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    Özetle, adresinde bulunan doküman programın oluşturduğu .udf uzantılı dosyaları server taraflı oluşturabileceğim ve oluşturduğum bu dokümanları yine server taraflı e-imza ile imzalayabileceğim bir php kütüphanesi istiyorum. E-imza kütüphaneleri adresinde mevcut.

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    elimde 2 adet pcba var ve bunların sematik cizimini istiyorum.

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    For a repair, the repair engineer asked for a schematic to drive the device correct. I just have the photos. Can you create a Schematic? In the attachmend you will find all photos I have. The resistors are 180 Ohm on the LED PCB. Also on the other, the resistors are 180 Ohm. Some parts are labeled, some must stay blank with a expected guess value depending the schematic.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create a custom PCB with STM32 and TJA CAN Transceiver to convert UART BMS Data to DRONECAN BatteryInfo and BatteryInfoAux messages. The requirements for this project are as follows: - New design from scratch: The client does not have a schematic or design for the PCB and needs a new design from scratch. - Small form factor: The preferred form factor or size for the PCB is small, less than 5x5 cm. - Specific component requirements: The client has specific components in mind for the project. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Experience in PCB design from scratch. - Strong knowledge of STM32(since libcanard drivers are already available) and TJA CAN Transceiver (or mcp2515 if that's easier) - Familiarity with UART BMS Data and DRONECAN B...

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    I am looking for a skilled PCB layout and design expert who can assist me in creating a schematic or circuit diagram for a multi-layered PCB. The intended application of the PCB is for industrial equipment. Requirements: - Must use Altium Designer. - Proficiency in PCB layout and design - Ability to create a schematic or circuit diagram - Strong knowledge of multi-layered PCBs - Experience in designing PCBs for industrial equipment Most tasks will involve editing already working designs, so format and style must be maintained.

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    Seeking a freelancer to assist with obtaining a 501 c3 tax exemption for a non-profit organization. The ideal candidate will have experience in navigating the application process and will be familiar with the necessary documentation and financial records required. Requirements: - Experience in successfully obtaining 501 c3 tax exemptions for non-profit organizations - Knowledge of the application process and the ability to guide the client through it - Familiarity with the necessary documentation and financial records required for the application Skills: - Strong understanding of tax laws and regulations pertaining to non-profit organizations - Attention to detail and ability to accurately prepare and organize financial records - Excellent communication skills to effective...

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    Prototyping new products 4 gün left

    ...workshop and an electronic testing lab. If you lack expertise in certain areas, you can subcontract with skilled app developers, electronic, and mechanical engineers. However, you'll be fully responsible for their work, and we won't directly interact with them. Your expertise, either directly or indirectly, should cover: Embedded Programming and Hardware Designing PCB Designing Schematic/Circuit Designing PCB Assembling 3D Design and Printing Automation AI-assisted development App Development, both Android and iOS Web Application Development Your verifiable expertise should extend to tools like Altium, Eagle, KiCad, Orcad, Proteus EasyEDA, Solidworks, Fusion 360, Arduino IDE, STM32 IDE, MPLAB, MATLAB, Microchip Studio, Eclipse, In...

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    Please respond personally after only reading & understanding in entirety. Submit questions with your 1st response. We are looking for professional, responsible, devoted respondents to collaborate with. We have 2 PIC32MK PCBs a Master CPU & other is Slave CPU. In Master CPU, consider SPI1 (pin 13,16,32 & 46). Refer schematic for pin usage/definition In Slave CPU, use SPI2 (pin 11,13,44 & 45). Refer schematic for pin usage/definition We need you to develop a firmware program as per below description/requirement. Make in MPLAB X IDE & peripheral configuration configured using Harmony 3 configurator framework. No RTOS, use bare metal framework 7 in C language. Use no Delay or minimum delay less than 1 ms. Program logic/execution should not be halted bec...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with designing a schematic capture for a charging circuit. The project requirements are as follows: Input Voltage: - The desired input voltage for the charging circuit is 5V. Battery Type: - The charging circuit is intended for a Lithium-Ion battery. Charging Current: - The desired charging current for the battery is to be specified by the freelancer. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in schematic capture and circuit design. - Proficiency in working with charging circuits and battery technologies. - Knowledge of Lithium-Ion battery charging requirements. - Ability to specify and design a suitable charging current for the battery. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please specify the desired charging cu...

