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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a comprehensive platform designed to simplify and enhance the travel experience through real-time monitoring and alerts. The ...schedules and real-time tracking. - Familiarity with implementing push notification services. - Understanding of privacy and security best practices in app development, especially in relation to biometric data processing and user location tracking. - Innovative thinking in incorporating alternative monitoring methods into the platform, including the use of QR codes, facial recognition technology, and biometrics. This project aims not just to inform but to revolutionize how users interact with public transportation by ensuring they can travel efficiently and securely without the constant need to monitor pro...

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    I currently have a website in React. The website is mostly to display users biometrics such as co2 levels, heart rate, hrv, spO2 etc. I need to integrate with the freestyle libre3 api and also the polar api. I need an interface for the end user to enter their details for both api. Their api details will be stored in postgres but the actual data from the api will be in influxdb which is a time-based db. Right now data is based on sessions. So with our app that measures co2 levels it creates a session which a start and end time. The data from freestyle libre3 has data 24/7 with glucose levels every minute or two. So the data from the api that we save has to match the time of currently stored sessions. In other words the data we save to that session will be only the data that were d...

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    I'm looking for a proficient app developer who can design a dual ...receive their salaries and any other payments via the app. A background in e-commerce or financial technologies will be appreciated. - Discount for Lateness: The app should have a module that automatically calculates lateness discounts, meant to promote punctuality among gym staff. Ideal candidates should have a comprehensive understanding of multi-platform app development, e-commerce, and biometrics. Experience in developing apps for staff/employee management or similar will be advantageous. Clear communication skills in Spanish are a plus, as the initial concept for the app is in Spanish. Looking forward to work with a motivated and innovative individual, or a team, who is dedicated to bringing this conce...

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    ...that can efficiently handle their information and attendance. Key Features Required: Employee Database: A secure and extensive database to store employee profiles, encompassing personal details, job information, and other pertinent data. Attendance Management: An intuitive system for monitoring employee attendance, facilitating both manual entry and integration with automated systems such as biometrics or RFID (if feasible). Ideal Skills and Experience: Proficiency in developing secure and scalable web applications. Previous experience in crafting HR or attendance management systems. Knowledge of database management and adherence to data privacy practices. Capability to work with existing APIs or develop new ones for potential integration with other systems. Effective communica...

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    ...enhance my existing single-gym core web application to cater for the management needs of multiple gyms. Key Upgrades: * Admin Rule: Implement administrative rule structure to be able to add and manage multiple gyms. * Membership Management: Establishing a robust system for gym user package selection, expiration date tracking, and managing privileges. * Face Recognition: Integrating a facial biometrics module for gym access control. * Messaging Templates: Facilitate standardized communication. Skills & Experience Required: * Extensive experience with PHP, especially in developing and managing web-based applications. * Prior work with membership-based businesses preferably gyms. * Familiarity with integrating and optimizing face recognition, and other biometric se...

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    I'm seeking a skilled mobile app developer who specializes in PHP. The main functionality I need for this Android app is complex user authentication system, specifically biometric (fingerprint/face recognition). Requirements: - Proficient in PHP and Android development. - Prior experience with developing biometric authentication in mobile apps. - Ability to create user-friendly and secure user authentication process. - Delivery of clean, efficient and well-commented code. Your portfolio highlighting your past experiences with mobile apps, especially involving the use of biometric data for user authentication, will be highly beneficial in this project. Let's make this app secure and user-friendly together!

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer for an innovative project. The task at hand involves the creation of a shopping application that functions seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. Key Features: - The primary function of this application is to facilitate online shopping. It's crucial for the app to offer an intuitive, user-friendly shopping experience. - Security is paramount for this project. I'm interested in implementing biometric authentication to ensure users' safety. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in cross-platform mobile app development, specifically with platforms like React Native or Flutter. - Experience in integrating biometric authentication in mobile apps. - A successful track record in developing online shopping apps. - Knowledge of the latest U...

