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    Trophy icon Redesign Artwork for Skate Shirt 5 gün left

    Skate the Rainbow Taste it Wheels or Heels (name of brand) I am a newbie to graphic design. I traced the rainbow into Corel Draw. It needs to be redone for print. The rainbow refers to the Skittles candy logo. I was thinking vintage colors with distress overlay. Unisex There is too much red plus many other little issues Whether someone wants to remake whole design seeing what im looking f...

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    Trophy icon Design a blog logo 2 gün left

    My blog is Help Codi Heal http://www.helpcodiheal.com. I write about my life on wheels since I sustained a spinal cord injury 3.5 years ago and am now paralyzed from the bellybutton down. I'm passionate about being authentic in my storytelling and creating a space where everyone can see their similarities and how we can all relate to one another if we allow it. I would love if the logo could ...

    €33 (Avg Bid)
    26 girdi

    We are travelling around Australia in troopy and caravan and are hoping to have social media accounts for friends and family. We would like a logo designed that won't break the bank. The name is Roaming Oz. We would like to incorporate teal into the design. I have included a picture of our home on wheels.

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    Modifications to BMW X5 3 gün left

    Hi there, I want to make some changes to my 2019 BMW X5. I wan to see how they look before I ask the panel shop to make changes. They include: Front of Car 1. Colour the front fog lamp covers (currently black) to the same color as the car (BMW White) 2.. Colour the chrome accents o the fog lamp covers in gloss black 3. Insert the carbon fibre centre bumper cover and colour it white 4. The outsi...

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    eTRIBIKE 2.0 2 gün left

    HCPSWISS GmbH is a eTRIBIKE manufacturer in Switzerland ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) and we want to develop a new bike frame, based on our existing frame. The existing rear frame is using a 26" alloy rim for tires up to 2.15". Now we want change to rim to 26" 3-4" fat tires. This needs some modification on the existing frame. Drawings, ST...

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    I'm an independent person that is looking for someone to help me draft my idea of a truck canopy into a multi picture step by step assembly process with parts list, cut list, and exact measurements. Ideally this person would also be able to see weaknesses in the structure and also be able to take the design and render realistic completed color illustrations. The canopy will be aluminum framed...

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    Hello Vasyl! Okay so this is just for the resizing and engraving for now. 1. We found a good font for the engraving its called Archive. 2. For the resizing it will require assembling the turrets with the bodies. Just the highlighted items on the spreadhsheet need to be resized. 3. BUT, i now realize i need an extra copy of each vehicle fully assembled for our component tray manufacturer. So I...

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    Hello, I am building a wheel and tire website and I need a freelancer who can build us a vehicle search with wheel and tire search too. We want customers to search for wheels and tires that fit their vehicle, we also want to give them the option to search for wheels or tires alone by sizes. Check attached screenshot for reference.

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    CARPORT-RFEM 2 gün left

    There is drawings of a carport. You have to check the structure for errors. The structure is supported on the 4 corners with a pined connection. The back is build as a truss with an continuous beam at the bottom and the top. You must consider the loads as specified in SIA (wind from the front and the side). The rear of the carport is closed completely. The side and front are left without cladding...

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    I’m looking to turn sketches and rough drawings of a travel trailer RV into 2D floorplan layout and 3D exterior model. I need the drawings to communicate areas where reinforcement will be needed in floors and sidewalls to fix cabinetry, beds, and other interior items. The body of Travel Trailer is 29Feet Long, 8 feet wide, and 86 inches tall (not including chassis and wheels). I can provide...

    €271 (Avg Bid)
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    Logo needs to be similar to the draft attached. Product is protection plastic for alloy wheels. Please come up with a creative design and add british flag to the shield. Good luck

    €45 (Avg Bid)
    28 girdi

    Twin Tring means having fun together. We are a new age inclusive cycle community in India. Our Twin Tring cycle is awesome (try to Google its images). It is a double seat cycle with 24 gears, with led lights on the wheels which turn the wheels into a video. We use, promote, and provide tandem cycles/twin cycles because they are super fun to ride. We want to create a website for Twin Tring, where ...

