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    I am looking to build a online text based mafia styled game. I will explain the full details to the people who are interested. I have plenty of ideas, some people willing to be game testers and bug reporters, I need someone who can code and implement my ideas and such into the game.

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    We're building an online product designed to bring people together around a particular version of golf. This is not, at all, a romantic dating service but as it is designed to connect game hosts with relevant golfers much of the underlying structure and functionality is similar. The core of the project is the online website and matchmaking service,

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    Hi, We need an online football manager game. Development can be Java or Php. We need to receive the full codes of the game. The game features are basic features of a football manager game. Some basics are as follows: Basically the game involves people 'managing' a fictitious football club, playing matches, arranging transfers, building the...

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    This project involves development of a game-based “Word Environment” word learning exercise for GLEN World, a nonprofit initiative for developing an online platform for basic English language instruction, especially targeted toward underprivileged, non-native English speaking populations. GLEN World website back end development Our key goals for

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    Patent Pending. This system is a text-based story that is interactive. The story arc for each character is determined by the actions of both the user and the other players. If being played in single-player mode, or if another user drops out, a "computer player" will step in, making random decisions. This system is a series of branching chapters

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    Hello, we are a new startup and we need some IT development. We give a unique free time and fun experience: Real Life Escape Room Game. This is a game where a team of 4-6 is locked into a room and they have to find the way out by solving riddles and using their intelligence. It is a free time activity that gives you adrenalin rush, makes you use

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    We are in the process of building a big online based game. Here is a list of things that will need to be done. 1. Game layout/design (this will be accessed via the web browser 2d/text based.) 2. Character creation 3. Fight script, players will be fighting a list of monsters and also other players aswell so indepth fight script will be needed. 4

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    This is a brief for a browser-based prototype of a game, to be played by up to 2 to 100 players. I will provide a web server to host it on. I'm expecting something which looks very basic (no need for graphics, just text, tables, menus and links). I prefer to work with someone who has an interest in games, but being a game developer is not a requirement

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    ...the game Anka below to teach social skills to kids who have autism: [login to view URL] Their are embedded games within the overall game (the overall game is like a simple 2d RPG, but mostly exploratory like Anka), things like simple arcade basketball, air hockey, goal keeper soccer, simple drag/drop "lego" building blocks

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    Hello Prospective designer and or design team, Projected project is to set up a browser based quasi-game, including a 2D map of a randomly generated galaxy. Galaxy map must be interactive and include multi-level view: 1. View type 1 should show entire galaxy map broken up into 4 selectable quadrants. 2. When user selects a quadrant view

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    ...anyone who has good knowledge of building online text based MMORPG games. In this case, a mafia type game. A few games to reference would be [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL] just to name a few. It wouldnt matter how long it'd take you just as long as you get the job done. Infact, I'd want the game to look like [log...

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    The following pages need completing on [login to view URL] All the new pages are to look the same with just a change of text and right hand side image in some cases. All the link s on the home page need activating to go to the relevant pages ( should be self explanatory where these go. About us - MATT BEESTON

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    A site used to trade online virtual trading cards such as Magic the gathering, poxnora etc. Also media related things like videos, news, etc. [login to view URL] Site is sitting at 95% complete and needs touching up on some functions and design. Basically a list of changes and updates that need done so its ready to launch. ## Deliverables

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    7 teklifler an online text-based RPG from scratch! Requirements: • subscription-based game must be playable via all major internet browsers • you need to know what you're doing! experience playing online text-based RPGs is a big plus, but more importantly, you need to have experience building them • although the ...

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    11 teklifler many of the programming jobs with him/her but as I mentioned that I cannot give my full time into this. So, the project is about a simple story site that I am building. Its based on Spring Framework for those who have worked with it already ( however, if you do not know it, I will guide you through it provided you have good knowledge of basic

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    ...: "game", "game online", "games", "games online", "free game", "free game online", "free games", "free games online", "arcade game", "arcade game online", "arcade games", "arcade games

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    Hello, This is a massive multiplayer online role playing game with no animation, and that is text based and runs on time as well. I need a skilled developer who can complete this project by building on the original code. The main issue is the implementation of the logic formulae and algorithms into the game. All the formulas and algorithms are made

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    A Moment in Tyme is an online role-playing game built in a text based environment. These types of games are often referred to as 'Multi-user dungeons' or "MUDs' for short. Here's what I would like to accomplish on this project: * Refresh the back end PHP code and MySQL tables. * The code was originally written by coders wit...

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    Hi, We need an online football manager game. Development can be Java or Php. We need to receive the full codes of the game. The game features are basic features of a football manager game. Some basics are as follows: Basically the game involves people 'managing' a fictitious football club, playing matches, arranging transfers, building the...

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    ...will all be viewable and serachable by the user. I want them to be able to research how a particular team did, to see Google maps of the various sub-tournaments, to search on game stats, to see team pics and box scores, to learn school consolidation paths. This is a large project which will be fairly straightforward to someone who is detail-oriented

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    Hi, We are looking for a designer to design some high quality graphics for an online futuristic/science fiction role playing based game. All graphics must be original and not have been copied from somewhere else. We will start with a package of 5 different graphics and if we like what we see we can enter into a longer term project with one or

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    I have designed 5 text/browser based online games. I will start with a 4x4 game. I need to create an in-game email for players to communicate, a forum and a small icon town. In the town there will be approx. 13 different buildings, plus possible additional buildings. Each building will have special features. For instance, the post office is just

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    A friend and I are willing to invest in getting an online text based game of our own started. First we need someone with the education to design the game for us. We have the basic idea of what we want. Basically what we are looking for is a game designed somewhat as a cross between [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] Keeping the mafia theme

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    ...are interested. I am building a website for Day Traders that use NASDAQ as their trading preference. We will be picking 5-10 picks a day that will increase a min. of 4% or the cust. gets their daily fee refunded. Please include pricing, our biggest asset to this will be the back-end database keeping the picks and rated them based on the success of the

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    Özellikli Mühürlü trying to measure the expense of building a PhP, text & browser, turn based game. I am sure there is a script available for this, because many of the sites that have games like this have many features in common that are not just coincidence. I would like for someone who has experience with this type of game, and is fluent in English to bid.

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    Following modules will be there in the online Bet Portal: Forum: Forum is a discussion group,where you can exchange hints and advice about betting and bookmakers with other bet Portal users. Bookmaker: This forum has been created so that users of Bet Portal can discuss and comment on their experiences with different bookmakers. Which bookmakers

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    **MUD game server ** We want a a _Mud coder/builder_ for this project, or a _C,C++ or Java programmer that can develop a Mud server_ from scratch. The programmer will need experience programming network applications (or building and running a mud). (Mud server is basically a text based game, played through internet using a simple telnet client)

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    4 teklifler with a hobby-project of mine. I basically want an on-line text game (a MUD essentially). I have a few specifications, on specifically what I want this mud to do. Character/account creation should take place via web. Combat will be a very basic -turn (not real-time like most MUDs) based system. There will be basic staff commands, not unlike what exists

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    ...Flash frames, plus a central game, which could be based either on a maze or a "whack the mole" concept. If you are interested in working on this project, please send estimated costs and timeline for the job, plus, details of your portfolio as soon as possible. Thanks - Chris Winchester, web projects manager, CAFOD online communications team

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    To provide an online version of my existing popular play-by-mail football (soccer) management game. Basically the game involves people 'managing' a fictitious football club, playing matches, arranging transfers, building their stadiums, coaching, training etc etc. It is all text based. There are no in game graphics. The script merely needs...

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