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    I'm in need of an IoT expert who can craft a mobile app for my body fitness band. The ideal person for this project would have extensive experience in the fitness tech industry and in developing mobile apps that sync seamlessly with ...ability to accurately track the heart data in real time is vital. 3. Sleep Analysis - This feature will help to understand how well someone is sleeping. In addition to these features, during the workout sessions, there should be real-time tracking of: - The number of calories burned - Distance covered - Heart rate readings Applicants with a strong background in IoT, mobile app development, and biometrics will be highly favoured. To reiterate, experience with developing apps for the fitness industry – specifically wearable tech – i...

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    deep learning Bitti left

    ...programming languages such as Python - Familiarity with pre-trained models for natural language processing tasks Dataset: - No dataset is needed for this project as I already have a specific dataset to work with. Timeline: - The project needs to be completed as soon as possible. Project Overview: We are seeking a talented and experienced Deep Learning Engineer to develop a cutting-edge ear biometrics authentication system utilizing webcam imagery. This innovative project will push the boundaries of user authentication with a unique and secure approach. Project Goal: The primary objective is to build a deep learning model that can accurately identify individuals based solely on their ears captured through a standard laptop webcam. The system should function reliably even in di...

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    IoT Project Brief for Web Developers • Project Overview We are developing firmware for a device capable of remotely controlling an actuator found in vehicles. The device will be able to communicate with a mobile and web application (PWA) over the internet with a cellular connection and locally through Bluetooth L...for PWAs and web applications for IoT devices. 2️⃣ Your proposed timeline and budget. 3️⃣ Your approach to developing the web platform. 4️⃣ Any questions or concerns you have about the project? 5️⃣ Would you work alone, or in a team? We will review all proposals and select the best candidate for the job. Thank you for your time and consideration. Possible Setup: PWA, Web Bluetooth, Auth0, Biometrics, SvelteKit, Figma, AWS, BaaS, Geolocation, Push Notifications

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    ...Phone Lock" app. It prioritizes both user convenience and mobile security with robust phone locking. Users can manage trusted contacts for uninterrupted important calls. The app emphasizes privacy and security through comprehensive app blocking. It also offers flexible lock scheduling, adapting to daily routines. Key Features and Modules: 1. Phone Locking: Multiple lock methods (PIN, pattern, biometrics) for user choice. Ensures both security and user-friendliness. 2. Call Management: Users create a trusted contacts list to accept calls even when the phone is locked. Enhanced privacy and control over incoming calls. 3. App Blocking: Users can easily block specific apps for privacy and minimizing distractions. Customizable app accessibility. 4. Lock Scheduling: Set auto...

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    BioMetrics FingerPrinting Plus+ Logo Re-designing

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    I am looking for a talented programmer to write a program that catches free dates for submitting biometrics on the vfsglobal website. Specifically, the program should be written in Python and should run on Linux. Moreover, the program should alert when new dates become available for submission. As such, the program should be able to scrape a web page for the availability of new dates and alert the user once new dates are available. The successful candidate should have expertise in Python and knowledge of the Linux operating system. Additionally, they should have experience creating web scraping programs that can detect changes in a web page. I am ready to hire someone with the right skills, so if you think you're up for the challenge, please submit your bid!

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create an app lock application for Android with advanced lock functionality using biometrics. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing Android applications and integrating biometric authentication. Key Requirements: - Advanced lock functionality with biometrics - Development for the Android platform Additional Features: - Parental control functionality and personal privacy Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Android app development - Experience with integrating biometric authentication - Familiarity with parental control features Please submit your proposal if you have the relevant skills and experience for this project.

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    ...pump attendant will input the amount to the petrol pump display the sales value will be transmitted to the system for payment until the payment has been made the pump cannot be open until payment has been settled by the costumer. 4. Automated Sending Report via email and sms. when the cashier log-out to the system . the system will generated a sales and status report to the management. 5. Biometrics Time and Attendance 6. Issuing and validating Purchase orders for Fleet Account 7. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Annually Reports will be generated by the system. 8. System configuration :setting up managers and operations,tank setting and products setting. fuel dispenser Tracking and reporting of sales and services. fuel dispenser Printing shift reports, daily reports,monthly report...

