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    ...write, test, and debug a MARIE assembly language program that inputs a sequence of characters from the set A-Z (capital letters only), stores each character in memory after it is transformed by the trivial ROT13 cipher, and then, after character input completes, outputs the transformed characters. A template source code file ([login to view URL]) is provided

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    6 teklifler I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET. The goal is retrieve information from bug tracking software to work out specific metrics - measuring program health and development team times - and generate high quality reports with those. I look for a high quality code, implemented following TDD-like development process, implementing

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    Im making a program in C# that creates a browser object and helps clients to navigate inside it (like a normal browser) In the meantime, while i do the core part i need you to make the structure of the project (menu, mdi screen etc) with a bit of the design (maybe using devexpress) So, the program should be done in .Net 4 The project is longer that

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    Create complete and intuitive C ++ program for .TXT file transformation into .CSV Basically the system is this. C ++ PROGRAM FOR CONVERSION OF .TXT FILES ON .CSV. - The program in question should initially enter the site ftp://[login to view URL] to check the downloads already made and to download the missing files automatically (NEG_BMF

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    Use a hashmap template in a c++ program. there are other requirements

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    ...3. List possible attributes and methods for each of the classes identified above. 4. Implement the classes using an object-oriented programming language of your choice (C++/Java/C# and etc). Your implementation should reflect the structure of your classes accordingly and exhibit the object-oriented concepts of polymorphism and inheritance. 5. Implement

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    need to create c# program that will read from SQL Server and put the data, Invoices and Payments to PDF file. Create a xml file from my word doc as the template to use it.

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    I need a program in C# that will read from a view for invoices and payments and then puts that information to a pdf. I have a word doc as a template but it needs to be in XML.

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    Need 3 small c# programs 1 will let user select the invoice they want and send it to a pdf file. The file will include information for the invoice and payments. 2) Allow user to select ed program reservation and send the info to pdf file. using template, also allow user to send information to invoice for ed program invoice 3) finally Facility

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    ...proprietary, I will need access to edit the code myself for minor changes. I do not need a VBA solution. This must implemented with Outlook/Excel VSTO Add-in w C# or I don't know C# or but I want go that route for ease of installation. -------------------------- 1. Job monitor: -------------------------- 1. Get list of all completed

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    The project is an existing website that was created in c#. The technology I have used is mvc with a little web api. The backend is MS Sql Server. The site will be hosted in a Windows Azure environment. I am using an admin template - [login to view URL] - I am also using the Syncfusion MVC toolkit. The project is an internal customer relation

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    Drupal webiste design we have all the hosting and domain name. you need to customize with the following objective 1. Email template a. For registration b. After approval Email Activation c. For forget password 2. Logo a. Frontpage header b. Login page 3. Changing Image at the bottom in the theme 4. About Us Page 5. Product and Services

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    ...have been started on a C# Windows Forms base. The software currently can connect to an FTP server and grab the excel files, then it can assess the latest matching files and load that data into a data table. From there it currently compiles a PDF document with a page per unique excel data file. What I need to happen is the program to be improved to select

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    We are looking for a Template Designer for our software. We basically create bank , telecom , utility, bills. The program is built on c# and we need some tool to use with it faster template designing. It must be drag & drop one with WYSWIG kind of stuff.

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    ...Time USA-EST in order to provide various technologies related webapps programming help to an individual Developer by explaining A thru Z of any sampling web page's involved program logic /function /syntax on "what/how/ where/ why" to 'key in' for front end thru back end development of various selected webpage for example based on your found GoogleSearch:

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    5 teklifler program that will: Look at each record of the database, insert the fields into an HTML template that we've provided, and create a STATIC HTML page for it; save the result with a name, and in a folder specified by the record. The table contains the following fields: [templatefolderpath_autohtml] - What folder the template file resides:

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    15 teklifler create a banking application in C all i need is the solution in this format For the submission, I will need: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] -output-Output from running [login to view URL] template -output-Output from the actual p2 program after you have all the embedded SQL [login to view URL] -and the src file in C language ...

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    need someone who knows c and db2 also it requires redoing project #1 by using STATIC SQL in an embedded C program. For the submission, I will need: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] -output-Output from running [login to view URL] template -output-Output from the actual p2 program after you have all the embedded SQL [login to view URL]...

