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    1 page bootstrap design and integrationto existing cakephp frameworks. Design include lsiting offers and showing locations on map. Set Google Map API location correcty make necessary changes on coding to list location in correctly. Recuirement skills Google Map API knowledge CakePHP Bootstrape HTML Design

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    What I need: * Someone who understand my business (Mobile Device Repair). * Can build a very effective website that will do exactly what i need it to do. * Great communication skills and that understand what i need. * Great ideas in case i did not think of something or missed something. * Sample websites: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], [URL'yi gör&uu...

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    Hi, Please see attached zip. I purchased stock image of Christmas food items and I need a graphic designer to: 1. Make them into individual icon files all same size. e.g. 500x500 2. Add H logo to them as PART of the food e.g. if it is a cup, the logo could be printed on the cup. If it is a cake, the logo could be on a tiny flag and pinned to the cake etc. If it is a cookie, can be embossed on t...

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    Hi Illustrator, Looking for 9 ink sketches (pencil/ink) of NYC retro hip hop characters. If you are into classic 80s style, modern and hip hop, please apply to our project. I'll send you some references and you cand create! Thanks for your time. Have a great week!

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    Hello, I am seeking to hire someone (long-term, at least one year) with expertise in digital media and marketing strategies to promote several "womens" events. The events are held in multiple states and demographics are fairly similar with the exception of the locations, obviously. We need to reach two sets of end-users, B2B and B2C. If you HAVE EXPERIENCE and can tackle this ongoing pr...

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    30 Burgers Bitti left

    Looking to have digital menu designed, with matching takeout menus About 30 Burgers 30 Burgers was established in January 2014 by the owners of 25 Burgers restaurateurs to create a destination concept rivaling any burger joint in the country. The focus here is 7oz certified Angus beef burgers dressed with innovative and tantalizing toppings, condiments, sauces, and anything else that tastes good...

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    Golden Touch Dice company, as well as others, trains people to set and toss dice, to try and influence the outcome of dice rolls, at the gambling game of Craps. I need several things. List of companies across US that teaches DI (dice influencing)/DC (dice controlling) and craps training companies. GoldenTouch is the most visible one of course. Dominic. Frank Scobleti, etc. I have some statis...

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    We are Three Guys Game Studio, and we're looking for someone to design and build a scene for us! First, take a look at the Steam Store Page for Warden: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The Job: Design and build a single, relatively large, scene using Unity within a clone of our project (it's around 25GB) - you'll need your own Unity license. Grap...

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    Leaflet design Bitti left

    The main aim/call to action of the leaflet is: Promote participation/engagement to Pollenize. What there patronage entitles us to do? Carry out pollinator conservation in the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] of monthly support. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] What you, the patron, are entitled to for supporting, access to beekee...

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    Fitness App Bitti left

    I want to develop an app for my business available on iTunes Store and google store. This is the idea : When the client opens the app it says : TRY IT NOW. Then it asks for his personal information: - First Name - Last Name - Email address - Password Then it asks the question : what is your goal ? - lose weight - Build strength - Gain weight - Stay fit Then it asks for your height Then it as...

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    Design will be provided but the platform has to have the following logic and capabilities. -Have full integration with google calendar -Have ability to send SMS and Email reminders confirmations -Confirmations and reminders need to have an ability to be changed by the end user (text) -Have full SSL -Have full integration with Stripe and/or paypal -the following logic needs to be present ...

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    build website Bitti left

    simple website with function to email customer a price for a keyword for google ads. google ads keyword planner gives a price for a selected area and time range for a keyword. I want that price automated and a percentage added then emailed to the customer and appear on screen with an accept and pay now button function. The calculator would have these values name website keywords locations time ...

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    - Optimize existing AdWords PPC campaign - Take competition's market share within 10 mile radius of each location - Increase lead generation - Reduce CPC costs

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    Data entry Bitti left

    I need someone for data entry, I will be providing full address or City and state per store and will have to google search find the store and record the following information they are around 2000 locations name- address- city- state- Postcode - country- phone- website- Business Hours This template file will be provided by me If you have any other questions please let me know

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    - develop overall design of hardware setup/ config (Isilon/ Unity/ECS) - including failover (Superna Eyeglass) - 5 locations/ ~ 5 PB/ multiple Isilon + Unity clusters

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    Hi Freelancers, Seminal Research Services Pvt. Ltd ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) is one of the fastest growing Market Research company with office in India, USA, Germany, Indonesia and Thailand. We are looking to expand our team of freelancers who can work on Mystery Shopping projects. The first contract job starts in the last week of November wherein you n...