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    ...(Vcc) and Acoustic sensor each get required voltage or not. If not, then, change components until voltage requirement voltage achieved. Any parts changed in schematic such as (Capacitors, resistors, Zenner, Transformer) must have an existence (Active, In-stock) in DigiKey website so it can be built because all parts in schematics exist as (Active, In-stock). There are 3 main parts not allowed to be changed or removed from design, it will be mentioned in schematic file. Specific performance parameters for the SPICE simulation are not provided, but the client has a rough idea of what they are looking for. Submittals: Two updated schematic files according to targets and able to be opened on KiCAD V7. Each file can be simulated through embedded KiCAD V7 SPICE simu...

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    ...moving load, it is necessary to determine the most critical load positions (i.e. the positions of the vehicle that result in the highest support forces, shear forces, and moments in the main beams). Additionally, the maximum normal stress and shear stress in the main beams should be determined. Description of the construction: Figure 1: Schematic diagram of the load-bearing parts of the pedestrian and bicycle bridge (not to scale). Figure 1 shows a schematic diagram of the construction. The bridge rests on concrete foundations at its ends, and in between, it is supported by two main steel beams. Concrete slabs are placed on the main beams, covered with asphalt, and form the bridge's travel surface. The main beams are loaded by: 1. Their own weight and the weight of t...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up the example code for Chronoamperometry and Square wave voltammetry on a potentiostat. The specific potentiostat model that I am using is Model A. The potentiostat that is currently being developed consists of an ESP32-C3 processor, with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth 5, and an Analog Devices AD5941 (which is compatible with the AD5940) analog front-end that is specifically intended for electrohemical and biological measurements. Analog Devices supply a sophisticated library with the AD5941 Evaluation board, including many examples of firmware for specific applications, such as Cyclic Voltammetry (CV), Square Wave Voltammetry (SWV) and Chrono Amperometry (CA). The example code for the above three measurement methods have been succ...

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    ...freelancer to help me with the design and development of a PCBa prototype. The main components of the project are the esp32 c3 super mini and the AD8232 sensor. The desired size of the PCBa prototype is small, less than 5cm x 5cm. I need assistance with sourcing the components for the project. The desired functionality of the AD8232 sensor in the project is ECG signal measurements and monitoring. I will need you do: - Components List - Circuit desing with EasyEDA - Fales for the manufacture of the PCBa - 3D Modeling base - Armed prototype of the system Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - PCB design and development - Expertise in working with the esp32 c3 super mini and the AD8232 sensor - Knowledge of sourcing components for PCBa prototypes - Experien...

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    ...will be responsible for analyzing, troubleshooting, and optimizing our system to ensure efficient and reliable operation. Key Responsibilities: Evaluate and stabilize temperature fluctuations in the PLC system. Calibrate temperature and infeed speed sensor readings for accuracy. Address and resolve frequent program crashes and touch screen interface issues. Optimize and standardize the wiring schematic. Provide detailed documentation of all solutions implemented. Requirements: Proven experience in electrical engineering, especially with Raspberry Pi PLCs. Proficient in Python programming and system diagnostics. Ability to simulate or extrapolate data for Raspberry Pi PLC, as we currently lack a physical device for testing. Ability to work independently and deliver results und...