    €144 (Avg Bid)
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    Twin Tring means having fun together. We are a new age inclusive cycle community in India. Our Twin Tring cycle is awesome (try to Google its images). It is a double seat cycle with 24 gears, with led lights on the wheels which turn the wheels into a video. We use, promote, and provide tandem cycles/twin cycles because they are super fun to ride. We want to create a website for Twin Tring, where ...

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    Create building drawings using autodesk revit Job List : 1. index thumbnail set 2. site plan 3. floor plan 4. roof plan 5. interior elevation 6. exterior elevation 7. sections (3) 8. enlarged bathroom plan 9. window + door schedule 10. Foundation 11. the materials are all side facades: translucent polyester carbonate, front and back facade: black metal cladding. door: glass, interior: wood. 12. si...

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    I’m looking to turn sketches of a RV travel trailer into interior 2D floorplan model and a 3D mock up of the exterior. I do not have an engineering background and need help converting my designs into understandable prints. Exterior is 29’ Feet long, 86” Inches high, and 96” wide. Front, roof, rear, and sidewall panels are 38 millimeters and floor is 60 millimeters. The A-fr...

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    Take [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and edit it in two separate ways. Take a look at file [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] to see examples of how i would like the areas on the car highlighted. Edit 1 As with the car under "ULTIMATE PACKAGE" on the " [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş y...

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    We need to edit 25 3D Files. 1. Engrave the bottom of the base with the name or nickname of the vehicle. I.e. Puma, Sherman, Wolverine, Jeep, Greyhound etc… As large as letters as possible. 2. Assemble. In a few cases the vehicle will need to be assembled if the treads or wheels are separate. (should only be 3 or 4 like this). 3. Resize. Some slight resizing on specified units. (Appr...

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    Hola quiero abrir una tienda web y necesito un logo corporativo acorde con lo que voy a hacer. Mi tienda va a ser de ruedas de ciclismo hechas a la carta para el cliente. Hay ya varias web con el mismo cometido. Nombre tienda MASTER WHEELS Ruedas de ciclismo a la carta En google buscando ruedas de ciclismo a la carta saldra varias web similares. Debe ser un diseño moderno y inspirado en co...

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    I have a video sharing site. Do you think you could implement this feature on my site for the Live Video link? Just like what Instagram has: In Instagram when you want to record a video: Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen. You can tap or swipe the screen to switch between your phone's rear and front-facing cameras. Tap or to share your Boomerang video to Instagram or Facebook, or tap...

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    Hello, I am looking for a vinyl wrap & paint design for my race motorcycle for next year. Attached are some really rough concepts as inspiration as well as some instructions for what the design requires. The bike body panels can be base painted in any color and vinyl applied over top. The motorcycle frame and wheels will remain orange.

    €63 (Avg Bid)
    18 girdi

    NDA Required! I need a product design. Please, be experienced with product design in a modeling tool such as solidworks etc. Have travel items experience such as luggage box, bag, wheels mechanism etc. You will submit: 1. 2D black and white drawings 2. 3D drawings(color and white n black) 3. Parts (links/part number) 4. Assembly images. I already have a sketch to narrate my product design

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    for a project i work on, i need someone to take lot's of photos of cars. each car should have 3 photos, one profile picture, one with some positive angle from the profile (no more than 45 degrees), and one with some negative angle from the profile (no more than -45 degrees). the distance from the car should be 2-5 meters from the camera. there should be different distances and angles. see ...

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    Targets: New User-Interface and configurator program. A first version of the application (.exe) exists which has been written with .NET for Windows. The program only works on Windows. I would require it to work for Android and iOS aswell. The application needs a Fresh look. I have mock-up design, which will be shared once Project is [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapı...

    €2536 (Avg Bid)
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    97 teklifler

    I'm looking for a mechanical engineer to draw a free body diagram of a bicycle + rider where the center of mass is known, and to show forces during sudden deceleration that might tip the bike+rider forward into an end-over crash. Known quantities are: total mass of bike+rider, tire radius, wheelbase (distance between front and rear axles), and COG relative to (above and behind) the front axle...

