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    Hello, My name is Rehman from London, UK. I am looking to run my own online business since 2010, but i had very experience with so called developers especially from Indian developers. They are big time thief and fraudulent people. So decided not to give them my project any further. The Administrator removed this message for containing contact details which breaches our Terms of Service All i...

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    Need to add the function on andriod devices 1) download to gallery ( our site name folder in the gallery ) 2) automatic set image as wallpaper 3) bind it and bring the album our sitename below the gallery and live wallpaper section It is a andriod app running off website is PHP based,

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    Directory containing information about european notaries, with data from 25 countries. A backend will be available to edit data if required. All data from notaries is provided at the beginning in a sql table or csv. The page contains 3 main sections: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] page. Home page will auto detect visitior’s language (es-ES, en...

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    Hi there, First off, thank you for your interest in this project. I have been working 2 years on an independent game in Unity 3d. It is now very near it's completion. The performance however is not what i would like it. In the middle of working on the project I had to switch to a 64-bit operating system as I was running out of memory. But now it is impossible to run the game on a 32-bit...

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    Hi There, Looking for some kind of solution for Moodle 2 seo friendly url. Is there any way we can generate or covert all existing URL as friendly url. similar way we can do with Joomla or drupal apache mod_rewrite. we want to produce google analytics report with all friendly urls Pretty new to Moodle so don’t have that much idea as such. Please ask me if you have any questions. It mo...

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    I am running Magento and I need to have a custom report setup exactly the same as in the following link. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    We need someone to create a website for our company from the following template: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] We plan to continue editing content once it's up and running. We would like at least some of the following completed: 1. Set Up Template as per Demo site 2. Insert our Company Logo 3. Add images (from supplier website) 4. Add some sample...

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    We are looking for a freelancer (or group) to work on a long range project. You must already work in HTML5, AJAX, IRCD Chat (backend), and MySQL. We already have the design. We will provide full details once we find the freelancer that has these skills. We will work with you and pay as several modules are completed, but we want one freelancer to be able to complete the entire job. It would be ...

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    The focus of this project is the technology, i.e. get it to work. Only the simplest graphic design needed to show functionality is required. I want a web site running on the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] web hotel that automatically (as far as possible) collects end user's HW config and WEI (Windows Experience Index). A user who has registered and pr...

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    Hi Nick1, We own and maintain our own Linux, red hat server. We have approx. 70 websites running on our server. Our memory usage is 674.3 MB out of 2.0GB and our Disk space usage is 37.7 GB of 141.5 GB. We installed the server approx. 6 years ago. Over the last year as our websites and traffic has grown our server isn't running as well as we believe it should. We have frequent very h...

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    Dear writer i need 3 writers for this project. I need high quality articles. I shall pay you on every Saturday via freelancer. Native and reviewed writers are preferred. Thanks Ahppy biding

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    REQUIREMENTS 1. Develop 2 websites ( both in wordpress). Both websites are already hosted ( up and running) 2. Both sites will have 8-10 main pages and couple of sub menus and child pages ( content for pages will be provided) 3. Unique design for both sites (One is training facility for testing and other is mental health services). I can provide a sample site to look for design. 4. Logo design...

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    I already have the base template running. New design is base on the actual template. No mayor layout changes is necessary. Pls take your time and check attachment file in order to see details. Good Luck

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    Design Top Reputation Affiliate Program Ideal 'sideline' income for your SEO, Marketing or Web Design Business Features Should Be: Earn 25% Commission for each sale you refer. Commission can reach 50% for each sale. Ongoing commission on recurring sales. We provide all marketing materials. There is no cap on your earnings. Easily access your clicks and commissions (real time)...

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    Please bid only if you have experience working with Magento and online video streaming. Platform: Magento Enterprise ver. Video Player: Flowplayer Project description: We have an online store based on Magento. In category pages we want to add (beside pictures) a video for each product. The video will appear in the thumbnail placeholder and will be exact size as thumbnail images. A...

