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    web scraping Sample web site. Mysql table in price .

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    Wordpress icinde calisacak, sag alt kosede kapali durup tiklayinca acilan bir pop-up hesap makinesi. Ziyaretci email bilgisi girdigi zaman "show price" a tiklayinca gorebilecek hesaplamayi. Girilen email bilgileri bir DB de yada excel de tutulabilir. Ekteki gorsellerde wireframeimsi tum bilgiler mevcut. EKSTRA BILGI Boat Type (Hesaplamayi etkiliyor) Destination (Hesaplamayi etkilemiyor) Number of people (Hesaplamayi etkiliyor) Dates (Hesaplamayi etkiliyor. Dusuk ve yuksek sezon olarak. Her destinasyon icin farkli) Visitor Email address (Hesaplamayi etkilemiyor) Show Price Button 5 gun icinde hazir olmasi gerekiyor. Tesekkurler

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    Add the 3 girls in the boat image to the sofa in the image with the man. If too little space, then add the 2 girls on the left. Edit background and cartoonize like the attached 3rd image.

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    I am making a fishing game in unity and as part of that i w...coloured 'bands' at customisable levels. For example blue at 10m, green 20m, orange 30m etc etc. Both the colours used and the depth markers should be customisable ( although i can code this, but the shader must support this). Finally , the topography will be shown in a a 3d first person view (not from above) so it needs to fade out over distance, so it only renders topography close to the players boat. Again the fade distance and amoun needs to be customisable. For someone with good shader experience this is a simple piece of work so please contact me for mockup information..please confirm in your application you have both good unity and shader experience. Ideally shader editor too as this will make the project...

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    Design the graphic layout of the name PINGO of a sailing yacht. The name PINGO will be written on the stern of the boat and on our uniforms. Use a majestic or Nautic font for the text. I have attached examples of fonts. Use white background. Important: Place a royal crown in the text (maybe over the i) or next to the text. Or use a royal crown and a penguin next to / or in the name. Maybe a penguin with a royal crown can substitute the letter i in PINGO. The winner will also be asked to clean the attached drawing of the yacht, so it can be used for a A4 printing on uniforms. The lines should be thicker the smallest details can be removed.

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    a photo will be provided as a reference, I'm looking for someone to design a 3d model, parts list, and sheet metal guide for a boat to be cut out. the boat will be made of alaminimum sheets and the model will have to be designed in a way that can be welded together key deliverables 1x 3d model of a simple small boat, reference media will be provided 1x cut list/ parts list 1x sheet metal guide ( I'd like to have the Model cut by a machine notes: fusion360 preferred the length of the boat is 1.8 meters

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    We have a website where the user pay a YEARLY FEE. Our issue is that the renewal system never worked well. -We need to ADVICE user 5 days before expiry to pay else account will be terminated, also give the user access to pay and automatically the system renews the user and notify him the next year with same. -Add boat details should be mandatory to all users so we must include it after payment is made. -tweak a bit the page to have a better look. Will give all in a document

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    I have made a physical template of my boats carpets, but need it to be put into CAD. I am not sure how I get the actual dimensions, but I believe the plastic used has the "diamond pattern" reinforcing which is of a "standard" size. This means that if we can measure 1 component, we will be able to size everything. Also the carpet template needs to be about 1inch smaller than the outline as per the templates.

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    Esp32 coder 17 saat left

    Hi, I have a small sailing boat which is moored in the middle of an harbour. I would like to monitor using GPRS 2G network (via Telegram) or SMS the following itens: -gps position. -temperature and humidity using the Dht11 sensor. -battery voltage. -water on the bilges. I would need also alerts for low voltage on the boat battery or high bilge water level. I have been successful in measuring the Dht11 output using WiFi and the following tutorial: However can't do it using WiFi. I'm using the TTGO T-Call V1.3 ESP32 sim800l board and dht11 sensor. Would like to continue to use the same hardware in the project. Could you please provide me a quote for the development of the code? Best Regards

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    Looking for a Series of Pencil Sketches, regarding Mark Twain, Huck Finn, Tom Sawyers, Old Steamboats and the Mississippi River. MUST be very familiar with Samuel Clemons, ie, Mark Twain. Looking for a Series of Sketches around 11"x17" which will be printed and framed Asking for a series of 12 sketches. The artist approval would certainly win with a 'sample' of your pencil or ink sketch of a boat from your country or state. It would easier to find the artist who actually knows a sketch for what we are talking.

