCCM software package deployment 5- make the software package available on App Center The most important challenges step 1 and 3

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    Hi Arumugam P., Can you help with this process 1- creating bat file for silent install 2- test the file if the software can be installed 3- create uninstall bat file 4- SCCM software package deployment 5- make the software package available on App Center The most important challenges step 1 and 3

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    run bat or exe form react app

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    Hi talha bhai me saifullah meri apse pehle bhi bat ho chuki mjhay apse ek cheez discuss krni he if you have 2minutes.

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    Need BAT File Bitti left

    Need a bat file created based on user input. Will create a folder structure as a result. All windows based. The link to see the structure is below please view first before messaging me:

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    Bat file will create folders and a file structure based on user input

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    I am looking for someone to airbrush t-shirts on 5/13/2023 from 6-9 in old town Alexandria for my daughters bat mitzvah.

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    Estoy escribiendo un libro y estoy buscando quien me ayude a dibujar el personaje principal de mi libro La ideas es: Un guerrero o gadiador cuya vestimenta sea tipica de un gladiador pero con diseño alusivo al baseball y que la espada sea un bat de basebal

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    For our daughter's Bat Mitzvah we wanted to present a short 3 to 5 min 80s sitcom style video to welcome guests.

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    Trophy icon Logo for T-Ball Team Bitti left

    I need a logo for my daughter's T-Ball team, they have chosen the name the Batting Butterflies. I would like a butterfly in a baseball batting stance holding a baseball bat. The butterfly should look like a baseball batter with eyes and a face with a hat on.

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    yaar ab aisa to na kro main aap se bat krna chahta hon ab daikho main ne aik month wait kia hai ab aap ko chahey ke aap 1 month mujhse bat kro

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    1 teklifler printed as a short-sleeve jersey, a tankless jersey version, and a long-sleeve version. (3) The main elements that need to be on the shirt include: - Team name - Bay Area Dragons - Team acronym - BAD - Location - San Francisco - 27th year - Team colors -- bright blue, bright green, with red/white accents - Logo -- see our uploads of past logos. Feel free to create a new logo in the shirt design. *NOTE: If you use a dragon, please DO NOT use something that looks like a bat, a snake, a bull, a dog, or an evil looking image. (4) The racing shirt design needs to be sharp and sporty and reflects the Dragonboat team spirit! I want a modern design, that is clean and not busy. No graffiti, cartoons or anime. We've used bright green or bright blue as the r...

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    Trophy icon War car design for games Bitti left

    Need a prototype for War car or car destroyer type design or bat mobile type or any same types of cool 3d work if you can manage or draw .you can submit 2 types of design or at least one. you can use any type of software and also you can submit with any format , final file should be on FBX or OBJ or 3DS file . any way do you best i will see all the entries i can show you some prototype but please do not copy or use them in your design thank you

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    Python Expert Bitti left

    hello I need a python expert to Create a parameter sweep to run the program with an initial insect population of 100 to 400 with an initial bat population of 10 to 50. Save the final plot of each simulation run by the parameter sweep. Also, save the initial and final insect and initial and final bat populations (4 values) of each simulation as one row in a CSV file (running the parameter sweep bash file should just produce one CSV file).

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    hello I need a python expert to Create a parameter sweep to run the program with an initial insect population of 100 to 400 with an initial bat population of 10 to 50. Save the final plot of each simulation run by the parameter sweep. Also, save the initial and final insect and initial and final bat populations (4 values) of each simulation as one row in a CSV file (running the parameter sweep bash file should just produce one CSV file).

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    (French and English speaking people are welcomed) Hello, I am building a wordpress website u...bypass th ecustom workflow is not check. Then, when the user will click the link, I expect the following behavior in the custom script: - fetch the download information needed thanks to the order_id (like the file location) - check if the user_id placed this order_id and the state of the order is validated - copy the source file to a temp location - execute the batch script on the file (this bat and its PHP call are already working) - Start the download of the file - When the download is over, delete the temp folder and file I already have some inputs from the EDD team on how to achieve this (functions to copy or hooks to call) but I don't have the time to do it by myself. ...

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    Create a parameter sweep to run the program with an initial insect population of 100 to 400 with an initial bat population of 10 to 50. Save the final plot of each simulation run by the parameter sweep. Also, save the initial and final insect and initial and final bat populations (4 values) of each simulation as one row in a CSV file (running the parameter sweep bash file should just produce one CSV file).

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    I just need a simple bat code that make a folder and copy one folder to the new one

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    Trophy icon design embroidery for t-shirt Bitti left

    base on the file that has been attach, it could be: minimal changes keep in mind that the final propose is for a t-shirt, it will not be as a printing bat as EMBROIDERY you can play with 2 colors, is better just one color the attachment is relevant, move around the attach, place the design in a t-shirt for better look

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