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    My name is Craig and I work for an online educational company who are based in Sydney. We are needing illustrations created quickly for a children's story book as we are hoping to release an online lesson on Wednesday where this story will sit along side. Illustration Requirements - Front cover and 12 pages illustrated - The story is about a honey eater bird (Australian native bird) who ob...

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    (3 floors) 2d plans with dimensions with furniture Architect of architectural plans and distribution of zoning spaces, executive drawings, facades and sectors With placing the furniture until the architectural form becomes clear Sectors Interfaces back, front, east and west Binoculars Executive drawings of the land Birthmarks The Architect includes the following panels: The cover L...

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    The banners must include a PNG image related to the text that is written on each banner. They should be banners of good quality, ingenious and beautifully designed. 1 OFFICE ELECTRONICS 2 PORTABLE AUDIO & VIDEO 3 WEARABLE TECHOLOGY 4 SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE 5 SMARTPHONE ACCESSORIES 6 COMPUTERS PARTS & COMPONENTS 7 GAMING 8 BINOCULARS & SCOPES 9 DIGITAL CAMERAS

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    Rockman Saves the World Series there will be plenty of cover stories but a, after a few at a time Here are the first 2 1st - Rockman Sneaks into Snow Palace - Will be Rockman in crouched position with riffle on back, and using binoculars to look at a ice palace in the distance where you can also see some guards way off in the distance ( No detail just shape), he is crouched behind some mountain ...

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    We need a logo design for our new affiliate/blog website called "Scope Tour". it's a website about telescopes, monoscopes, microscopes, and binoculars where we will publish informative articles on how to use this equipment and the best product reviews. We usually prefer a combination type logo (text + design) Our initial color pallet added below. But feel free to use different colo...

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    We need new directory assets for the Afterpay Store. See what our competitors are doing, and design something better! We need to be the best looking one there! The assets are comprised on a Square Main image (1000x1000) and a Logo file, 2000x2000pixels, white transparent which is overlayed over the Square Main Image. This should be a vector file. The Logo is simply "Astro Dog" - A...

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    Need Astronomer who can create a How-to video about Star Gazing. This should cover Cover below Areas - Naked Eye Astronomy - Astronomy using Binoculars - Astronomy using Telescope All these topics should be explained simple and easy to understand and should be suitable for beginners and Intermediate users of all age . Original content is needed with actual hands on and how to tutorials.

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    Why Carson? Carson is a leading consumer optics company, designing a wide variety of products that include binoculars, magnifiers, microscopes, night vision, optical toys, and accessories. Carson’s products are distributed worldwide through large chain stores. The company has a creative culture where everyone is encouraged to contribute to innovation. Carson has dedicated a team of engine...

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    We are a small very oldfashioned toyshop. we need the rabbit from our logo in different scenarios. We need him in 4 colors 72 and 300 DPI. We need to keep the original look of the rabbit. we need these 8 versions: - with a covid-19 mask - with a red christmas hat riding a wooden sledge - holding a birthday present - a summer version with sunglasses and maybe with a bathing ring - a version where ...

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    We need one visual image for our virtual conference. We are a professional association of career counselors, so we help people find their way in their careers. Our theme this year is Walking on Uncharted Career Paths. We want a drawing. Here are our notes: • Many paths with diverse people walking on them– women & men, ages 20-70, mix of styles from professional (carrying a brief...

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    IT's a logo for a Magnifying loupes product attached picture for the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] product is used in Medical sector in any micro scale procedures. Our company name is SWAN and this product will be named WING,so logo has to be as follows: - Iconic Logo of WING with Magnifying binoculars - Represent Quality - Color's to be more into Gl...