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    Need to build a SEO FRIENDLY website custom developed (CODING ONLY, NO WORDPRESS) with the CORRECT STRUCTURE and responsive design. Need someone reliable who can start straight away and complete the task very fast considering that i can provide all the content straight away. It will be a website for boat sales and rentals with a simple back end to add new listings by user and/or admin. more details in the tech requirements sheet attached. I am looking for a professional developer who can continue the website upgrades in the future.

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    1 acre lot with 19,500 square feet of interior. Looking for modern design inside exterior includes pool area, driveways and palm trees and cactus. Cad fold available 7 x En-suite Bedrooms VIP Master Suite Powder Room Outside Bathroom 5 x Car Garage Outside Showers RV/Boat Garage/Studio Space Kitchen Butlers Pantry Wine fridges Main Room Mud room Inside Bar Outside Bar BBQ Area/Bar Games Room Office Pool Theatre Room Gym Yoga Room 950 Sq Ft Casita 1 Bed, Bathroom, Living/Kitchen & WIC

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    ...animation should depict a sailboat similar to the attached image, with the sea in the background moving very slowly. The sea should be calm but the movement of the waves should be perceptible. The sailboat should remain in the same position, but the sails of the boat should move with the wind in an apparently random manner (i.e. the same movement should not be perceived repeatedly). The logo of the company (attached) should be placed on the sail of the boat, which should be against a white background. It is not necessary for the boat in the animation to be the same as the one in the image, as long as it is a sailboat. Additionally, it is not necessary to use the same image if it is easier to recreate the animation from scratch. However, if it is easier to use the at...

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    Hello, I am looking for an experienced Developer that is an expert in building Progressive Web Apps (PWA) using the following: Ionic 6 framework + Angular, API, Figma, and Google from home without distractions. – Can use Video calls. – Is willing to learn new things. HAS THE FOLLOWING SKILLS: – Ionic 6 framework – Good taste in UX/UI design – Angular 6 – Building and/or editing APIs – Google Firebase – Figma Please include a link to any related projects and work samples in your proposal. Please start your proposal with the phrase "Green Boat" so I know that you’ve read this description. Please do not suggest using frameworks other than Ionic. All the bids outside of ...

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    ...strangers around the world. Crafting: One of the core mechanics of Minecraft is crafting, where players combine resources to create tools, weapons, and other items. The possibilities are endless, and players can even create their own custom recipes. Exploration: Minecraft has a vast world to explore, with different biomes, structures, and secrets to discover. Players can travel by foot, horse, boat, or even minecart to explore the world around them. Redstone: Minecraft's version of electricity, redstone allows players to create complex contraptions and machines, including automated farms, piston doors, and more. Mods and custom content: Minecraft has a large and active modding community, with players creating their own custom content, such as new biomes, mobs, and game m...

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    Need coding and app developer who can create a trading app like that meta5

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    I need someone to create custom realistic graphic art for my website. The image will involve a large boat anchored off a coast line with a unique skyline. It is fine to use existing images and customize accordingly. For your bid to be considered, please include the name of your favorite artist and/or style with your bid.

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    Trophy icon Golden Isles Boatworks Bitti left

    New boat and marine supply company. Looking for a cool logo that will allow to incorporate different photos. Including sample, very amateur logo of boat. Adding some additional images to show a tarpon picture that could be used.

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    creating artwork for a sailing club. The initial use will be on a ball cap for an upcoming event. The artwork needed includes a file with a graphic and four words (Keowee Cup Regatta 2023) that would fit on a hat; a graphic of a sail boat overlaid on a SC state outline (I have an example of it on a circle, but it seems the state outline would have more connection). The graphic might be the club burgee, for which I have a pdf that I can provide. I am also open to other ideas.

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    I would like to build a roof on pilings over my boat slip. It’s 13.6x36 feet with a 2x10 beam around the perimeter on 8 inch pilings 10 feet high and 7 feet into the soil, no more than 14 foot spacing . Trusses to be 5/12 24 OC gable with 2x4 nailers and metal roofing. See attached similar structure.

