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    I'm looking for a skilled video editor to create engaging Instagram Reels for my brand. These Reels will be focused on being entertaining and viral in nature, with the main goal of driving website traffic. Key requirements: - Editing: You should b...entertaining and viral in nature, with the main goal of driving website traffic. Key requirements: - Editing: You should be able to take raw footage and turn it into engaging, viral-worthy content - Understanding of my brand: You should be capable of incorporating my brand's messaging and ethos into the Reels - Target Audience: The content should be tailored to professionals in the 25-34 age bracket. I'm looking for someone who can help me increase website traffic through creative, viral videos that resonate with my ...

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    ...the sample design file I provide (attached). - I've specifically incorporated a text, a bracket, a dot, in Word. I'd like to maintain these elements in the new design but you can propose other ideas if you like. - Please create 2-3 different options that represent the idea: the bracket is a shield. The dot is an adversary, outside of the shield. The letters "rd" put on the right top need to stay. - I'm open to suggestions and minor modifications, so your expertise in design and branding will be a big plus. The logo needs to look simple yet sexy. Clients will be corporations, so must look professional. The winner of the contest will need to provide 9 files: - 3 versions of the logo just with the bracket, dot and "rd" (all in PNG...

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    I need a skilled YouTube marketer to spearhead a campaign intended to drive significant traffic towards my website, specifically for a time-sensitive special offer. The goal is to attract and entice an audience within the age bracket of 35-49 and 50+. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and execute YouTube marketing strategies - Improve visibility and click-through rates - Generate website traffic Ideal Freelancer: - Proven experience in YouTube marketing - Understanding of SEO for video rankings - Ability to target and engage the specific age demographic 35-49 and 50+ - Experience in driving website traffic and promoting product sales. Your role is critical in promoting my website, which primarily serves to sell products and services. YouTube campaign to solicit pot...

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    I need a proficient social media marketer who can create effective campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The primary aim of these campaigns should be to generate leads and target Indian parents who would be interested in our English-speaking courses for their kids, specifically within the 15-30 age bracket. Ideal skills and experience that would be beneficial include: - Proven track results in lead generation via social media platforms - Experience in the education sector would be a plus - Proficient in targeting and engaging Indian parents - Understanding of Indian culture and education values - Comprehensive knowledge of advertising English language courses. The chosen freelancer should come up with innovative strategies to connect with our target audience meaningfu...

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    I'm seeking a professional lead generator to boost student enrollment for a secondary education institution. Some key details include: - Target Audience: We're specifically focusing on students in the secondary education bracket (6th to 12th grade). - Industry/Niche: The lead generation efforts are centered around the school education sector, so understanding of this area is crucial. The primary service we're seeking is: - Student Enrollment: The main goal is to increase the number of students enrolling in our awards. We are looking at a minimum of 150 paid enrolments from the promised payment. Some ideal skills for this project include: - Profound Understanding of School Education: A prior background in the education sector and understanding of student enrollment ...

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    I am looking for an advertising expert based in India to help me with my cross-platform advertising strategy. Key Requirements: - Experience with Facebook, Google AdWords, and Instagram advertising. - Proven success in driving brand awareness. - Sound driving brand awareness. - Sound understanding of the professional audience, particularly in the age group of 25-40. Your tasks will include: - Crafting a comprehensive advertising campaign that spans across Facebook, Google AdWords, and Instagram. - Focusing on strategies that are effective in increasing brand awareness. - Tailoring the content to appeal to professionals in the 25-40 age bracket. I would like to see your previous work in similar projects and hear your ideas on how we can maximize the impact of this...

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    take PDF and draw the components and the nuts, design a bracket to fit on the unit, analyse for 1 tonne x2 for both a horizontal and a vertical lift. do a drawing set and include the component drawing as the last page in the set. drawings cover, spec sheet, GA, LIFT process, component details for manufacture , 2 x pdf of the component and the lift nuts.

