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    I am looking for a team...two website that I need to work on SEO. One of them is a hospital website, another one is a procurement for hospital supplies. I need my google search on top and all the bling bling that is needed to make that happen. Please tell me why we should hire you. I need to see that you have good background and references. Thank You

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    I have a hog roast company I am looking for a continuous SEO package to help my site for the following keyword on UK GOOGLE and BLING 1) hog roast 2) spit roast pig hire 3) hog roast catering company 4) hog roasts near me 5) hog roast wedding My location is in YORKSHIRE ENGLAND I want to rank on towns that include this list [login to view URL]

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    I have a hog roast company I am looking for a continuous SEO package to help my site for the following keyword on UK GOOGLE and BLING 1) hog roast 2) spit roast pig hire 3) hog roast catering company 4) hog roasts near me 5) hog roast wedding My location is in North Of England UK , MANCHESTER . I want to target radius of 20 miles around here

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    I have a hog roast company I am looking for a continuous SEO package to help my site for the following keyword on UK GOOGLE and BLING 1) hog roast 2) spit roast pig hire 3) hog roast catering company 4) hog roasts near me 5) hog roast wedding My location in North Of England UK , LEEDS . I want to target radius of 60 miles around here

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    93 teklifler for the BNJ TV and Film Broadcasting Company line. The design must include Red Bling/ Red Slippers just like it shows in the attached images. ( The Red Slippers can be recreated or a different image used - but the heel or slipper must be feminine with bling bling on it ) and tie into that it is a news Journal and film broadcasting company. We

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    I need a logo designed. Bling stuff , crystals ,shiny, diamonds

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    I need a logo designed. Bling stuff

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    Need a logo for "Hook n [login to view URL]" or "H n B" Need logo with Pastel Colors, NO bling Hook N Book is wedding Portal. Competitors:- [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    I need a logo designed. I need a logo for my makeup brand bling queens

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    I need some graphic design. I have a cosmetics line called Bling Queens and i’m looking for a cute logo for it.

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    ...Things we like: Crests/Coats of arms Bling Corsets Beautiful Script Very minimal but exaggerated silhouettes(think large breasts, tiny know BARBIE) References to bondage or fetish (floggers, handcuffs, paddles, etc) ALL logos should include something bondage or fetish related. Text should appear to be 3D Colors: Pink (like

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    Trophy icon Make a logo Ended

    I would like a logo designed. Name: Beauty and the Bling by Abby I like the colours blush pink, rose gold, beige (nude). It is for false eyelashes so eyelashes on logo good. Happy to pay for a few different designs for marketing purposes.

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    43 girdi, gambling, but not something with cards and dices only, something... special and 3D looking, something original and unique. The animated logo should be something bling blingy related to the name [login to view URL] , maybe something that its fuzzy or blurry but moving somehow or 360 horizontal spinning. Note: The logo will be situated in the center

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    Utilizamos o Bling para emissão de notas fiscais esse ano mudamos pro lucro presumido e preciso de alguem que esteja apto a configurar o bling pra nós. Configurar dentro do nosso regime tributario com as leis de cada estado para nossos produtos

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    O que preciso com urgência é customizar o WooCommerce de uma l...Importante: existem produtos com uma ou mais variáveis e também existem produtos sem variáveis. Esse site já existe, é em WordPress, usa o WooCommerce e está integrado ao ERP Bling. Estamos abertos a outra solução desde que respeite e utilize a integra&ccedi...

