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    merhaba, ben " linux centos administration" iyi bilen Turkce,Azerice bilen birini ariyorum ,

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    merhaba, ben " linux centos administration" iyi bilen Turkce bilen birini ariyorum ,

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    Merhaba ben Sema linux centos administration ogrenmek istiyorum, freelancerde ilkim ,en kisa zamanda iletisime gecerseniz sevinirim shlayka22@

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    Bir centos web panel yüklü linux sunucuya sahibim, projemde php ile soap web servisine bağlanıp istek göndermem gerekiyor. ancak soap client hatası ile karşılaşıyorum. aldığım hata ve php kodları ektedir.

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    Tüm platformlar ile uyumlu (mobil-ios-android-unix-ubuntu-centos-redhat-windows-blackberry etc.), güncel teknolojiye sahip ve gelecek teknolojik gelişmelere uyumlu, sosyal medya platformlar ile ve api' leri ile uyumlu ve linkleri çalışan, google seo ve api uyumlu, yönetim paneli olan tüm sayfanın görsel fotoğraf,video eklemeleri rahatlıkla yapılabilir, tüm yazı,font,renk ve arka planları ile menü ve menü tipleri arka fon renkleri değiştirilebilir yönetim panelli web sayfası yapımı.

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    şuan 10 vps bilgisayarımız var ihtiyaç olduğunda daha fazla artırılacak. vps cluster / yük paylaşımlı şeklinde çalışacak kurulumu basit olacak daha fazla vps ler için otomatik cluster /distributed katılım olacak merkezi yönetim olacak ve vps ler buradan kontrol edilecek ip ban/firewall/p2p /paket control (deep packet inspection) block etc. sistem open source olacak ve linux centos/ubuntu vs. bunların üzerinden çalışacak kullancıların hesap bilgileri : ücret bonus kampanya bedava happy hour/ trafik ayarları istatistikleri , yedekler vs. mobil uygulama + website+ sunucu + vps + yedekler şeklinde olacak . ve geliştirilebilecek kısaca ticari vpn,,, hots,pot_shield vpn klonu benzeri

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    Hello, Our website go down as we have issue with Let's encrypt under our centos Dedicated server. check attached image.

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    Hi Stefan V. Would you like to quote for fixing postfix on a TsoHost Centos VPS? I have been informed by TsoHost support that port 25 is blocked. I have tried to configure postfix to use port 587, but it is not working. THIS IS WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO:Configure postfix to send emails only. THIS IS THE ERROR I AM GETTING:Nov 26 10:39:07 mail postfix/smtp[11650]: connect to []:25: Connection timed out I can send details and we agree cost before decision

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    Hi - we have an asterisk box V16 running on Centos 7. We're having ongoing issues with CPU spiking with as little as 3-4 calls, reboot of the server temporarily resolves the issue but we need to resolve the root cause.

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    we have 3 nodes cluster to Test site running octopus 15.2...cephadm command line . once its working on Test without making any of the running services down, we Need to do the same process to the different Data center which is running Production services have same 3 node cluster. I was able to install cephadm software , by using distribution-specific installation methods In CentOS Stream: dnf search release-ceph dnf install --assumeyes centos-release-ceph-quincy dnf install --assumeyes cephadm Need someone who have experience or have done before upgrading ceph cluster to cephadm bootstrap and will be able to migrate service MON/CEPHFS/MDS/RGW having almost close to 35 OSD in each Nodes, so Total including all 3 nodes around 108 OSD. Thanks

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    I have a 10 core 12GB Server (CentOS )and I want expert to install plesk cpanel on that server and perform below points. 1. Bind the IP address to the server and Create nameserver(i will let you know which one you need to create) 2. Configure server for best performance, we'll host multiple sites inclusing wordpress, laravel and cakephp 3. Configure settings and other settings including cache for fast performance. 4. Configure other server settings to better performance, we usually get around 1000-1200 concurrent users at peak time. is it possible to setup for mentioned numbers? 5. Create a document for me to add multiple domain accounts and user accounts assigned to each domain so we can share with our internal team. 6. Install apache/php-fpm/nginx 7. Setup server for mul...