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    ...Website Traffic: In addition to brand visibility, increasing the number of website visits is critical to our success. • Support Campaign: The campaign revolves around rallying support via donations, making this goal an essential part of the project. I would like to have someone who is whiling to put time and work in to match our ig with the luxury app we offer. Target Audience: • 25 - 60 Age Bracket: The campaign is intended for an audience aged between 25 - 60 years. This broad age group presents its own unique challenges which we expect you to understand. Skills and Experience: • Social Media Management: You should have hands-on experience managing social media accounts, particularly Facebook and Instagram. • Community Engagement: Effective strategies to e...

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    I'm in need of a sung radio jingle that conveys a upbeat, energetic tone. The target audience for this jingle is young adults, specifically within the 18-35 age bracket. The main theme of this jingle is to raise brand awareness. Essential Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating sung radio jingles - Ability to compose jingles with an upbeat and energetic tone - Prior work targeting the young adult demographic - Demonstrable expertise in brand awareness communication If you've got a good ear for catchy tunes and know how to make a brand message stick, I'm excited to hear from you.

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    Requirments: 1. Overall change in sized reduced from 1800 to 1780 2. Change of internal frame to 40mm with ends of canopy reduced in size for 40mm frame not 50mm. Layout of unistrut stays the same. 3. New electrical panel to unistrut frame (this it just one sheet with two bends in it. 4. Edit to fridge surround frame 5. New roof strut 6. Solar panel bracket 7. New front and rear frame layout with 40x40 tube and strut 8. Change depth 9. Door update 10. Battery tray

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    I am seeking a skilled fashion designer to help me create a line of casual women's wear. The target audience for these designs is young adults, ages 20-35. Key Responsibilities: - Create unique, fashionable designs for my casual wear clothing line. - Constantly sta...fashionable designs for my casual wear clothing line. - Constantly stay updated on current fashion trends to keep our designs fresh and appealing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in fashion design, specifically with women's wear. - A strong understanding of current fashion trends for young adults. - Proven ability to design trendy, casual wear that will appeal to the 20-35 age bracket. Please share examples of previous work when bidding, particularly designs within the casual wear spa...

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    75 teklifler integrated in the process - Google Ads: Development and implementation of Google Ads campaigns aimed specifically at reaching parents of 16 to 18 year olds. The ideal freelancer for this job would have proven experience in SEO, email marketing, and Google Ads, with a particular strength in targeting specific demographics. Understanding of the concerns and interests of parents in this age bracket would be a significant asset. The goal is to increase website traffic and improve our online visibility, ultimately building brand awareness among our target audience. Languages we target are Italian and Spanish, an idea of Spanish words Our websites and https:/

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    Container bracket 10 saat left

    Hi Taras, could you help me out with a small solidworks file for a bracket I need to make personally. This is a bracket that I am going to weld to a shipping container I have, then I will attach a ledger board to it using 3/8" carriage bolts. The slots in the bracket will allow the head of the carriage bolts to go in but not spin. The file will go to my supplier who has a tube laser to cut the part and they need a solid works file to make it from. Shouldn't take you long, thanks

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    I'm seeking a creative mind to help me produce merchandise designs that will turn heads and increase brand awareness. I want to give potential customers memorable, covetable products that promote our services while boosting brand recognition. Guideline Details: • Target Audience: Our audience is mainly adults within the age bracket of 25-54, so the design should be mature, sophisticated yet appealing. • Style: You have free reign over the style of the design - minimalistic, bold and colorful, or retro/vintage, I'm open to them all! The goal is for the merchandise to make an impression and spur a desire to own our products. Ideal Skills: • Excellent creativity and ability to produce unique, memorable designs • Understanding of how to incorporate bran...

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    ...created depicting a double elimination tournament bracket. It's essential that the bracket incorporates animation. The unique part is that I want it to involve randomization which would impact the bracket placement. This means that the team placement on the bracket will be randomized, ensuring a unique experience each review. Details: I need a webpage created urgently in 12 hours before a presentation today. The webpage will showcase a list of participants populated in a box, and once I click a button (generate tournament bracket) the list will make each participant into their own box/rectangle like field and start randomizing the participants on the page (with random like animation), then it will start filling the double elimination bracket...