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    I'd like a logo/icon drawn. A profile of a man (chest up) looking to the right through binoculars (color RGB 0, 0, 128 - #000080). Behind him I'd like a lighthouse (lines in color RGB 0, 0, 128 - #000080) with some fill in (RGB 167, 150, 126 - #A7967E). Scalable jpg and a clear png to be used elsewhere

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    I'm writing a play, a comedy with only 5 characters. I want a nice cartoon for the cover. The play is set on the bottom of a volcanoe. So it has to be rocky, with some lianas, a red glow or pulsating rocks. On the left is professor Monique, with safari pith helmet, binoculars, boots. She's older, erudite and stif. Her assistant Rita is slightly younger version of herself and wears more ...

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    Logo Design Bitti left

    I need a logo for a product called VYDETTE. The product is related to health and safety; basically identifying potentially sick people before they enter an area. The name Vydette is a play on the word Vedette which was a sentinel outpost for an army or scouting vessel for a navy. The logo should NOT have a military feel but something like a spyglass, binoculars, etc. would be acceptable to incorpo...

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    Hi, we are putting out a Murder Mystery book that has a camping theme to it and we would like to add a little flare to the beginning of each chapter, adjacent to the chapter number, by including a simple black and white icon relating to each chapter. Please see the style examples of what we are thinking. On your bid, rather than tell us you can do this work, please show us by sending an example ...

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    I would like to create a brochure for the upcoming solar eclipse and to announce a telescope (celestron nexstar 4se) give away, i will share the logo of my business once project is awarded

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    Hello, We have company of outdoor, hiking and camping supplies called “rahhalah oman” We are looking for box design In camouflage colors exactly same as the one in binoculars bag. My logo should be in the center of box. Looking for eyes attractive theme design.

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    Enclosed texts are required to be translated from Spanish to Italian. Translation of optics products, binoculars and spotting scopes. We are ideally looking for a translator with experience in photographic accessories. This is a translation for a website. There may be more translations if the quality is right. -------- Se necesita traducir los textos adjuntados de español a italiano. Tra...

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    Trophy icon Create a logo for my business Bitti left

    Business Name: Discovery Consulting I am starting a new business that focuses on: 1. Business Consulting 2. Life Insurance & Long Term Care 3. Business Development The business will be focused on helping families and businesses find money that might be leaving them unknowingly and unnecessarily. And then to take that found money and use it in the right places to protect families and help th...

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    I am busy launching an online outdoore store. I am a proffecional hunter that wants to sell products that i use to make my outdoor experiance better. The name of my store will be called PH Toolbox. I was thinking of a outline of a Hunter looking into the distance with his binoculars as a image.

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    Trophy icon Design a logo for a company Bitti left

    Design a logo for a hunting company. The company offers exclusive, high end, high quality seal hunting trips in Finland for it's international customers. Hunting is done using rifles. Company name is Sealhunting.com. The logo should convey: - Trust - Dignity / High end / valuable - Dynamism - Safety - Masculinity The logo should incorporate: - " [URL'yi görünt&...

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    I require a single A4 digital artwork image creating for my brand Vocabulary Ninja. I have seen images on ShutterStock but require a bespoke image. I have attached three images that I would like merging into one. I want the vocabulary ninja looking out over the savannah/grasslands. I have created a sketch of what I would roughly like to to look like, merged with the colours, design, sunset of th...

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    I need a standing rabbit holding a pair of binoculars like the man in the photo. I have included a picture of a rabbit holding a pair of binoculars but obviously i cannot use Bugs Bunny. I want a happy rabbit wearing hightop sneakers holding the binoculars and the letter "b' blending with his ears as shown. The guy is just an example of how I want the rabbit holding the binoculars. Plea...

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    Looking for someone who can create a promotional slideshow video for our brand, Bill and Buff (to be used on social media). Our brand is all about encouraging kids to get outdoors using our latest product which is a Children's Adventure/Explorer Kit (includes backpack, walkie talkies, binoculars, compass, bug catcher etc.) Pictures will be provided however I need someone who can be creative i...