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    ...prepare for something so amazing that lies ahead and well for some start up cash I’ve had another idea as I enjoy using my artistic creativity to design my jeans mostly with BLING and a few Simple Sweet & Sexy patches from front to back and well every time I wear a piece I’ve designed I am floored by the amount of attention, compliments and desires from

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    ...Hotels Beer Guns Live Chocolate Polyester Endorsements Paparazzi Cats Politics Traffic Spotlight Fish Attention Travelling Kardashians Silence Zoos Lobsters Heat Summer Exercise Bling Haters Coffee Lying Heights Smoking Cricket Phones Driving Flying Parties Snakes Pyjamas Salad Magic Cigarettes Wrestling Sports Swimming Planes Weddings Change McDonalds Chips

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    t-shirt color hot pink use white lettering with shadow and bling to match the image attached. T-shirt artwork should say "Team Slayed - N - Sassy with the image attached in the center (Big 5 bling) The dashes should be squiggly lines. Please extract the image of the 5 from the background and use it in the t-shirt design

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    Trophy icon Design project Ended

    I need a logo designed. Jewellery and lashes business! Want to incorporate rose gold tones! (See picture) Lashes and a diamond Business is called ~ beauty & the bling

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    Logo design. We manufacture trendy jewelry acces...for teenage girls. Reasonable price, but cute designs. Not high fashion, but cool stuff. Our brand is 'Side Salad'. It isn't the main course - not the high dollar fancy bling. I'd like to see a head of lettuce or cabbage integrated into the logo. Simple logo in 2D. White background. Thanks.

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    I need a logo designed for my cleaning company All Assist transitioning into a professional lifestyle managing group where the main focus will be home to business bookkeeping and filing as well as party planning and events as far as colors I'm not sure I was thinking something simple black white silver gold with some bling I'm open

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    Trophy icon Contest Logo Unit_1 Ended

    ...can look like a gold coin Ways to write the contest name: - PitchFor$1M - PitchFor$1Million - PitchForAMillion Some words that might help you design the logo: - Bling - Gold - Growth - scale - Big & In your face - Simple but blingy - Exciting - Premium Our audience is: - Founders/ Co-founders - Startups looking for funding;

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    Precisamos de orçamento para a criação de um plugin de Integração do ERP Bling com a plataforma VirtueMart (Versão 2 e 3), seguindo a documentação do ERP, disponível em [login to view URL] Favor enviar cotação com valores e prazos.

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    I need my logo redesigned to be much smaller for my active wear brand. I would like to incorporate the Two BB's for Bling bunny and maybe bunny ears...somewhere. Right now my Logo Is Blingbunny with bunny ears over the B for bling....Thank you

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    Trophy icon Logo design Ended

    ...the logo i want to be empty to see the background of the site ([login to view URL] logo "neon" from files). If you could make your logo move, or turn on and go off , like a real one to bling , it would be great ! As an example of the logo I will give you some examples below, and besides these will give some screenshots with my web page. The color of the logo

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    I need a logo designed. Bling

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    Trophy icon Logo for Music Studio Ended

    Name: Don't Play Music Whats is it: Music Studio Music Style: Urban (Hip Hop, RnB, Reggaeton) Conditions: - without music instrument symbol - no play symbol - no bling bling - no weapons Preferably in triangle

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    Trophy icon Logo and Graphic Ended

    ...with the girl The logo just needs a bit of tweaking and bling added with names of the scents. The logo needs changing as such:- No Hat No Glasses Hair is thick high black and curly - think supermodel Hands palms facing up holding the name of the scent Dress colour ? need suggestions Bling earrings and necklace Turquoise Blue background stays

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Ended

    ..."Medical Bling N' Things." We would like a stethoscope some where in the logo. We are thinking a logo with the a shiny gold color and another color would be best, but we are open to other colors. Please make the logo using a not too serious font style. The logo should appear fun and playful, and not too stiff. It should also have a "bling" effect

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    Trophy icon Seal & Shine Logo Design Ended

    ...Maserati Lamborghini Bently Rolls Royce You get the idea. The vision that I have for the logo is that it is veering towards 'classic' rather than shiney-shiney... it's not Bling. It's definnitely not "Cillit Bang". It needs to appeal to a more discerning owner and the high-end 'detailers'. ACTUAL COMPANY NAME TO BE ON THE LOGO -...