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    Experienced C# Developer w Hikvision SDK Integration I am looking for an experienced C# developer to assis...comfortable working with the code already in place. We have a tight deadline for this project, and we need it to be completed within a week. The ideal candidate will be able to work efficiently and deliver high-quality results within this timeframe. Skills and experience required: - Strong experience with C# development - Previous experience with Hikvision SDK integration with Face Recognition Biometrics - Excellent debugging and error-handling skills If you meet these requirements and are available to start immediately, please submit your proposal with examples of your previous work with Hikvision SDK. Source code + SDK + Hikvision Developers Guide will be made availab...

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    Biometric Based Attendance Management System Looking for a python and android app developer for a pretty simple biometrics-based attendance system. The project doesn't need to be in-depth and can act as a mere prototype, but a sophisticated one. The project involves creating a desktop application which will be used to initiate a Attendance call which will be followed up by an android application which will use Android's biometric verification API to see if the fingerprint scan is valid and then mark the attendance for the attendance instance created using the desktop application. This will simulate a type of Teacher to Students attendance marking system and a further brief file, including the deliverables will be shared to promising candidates.

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    ...provide a company’s account for each currency in the system during currency setup) o We are starting with 2 currencies (CAD and NGN) • User KYC registration o A new user needs to upload a government ID card as well as take his/her photo and confirm their email and phone number using SMS and email verification codes before full access to the platform is allowed. • User registration, login and biometrics login • Secure payment integration o Integration with Rave flutterwave for Nigerian Banks and Interac for Canadian Banks • Wallet management o Users will be able to create one wallet per currency o Users will be able to fund each wallet directly from their bank accounts o Users will be able to transfer directly from their wallets into specified or saved ba...

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    ...provide a company’s account for each currency in the system during currency setup) o We are starting with 2 currencies (CAD and NGN) • User KYC registration o A new user needs to upload a government ID card as well as take his/her photo and confirm their email and phone number using SMS and email verification codes before full access to the platform is allowed. • User registration, login and biometrics login • Secure payment integration o Integration with Rave flutterwave for Nigerian Banks and Interac for Canadian Banks • Wallet management o Users will be able to create one wallet per currency o Users will be able to fund each wallet directly from their bank accounts o Users will be able to transfer directly from their wallets into specified or saved ba...

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    Hi, Im looking for someone who can build a conversational voice AI which sounds like me, connects into my VOIP phone dialler system to make calls automatically, converses with customers with no latency and makes appoin...this on and can deliver the job in approx 30 days. I will be available to work with this person and we can use my voice. Ideal skills and experience: - Conversational Voice in AI -Strong expertise in Natural Language Processing and AI development. - Experience in developing voice-based AI systems and integrating them into call centre environments. - Familiarity with speech recognition and voice biometrics technologies. - Ability to understand and translate customer requirements into functional AI features. - Proven track record of delivering projects within tight ...

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    PWA App Development for online Access and Automated APP Downloads - Purpose: The primary goal of this PWA app is to provide online access to an existing HTML page and enhance user experience by automating file downloads. - Compatibility: T...Experience: - Proficiency in PWA app development and implementation, with a focus on offline access and automated file downloads. - Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to seamlessly integrate the app with the existing HTML page. - Experience in developing cross-platform apps for both Android and iOS platforms. - Familiarity with authentication methods such as username/password, biometrics, and hardware tokens (based on client's requirements). - Ability to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface for an enhanced u...

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    ...with app development, specifically for Android. If you have the skillset and are up for the challenge, please submit a proposal. Thank you for your time and consideration. Here's the task: 1. have other receipts included and be recognized (reference number, amount, date of the transaction) 2. Have an Edit option beside the reference and the amount just in case the scan got it wrong 3. enable biometrics for login 4. have a other ways to search the transaction such as by amount, by the first 4 digit of the reference it would filter the receipt matches in the query 5. also when you do a search in the history and then you switch the receipt to orig receipt it would load everything and you have to scroll again to the one you want to search, make it remember where you stop, so ...