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    As a well-established brand, I am looking to dramatically increase my presence on Facebook. My principal goals are to: - Raise brand profile - Drive substantial traffic to the official website - Generate promising leads To achieve this, the focus should primarily be on young adults (18-24) and professionals in the 25-40 age bracket. These cohorts form the bulk of my target audience and engaging them successfully will be key. I'm also operating on an immediate timeline, meaning I need a freelancer who can get to work ASAP. Ideal candidates for this job will have a proven track record in designing and executing targeted marketing campaigns on Facebook. They will have a unique understanding of how to reach and engage both young adults and professionals effectively, and a knack ...

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    I'm looking for a creative social media guru to help increase brand awareness of my car sales business. In anticipation of a high-level launch, I need unique, sophisticated, and elegant Instagram posts that can go viral. - The campaign must resonate with adults aged 26-45. It's imperative your content appeals specifically to this age bracket. - Skill in creating sophisticated and elegantly styled content is a must. - Experience with branding and Instagram post design is crucial. - The ability to create viral content that increases brand awareness is also key. - If you can demonstrate past success with similar projects, that would greatly increase your prospects. This project potentially has an ongoing work dimension for the right candidate. If you have the capability an...

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    ...IfL4JDr6okA/view?usp=sharing [ TARGET ] The goal of this contest is you to finalize the scene, to render the animation and to provide us with the final frames. [ ANIMATION SPECS ] - 25 Frames / Second [ Expected ~ 1000 frames ] - (1920 * 1080) px Frame / Screen Size [ ANIMATION ] The animation opens with a zoom in to the kitchen (panoramic) and shows the manual booklet ejecting the wall bracket and then floating in front of the camera while it opens. Once the manual booklet is open in front of the camera all its pages are shown one by one but with particular attention (longer time interval and emphasis) to pages 5 and 13, 14. The animation is already set up and it already includes 3D Objects and Materials. Camera, Lights and Keyframes also are mocked up yet but you may n...

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    More details: What type of videos do you plan to edit? Promotional videos What level of editing complexity are you looking for? Moderate with color grading, AI generated quality footage, effects. Below is the script to the 30-60 second ad. DO NOT INCLUDE THE TEXT, ONLY IN BRACKET VISUALS: Transform your dirty windows with Advanced Water-Fed pole systems on the Central Coast. (Show a home with visibly grimy, dirty exterior windows) Is a dusty haze clouding your pristine windows? (Close up shots revealing dusty haze and grime buildup on the glass, obscuring the view.) Traditional cleaning methods have failed to truly cut through exterior grimy haze and completely disregard cleaning window frames. (Visuals depicting traditional cleaning methods. e.g., squeegees, rags, le...

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    I'm seeking a skilled content writer specialized in fashion for my blog. This includes: - Crafting engaging, well-researched content relating to fashion tips, advice and providing product reviews and recommendations - Ensuring each blog post is within the 700-1000 words bracket - Delivering fresh content on a weekly basis Ideal candidates should have a robust knowledge and passion for fashion, a knack for identifying trends, and excellent writing and researching skills. Your ability to produce informative, unique content tailored to my blog's readership is vital.

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    I'm seeking a seasoned digital marketer with a knack for Facebook and Instagram platforms. The primary focus areas for this campaign will be: 1. Enhancing Brand Awareness: I require ... 2. Generating Leads: Alongside increasing brand visibility, the selected freelancer should be luring prospects. You should be adept at converting social media attention into potential leads. Target Audience: The core campaign focus should be geared towards individuals aged 18-24. Therefore, applicants familiar with trends, interests, and the communication style that resonates with this age bracket have an edge. In a nutshell, I need an expert who can help maximize the potential reach on Facebook and Instagram, while accurately targeting the right audience to increase our brand awareness and ...