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    i have a groupon site and the domain name with hosting/control panel. I just need help getting my site up and running

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    hi im running a minibus hire website need content for my website total of 21 sites need content where each site will have 500 words per page all the content will be about minibushire 10 pages per website

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    I have the script from scripteen. I have the domain name & hosting/control panel through i page. i have no clue what I am doing and i would like to get my sites up and running.

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    I want Collection datas while Running projects, Monitoring projects with Former and current datas, using datas for calculations.

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    Hello, One of my developpers is having some issues with woocommerce plugin on WP. I am therefore looking for a woocommerce specialist to give him a hand - and more if affinity as I am running a boutique wed development agency in Paris, with a regular (ie - multiple new sites / month) flow of new dev needs. If you are interested, please get in touch. Thanks, Cdlt, G.

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    Using Google AppEngine (in Java), write a simple text editing application. You may want to investigate TinyMCE as a potential editing solution. Your application must allow for the following functionality: 1) Login/logout 2) View previously saved documents 3) Edit a saved document 4) Create a new document for editing 5) Save and save as functionality. All documents must be saved in th...

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    Hello, I'm having some issues with my wordpress website: www. kingsofthailand .com Almost every day it's shutting down my server because it is running many php processes on the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] page and killing the server. Also, two files which sometimes exceed my resources is: [URL'yi görüntü...

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    The Project is a college project. I work part time and don't have the time to do it. Therefore it should be a simple project with documentation to help install and implement it. The Airline Reservation System needs to be done in jsp (how do you use it?). It should be done with jsp and a database such as mysql or how about apache derby? It should be simple and easy. Instructions should be prov...

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    You must know how to do this and have experience as an FMS coder, not someone who is learning as we don’t have time to test with you, you must complete this project properly and understand all parts of it. We can answer any questions you have and then you can move forward, if this is going to take a couple of days, we would require you update us every day without fail. We use a taskin...

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    Currently we have site running on sharepoint server 2010, we are currently looking for new module to be added in the system for Purchasing department. workflow is as follows- The project manager will select the list of materials(BOQ) available in the material master and send to purchasing department with material qty, delivery date , delivery location etc. Once the PM submit the details the purcha...

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    I need a webbased CRM Application completely running online. It should have the options for inventory management, stock management, Sales invoice generation, Accounting Reports , etc. The site must have functionality for setting access rights for different user roles.

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    We have two sites currently running: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Both of them are Wordpress Multi-Sites and the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] site is also a Buddypress site. They both have their own databases and are not linked in any way. ...

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    I currently require someone who is efficient and reliable in updating and maintaining a website. This is an as and when I require it to happen. At the moment, there are a few updates that I require. 1) Site Optimization (to make it load faster and smoother) 2) Fixing parts of the websites that are not running correctly. Ideally someone within Europe only as I have had let downs from ...

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    Are you able to create an app that allows the device to lock on the technology (3g/4g), lock on band and lock on channel? Prefer Samsung Note or S3 or S2 running ICS.

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    Hi, I´m looking for someone to fix one of my sites having a pchart cache(?) problem. The site contains a stats section that should show some pchart graphs (pie charts). This feature was coded by a coder here, and after he was done, it somehow worked: If the page was initially loaded, no graph was shown. If I hit reload, the graph was displayed. However, now it does not work anymore (I don&ac...

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    Flash Animation of Squirrel Running along picking up Acorns, having a nibble on them, dropping it and moving to the next one. The Animation will be on the footer of a website as attached in sample, will also need to be a loop so squirrel starts on the right side, picks up and nibbles the 5 Acorns and then walks back right to the start and starts again. I have the Background image full size ....

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    I am running into some design issues for a camping stove I am designing. I am looking for some design advice that will allow me to solve some of these issues while keeping the design to only a primarily a few parts of sheet metal to be stamped. I have a mostly complete solidworks assembly, I can export into whatever file type you want. Here some of the issues I need solved: 1) Limit heat tra...

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    I run a small book publishing company, but managing everything off a spreadsheet has become unwieldy. I tried learning Access 2010, but I quickly got bogged down and confused. So now I'm stuck running things off a spreadsheet and a database. It takes a week every time I have to figure quarterly taxes or royalties. I need help. The database you create must: • Split out payments for...