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    OS CentOS v7.9.2009 STANDARD kvm cPanel Version 106.0.10 i need to migrate a domain and emails on this vps server i also need to manage the server from time to time we have this fresh vps servse

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    Hi, We are looking for Magento 2 independent developer for long time to add add some functions/speed optimization/new module creation etc. Must have good knowledge in all area of Magento 2 (including API configuration), centos and should be trustable. Thank you

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    Hi Ganesh, This is new project by agreement for same thinks, because old one are expired. :) 1. Add a new subdomain on NGINX and install SLL Let`s Encrypt for this subdomain. Subdomain will be All same settings like on other two subdomain. 2. Fix upload files on all subdomain two old one ( and ) plus new one (3 subdomains). App using NodeJS with Multer module and Angular app for upload image. After upload and save we got 502 Bad Gateway error. We store the image in the public folder where the NodeJS server files are located. 3. Make some system for MySQL DB`s daily backup Need us backup for every schema in MySQL using AutoMySQL, Bacula or something else. Thanks in advance.

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    troubleshooting centos server problems

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    I am currently running Centos 6.x. I need to create a list of whitelist IP with designated ports, IPs that are not in my list are not allowed to visit my server and will drop.

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    Se requiere una persona con conocimiento en servidores para corregir una configuración. La web es un django con nginx y un subdominio, es un servidor de godaddy con cpanel. El problema que tiene es que el archivo se modifica cada cierto tiempo y el sitio se cae. Se requiere corregir el problema.

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    hello, we are running plesk server panel with centos 7 server and maria DB as the database server. suddenly our database server has stopped and we are unable to sart it again. this is why all our websites are down including the plesk server control panel. please check attached screenshots. server control panel link : it says Server Error 500 PleskExceptionDatabase DB query failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused File Line 79

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    Solve a server problem with centos that is down, apparently due to lack of space in a partition

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    Hello, we have a problem with our centos / cpanel server. you can find in attached file.

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    Reduce Waiting for server response time of a complexe wordpress site, environment is: VPS running centos 7 with 4gb of ram with one single website. we're using litespeed webserver with redis. All the optimisations regarding the frontend of the website are done, we need to configure properly the server to reduce the server response time The current server response time is between 1 - 6seconds! Only experts please.

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    TASK : Fix PERMISSION issue on VPS Server running CentOS ERROR : 1. 500 - Internal Server Error 2. Permission Error - Unable to Upload , Update or Save on all websites on Server ERROR MESSAGE from SSH : [root@vmi692069 plugins]# sudo chmod 777 public_html chmod: changing permissions of ‘public_html’: Operation not permitted Budget is - $25, if you do not agree to Budget, do not Bid If you cannot START NOW, do not Bid

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    Hi All, I have system can be accessed only through IPMI and want to boot into centos 7.

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    Hi Boris E., I noticed youronline i have need to fix an exim server immediately and other system admin tasks involving cpanel / centos. please let me know if you have time and availability. freelancer wn't let me contact you unless i submit some kind of offer so i'll put in 5 hour and see if you reply. thank you. gary

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    NOTE: This MUST be done via remote desktop with my assistance from my computer, as I CANNOT share access. I was clearing out unused space via terminal in CentOS, and now I am faced with a 503 error when accessing cPanel (2083) "503 Service Unavailable The server is temporarily busy, try again later!" On port 2087, I just get "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". I have done some Googling, and people say it's firewall related. I can't find a way to resolve it; either way, I cannot get into WHM or cPanel, but the front end and websites seem to be working fine. I can only access it via SSH in Google Cloud at the moment.

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    the cms is Eckmar V2, installation have to be done thru teamviewer i will not provide server login info. there is a guide file for ubuntu installation but i am running my website on CentOS v7.9 payment is 35$, if can be done fast i will add another 20$

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    Fix a bug on a current selenium script to run on centos 8

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    I have a centos server. I need to setup an email address, for example, myemail@ , If anyone send an email to this email address, He should be able to receive an auto reply email. Like gmail or hotmail does, But I need to setup my own system. Because I have large amount of email, gmail and hotmail not allow me to do it.

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    We are a software development agency looking to scale up our Freelancer channel. I have many benefits more than hourly wage We're looking for someone who could take on lead generation and write job proposals. The ideal candid...experience as a lead gen expert and have experience with any Freelancer platform bidding on clients' behalf. Has to have software development understanding to be able to find jobs that fit our tech stack and expertise. - Smartcontract: Rust, Solidity, Hardhat, Truffle - Backend: NodeJS, Python, AWS, MongoDB, MySQL - Frontend: ReactJS, NextJS, EtherJS - Mobile: React Native, Flutter - Server: Ubuntu, Centos, AMI, ... Must be fluent in English and do the work in any timezone working are a software development agency looking to scale up our Freelan...