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    We are an IT services company supporting Point Of Sale computer systems. I need a logo for our Point of Sale Monitoring Software called "POS WATCH" Possible themes: Timepiece Binolculars Magnifying Glass Change the spelling to "POS WOTCH" and the two O's could become Magnifying Glass or binoculars. Open to suggestions

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    We are company in Finland who sells optical devices - telescopes, microscopes, binoculars and night vision and thermal devices. Looking for a person who would make a test call to our customer service and ask few questions about some of our items that we sell and record this conversation, so we could know if our customer service have knowledge about product line. Conversation language - English. Pe...

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    Logo for Okeme Bitti left

    I intended to build a personalized database platform for professionals. I would like the words "iam" in fine caligraphy and binoculars to be combined into a logo. A small favicon and image for the background of the website. This is planned to serve job seekers Creativity is all i need

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    Trophy icon Mobil App Logo Bitti left

    What is the product/application that I sell: Marketing Services. Ofer the possibility for the Restaurants, Bars and Pubs and Disco Clubs to promote themselves on the Ask Eddi- application (EDDI-Eat Drink Dance Info), that will be free for the tourists or local people. On this application, the tourists can find all the locations where to eat, drink or have fun. Principal clients: restaurants, ba...

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    Trophy icon Create a logo Bitti left

    I would like a logo created for the phrase "Seek Uncertainty" I am interested in creating a feeling of facing your fears. I would like the words to be the logo with some imagery rather than a separate logo with the words under. Ideas: -Person on top of a letter looking over the edge -Person looking over the edge of a letter with binoculars or using hand to block light on fo...

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    I intended to build a personalized database platform for athletes. I would like the words "iam" in fine caligraphy and binoculars to be combined into a logo

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    I need someone to properly and professionally setup ecommerce store product pages. This project will be on an ongoing basis and we will add you to our teams slack channel. We will be providing you with the exact product/SKU numbers and as much information as possible. (It changes per product) Generally, after you have recived the SKU number you will search them up on the internet find a few resell...

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    The project: -Create a fresh and simple logo for Foresight Books -The sketch is attached - The logo has to fit on the spine of the book cover. -Simplicity and minimalism is the key. -The logo has to contain a reference to binoculars and book pages

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    Trophy icon I need an icon and logo Bitti left

    I need an icon and typeset for an app that is called Cheap Charlie. I want the icon to have a guy in it "Charlie" who is wearing flip flops, shorts, and a tank top. He needs to have a loose-fitting helmet that sits crooked on his head and is an army camouflage and the straps from his helmet falling down by the side of his head. He should also be looking through a pair of binoculars.

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    I am targeting Sneaker lovers. So need something creative but already have an idea in my head. Ideally I want a set of binoculars combined with a Yeezy boost 350 and Jordan 1 offwhite in cartoon format from each eye and the name based around the binoculars. Definitely want these two shoes in cartoon format as it refers well to 'sneaker' in my business name, doesn't matter which c...

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    For this project I wanted a logo design. It's a scouting app for all sports. I was thinking maybe a logo design with binoculars in it or maybe something to do with sports and scouting

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    logo design Bitti left

    I have a logo concept but need a more professional design. Definitely want the binoculars and green color incorporated into the design. Also, need a vector file to be included along with a jpg, png and pdf. Also, I will want to see a portfolio for the bidders.

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    Hi Manvinderjit S., Would you like to write 20 articles for me? Here are details: 10 articles ("10 best" format)= 1000 words per article - one photo per product 10 articles = 500 words each article, one photo per product or one photo for article if you aren't listing products. Total of 15,000 words Try to look for amazon products (when applicable) but no need to include the links ...

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    I am a full time machinist and want to expand my business into retail online , In my business I will be selling sporting goods to do with the outdoors (I.E hunting and sport shooting ) . My business has a large client base atm and I target the more high end of the marketplace and most items not being cheap so I would like a classy and bold logo possibly with a bright green . Some of the items I ...