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    MAJOR UPDATE!!! First person to bring me a design that is amazing that includes a diamond shape with a camas bass boat in the middle like the one below, and the engine same shapes and edges, the diamond looking like a sunset and the boat is in water with the boat in the middle, and the words Performance Marine, you got the award, almost like the pictures below, but. Want to see if it can get better than this right here. Awadds going out in four or five days, if you have submited, delete and and start over, this is important. I included two of the designers logo submition to give you a understamding of whatim talking about, just go all out and show me what you all got please, ill also be awarding these designers with a tip for the idea UPDATE! We are excited to announ...

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    Please suggest better messaging and copy for the Website at The goal is to create a Website better optimized for generating sales of the t-shirts and for spreading the idea that the world would be a better place if everyone felt and acted like we are all in the same boat. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Please provide concrete copy that can be used on the website. If you are interested in this, please submit a bid for $100. Thank you.

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    I am a small boat tour operator based in Dubrovnik. I get my customers trough Google ads. I use ZOHO CRM to manage business processes, sales etc. There's data since 2018. I am interested in leveraging the Open AI to train it to better understand my business, give me data insight, find patterns and thing like ChatGPT. Is that possible?

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    I Will do wrap and eye catching designs of all type vehicles like, car, truck and also boat, motorcycle, logo, flyer design, business cards etc:- I am a professional graphic designer and work in my private shop till 2010

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    •Apply theoretical and analytical models to current situations eg through case studies of private and public sector organisations opera...that Then choose PESTEL / PORTERS 5 FORCES / SWOT ANALYSIS / VALUE CHAIN / HOFSTEDE MODEL / BOP / COO accordingly if it’s required for the selected company ( only got to use what’s required for the selected company you’ve chosen, NOT necessary to select all) Ideally choose a country where they have not completely established itself. Choose company that could possibly be internationalized example: Boat headphones which is a company in India and chosen foreign country could be UK and the necessary analysis for establishing. There’s no structured method of doing it cause possibly the company you chose would require some ...

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    I'm looking to sell t-shirts out of my fuel dock at a marina I run. We have a little sandbar that the boaters anchor out at. I'm looking for a fun cartoonish style -..boat, island, drinks, etc. that could be produced on a shirt. The island is called "Longtail" Longtail day drinkers, longtail life, what happens at Longtail stays at longtail, a gas/beer gauge running on empty, these are just my thoughts and the fun direction I want to aim for. I want people to see the shirt and say I want that! lol Thanks for your help!

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    Rhino expert, autocad 3d expert for boat design

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    this is the software we use and are building a map in if you go to the realestate map you will see the similar file I want

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    I have a boat image that I need to combine with a beach image. The most important thing is to achieve realism and not show that it is a photoshopped image.

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    Boat Name logo Bitti left

    Looking for artwork on my boat- have the name picked out, but would like help selecting the font, color and artwork. The Boat name is “Worm Burper”. I would like to have a worm on a hook included. Cartoon fish needs to look like a Yellow Perch. I have attached a few photos as examples. I would like the fish to be burping up the worm in a cartoon looking image while making the fish look as real as possible/resemble a real yellow perch as much as possible.

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    Looking for an art...the future, we may create a new job to add color to the logo. The image consists of the company name, Viking Lens, with a stylized Viking long boat with oars underneath on a transparent background. On this image, things I like: The font of the letters in the word Viking. The font of the letters E, n, S in Lens. The use of taller, lower case “n” in both words. The bottom of the boat is not pierced by the letters Things I don’t like: The word Lens needs some help. It is not sized properly in relation to the word Viking. Maybe the E is overpowering and needs to be a little smaller. Maybe the L needs help. I cannot quite figure it out. The boat is acceptable, but I think it could be better. I just don’t know how. Want it t...

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    I would like to make a very catchy and colorful, yet simple abstract logo for a fishing launch. The logo should include the name of the boat and artwork. The name of the launch is CastCruiser. Please let me know who are interested. I would prefer freelancers who have done similar logos in the past and would like to see portfolios before I award.

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    Looking for a graphic artist that will create a simple logo for our t-shirt that will feature: The Hokulea (boat), water (ocean), land and air.

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    Looking for a person to do a AD file design for a new boat build. I will be able to provide pictures but will need the Intellectual rights and ownership to all work completed. Will need the working plans in PDF, 3D Renderings and also the materials list for the boat. The math for the buoyancy and load calculations

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    I need a new brochure designed for my parasailing business and electric boat business. The brochure will be a trifold brochure with both businesses featured on it.