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    14 teklifler

    The floor will be concrete topped steel decking. There will be insulated metal siding under the lower floors and on the walls. The roof will be steel decking covered with insulation. Need to put together the structural floor plans, elevations and sections S2.0 First Floor MECHANICAL ROOM PLAN S2.1 SECOND FLOOR PLAN. Which has the Garage – Bedroom second floor S2.2 ELEVATED DRIVEWAY FRAMIN...

    €257 (Avg Bid)
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    I got 2016 GMC Sierra Denali and I need a help from a photoshop designer to edit my car photo in photoshop so I will get the idea and the image of the editting before applying it on my car such as custom car colors, wheels, etc...

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I will give you a list of brands and then you will goto a website(i will give you the website adress) and download the pictures and name of products from each brand from this website and in some cases, you will also need to goto Google image to find better quality pictures of the product. You will download the pictures, rename it to the name and brief description of the product and then upload th...

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    I have 2 object which are from database, List<TranData> list1, List<TranData> list2. I need to compare data of list 1 with list2 conditions: there are 25 columns c1-c5 are primary key, you need to identify the matching rows based on this , and compare remaining columns If there are any diff between values tht should be highlighted with specific colour, and matching rows need not wor...

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    Have some ideas for a two person bike to set human powered speed record. I need the following: -classifications of records related to human powered ground based vehicles -like, if I had two people side by side, is that still a bike? or does Guiness only consider a bike two wheels only -all records related to solo and two person, human powered-only bicycles, tricycles, quadcycles, etc., both faire...

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    show elevations with steps to entrance at front and rear show elevation to top of roof also

    €94 (Avg Bid)
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    19 teklifler

    We are looking for freelance Trainers for React : Build Highly Interactive Web Applications Training Ruby on Wheels :Developing Web Applications Training Please send us your CV contact numbers and Training conducted

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    API Interface Bitti left

    Necesito que desarrollen un interface API para comunicar botón de pánico alarma de un GPS a el software de la policía C5 hoy solo funciona enviando alarma a un cliente software.

    €208 (Avg Bid)
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    I need to do an Angular 2+ project with these requirements: 1. management of a list of streets (read, add, edit, delete) - each streat can contain multiple houses or not the schema for each street is: Name, Postal Code, Country, City 2. management of a list of houses (read, add, edit, delete) - each house is in a street (only) - fields: Street, Name, Number in each house form (html form) must appe...

    €29 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    buyers guide <h2>Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the best high chair <h3>What is a high chair ? <h3>Is a Baby High Chair That Important? <h3>What is the safest high chair? <h3>How to Choose the best high chair <h4>Ease to use and to clean <h4>Security <h4>Material <h4>Child’s age&weight <h4>Durability <h4>...

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    I need a floor plan for a restaurant. Attached are the dimensions of the plot. There is no room on the plot as shown in the plan. The entrance is from the road. There is a door from the entrance. I want to remove it and put a sliding gate. I need a small parking space at the entrance on the left side for 5 bikes. After the parking, there should be a sliding glass door to enter the restaurant. I ne...

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    SHOW ME SAMPLES >>>We are looking for an experienced architect or similar to write a Fire Plan/Report for our local Building Control officer. The Plan is to outline how our basement and rear kitchen extension conforms with the requirements of the relevant Building Regs. It is to include such areas as: - showing means of escape (vertically and horizontally) - outline fire detection syste...

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    For Desktop view I would like to have 2 columns for my blog 1. Left Column: Blog Content - I would like all the blog content to align left. Please keep images centered 2. Right Column: Sticky form - Build form exactly like the example below. I have a very similar form in the fixed bar at the top of the page, please use that css to help style. The layout is very similar to the following: [URL&#...

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    I would like a logo that can appear on a website, tshirt and hood/bonnet of a car The company is called freshman wheels. I have the idea of an academic mortar board with wheels with the appearance of motion by the cord at the back sort of trailing behind and some 'motion' around the wheels like you see in a cartoon. It will be black and white but i would like a file that enables me to...