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    i need someone's face cropped onto a harry potter picture for a birthday card. an example is in the photo titled "JONAH," attached here.

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    I own a webshop store in Denmark where we sell a variety of "hardware store" items. Things for plumbers, carpenters, but also for "normal" people who are looking to renovate their house or apartment. We have approximately 4000 products, which all come from different vendors and different locations, although some are just from our own warehouse. For this reason, we need to devel...

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    Scheduling Worldwide by 4Service is looking for mystery shoppers for testing widgets while booking a taxi rides. Payment - 14 pounds plus reimbursement of the taxi ride. Available locations: #Belfast #Bristol #Doncaster #Sheffield #Exeter #Inverness #Leeds #Manchester #Newcastle#Norwich #Southampton #BurtonuponTrent #Chesterfield #Grimsby #Oldham #Poole #Worcester #Blackpool ...

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    Diana Navarro Bitti left

    Hi, I already finished writing my manuscript and I already submitted it in the publishing company and also I paid for an editor. The agent sent back me twice due to the names and locations I included in my story. I hardly figured out what else should I do after re-editing my manuscript twice. The agent told me I didn't follow the guidelines, regulations, and policy. My story is amazing but I...

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    1st birthday Bitti left

    Require a design of an elephant holiday a pink balloon, same as the image attached. Image must be able to be re-sized big or small

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    We need Technicians for OS installation (Windows/MAC), Racking of Hardware, Desktop Support, Network Switch Configuration and Support Work. Please submit you CV with your City Name and zip code. Please look attached excel sheet for detail of locations.

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    Using available demographic, income, geographic, market analysis, population density, traffic counts and competitor business locations, and whichever additional data that may help the decision making process, create a GIS heat map displaying the top potential locations for certain business type (example coffee shops) within a small metro area of ~500k people. If you have any experience doing a si...

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    require a offline python based program that operates as a sign in sign out register. It will allow users to enter employeeID, Item ID and Location sent to. the intent will be that the users use barcode scanner for the actual data entry. for the administrators we will need to be able to create/modify/delete new users, create/modify/delete new locations, create/modify/delete items. the main screen w...

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    Data entry Bitti left

    I need someone for data entry, I will be providing full address or City and state per store and will have to google search find the store and record the following information they are around 2000 locations name- address- city- state- Postcode - country- phone- website- Business Hours This template file will be provided by me If you have any other questions please let me know

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    Trophy icon Holiday Dance Party Flier Bitti left

    We need a fun flier to advertise our holiday dance week. Xtreme Force Dance Company Presents the Holiday Dance Party 2019! Recreational Dancers Don't miss the holiday fun! Holiday Dance Party, Games, Crafts, Treats and More! December 17-21st Tuesday December 17th 9:30-10 am Combo Class 12:30-1 pm Combo Class 1:15-1:45 pm Hip hop Class 6-6:45 pm Combo Class Wednesd...

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    I need an online Design web Application with the following specifications #From the Admin dashboard *Upload a plain poster [png] transparency Choose text field locations Choose default font Choose font color and size Choose image upload location. (optional) Choose image type circular or square picture. * Upload # From the users end, view all available posters designed by admin. ...

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    I need a cameraman/camerawoman between November and December to film a show. Reach out to me if you’re seriously interested. Pay will be on an hourly basis.

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    Hey! I'd like to extract customer information from a business directory which is accesable online for everybody. Id like to extract 150.000 entries with Name, Business Name, Phone Number, Website etc and put them into an Excel sheet. Anyone out here who is able to build this tool which I can use either local on my pc or as an extension for chrome or. The cheaper the better. Only serious of...

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    We need professional quality photos of our Out of Home advertising locations (billboards, trains, Bart Stations, etc)

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    I need to get real time travel times from and two thousands of locations which should create millions of rows. I do not want to use Google API as that sets a very small limit so I want to use some code that does it by going through Google Maps. Google has set very strict limits so it detects any attempt to get a large amount of data very quickly and blocks that computer. So I want that code to be ...

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    I just need a couple of changes. 1) Change phone number in all locations 2) Add another tab for appointments with calendly widget in place 3) Add and change a few pictures in one place up to 15 pictures

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    We are looking for highly competent writers based in the USA to join our team, whose first language is English. It is crucial that the writers we hare are based in the States and have thorough, in-depth understanding of the English language. Please do not apply if you're based outside of the USA, or if English is not your native tongue. Locations will be verified and your language competency ...