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    I am looking for a skilled Python developer to integrate the ESSL Biomatrix attendance management system into our existing software. Our current attendance management system is based on biometrics and we require real-time updates to the system. As such, we need someone who is proficient in Python programming and has experience with ESSL Biomatrix integration. Key Requirements: - Experience with ESSL Biomatrix integration using Python - Ability to deliver real-time updates to the system - Strong communication skills and comfortable with communication via phone - Familiarity with data backup and recovery techniques If you are a Python developer with experience in ESSL Biomatrix integration, please get in touch with me. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Flat rent agreement owner verification

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    The purpose of this project is to investigate the effectiveness of using image classification to improve search time in massive image galleries (e.g.,the Shutterstock image library has some 50 million images). Two applications of image search are: 1) biometrics authentication for customers who wish to get access to their financial records and 2) people who are interested in searching for an image of a certain person in a image gallery. Given that image search is a very time-consuming process the key question is what can be done to improve efficiency. One approach that immediately comes to mind is whether a hash filter will help. Hash filters have been successfully used in minimizing search time in large textual databases and hence it is natural to ask whether they could be used to ...

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    I am based in Bangalore and looking for a developer to create a mobile payment wallet using a flat-fee model and offering both loyalty programs and payment security features. Product design and flow prototype will be provided. The ability to process, monitor and track payments, with features like multiple biometrics along with customization options, are also desired+ in-build debit credit cards processing i.e payment gateway etc. Lastly, I'd like the payment wallet to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Ideally, the developer will provide a comprehensive solution with a well-structured freelancer should be flexible and adjustable in providing services. In time and completion satisfying work assignment will be attractively rewarded in addition.

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    Project Description: The project aims to develop a facial recognition-based payment system that will enable customers to make payments for their purchases using their facial features. The system will use biometric data, including the customer's facial features, to identify the customer and authorize the payment.

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    Hello Freelancers, I hope you're doing good I need your help to build an AI model that can do some audio tasks(Speech to text, Speaker authentication, speaker diarization, voice biometrics.. ), please bid if you're interested. Thanks Amine

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    Would you be able to prepare a INS I-290B form? I have a B1B2 visa. My I-539 Visa Extension Denial due to No show at Biometrics appointment. I received the notice for the first appointment after the date of the appointment. A second appointment was requested but never received. I've now been here for 3 years receiving life saving cancer treatment for mesothiloma. This was my 4th extension and I have 2 after this waiting to approved. Back Notes: The first notice was delivered after the date of the appointment. I immediately calledINS but this was during COVID.I waited 2 hours to be connected and was told I would receive a phone call back from the scheduling department. After 2 weeks and not receiving a call, I called INS again. I was told by the operator that a second appoin...

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    I have two audio files and want to do a speaker recognition or voice forensics biometrics of the audio. Forensic voice comparison, or speaker recognition showing words per minute, accuracy, consistency etc etc

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    Looking for someone who has experience performing Facial Recognition (1 to many). There will be an onboarding process and will store the face biometrics. Will require to confirm the identity via video if that person is in the database. 1 to N (many) type of problem. I currently have a starting solution but looking for experts for further optimization. Thanks

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    i have a school management software now in use my many school. a few of them have bought xkteco biometric attendance system. I would like to integrate with my system so that only students who have cleared their fees are allowed in.

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    *Please see details in attached word format. It seems the consensus is that the best performing system would be to use Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API credentials...Bixby is that it adapts to the user’s voice and manner of speaking. From the get-go, it can understand different request variations like “Show me today’s weather,” “What’s the weather like?” or “What’s the forecast for today?” and it only gets smarter with time. 4. Dragon Powered by Nuance, which is the technology behind Siri, Dragon Mobile has been in operation for many years. Then, voice biometrics will only let a designated 5. Hound While the apps described above cover the most widely used basic functionalities, Hound takes a step further. 6. Robin 7. ...

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    We want to enroll our students of our college with biometric details too. By this we will use this biometric for further verification when student is out for his/her exam. Simply we want a mechanism of verification of biometrics.