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    Project Description: I am in need of assistance to finalize my residential architectural plans and schematic master plan. I require expertise in both schematic design and detailed design to ensure a comprehensive and well-developed plan. There is no specific architectural style required for this project. The job is to FINALIZE work, most of it is already done. There is the opportunity to do some extra work as well depending on how everything goes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in residential architectural design - Proficiency in both schematic design and detailed design - Ability to create a cohesive and well-thought-out master plan - Attention to detail and ability to incorporate client preferences - Familiarity with building codes...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with the development of a microcontroller using Holtek HT66 8-bit microcontroller. The project requires the microcontroller to perform the following functions: - Analog to digital conversion - LEDs - Low power consumption The MCU chosen is HT66F003. Schematic, Product and development tools exist. Complete circuit PCB and in-circuit debugger can be sent to developer by mail. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Holtek microcontroller development - Familiarity with interfacing microcontrollers with NTC sensors - Low power consumption microcontroller (IDLE / Deep Sleep) If you have the necessary skills and experience to complete this project, please submit your proposal.

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    My project is a simulation of a Wind-Diesel-Battery system using Orcad Pspice and Matlab/Simulink. The main purpose of the simulation is to to design and implement a Wind - Diesel...communications infrastructure company remote off-grid base stations with different power sources while preventing power outages. Many of the company's base stations are located in remote areas where the energy supply is unstable or nonexistent. The power system should continuously supply the load of the communication tower. I have specific parameters set for the simulation, and I would like a the schematic and circuits files with the simulation results. With the help of a Freelancer expert, I am confident that a simulation of the system can be completed in a timely and efficient manner. Due to Thur...

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    13 teklifler -Knowledge of reverse current protection. -Ability to design compact circuits. -Strong communication skills and commitment to timely delivery. Project Process and Delivery: Following the design approval, the preparation and testing of a prototype are expected. Regular updates and feedback will be important throughout the project duration. The deliverables will include the electronic schematic and, if necessary, a prototype. Additional Specifications: The circuit should enable flashing of the LEDs at a consistent rate. Design must prioritize compactness and efficiency. The circuit should be durable, able to withstand long periods of use without overheating or malfunctioning. Interested candidates who believe they have the skills and experience to bring this project to ...

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    ...viewing on a mobile phone.. This system must be able to reach a video resolution of 480p, use 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocol, and be powered by an external battery. The circuit schematic must include components to facilitate the streaming of video and wireless connection for the system. The design must be efficient and optimized for maximum performance. I’m expecting an innovative and clever solution that is cost-effective and will get the job done without sacrificing quality. Time is of the utmost importance and I need this project to be finished as soon as possible. Deliverables: Circuit Schematic: Provide a comprehensive circuit schematic that details the connections and specifications of all components used in the design. Bill of Materials (BOM): Create a BOM t...

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    I have this audio device that I am developing. The Audio works fine, however the output is a bit low. I have been told that I need to replace some resistors to increase the output level. Can you analyze the schematic and recommend resistor values to increase the Gain to 1, 2, 3, and 4 ? The schematic is in the attached file. Please check it out. Please share the link so I can browse your previous work and portfolio.

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    I am looking for someone to design a soccer statistics app for iOS. The app should provide users with soccer field schematic in which user taps to capture a player action from a list of statistics categories. Additionally, I am looking for the design of the app to be bold and colorful, so that the user experience is intuitive and dynamic. I'd like the app's design to grab the user's attention, as well as keep them engaged with a stimulating display of charts and visuals that can easily be accessed. The developer should also include player profiles and season statistic charts within the app. With this information, users would have a better understanding of the current season and be able to analyze their child’s teams’ strategies. Ultimately, I am looking fo...

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    ...based carrier board controlled by Tuya IoT & Home assistant. A electrical circuit has been made for CM4. This schematic is 100% finished in EasyEDA by me however Im totally uncertain if my schematic or connections are correct or not. The carrier board interfaces the following: 2x RPi Cam Module v3 1x DC motor (24V 2A) DRV8874 4x proximity sensors 1x Microphone (IS2 MEMS) 1 Amplifier + Speaker Some press buttons 1x Micro-USB connection (I would prefer to change this to USB-C) 40 GPio pin header for testing purposes Once it is done and the PCB assembled I wish to use the Tuya firmware and design a nice Tuya Ui (panel) for this device. * I need someone to confirm if the schematic is fully working and no missconnections, everything is connected well to avoid fa...