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    ...All Sea Angling Classic videos by 10th June (no more than 30 videos) - All World Carp Classic 2023, 2022, and 2021 videos by 10th September (About 60 videos) All other videos by December 2024. Future collaboration: - Ongoing assistance will be required in creating shorts & Reels to ensure continuous traffic to the channel. Give us a quote per: - batch of 50 edited videos (very small project bracket) - per hour for creating new content (short/Reels - cutaways and B-roll clips) If you are keen to demonstrate your skills in the knowledge your work will help raise funds to achieve our ambitious community projects we invite you to submit your proposal outlining your experience, approach, and availability. We look forward to collaborating with a talented individual who can he...

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    ...All Sea Angling Classic videos by 10th June (no more than 30 videos) - All World Carp Classic 2023, 2022, and 2021 videos by 10th September (About 60 videos) All other videos by December 2024. Future collaboration: - Ongoing assistance will be required in creating shorts & Reels to ensure continuous traffic to the channel. Give us a quote per: - batch of 50 edited videos (very small project bracket) - per hour for creating new content (short/Reels - cutaways and B-roll clips) If you are keen to demonstrate your skills in the knowledge your work will help raise funds to achieve our ambitious community projects we invite you to submit your proposal outlining your experience, approach, and availability. We look forward to collaborating with a talented individual who can he...

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    I'm in urgen...product sales. Targeting professionals aged between 25-44, the design should effectively communicate and demonstrate the appeal of my product. The ad will feature predominantly in magazines, making it vital for it to follow top-tiered publication standards. The perfect freelancer for this role must: - Have a portfolio of work with ads specifically designed for professionals within the 25-44 age bracket - Show expertise and in-depth exposure in print ad design, particularly for magazines - Be savvy at infusing compelling sales strategies into designs - Demonstrate proficiency in relevant design software. It will be highly beneficial if you have previous experience in a similar role and have a thorough understanding of the magazine print ad market. Looking forwar...

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    As a brand seeking to heighten recognition, I'm looking for an innovative mind who can help brainstorm, strategize and implement a creative content strategy emphasizing on video podcasts that will resonate with young adults within the age bracket 18-30. Key Task: • Develop captivating Video & Podcast content that will grip attention, stir conversations, boost visibility and foster brand loyalty. Ideal Skills: • Experience in video production & podcast development. • Ability to create age-specific relevant content. • Proven track record in creating content strategies that improve brand awareness.

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    I'm seeking a skilled book artist to bring life to an exciting project - a middle-grade book. The artist should be competent in creatin...Designing unique, engaging cartoon characters that appeal to middle-grade children aged 7-12. - Vividly depicting various scenes in the book, maintaining the cartoon style throughout. - Crafting an eye-catching book cover in line with the overall tone and theme of the book. The ideal candidate would have prior experience in children's book illustration, specifically targeting the middle-grade age bracket, with a demonstrated ability to design in a cartoon style. Proficiency in delivering character designs, scene depictions, and cover designs is a prerequisite. Your creativity will be called upon to make this book a visually captivating ...

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    I'm on the lookout for an illustrator capable of bringing an adventure-themed children's book to life. The target audience for the book is children aged between 3 and 8, hence the illustrations should be engaging, vibrant and appropriate for this age bracket. Here's what I'm looking for: - Illustrations that are cartoonish in style, imaginative with varying looks that depict their specific personalities (Serious, goofy, nerdy/frightened/humorous), keeping in line with the adventurous theme of the book. - The ability to design a variety of scenes, characters and scenarios that will keep young readers engaged. - Experience in children's book illustration would be beneficial, specifically within the 3-8 years old range. - A good understanding of what makes a...

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    Gizlilik Anlaşması
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    I am ...talented freelancer for an advertisement voiceover job, delivered in an exciting and energetic tone. The advertisement is geared towards adults aged 25-50. The freelancer selected must be fluent in Khaliji Arabic, both in writing and speech. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Previous experience in voiceover, particularly advertisement voiceovers - Understanding of engaging an audience in the 25-50 age bracket - Capable of conveying energy and excitement through voice - Proficiency in Khaliji Arabic usage and accent Your task would be to breathe life into our advertisement, making it exciting, engaging and influential for our target audience. The success of this job will be determined by your ability to captivate the audience and relay our product/service charm in an ene...