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    card project Bitti left

    Project description: The program should have a class template that is the implementation of a priority queue. The implementation must be based on building and maintaining heaps based on “highest priorities”, which may be minimum values or maximum values. A single enqueue and a single dequeue function will use a custom comparator to add and remove

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    Hello. I need a program written in any of the two languages. The program has to do the following: 1) First it has to retrieve a Finger Print template from a database (the database is external; ie not on the FPS itself) 2) Asks the user to scan their finger on the FPS (Finger Print Sensor) 3) Once the finger has been scanned it compares it with

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    Hello. The program should do the following: 1) Ask user for ID 2) Get a user's Finger Print Template that has been previously installed on a database (According to user's ID which is given by user) 3) Asks user to scan his finger on the FPS (finger print sensor). Upon doing so the FPS should start blinking (for the user to know that it is ready

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    Content Management System (CMS) for the website, mainly will be WordPress and the template will be provided. In addition to a mobile app (Android and iOS in both Arabic and English) As it should offer all the features for the target audiences of the Society from the talented Disabilities and their families. In addition to the sponsors, donators, volunteers

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    I need someone to set this up for me. First Person RPG Template [login to view URL]!/content/39374 "First Person RPG Template is a prototype of the game in the RPG genre, including follow features: - Inventory and Equipment - Items (melee weapons, magic staffs, potions, armor...) - Combat system - Experience system

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    This template looks good. We just need to add these things to it: A. A contact form for free consultation, the form should have a field of service, so the customer chooses what they are coming in for. B. A contact form in the service page on the left side, and a banner for special of the month right under the contact form. B. The Credential logos

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    I am looking fo...and complete it today. It would be a simple program where I can click on a button(s) to get data into Excel using a template. Data will be from web pages and from Chrome extensions. You can do code this in C#, VB or as an Excel Macros. Please let me know your experience with data scraping, C#, VB, Excel Macros and Selenium.

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    Hi, I need to complete the attached small C++ project. I will need solutions in next 12 hours. Need well-commented codes. Additional instructions: Complete a Doubly linked list. Add a sorted list and a comparator. Then change the program to be a template instead of using Char

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    Work breakdown structure template and documents of how to design Fire alarm system using AutoCad and Revit ( Think of it as a cheatsheet for a new fire alarm engineer to perform all the necessary designs duties) I developed these outline steps to follow in order to perform design duties. However when I start my research I realized there are lots

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    I need a C++ function developed in MS Visual Studio 2012. This function is to be included in a C++ MS Visual Studio project. The function is to call an API service to send SMS messages via third party SMS messaging provider. I am planning to use: [login to view URL] I have a test account which can be used for testing

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    ...x15+x13+ x6+x4+x1+1. Program operation: 1. The program must compile from the command line. 2. The program executable file name must be “crcheck”. 3. The program must run from the command line and take two (2) command line parameters. 4. The first command line parameter will be a flag value that identifies the mode of operation: “c&rdq...

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    8 teklifler basing on existing template Website is oriented to allow sellers to publish their product and registered user can buy it We provide: 1. PRD / Documentation needed 2. Mockups / Screenshots 3. HTML/CSS/JavaScript web template (source code) Your job will be: A. Modify existing web template by excluding (mainly) functionality

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    ...running a Banner ad program on my blogger blog called Revive Ad Center. Their website is at [login to view URL] For some reason the banners display in wrong size and I cant figure out if its in the css of my blogger template or in the Revive Ad Center. Your job is to a) figure out the problem, b) fix the problem and c) demonstrate all the

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    33 teklifler project (kickstarter project): 1. I'll buy a wordpress template form from [login to view URL], which have to be reorganized according to a new project with new images/video (uploaded to dropbox), with minor additional works. *already more than half of work for site is done. Link of the template: [login to view URL] 2. Also

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    ...the given ArrayList class as a class template ArrayList<T>. It should take a single type parameter that specifies what kind of elements are stored in the array-based list (e.g., an ArrayList<int> has integer elements, while an ArrayList<std::string> contains strings instead). Your new ArrayList<T> class template should completely replace the existing