    €18 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi Everyone We are Hempp, a company based in New Zealand, launching shortly selling hemp protein, oil, capsules, balms and other hemp related products. This competition is for $100usd, to make our hemp protein package design and hemp oil labels, for which we already have all the information/examples for you. We are doing these two products together is because we want to create some cohesion b...

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    CAD BAG DESIGN Bitti left

    Tackle bag design •insulated top compartment •500D PVC •sealed Zip •exposed mesh rear compartment •3x utility box storage with insert decisions •Side compartments •4 rubber non slip feet •1 devider inside top insulated section •clear view zip pocket under lid •3d logo molding on lid •carry handles and strap

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    We need a vehicle counting and classification project written in C++ or C# using OpenCV, Visual Studio 2017, Windows 10. The problem is to count and classify vehicles inside a predefined area and multi lanes. Classification shall consist of large vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.) and small vehicles (cars, Pickup trucks, motorcycles, minibus, etc.) only. Counting shall consider that the vehicles might...

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    We need a vehicle counting and classification project written in C++ or C# using OpenCV, Visual Studio 2017, Windows 10. The problem is to count and classify vehicles inside a predefined area and multi lanes. Classification shall consist of large vehicles (trucks, buses, etc.) and small vehicles (cars, Pickup trucks, motorcycles, minibus, etc.) only. Counting shall consider that the vehicles might...

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    We are looking for the manufacture of this wooden spinner knob for steering wheels. We know the supplier is located in Korea but unsure of any specific details. We have attached pictures of the product along with its packaging. The manufacture product number is BPH-986.

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    Hi , Wanting certification and compliance of a 1800mm x 1200mm Steel Mobile Sign. The sign has wheels at one end and is used to advertise the business to passing traffic during opening hours. Have plans and photos. Can give weights of all materials used, including wheel specs Please only apply if you can give the certification and compliance.

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    We require an individual Engineer with the skills to carry out a minor modification (component footprint) to an existing PCB and supply us with updated Gerbers and Data which are production ready. Details of changes required:- We manufacture a legacy CCTV product which uses (10x) through hole 75 ohm right angle BNC pcb mounted connectors in a row along the rear edge of the PCB, our current BNC c...

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    I have a photograph of a room that needs to be modified. The rear wall has to appear farther away and two windows must be inserted. There should be light coming from the windows. It does not have to look believable. I just need to show what changes I am suggesting. The only photos i have are low image and taken at an odd angle. I will have better photos tomorrow 1 Nov.

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    I require the PLANS to build a New Front Entrance of a House, with the Plans for the rear concrete concept outdoor decks etc, also the front carport. I require the Design / Construction / Engineering Plans for the Front and Rear of a house to be renovated. Front Entrance, Carport and rear concrete deck. I require someone with experience that can provide the talent and knowledge to finish this ta...

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    We are a boutique dental practice in Mascot, Sydney. We need a letterhead template to be editable in Microsoft Word and also available as a pdf. The letter head needs to be sleek and professional. It needs to include: 1. Our logo, 2. Our Contact number 3. Our Shopfront address and Rear Parking address 4. Our Website 5. Dentist Names 6. Our tagline, "Dentistry, Differently" A simple wate...

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    Commercial waste bins vector Rear lift, Front lift, hook lift and marrel As per brief - please read it as various sizes and styles Rear Lift - 3 sizes created and then three colored lids from sames files (red/dark green and blue) Front lift - 3 sizes created and then three colored lids from sames files (red/dark green and blue) Hook lift - 7 drawings all the same different sizes Marell - 4 draw...

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    Trophy icon Design stickers Bitti left

    Need 3 x different types of designs to be used for transparent stickers. A twist on the Baby On Board stickers Needs to be transparent as main use would be for people to stick on the rear or side windows of their cars. Baby on Board, only cool :) In case you've been hiding under a rock....this is what I mean. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Will ask for...

    €93 (Avg Bid)
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