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    Please design a logo for our new self catering rental business. The property is called Islay Breeze The website will be Please try and include a landscape with seaview out to an island as we have a beautiful view from the property try to include Sun, Sea, Boat, Beach, Surfboard if possible. Thank you

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    We will use this project for the Boat and possibly study of the boat model on a lift

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    Attached is a layout of a marina FSM LAYOUT - and FSM Visual Map I would like a graphic designer to create a clear and modern design of the Marina that can be used to inform member of the facilities and locations of the boat parking (wet berths). A 2D design is fine, but 3D can be an advantage. There are approx. 112 boat parking slots in different sizes. A list of the correct sizes is available. Attached is also sample layouts that the quality of design must exceed and take into consideration.

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    is a t-shirt brand owning the idiomatic phrase "in the same boat." It is uniquely positioned to appeal to young people who are sick and tired of a world headed toward disaster (i.e., toward self-destruction, wars, climate disaster, etc.). The brand's slogan is, "we're all in the same boat," or–more impatiently put–"we're all in the same damn boat." Check it out at / / If you can help us invest $500 in TikTok advertising (including your fees) for a proof-of-concept MVP project that produces more than $500 in profits, please reply with your proposal. The winning submission will receive 100 dollars on top of the $500 advertising budget. If you succeed (i.e., by placing ads that produce profit...

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    TaleBeTold is a Python Flask app that generates AI stories about the user. I've already built much of the app, but I need your help to take it forward. I need someone with expertise in Image AI (Dream Boat AI) to help me make the app generate stories with awesome illustrations (like Lensa app). I also need the app to take customer payments. See here for product description, and requirements: See here for video walkthrough with demo of app and code walkthrough:

    €696 - €1392
    €696 - €1392
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    Trophy icon structural engineer Bitti left

    I need to have a rack engineered for a boat to be stored on when not in the water. The boat weighs approximately 10,000 lbs with more than half of the weight towards the rear of the boat. I would like the frame to look similar to the attached drawing.

    €186 (Avg Bid)
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    Need a logo designed for "Captain Victor's Yacht Club" The image in the logo will be a Donkey in side of a small boat. Bandana around neck of Donkey with the words "Captain Victor" writen on it.

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    Booze Cruise Bitti left

    I have recently started a Tiki Boat charter company and need a new logo! I am interested in to see what is out there! I have a design in mind and will attach it. I would like it similar with my business name "Booze Cruise LLC" going around it somewhere.

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    Need production drawings. Simple copy/paste project. You drag a boat over a self-adjusting craddle. When you push the "wheels" down, the roller in bottom is coming up. Please take a look at the pictures. Ask me if you are not sure.

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    I need a 3 D render of the interior of a baat

    €71 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Gottlieb B., I need some help to produce some technical drawings for a 5.8 meter rib for ISO6185-3 Cerifiaction. It need sot cover the following: Drawings and stability calculation Safety plan should be simple (fire extinguisher) Structure drawing Navigation lights and electronic drawings, battery etc. Engine/mechanical scheme on boat Drawing to show the engine the horsepower, fuel tank, fuel line and filter I can provide sketches and need to do this to make look professional. James

    €33 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Guido V., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I need to produce Technical drawings covering the following for ISO 6185-3 certification Drawings and stability calculation Safety plan should be simple (fire extinguisher) Structure drawing Navigation lights and electronic drawings, battery etc. Engine/mechanical scheme on boat Drawing to show the engine the horsepower, fuel tank, fuel line and filter

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    Hi Ahmed H., I need to produce some technical drawings for a 5.8 meter rib to get ISO 6185-3 certification. Are you able to assist? Drawings and stability calculation Safety plan should be simple (fire extinguisher) Structure drawing Navigation lights and electronic drawings, battery etc. Engine/mechanical scheme on boat Drawing to show the engine the horsepower, fuel tank, fuel line and filter Can you quote?

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    Cyprus Soul Bitti left

    Good afternoon, We are a UK based company but run an event in Cyprus each year in November. Plus a couple of boat parties in London. We have a great DJ line up and some great people attend the events. Would ba great location to shoot the film here in London & Cyprus . I have also set up a radio station ( ) from nothing to operational in 10 weeks ( from getting the name, designing a logo, sorting out a music server, PRS & PPl sourcing 29 presenter, getting on Tunein, Alexa, and other radio platforms ) which people in the industry said it could not be done!! So I feel this would make a great film on both parts of the business.  Let me know your thoughts ? Regards Paul Wrigglesworth

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