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    ...2017. Currently invoice printing is manually hard coded into the software and no changes on the layout is possible. We need a design template which the user could use to design their own Invoice on any layout. The Template :- 1) The user will choose the paper size and layout A3 A4 letter etc (or size dimension in millimetres – height x width ) 2) The

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    Hello bidders , i am interested to create a website for hotel booking and reservation like Design will base on world press template : [login to view URL] Project need to have 3 controp panels: 1. for superadmin ,who can make changes in all the site, 2

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    We are looking for a briliant template for 360° Virtual Tour created in KOLOR PANOTOUR PRO, with klicks tracking. It is no problem If you don´t have a license for KOLOR PANOTOUR PRO. You can create the template in the free trial version and send us the file. Features: 1. Menues for interaction with funktionality like this (example): https://www

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    FMA analysis Bitti left

    ...development for mini/micro HPPs development. The six sub-projects are selected based on age of plants, technical and economic viability, and prioritized in the national investment program. The project will contribute to increasing renewable energy and access to reliable energy, and building capacity for sustainable clean energy development. Broad Scope of Financial

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    ...logins . Skills: C Programming, C# Programming, Software Architecture, Software Testing See more: sales stock excel template, sales stock report script mysql, sales stock report mysql, pos sales reading report sample, php sales stock inventory script, store item program java total sales tax, pos sales software, sales stock, template butcher store, store

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    I need you to develop some develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Mac using C or C++. I have a set of images and a template image. I need a C++ program using OpenCV or any library that could do template matching on all the images with the template image to output a set of images that contains the objec...

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    19 teklifler with bigcommerce API, have the ability to A)create a custom invoice / packing slip template so that we don’t have to use bigcommerce default invoice templates B) have the ability for us to use scan pick validation of stock picked to avoid picking errors C) Have the ability to make use of Australia Post and Startrack and potentially TNT API to

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    Very basic C++ program called "College" to be done using Dev C++. The project is a software simulation of a Student registration application capable of storing a number of student information and calculating fees of the [login to view URL] Student will have characteristics of: setStudentName; yearofstudy; Dateofenrollment; identification; The system

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    ...balance property in C++. It must also check whether a binary search tree is an AVL and be able to check input a directed acyclic graph and a permutation of the vertices, and outputs whether the permutation is a topological sort of the directed acyclic graph. I have provided a pdf with specific instructions on how to implement this program. Include in your

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    A C++ program Bitti left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C++. It's actually about writing a sequence class that uses a single linked list, with template class. And I also need the same program but with doubly linked list.

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    ...a simple program that is an example template I need redesigned so it can interact with a Node.js backend rest service/api. I have not yet implemented the service. The objective of this project is to find someone for future implementation of code. You will simply rewrite this template so that it can interact with our service. The template was a bridge

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    21 teklifler source WordPress point management system that is both flexible and powerful. The plugin is used to award users points that can be used as part of a customer loyalty program or any other award based client experience. myCRED uses several "hooks" to monitor and track the activity that is being awarded points. For example, points can be awarded

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    ...created as a Wordpress template. Things to Note: 1.) This is a single page website, with exception to the blog 2.) I would like the Artist/DJ section to be a scrolling area (left to right). Upon clicking of the DJ/artist it will open a Light Box with more info on the Artist/DJ. It will include info such as: a.) Photo b.) Bio c.) Soundcloud Link &

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    ...created as a Wordpress template. Things to Note: 1.) This is a single page website, with exception to the blog 2.) I would lie the Artist/DJ section to be a scrolling area. Upon clicking of the DJ/artist it will open a Light Box with more info on the Artist/DJ. It will include info such as: a.) Photo b.) Bio c.) Soundcloud Link & Audio

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    ...a simple demo Delphi program built which will scan a fingerprint and save it as a template file. It must also scan a fingerprint and do a 1 to 1 compare of a fingerprint template on file indicating a match or mismatch. The demo program must be written in Delphi, nothing else. It is also acceptable but less preferable to write a C++ dll which can be called

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    Trial Video Packaging Program Specifications: • First project is a trial of ONE video. Eventually there will be 30-50 videos per year. For the first project, please quote on this one video. • Each video is short. 2-3 minutes each. • Two edit cycles maximum. Process: 1) Get email from me indicating there is a new video(s) in Google Drive.

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