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    Trophy icon Damas Closet Ended

    ...(no symbol e.g. IBM, Coke) Do you have a preference of colors in your logo design? Background color something similar to this [login to view URL] and main color is#02BDA8 and #000000 Is there any imagery that you DEFINITELY want to see in your logo

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    Looking to take current logo and give it some Bling! Looking for creative person

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    Trophy icon Illustrate Something Ended

    Hello everyone! Im currently looking for a drawer. I want you to incorporate the words " LADY HILLTOP" into drawing. This is going on a shirt. I want it to be bedazzled out, bling it out, diamond it out , like super girly. THIS IS GOING ON A T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!! NO PHOTOSHOP!! and final files need to be in JPG!!

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    I need a logo designed. I am needing someone to create a website logo which will also be used on business cards. You must be able to do silhouettes and diamonds and bling

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    Hello, I create handmade bling wedding t-shirts. They are fun yet elegant. I'm in the process of re-branding and want my logo to be vibrant, fun but still elegant. My business name is "Roc That Bling Designs" I would like for the graphic to have a diamond included. I will attach my previous logo design for reference. I'm not set on colors yet but I

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    Trophy icon Design project Ended

    Hello! My name is Onjalai. I have been an event planner for over 12 years...for my event planning business. The company name would be "Lady O Events". I want the logo to be inviting and stylish. Notes: My favorite color is pink and l love sparkle/bling but this is not required. Thank you for considering this project. Sincerely, Lady O

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    Lütfen detayları görmek için Kaydolun ya da Giriş Yapın.

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    ...trabalhos recorrentes. Temos uma quantidade razoável de demanda. Plugins principais: -MOIP Pagamentos -AMP -Correios/ Transportadora - Analytics - Pixel FB -CRM -Bling( ERP ) - Redes Sociais( FB e IG ) Projeto com certa urgência. ...

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    ...The girl should be snapping her fingers and doing a dance move, ([login to view URL])she should be wearing an open front pink and fluffy jacket. ([login to view URL]) 3. She should have a big bling necklace with the Bitcoin around her neck. I want the bitcoin to be a letter "C" not B. 4. The Words "Crypto Camp" Should be in a semi circle in the top of the logo ...

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    ...dress will be traditional yet be slightly sexy. Lady Liberty will have a pretty face. Either a 50's feel maybe.? Open for suggestions on that. Her crown should be with bling maybe?? Lady Liberty is 5 feet 4 inches in real life... so keep her in Prespective to the rest of the scene we are creating. She will have a sparkle in her eyes as if she

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    Integração no Shopify do sistema VIPP dos Correios e integração com o erp BLING de emissão de NF.

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    need to create a bling gif for this image below contact for details examples below [login to view URL] [login to view URL] budget 10usd

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    ...just need some graphics inserted. I sell Jewelry so the graphics have to be about the bling. I would like the word BOSS on the t-shirt to be blinged out so that it can stand out. I sell necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets so if there's anyway you can insert bling into my project and make it look classy and not cheesy I'd appreciate that. You may

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    Preciso que o la...responsivo com configuração da loja para produtos de envio normal e venda recorrente com método de pagamento MERCADO PAGO e método de envio MERCADO ENVIOS. Instalar o plugin do BLING para realizar a integraçã[login to view URL] fixo mantendo a aparência do Menu de abertura da Home, com scroll em paralaxe. Já possuo do...

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    We have a simple brochure designed already. I need someone to clean it up and put a couple applicable images, perhaps bling it up a bit. The target market is electronic testing equipment Manufacturer's that service the Military.

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    ...a lot of text. Employees: A page with a list of employees, each employee needs to have an Image, a job title, name, and the possiblity to add a phone number and email. Contact us: A page with a delicious contact form, fields should include Name, Email, Subject and Enquiry (text area) Landing page: A general page for various text-based content

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    I need a logo designed. Nyla's Creative Slime is a business where we make unique type of Slime with sparkle and bling

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    Trophy icon Logo design Ended

    Hello I need a logo for a business called 'Bling Out Sports' for women rhinestone t-shirts. Make it modern but classy with some BLING! Thank you!

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