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    We have a proof of concept Python 3 script that handles Web API contact and data processing for one magazine. We need it developing to be dynamic so the processing takes a GUI input and uses a different API endpoint and some other smaller differences for different magazines. We won't be letting you connect to our personal data so there will need to be a lot of communication between us on that...

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    Mi empresa necesita eliminar varios links de Google Chile relacionada con información difamatoria de mi empresa. Necesito un profesional de esta area que efectivamente tenga conocimiento y experiencia para eliminar cualquier tipo de links. La página donde están los links se llama [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Lead generation for website using google ads

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    I need to setup an experianced Google Ads campaigns (search+Remarketing)

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    We need a killer Google Ads specialist who specialized mostly in Video (but not only, we have a killer video) to create our killer campaigns on Google. We are a Saas company in the social media industry (Instagram) and our goal is to bring new customers that will pay. you'll be need to: Create a clear strategy and plan a new campaign # Kw research # Understand the product and the targeted...

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    I need an expert who can get me maximum traffic on keywords related to apparel like tshirt etc. my amazon affiliate website needs the customer and Iam looking forward to get the success through Google AdWords

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    I'm looking for a trustworthy partner to increase the amount of positive results in Google. Currently the client is affected by two newspaper results which are at the of the search. We would like to push them down.

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    google adwords Bitti left

    PPC manager - google adwords - I need someone experienced to teach or manage adwords with a proven track record of success

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    I need a awesome digital marketeer to help us promote our proposition. We want people to convert to a masterclass (free) , Webinar (free) or a Ebook download (free). Subject is Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots. We want to use LinkedIn , Facebook and Google Ads. But are open for other channels as well. Conversion is key in this. We can give bonus if our targets are met.

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    We need someone to get Google, Bing, Linkedin and Facebook certification for us.

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    Simply the best CPLEX programming for MILP project. It is the mixed-integer linear programming problem having a multi-objective function that needs to be solved using One directional search algorithm. This is an ongoing project which will have various phases. 1. Developing a Basic Model and Apply Algorithm (ODS) on two objective functions 2. Add additional constraints and objective functions in th...

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    I need you to design and build it.

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    We need someone to do the inital setup for Bing and Google ads such as tags. You will also be creating the emails for each account on zoho (we have a quick self-explanatory training video on how to set up zoho mail which you will receive after your hired). This will be an ongoing project and you will be added into our slack processing channel where you will be doing this multiple times per week.

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    When we add a tag manually to an order in shopify, we would like the details of this order to automatically be added to google sheets and emailed to us once per month for reconciliation. Deadline: 7-10 days.

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    I have react native app and source code. but now need integration firebase google api. if you are expert in this field it is simple job, let me know your budget. thanks

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    I am working with a Web design agency to run a Google Ads campaign to attract more leads for small business website sales. I will need a professional to generate a list of: - broad / phrase match keywords - negative keywords - competitors' keywords With an average competition, CPC, Volume, and related statistics for each keyword.

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    we need a simple but with best features SLOT GAME APP FOR ANDROID ONLY kindly bid with your own past or recent works and samples the full concepts of the slot game will be discussed via inbox

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    I need to put a site to the first position in google on Italy.

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    We need to get our website approved to be a publisher on Google News. We are after someone who has had experience getting websites published on google news and is able to tell what needs to be changed in order to be approved

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    I have a website that is fully mobile compatible. But for some reasone Google doesnt agree anymore, even though I havent changed anything. I need someone to find out why. Its either a small error on the site or some kind of black list problem on google. Pls note. Site is adult. Must okay with that. Please state your experience and expertise. Must be Google and SEO expert.

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    front-end para Aplicacion movil multiplataforma hecho en Ionic. se pretende que tambien disponga una vista para mostrar mapas personalizados e informacion sobre ellos.

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    Hi, I am trying to run a campaign on Google AdWord,but my ad isn't showing ,so I want some have a look into it and fix it.

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    I need my website submission to be done to search engines. Google, Bing in the United States.

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    Needs to be typable and expand with type in each area. able to load to data base.

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    TASK DETAILS: First , I am looking for new freelancers who can finish this task (1) Copy and format the data from the Lead List spreadsheet into the List Cleaning Template spreadsheet. Formatting instructions: --Do NOT delete or make any changes to the “Data Validation” tab in the Template. If there is no data for a particular Template column (example: phone numbers, company address)...

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    This should be a quick one for someone who's an expert. I'm getting a "C" for Add Expires headers. These are the two fonts that need the Expires headers. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]:300,400,700 [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I'm also getting a "B" for Minify JavaScript and CSS. inline &l...