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    I'm seeking a knowledgeable and experienced literary analyst to read my 90,000-word novel and provide thorough feedback focused on enhancing the character development, plot progression, and dialogue. The essence of the novel is serious and dramatic and is targeted at the 25-50 age bracket. Your expertise in understanding and critiquing the narrative flow, plot, dialogue, and overall pace of the story, as well as offering constructive suggestions for improvements in a succinct and effective manner, will be highly valued for this project. In addition, your contribution will aid in emphasizing the intended tone and mood of the story and ensure that it resonates with its intended audience. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in literary analysis - Excellent communication skill...

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    ...Creating vibrant, engaging, and age-appropriate cartoon-style illustrations. • Comfortable with adding talk bubbles or other dialogue indicators. Your portfolio should demonstrate relevant experience in producing children's book illustrations and comprehension of creating dialogue-based story flows. It would be an added advantage if you've previously worked on storybooks catering to the 6-8 age bracket. I look forward to collaborating with someone skilled, experienced, and passionate about bringing stories to life for young children....

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    I am working on a children's book targeted at the 4-7 age bracket. I am in need of an illustrator well-acquainted with this demographic to help us bring the story alive. I am willing to look at all levels of expertise and years of experience. Main role: • Designing and creating engaging, age-appropriate illustrations to complement the narrative of the book. Key requirements: • Comfortable in advising on suitable illustration styles. • Experience in illustrating for children aged 4-7. • Open to dialogue and receptive to suggestions and changes. To apply, please submit sample works that you've done for children in this age group category. I am eager to work with a flexible and creative mind. Let’s make some fun and inspiring artwork togethe...

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    I'm searching for a proficient social media marketer who can establish a substantial brand presence for my business on Facebook and Instagram. Goals: - Ultimately, the primary target of the campaign is to increase brand awareness. Target Audience: - Our focus will be on reaching middle-aged adults, specifically those within the age bracket of 30-50 years. Required Skills: - An ideal candidate will have expertise in creating engaging content designed to attract and retain this particular demographic. - Proven experience in social media platforms namely Facebook and Instagram is a must. - Capability of creating an effective strategy in line with my goal is crucial. I look forward to seeing your proposals and discussing how we can collaboratively work towards making my bra...

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    In an effort to boost my YouTube channel's visibility and gain more subscribers among the young adult age bracket (18-34), I'm seeking experienced SEO professionals who will be able to optimize my channel and website. - Enhancing the visibility of my YouTube channel is a primary goal, primarily attracting young adults who are keen on my content. - SEO optimization for my website is also needed. Seamless integration of the two platforms is crucial. The ideal candidate for this job has experience in SEO, specifically for YouTube channels and websites, and a solid understanding of how to cater to the 18-34 demographic.

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    As a successful jewele...specialize in affordable (under $50) rings, bracelets, and pearls that are versatile enough for light to wholesale purchase. - Target Audience: My target customers are adults in their 20s- 30s -40s. The ideal candidate should have: -Knowledge or experience in jewelry sales, especially in selling rings, bracelets, and pearls. - Excellent understanding and skills to engage customers in the 30-50 age bracket. - Ability to work with affordable jewelry and make successful sales. This is your chance to work with a wide array of and affordable pieces of jewelry, and actively contribute to the ambitions of a thriving jewelry business. If you are a seasoned salesperson with a penchant for affordable jewelry and a deep understanding of customers, I'd like to...