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    - To build a user-friendly enrolment system to register face, fingerprint, finger vein and iris biometrics - To establish a database of multi-modal biometrics data. - To securely store the biometrics data and share it with authorised third-party systems under evaluation.

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    I need a new function for update user group in zkteco biometrics device using php library,only contact zklibrary experts

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    How much you will charge for creating this in 3D?

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    How much you will charge for creating this in 3D?

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    ...and quantity of hired candidates. Job Offers: Be able to post a job vacancy and search for the candidates with advanced filters. Candidates should be able to upload their CV either manually or by uploading which the software should raster and scrap its content. Furthermore, in a human resource specialist assigns a video interview candidate should be able to answer that well but without advanced biometrics and/or upload tests and quizzes. * Candidates: Where you will be able to see all candidates, their contact details and professional experience with advanced shared filters. * Reports: Where you will be able to see the sources of candidates from the different job aggregators, job portals, referrals, etc. * Employer branding: in this section admins and human resource managers and ...

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    ...are not the exact same format (but are quite close) Looking for a simple python script that runs like this: python3 --file FILENAME Output should be in the form: Bank No, Check No, Check Date, Batch No, Type, Check Amount Dates should be in ISO8601 YYYY-MM-DD format. For things like "Bank No" it should carry forward from blank fields: AC,00003553,2021-02-25,041610,ACCURATE BIOMETRICS INC, 001073,A,900.00 AC,00003574,2021-02-21,593176,ADOBE SYSTEMS INC,001076,A,17220.00 To Complete: - Should work all four attached PDFS - NOTE: THEY HAVE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FORMATS, INCLUDING HEADER PAGES, ETC - Dates must be in ISO8601 format - This should run in python 3.9 - Include a file with any libraries I need - DO NOT use OCR, please process the text in the PDF (it

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    Looking for someone who can develop a school management system with the following modules, fees management, attendance management with biometrics, Reports generation, e-learning portal for students and teachers.

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    Rshiny Project Bitti left

    Project Background We are an interdisciplinary team in Biometrics that designs, implements, and maintains R-based data analysis tools used to analyze clinical trial data. We are looking for an experienced, self-driven R developer to help us implement R-based data analysis tools. You will join an agile international team of scientists and software engineers that work on a new R-based toolchain to transform how we process and analyze data in clinical trials. You should be passionate about science & software. Applicants should have a self-starting mindset, be able to work in a fluid and dynamic environment, and have a strong desire to pursue creative solutions to challenging problems. We have exciting projects that require careful design, have a large user community, and are impac...

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    My team is working on a project that uses Nvidia Nemo to convert speech to text (Russian and English)and client voice identification. We need to create a Russian model. Nvidia's Russian model is not accurate enough. We have following initial questions. 1) Is it possible to use one model to dynamically diarize multiple audio files 2) How to augment a model using last check point 3) How many epochs needed to create a model 4) We need to identify speaker language (Russian or English) and use correct model 5) Is it possible to create one model for both Russian and English 6) Hardware spec requirements for creating a ASR model

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    necesito una aplicacion android sencilla, que al presionar un boton me redirija a esta seccion de el telefono, BIOMETRICS AND SECURITY ..... esta seccion solo las tienen los samsung galaxy android version 11 en adelante

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    1) It should capture in and out time using 3rd party device for biometric scanner 2) It should send notification to individuals about in and out activities

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    I am looking to build a simple biometrics aggregator using existing SmartWatch/FitnessTracker technology. Ideally a cheaper device with accurate sensors/data and API support but I am open to the device type. The data must be output onto the device as a smartwatch/fitnesstracker app, a DB or web app in real time (the output location isn't that import, but must be real time). Reach out for more details. This is the first step in a long term project. Ideally looking to find someone not just for this task but a longer term partnership to develop the product if things go well.

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    I need the help of a developer who has experience with flutter and knows how to integrate goggle assistant to help me develop a simple watch app using dart or Kotlin to work alongside the existing app in fluuter, also you have experience in authentication, biometrics, disabling screenshots urgently, Please i need people who are sincere and serious and ready to start working straight away and time friendly with a fair budget..thanks

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    €19 - €155
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