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    PCB Design Bitti left

    I'm looking for someone to design a PCB for me. The complexity level of the PCB is moderate, and I have a rough idea of what I want but need someone to create the schematic. The size of the PCB should be small. If you think you have the expertise to help me achieve my goal, please let me know!

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    Functionality: Show how the system will handle inputs and outputs with a flowchart or other schematic. A flowchart should show the logic used in your code.

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    Engineering Bitti left in different accommodations of the building; 5. select the appropriate/required building services systems for the building with the considerations of various options and provide reasonable justifications; 6. select and apply appropriate various computer and manual methods for the preparation of all building services drawings, calculation sheets and design reports; 7. produce complete schematic drawings for each trade of systems using CAD; 8. produce individual layouts for each trade of systems on each different floor using CAD (showing main routing and main route sizing only); ...

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    Create a schematic model from the conceptual model provided. Use the model named "Sample Model" as a reference The sample model IS EXACTLY HOW I WANT THE NEW MODEL TO BE MADE. Good practice is to copy elements into the new file as you go. Purge all non standard layers and junk components after copying elements into the model; 3d components MUST HAVE A 2D representation of it within the component. on a 2D layer. This is an audition I'm looking for new production staff. Isolate and organize building elements and systems into logical groups and components. Note: use components where ever grouped elements will be or can be repeated in the model. use groups for one off configurations and elements. Assign all model groups and components a layer Only groups and compone...

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    I am looking for someone to review and correct my schematic for a Raspberry Pi Pi-Plates integration using powered sensors. The schematic is currently complete, however I am not sure what the problem is and know I need help solving it. The integrated sensors are temperature and humidity sensors and water level. The successful candidate must demonstrate experience in engineering, specifically in designing schematics and working with the Raspberry Pi. Excellent communication and fast work rate are also essential. I welcome applications from experienced freelancers with relevant skills.

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    ...conversion. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal along with examples of your previous work in audio conversion. Detailed instructions below Go to the following link:

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    I want to obtain a video of approximately 10 seconds, free of copyright for an engineering website. Optimal HD quality and size of 960 x 540 px. I search a similar example: a) b) c)

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    Project Title: Convert the existing wiring diagram into a ladder schematic Description: I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can convert my existing electrical wiring diagram into a ladder schematic. The ideal candidate should have experience in electrical engineering and be familiar with ladder logic. Specific requirements for the ladder schematic: The title block will need to be company specific and should be the same as the title block on the attached pdf of the wiring diagram. a sample Title Block has been attached as a .dwg file. A sample of what we are looking for, using the x and y axis grid references is also attached (AT55-810 C PLC) - The ladder schematic must include circuit numbers for easy identification and troubleshooting. Skills and exper...

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    We are looking for a talented individual to create a Super cap charger circuit board layout for us. We want to take our current external 4xAA battery pack which contains a USB port and on/off switch and replace it with a super cap (maybe a 5VDC Super cap ) charger directly connected to a 5V product that currently plugs into the USB port. The super cap needs to have a USB charge port and an on/off switch to turn the cooler fan on and off. The size of the board can only be 32 mm x 57 mm and height of 16.5 mm with just the leads to the 5V product and it should incorporate a combination of both through-hole components (on/off switch on bottom side of circuit board) and surface-mount devices (USB female port for charging super cap). We are open to suggestions when it comes to the layout design,...