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    I need someone to migrate a set of email accounts from an existing virtualmin server (centos) to plesk (centos) both servers are running Postfix.

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    I have designed a new Joomla 2.5 / Virtuemart 2 based webshop, and everything, design-wise, is almost complete. Every function is working and the Chrome F12 shows no warnings or errors. The only problem is that loading-times on the entire site are way too slow. When I click a link to acces any page on my site I can see, in the browser loader-icon, that it seems the site "hangs" 1 - 3 ...

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    I am looking for a mobile app that would be used for a food delivery system. The mobile app would be responsible for: - keeping the menu for all restaurants up to date - placing new orders - creating/validating new accounts The search should be done entirelly on the mobile device and it should be rocket fast. For this a sqlite database would be used to hold all the details. The app would ne...

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    HI bilal, I am running online quran academy, and my website is messed up... I want to make a new one, with totally new look. It should easily editable and i need login panel for my customers too.

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    1. I am currently running Prestashop 1.4.3 and want to upgrade to 1.4.8 to get ready for the final release of 1.5 later this year. 2. I need to be able to configure and relocate some Front Office modules and re-title them to fit our product mix. 3. The companies previous developer modified some of the default .tpl files with fixed image sizes and locations. I need to modify those scripts...

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    We've got a site already running on the fiverrscript clone. The site has been modified quite a bit already and we would like to keep those changes intact. We would also like some additional changes made - these changes are all pretty minor for now. Ideally you work out and we'll use you for our bigger changes coming in the near future. With all of the changes made to the script in th...

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    We own and maintain our own Linux, red hat server. We have approx. 70 domains running on our server. Our memory usage is 674.3 MB out of 2.0GB and our Disk space usage is 37.7 GB of 141.5 GB. We installed the server approx. 6 years ago. Over the last year as our websites and traffic has grown our server isn't running as well as we believe it should. We have frequent very high-load time...

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    We need an adwords expert who can create adwords accounts and make them run to advertise our website. Our most basic need is an expert who can make the ads aproved and running with adwords coupons . Adwords vouchers , campaign and keywords will be provided by us. The campaign should be terminated when the voucher balance is depleted. Then a new one, advertising the same website should be ini...

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    We're an international Humanitarian organization seeking the services of media agency/firm for providing creative assistance in running a campaign on child and maternal health and planning and implementing various activities under the campaign revolving around advocacy and popular mobilization. The media agency will be required to employ media tactics (Social Media, Talk shows, develop docume...

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    We have a project running on Linux with RED 5 media server configured on it. We want to integrate videowhisper's "video recorder" tool into our code. Anyone with an experience of having worked with videowhisper "video recorder" tool can bid for this project. We will be providing our server access using team viewer for the developer. Once the task is completed only, ...

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    okay listen up i need some books to be sold i pay per sale for each sale you get 9 dollars if you generate 200+sales then 10 dollar per sale the book is called world wide cooks that has 100,000+ recipes from over 180 countries i pay each month the project starts on 12 august looking for people that can get me high sales and get a full time job . the sales are easy . I mean it's no...

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    Hi I'm looking for someone to create a Wordpress template for an existing site: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The look should be as close as possible to the existing site. (copyright is in the hands of my client) At this moment the site is running its own CMS and its hard to change anything on the site for my customer. The site must be an exact cop...

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    Hi all, I am looking for a wordpress developer and web designer to help me create a paid membership site. I have the domain name and hosting, and am able to use Wordpress, but would love extra help in getting this up and running. The site will use Wishlist Member and Aweber integration ( I have both in place). I also need a members forum on the site. Please contact me in the fir...

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    Dear all, We have a website running on wordpress with eventespresso plugin. Would like to have some changes and integrate new design which we have. Please let us here about your experience in this regards so we can hire you. As this is urgent we only ask you to bid if you are available straight away and full-time for at least the next 24 hours. Regards, Ndroi Team.

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    I have a script running currently, however i would like to make a few customisations to the function, i have had a quote from the script creators would like to see what other quotes are available. 1. The option to book a listing for one day Our Response : - Instead of Radio button we can have checkbox since there is no recheck option in Radio button - So when a user checks the One da...

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