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    Product video Bitti left

    RICOH IMAGING EUROPE S.A.S. is a leading supplier of recreational and professional imaging equipment, with a long standing brand heritage in both Pentax and Ricoh branded products. Its product range is extensive and includes state of the art digital SLR, medium format, interchangeable lens system (mirror less) cameras, expert, action and outdoor compact cameras and an extensive range of high perfo...

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    Need to optimize my Google Ads account to beat out competition, I can't optimize nearly enough myself, so I need an expert. Company is selling optics, such as binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, magnifiers and amber flashlights (UV Flashlight)

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    I need a package for a kids explorer kit. It will be in a cardboard suitcase which they can carry on their adventures and access its contents when needed. It includes a magnifying glass, a whistle, torch, binoculars, tweezers, a container with a magnifying lid for collected items and an explorers vest. We want to capture the imagination of children ranging 3 and up and display the excitement of th...

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    We aim at testing the performance of a number of binoculars for concerts held at Hong Kong Coliseum (紅館) during Jun-Aug 2019. No skills are required; but we only target at people who already with concert ticket on hand and going to sit at the peak 半山位/山頂位 (at the middle/far back). Then we will provide you with a number of binoculars for testing while you are enjoying the concert. It follows a 10-...

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    Almost all the functionalities of my Shopify store are done. Products are being uploaded. (You do not have to consider about product images or anything like that) The store is for selling products such as binoculars, scopes and accessories. Need an expert to take care of the Ui/UX part of the website. Registered for [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] (Shopify Appro...

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    I'm looking to start a dropshipping store on Shopify. I'll be selling products like Binoculars, Spotting scopes, Telescopes, Night vision goggles etc. Need to setup a Shopify store for this. Need an amazing site built from scratch. You can use any type of theme you want. The cost of the theme isn't included in your bid. I'll buy your recommended theme myself. After that I will ...

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    Trophy icon New Brand Logo Bitti left

    I need to have a logo created for a new brand. I am looking to have a logo with the words "Little Explorers Adventure Kit" in a circle around the picture of boys and girls laughing. I want the kids to be animated and very happy. Dressed in adventure type clothes with binoculars.

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    Trophy icon I need a logo designer Bitti left

    Need a logo designed - Must be high quality/resolution We are a property/real estate agent marketplace/comparison tool. Our business connects Vendors (People selling their homes) with the best real estate agents. We find, search and compare real estate agents. We then manage the process and hold our clients hand throughout the whole sales process. Our company is called Agent Seeker. We curre...

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    You drew me a logo of an Ethiopian man looking through binoculars recently. I need some modifications. Can you make his hips a bit smaller ( right now he looks a bit too fat) and his legs a bit wider (his legs look too skinny). Also i need his right hand on his waist with a fist (not an open palm) and his left hand on top of his forehead like his searching for something (for this example look at t...

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    We need a sketch designed for a poster. The title of the poster is “ ̶T̶a̶r̶g̶e̶t̶ Calculated Off Block Time” • The man in the ATC tower is looking out from the tower in binoculars with magnified lens towards the aircraft but his view is obstructed (not drawn out in this mockup, you’ll have to draw an obstruction). Next to it, the label Situational Awareness is menti...

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    Trophy icon Draw a cartoon logo Bitti left

    I want a cartoon logo of an Ethiopian man in traditional clothing. See the first attachment for the attire. Basically he is wearing pants and his shirt goes all the way to the knee and has cuts on both sides. The face should look somewhat like the ones on the second attachment. He should be standing up and looking through binoculars. We are only getting his side view meaning we are not seeing him ...

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    Hi! I'm looking for the cover art to a 3-5 player co-op board game where you play as post apocalyptic park rangers in a guerilla war to defend a small settlement and the still living environment in a former national park spared by fallout. The forces of a corporate enclave with pre-apocalypse high technology that has emerged from its bunker years after the nuclear war in search of resources w...

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