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    competecomigo is looking for a collaborator for performing the following functions: 1. Using as an [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] go down to the map on that website and check track. You need to select USA country 2. On google maps find the route indicated on the website and take screenshots using as template the ones on the attached file (screenshots cant have ...

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    We are looking for a content writer to work for us on a part time basis (starting), which would potentially transition to a full time basis in house hire at one of our 3 locations. Responsibilities would include article writing for our website, new publications, press releases, social media etc, Due to the amount of scams here, any potential candidates would have to demonstrate their ability ...

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    Greetings, We are using ECK entities (entity construction kit) with Drupal 8 to create map locations and we need to have records imported from a db file. there is a title, address and geo location coordinates field for each entity. Migration experience with Drupal required.

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    Admin panel and web app for displaying maps and locations of certain points of interest. Users can create, view, update points of interests around them. The look and feel should be similar to Google Maps. TomTom web SDK or API will be used. The applications will be deployed on Google Cloud Platform. Admins can create, view, update, delete points of interests. Along with this admins can verify po...

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    Hi freelancers, Seminal Research Services Pvt. Ltd ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) is one of the fastest growing Market Research company with office in India, USA, Germany, Indonesia and Thailand. We are looking to expand our team of freelancers who can work on Mystery Shopping projects. The first contract job starts in the last week of November wherein you ne...

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    My son is celebrating 5 years old and I would like an invite designed for him. I will be adding this to paperless post online. The theme for his birthday is Winter Wonderland but he is Miles Morales (black spider man mad) and I would like an invite with Santa and his slay and maybe Miles Morales jumping in somehow... At his party Santa his Elves and Miles Morales are all coming. Would anyone be...

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    Fix website Bitti left

    0) No page should show in what language the website is written, right now says .php 1) Recover a function that allowed the system to suggests locations or names based on the data base information. AUTOSUGGESTION: The system must suggest locations or photographer_names/business_names based on USER INPUT & DATABASE INFORMATION. That is to say we will only suggest what we have, we cannot sugges...

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    Would like to create invitation one ecard for my son's 2nd birthday and introducing baby girl party.

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    My daughter is turning 1 years old on January 6th of 2020 and I don't have an invitation card yet. She is my first child so this is very important to me. I am flexible with the designs but if I don't like something I will voice my opinions out. Thanks for reading.

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    its for birthday party cotillion this wekeend in Orland park ill Nov 9, 2019 amateur photographer okay

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    I need a graphic designer to help design my 21st birthday invitation. The theme of the party is the tv show 'Sex and the City' and I want the invitation to reflect this, ie. the use of the signature font(s), motifs, etc.

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    Build up CRM Bitti left

    - Broker Login - Broker <>Customer relation management - Customers Login - Customer registration flow - Checklist report for trace document in the registration flow (broker/admin) - Document upload for account opening, all signed purchase docs by CRM users (admin/ broker) - Commission system - Mass email to all customers (with no scheduling) - Host on Google Cloud Platform, providing Google-...

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    WP Plugin Help Bitti left

    Custom order on [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] page On page load, my "Locations" page is supposed to show all possible map points. My client would like to specify the exact order. I can set up a custom field and give each location a priority number (from 1 to about 50), but how would I modify the query? I originally asked the plugin developer if this...

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    Our old beer label for 'Westside' needs updating TODAY Needing to be changed on the label: -'20th anniversary' change to '21st Birthday' -Swap out information on right hand side of label with new information attached. -Change old logo in background to new logo attached (only the icon of the compass, not the 'westside group' on the bottom) - Make it more mode...

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    Looking for experienced individual to help set up and manage Google Ads campaign. Requires search and remarketing campaign experience. The client has locations all across the United States. Experience with legal firms is a plus but not a requirement.

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    I need a freelancer to code a script to automatically deploy proxy servers from a specific server hosting company. I will tell you the hosting company via direct message if you are interested. Details that MUST also be fulfilled: The necessary limit increases to reach more than 5000+ proxy servers to be made. Each proxy must have it’s own server/IP (no duplicate IP addresses). Proxies must ...

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    Hi, i want to create a unique slideshow video with still pictures, live pictures and videos to post on Social media for my boyfriends birthday

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