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    I am looking for someone who can review an esp32 c3 mini circuit schematic for me. The complexity level of the circuit schematics is Intermediate but also small and I require recommendations for improvements only if there are any critical issues found. The turnaround time I am expecting for this project is 1-2 days. The successful freelancer must be knowledgeable in electrical engineering, understand schematic symbols and basic conventions, and have experience in schematic design. I am looking for someone with the ability to critically analyze and decipher schematic diagrams. I expect a thorough review of my small project; a full report on any issues identified should be provided. This is an excellent opportunity to utilize your electrical engineering b...

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    Project Title: Digicert SSL Validation Type of SSL certificate needed: Extended Validation (EV) Project completion timeframe: ASAP Skills and Experience Required: - Expertise in Digicert SSL validation - In-depth knowledge of Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates - Familiarity with the Digicer...completion timeframe: ASAP Skills and Experience Required: - Expertise in Digicert SSL validation - In-depth knowledge of Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates - Familiarity with the Digicert platform and validation process we have issues validating our EV ssl, digicert requires a duns listing but dont have it.

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    ...boxplots for the average hourly earnings for B1 females with a bachelor degree; B2 females without a bachelor degree. B3 males with a bachelor degree; B4 males without a bachelor degree. Note: to generate boxplots using python you may use this page. 3. C Provide 95% confidence intervals for the average hourly earnings for C1 females with a bachelor degree; C2 females without a bachelor degree; C3 males without a bachelor degree; C4 males without a bachelor degree; C5 Now compare and comment on the results you obtained in parts C1 through C4. 4. D Compute and report the average hourly earnings (ahe) across genders. Is there a statis- tically significant difference in the averages? In your solution you should write out the null and alternative hypotheses and explain the test...

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    I am looking for a Protel 99se designer who can help me with component library creation. The project involves both modifying existing schematics and creating new designs. The estimated size of the project is large, with 51+ components. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in Protel 99se - Experience in PCB layout design and schematic design - Ability to create component libraries - Strong knowledge of electronic components and circuitry - Attention to detail and ability to work with complex designs - know the klipper 99se graphics

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to assist me in the schematics development of a carrier board for the nVidia Jetson Orin Nx GPU module. Here are the project requirements & Ideal skills required: 1. Carrier board for Jetson Orin Nx module 2. Carrier board should have lock type connector provision to plug in the “Jetson Orin Nx” module externally 3. SSD/eMMC Interface. Schematic should consider locks types connector provision to plug in the SSD externally. appropriate part to be selected 4. BLE Module Interface. On board support for selected BLE Module (inbuilt antenna), appropriate part to be selected 5. Type-C USB host Interface. On-board USB C type connector provision 6. RTC - On board RTC support 7. Microphone: Omni directional Noise cancellation microphone...

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    pcb design Bitti left

    I am looking for an experienced PCB designer to develop a double-sided circuit board. I have a block diagram and have selected a few of the active components to be used. My requirement is that the schematic design and layout should be done in altium designer and the design files should be transferred.

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    Are you a logo designer looking for an exciting and creative project? I’m looking to commission the perfect logo for my company, Pacheco Woodworks, which specializes in furnishings. I want to create a bold logo that exudes tradition and craftsmanship. The logo should appear as if it’s an old style blue by print or schematic that has been hand drawn (see attached photos). Additionally, I would like to incorporate some traditional woodworking tools like a chisel, hammer, bevel gauge, and hand plane without cluttering up the design. The color scheme I’m going for should be a combination of blue and white, the font should have a vintage aesthetic, and I would prefer the logo to be image-centric. If you feel you can create a memorable logo to best represent my business...

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    You will be sketching 10-15 schematic designs. You will receive sketches on which you will base your designs. More information after you sign an NDA

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    27 teklifler designing wind-rated buildings for residential purposes in coastal areas, please reach out to discuss further details and project requirements. I am looking for an experienced Australian structural engineer to work on a C3 wind rated building. The building is going to be made of steel framing prefabricated parts from korea and china. This is a residential project and I have complete plans that need to be worked on. The timeline for the project is expected to be completed within a month. The engineer should have prior experience in creating or reviewing plans for C3 wind rated buildings and be knowledgeable in structural calculations for Australian standards, code of practises and certification processes. The ideal candidate should have a degree in Structural Engineer...