    €4689 - €9379
    Özellikli Acil Mühürlü
    €4689 - €9379
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    ...Google Ads to develop and implement a campaign specifically focused on lead generation. My target audience is people aged 40 and above within a specified city or region. -Primary Goal: The main goal of the campaign is to generate valuable leads that will potentially transform into loyal customers. -Target Audience: The campaign should be tailored to attract and engage individuals in the age bracket of 40 and above. Prior experience in creating campaigns for this demographic will be an added advantage. -Geographic Location: You should have a proven track record in running successful local campaigns. Expertise in geographical ad targeting is a must. Ideal freelancers for this project will have in-depth knowledge and experience in Google ad campaigns, specifically with lead ge...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer who can successfully recruit participants for a research study. Specifically, I need individuals from a precise demographic group: those who are in the age bracket of 18-25 and reside in the US. Expectations & Requirements: - Knowledge and understanding of demographic targeting - Proven experience in participant recruitment, particularly within the 18-25 age group - Strong communication and persuasive skills to effectively recruit participants This role is perfect for a detailed-oriented individual with recruitment experience, especially involving target-specific demographics. Interested bidders should be able to demonstrate their strategies for recruiting the required demographic. Bid if you're confident in your ability to recru...

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    I'm in need of a social media marketing guru who can create a lead-generating campaign targeted at adults aged 25-45. Key aspects of this campaign will con...this campaign will consist of: - Focusing on Facebook and Instagram platforms - Creating engaging content that resonates with my target audience - Utilizing strategies to drive potential customers towards making an inquiry Experience in both Facebook and Instagram marketing is critical, as is a solid understanding of lead generation. An understanding of consumer behavior within the 25-45 age bracket would also be ideal. Your ability to craft strategic posts and ads that speak to this audience and incite engagement is essential to the success of this project. Looking forward to seeing your innovative ideas and successfu...

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    I am in search of a skilled Ghostwriter to help me craft child...Key Information: - Each book should be a medium length, composed of 10-20 pages. - These aren't your average adventure/mystery/fantasy books; I want the books to represent moralistic values. - I will provide character names to incorporate into the stories. Ideal Candidate: - Strong experience in moral storytelling. - Has previously worked on children's books, particularly within the 5-10 age bracket. - Excellent creative writing skills, free from AI writing tools. - Ability to weave a captivating narrative around provided character names. Your imagination and creativity would be pivotal in shaping these stories that would positively impact young minds. Let's work together to make value-based content...

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    I am searching for a structural steel designer with experience in equipment design. My project requires an effective design for a glass lifting bracket (dimensions of bracket, anchor thickness, spacing of brackets). Specifically, the design should be able to: - Secure laminated glass panels in place - Handle glass panels with a weight up to 3000 Kgs - Water feature is flowing over the glass Ideal candidates should have: - A deep understanding of the properties and strength of structural steel - Extensive experience in creating designs that can safely secure heavy materials - Prior projects dealing with heavy-duty bracket designs. Knowing the delicate nature of glass, the design must prioritize safety and stability. The completed design will need to be capable of...

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    9 teklifler

    Hello, We need an exciting Text thumbnail for an unboxing Video. The image is attached . The text should read. " Klipsch New Construction - Spec Home Rough-In Bracket | Unboxing Video " Our logo is also attached Thank you, Tyler

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    55 girdi

    We need an engaging Thumbnail for our youtube channel. I have attached our logo and thrumbnail background image. The text will read: Install Samsung "The Frame" like a PRO!! Open to creative designs, text etc, Logo cannot change. Thank you!!!

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    66 girdi

    I'm seeking a skilled digital marketer with a deep understanding of, and experience in, Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising and Social Media Marketing (SMM) to launch and maintain an expansive marketing campaign on multiple platforms. Key Responsibilities: - Managing PPC campaigns...maintain an expansive marketing campaign on multiple platforms. Key Responsibilities: - Managing PPC campaigns on Google Ads - Oversee our Facebook marketing strategy Ideal Candidate: - Solid background in both PPC and SMM - Familiarity with Facebook algorithms and Google Ads - Proven experience in targeting adults aged 25-34 The goal is to capture the attention of adults within the 25-34 age bracket and effectively convert these leads. I'm looking for a professional who can maximize impact wh...