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    so i want to build this 2d app game for android. must be mad in unity engine this 2d game uses alot of touch and hand movement by the player , so alot of Ai and and physical game mechanics need to be spot on , no lags or bugs in game this game will be level based so must be able to configure levels for the game so we want the game to be bright and colourfull , mostly intened for kids and adults...

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    I need some help with my business. I'm opening a new business in lebanon and need to find the best destributer /wholesale for electronic products

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    Put our web site on top 10 google search web site: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    very simple application (one page) for reading teacher, contain the following 1-simple education design (better to be green) 2--Counter (h, m, second) the idea is the teacher want to start the counter while the student reading from book once the student done for example in 20 seconds the teacher will stop the counter and will get message will done "student name "

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    We need to create a layer over googlemaps for our website.* We have all necessary icons and you just need to insert that layer. The task is. Provide us with an layer for googlemaps for our website and insert 15 icons. (we have the icons ready) You bid for the entire project until completion which should be an easy job.

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    I need some changes in the current Google sheet addon. I will share the code and can discuss the changes in detail on a call. Skills required:- Google Apps script, Javascript.

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    # REQUIREMENTS BEFORE BIDDING, PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS! (it only takes a few minutes - thank you) As part of a Chrome extension, I need a navigation skeleton (it shouldn't be polished, but fully functional) accomplishing the following user journey (see attached video for a visual demo of what you need to build). 1. Open an HTML file in a new popup window 2. Open Google Calendar in a n...

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    Hi guys, we need a certified google adwords expert for our campaign Thank you

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    We have a game website. We are selling online video games and ecodes. I would like to advertise both ppc and shopping for my products globally. We are also interested in display advertising. We have around 100 products.

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    Dears i have a desktop application c# i need to connect to google firestore all i want is just a simple example (working one ) that connects to my database and save one filed there i will send database into to winner

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    We have google analytics on two websites and this is collected by google tag manager. I dont think they are set up correctly, so we are getting extra conversions being attributed to the wrong account. I need someone to analyse and check the source code and the tracking code to confirm that the number of conversions is attributed to the correct account. I can provide more exact details after submi...

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    Looking for an expert to setup and configure bulk email programs that require Sendy with Amazon SES OR with Ubuntu 18.04 on Google Cloud VM to install MariaDB, Apache, PHP. Only someone who has done this successfully before. Looking to send bulk emails on a drip feed. Need it to be setup right so emails are delivered.

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    Looking for a person with experience specifically in therapy and personal development niche. Must have testimonials or refferences to prove campaign efficiency.

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    As above, I want to get maximum (SME and strat-up) views for my video on Youtube, then link that in Google search on page 1 with a thumbnail that links back to the video on Youtube. The video on Youtube will have a clickable link to a landing page offering a free consultation

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    looking for a great graphic designer who can create compelling and stunning set of display ads and is aware of the rules and restrictions around search engine/social media display ads. Spouse Visa ( Expert Immigration Lawyers) - aimed at couples/ UK partners who wish to bring their partners to the UK. Refusals/Appeals ( Expert Immigration Lawyers) - for those with visa refusals and are thinking of...

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    To promote the construction of a residential real estate project I look for someone who can set up an effective social campaign to attract offline traffic and conversions

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    Content for adding freelancer job [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] the website and advice (Arabic/English) a lot of improvements is needed. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] pages in website required for events registration for public (Arabic/English) and contact us, chat with us etc. as per you evaluation of website 3. Customize t...

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    The e-commerce site is created with Opencart. The site advertises the sale of products on the physical store with the possibility of buying online. We have some active PPC campaigns with Google Adwords, we need to improve performance. I would like to find a strategy to monitor the conversions that take place in the physical store.

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    I need some changes in the current Google sheet addon. I will share the code and can discuss the changes in detail on a call. Skills required:- Google Apps script, Javascript.

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    I want to drive motorbike and navigate by voice from Iphone Google Maps, but the map system uses phrases like "go north", "turn south west". Unbearable. I do not have a compass on my motorbike. Their help-system is... Lets just nog go there. So if you can find out how to turn this off and only get relevant information like, turn left, turn right. Make a U-turn You will receiv...

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    Hello, We need to build an ERP software for our enterprise, and Kindly revise every step we wrote on the description as the price on the bid that will be set will not be negotiable and also the time. and also prepare a demo of w work you have done before same as ERP software not an informatics website. after we settle on the bid we will need to provide us with a proposal that will include the s...

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    Per promuovere la costruzione di un progetto immobiliare residenziale cerco qualcuno in grado di impostare una campagna social efficace per attirare traffico offline e conversioni

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