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    ...a power rating of minimum 150 W. Input Voltage: - The circuit should be designed to work with a 24V DC input voltage. Output Voltage: - The 24V DC input is to be converted into pure sine wave out put using analog SPWM techniques. Components: - I do not require any specific brand or type of components for this project. Any reliable brand or type will suffice. Deliverables in the Project - Schematic, BOM and Gerber files. Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing and building sinewave PWM inverter circuits. - Knowledge of power electronics and circuit design. - Ability to select appropriate components for the project. - Attention to detail and ability to ensure the circuit meets the required specifications. If you have the necessary skills and experience, and are inter...

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    ...maximum and minimum value, median, skewness and kurtosis. Provide boxplots for the average hourly earnings for: B1 females with a bachelor degree; B2 females without a bachelor degree. B3 males with a bachelor degree; B4 males without a bachelor degree. C Provide 95% confidence intervals for the average hourly earnings for C1 females with a bachelor degree; C2 females without a bachelor degree; C3 males without a bachelor degree; C4 males without a bachelor degree; D Run a regression of ahe on a constant, age, female and bachelor and provide the regression results (as a table). D1 If age increases from 25 to 26, then how much are earnings expected to change? D2 If age increases from 33 to 34, then how much are earnings expected to change E Run a regression of ln(ahe) on ...

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    ...todos los detalles, que los has leído cada uno de ellos y si estás listo para comenzar esta aventura. Algunos ejemplos del estilo o tipo de los videos a producir-crear-montar-editar son: - - - Y las referencias concretas de videos, o lo que es lo mismo, los patrones y/o estructura a seguir, son los siguientes: 1- 2-

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    Hi Dayaben D., I have setup a Hostinger account and given you access to Wordpress. Please can you load the site so it works correctly. I have set the milestone as US$50 for work last month plus US$60 for moving the site across now. Thanks, Mark

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    Design high quality electrical control panel layouts, wiring schematics and cabling diagrams following NEC, IECC, UL508A, and/or CE standards for our automated equipment. Analyze power distribution, size breakers, fuses, wiring and cabling to ensure that equipment meets all international safety standards for up to 408 VAC 3 phase panels. Help source properly rated components and maintain Bill of Materials as related to the electrical design.

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    Hi Sameer, Please see below for the C3 TLK (Try Us, Like Us, Keep Us) campaign digital ads: Please keep in mind that this is a different campaign than Black Friday so the design elements will be different. Please refer to the links in the brief for branding, Instagram profile and website. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Alex

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    I want to make an ems (electro muscle stim) device circuit. Let it output 100v - 100ma" I will do the microprocessor side, I only need the power side. sample product:

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    Proteus to Altium Conversion - Seeking Expertise and Advice - Project Title: Proteus to the Altium conversion - Desired Outcome: Fully functional schematic and PCB layout - Specific Requirements: Not sure, need advice Project Description: I had some PCBS designed and built, I need to make some component changes and some layout changes. I have a person who I use for new designs they use Altium, my files are Proteus. He does not have the software to convert from P to A. This is what I need doing.

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    Hi, I'm passionate about electronics, programming, and IoT, and I'm working on a project involving the SIM7600e module. I need a freelancer to assist with the following: Schematic Review: Check my SIM7600e schematic for errors and ensure it works correctly. Schematic Expansion: Create schematics for GNSS, AUX, and LTE antennas and integrate them. Power Key: Verify the power key setup. Adding Notes: Add helpful notes to the schematic. Important Note: I'm aiming to replicate a module similar to the one shown in an example module image. Attached, you will find the SIM7600e schematic in PDF format and the EasyEDA project file. If you're experienced with SIM7600e and electronics, please share your background and a quote. Let'...

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