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    I am in need of a 30-second 3D animation video intro, designed to captivate my target audience of 8 to 10-year-olds. The animation style must be vibrant, fun, and attention-grabbing, appropriate for kids in this age bracket. Key Project Requirements: 1. Animation Style: - 3D animation expertise is required. An understanding of kids' popular culture, including animation styles and trends that resonate with 8 to 10-year-olds, is beneficial. 2. Video Duration: - The animation should not exceed 30 seconds. This time must be fully utilized to keep the audience engaged and excited. 3. Content: - The content needs to be age-appropriate, fun, and catchy. Freelancer must ensure it aligns with the relevant guidelines for children's content. Skills and Experience: ...

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    I am looking to improve the user interface of a fun, educational app which is aimed at preschoolers. The app's purpose is to familiarize children with various animal sounds. While the coding aspect is already taken care of, I need help with the design part. The ideal freelancer for this project should: * Be familiar with Android Studio platform. * Have previous experience in app interface de...previous experience in app interface design, particularly for children. * Possess a knack for creating cartoonish and fun designs that engage young kids. The main goal here is to provide an interface that not only enhances the knowledge of the users but also is enjoyable and engaging for 4-5 year old kids. I trust your creativity and your knowledge of what could appeal to children in this age ...

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    I am seeking a social media marketing expert that can effectively polish and elevate our brand presence on Facebook and Instagram. The main objectives of this campaign are to amplify brand awareness, drive significant traffic to ...polish and elevate our brand presence on Facebook and Instagram. The main objectives of this campaign are to amplify brand awareness, drive significant traffic to our website, and generate qualified leads. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Extensive knowledge in Facebook and Instagram advertising - Understanding of conversion strategy - Track record of creating campaigns that appeal to the 18-44 age bracket Please apply if you can deliver effective results in enhancing our brand, increasing traffic, and creating leads with a youth-oriented approach in ...

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    I'm on the lookout for a creative and experienced content writer to help construct fascinating promotions for Facebook with the main objective of generating leads. My targeted audience mainly consists of young adults and working professionals within the 20-40 year age bracket. Ideal skills and experience for this role include: - Excellent adeptness in the creation and editing of video, infographics, and photos - Profound understanding of Facebook's algorithm and user interaction - Proven track record in creating compelling content that leads to engagement and conversions Your job would be to create diverse, engaging content that caters to the aforementioned audience and prompts them to interact or take a specific action, thereby generating potential leads for my busines...

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    I require a designer with proficiency in either Photoshop or InDesign to create a classic design for a tournament bracket. The operator should have: - Experience in creating classic style designs I'd like a Photoshop OR InDesign template that has a 19 team bracket (See attached Image) This template should allow me to double click a match-up and zoom in to see the 2 teams facing off. Team Logos will be a square 600px x 600px when zoomed in. Feel free to use the software in which you are most confident (Photoshop or InDesign). The end result should effectively and clearly exhibit the flow of a tournament with 19 Teams . Previous experience in structuring tournament brackets would be preferred. Showcasing your past work of a similar nature would be appreciated in your ...

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    ...that allows for multiple selection. This is an absolutely important feature. I will need most of the functions you see on this page. Some functions I may not need. Need Sorting of the cars by all parameters and by Year of the vehicles also. If I select Honda as Make then I should see only Honda Models in the MODELS menu and so on. Will need Number of Makes and Models and all other parameters in bracket in the Drop-down Menu for each search Parameter, which is not there in the present Automotive theme and like this website Image Changes on Hoover From Motors Theme. Arrow to go top of the page. Only Arrow. No box that hides a part of website. Logo like the previous website and it could have link to Home Page. There will be different pages like Inventory

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    I'm seeking a proficient draftsman who can provide a drawing of a transom support bracket for a small aluminum boat. Unfortunately, I don't have the exact dimensions handy, but I do have a physical prototype which I can provide detailed photographs of. Your key tasks would include: - Analyzing the photographs to understand the component's size, form and features - Drawing a high-quality, accurate representation of the part - Ensuring the end result is in a format suitable for further product development Ideally, you'll have experience drafting marine components or related mechanical parts. Excellent attention to detail and sensitivity to proportions and scale are essential for this project.

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