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    Hi Ganesh, We have some VPS with CentOS and NGINX. We to deploy NodeJS + Angular app on that server, but need us reverse proxy settings to make a app works correctly. Do you interested for that job?

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    astpp install on 7.9 centos server

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    I'm looking for an expert web master to optimise the speed of a website hosted with wordpress in a vps, all known improvements are done database optimisation, minifications, lazy loading, compressing images, using cdn for static and dynamic content ... and our vps is running litespeed webserver and centos 7 we have already configured properly litespeed cache plugin and but we want to get more speed from this website if interested leave me a message.

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    I have a Wordpress website hosted on CentOS VPS server. My core web vitals show the following issue: Reduce initial server response time I need someone to fix this issue. ------ WordPress Website Hosting on Linode VPS OS: CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core) Web Server: Apache PHP: PHP 7.3.33 Performance Plugin: WP Rocket SEO Plugin: Yoast CDN: Amazon CloudFront NO EXPERIMENTING. APPLY ONLY IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS. Thanks

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    I hav...front-end (for my own use) to upload the 5 csv input files and execute the existing python script for these csv files, and then present a download link/s for the output files. Basically, the purpose of the script is to avoid having to use ftp to upload and download the input and output files and to avoid having to manually execute the python script via ssh. The operating environment: Distribution: CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core) Operating System: Linux 3.10.0-1160.76.1.el7.x86_64 (SMP) CPU: [24x] 1288.57Mhz Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz (15360 KB Cache) System Memory: 32138.23 MB The size of the files: 5 - 10 MB combined (in total). Execution time of python script: about 30-60 secs. In your bid, mention what programming language you intend to use. ...

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    Hi i am looking for a professional to fix my server issue which is not booting i can only access it in rescue mode. as far as i know there is some issue in kernel. which is not booting up and my site is down. can you someone help me fix the server and bootup and run things normally. pls check the attachment as the server provider gave this screenshot.

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    I have migrated my Website with cpanel configured on Centos Linux server to a New server. But now it is not opening. I want someone to help with that.

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    setup Centos 7 Bitti left

    i need a linux programmer to help me setup my centos server

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    I have a vps server which have some configuration problems after trasfer from a dedicated server like too much processor usage misconfigured php and mysql settings. Vps instaled softwares: Centos 7 Whm Engrigton (nginx)

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    I am running a laravel on centos 07 but it says error source not found. please fix it for me 10 usd. i have done everything

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    I need somebody who can help us in configuring email server on our newly created cloud server, which has WHM and Cpanel install with centOS 7 operating system. Please apply only if you have any previous expereince in working with email servers. Also email is working between webmail to webmail on same server but not sending to anywhere outside the webmail of same server like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, icloud etc.

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    All websites you need to scrap located in US. Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Costco. Scenario: I will provide the category address of every website in db. App should pick all product from that categories and save all required information to db. This task should repeat for all 4 websites. This shipping fee, update product status, etc. Update-task should run as threads or multi-process. We should find best model for parallel running. 3rd task - implement logic to running tasks without blocking/blacklisted. 4th task - improve find-task and update-task accuracy and speed. 5th task - make documentation and deploy the apps to servers. In this step, app should deploy on different Ubuntu/CentOS servers and continuously run without any issue and work exactly same as we want. ************...

    €48 - €192
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    €48 - €192
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    I have a site that I need to gat back online. It is online actually but some parts are not working.

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    I have multiple CentOS Linux servers that I need to have regular maintenance performed, from patches, updates, deleting temp files, etc. Whatever you feel is necessary to keep our servers moving forward. I also need to check our DB replication between servers.

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    A new Linux server with CentoOS7 on board has been prepared. We are looking for a Linux expert consultant for - define together the needs - Linux environment configuration using Cyberpanel, CWP, Webmin or another panel - explain the GUI to admin the server - some security server configuration (iptable?) - avoid any kind of shell - install and manage webserver (Apache?) and DB server (mySql) - install and manage new applications for internal use or external (f.e. BeDrive)

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    We look after the IT for a customer and they have a WordPress website hosted on a cloud VPS from OVH. It has 15GB RAM, 4 vCPU's and NVME SSD storage running CentOS 7 powered by the LiteSpeed webserver with Caching and LiteSpeed Memcached. Public facing frontend performance is fine but any experience for logged in users is slow and we're out of our depth diagnosing why. We're looking for someone experienced with WordPress & cPanel/WHM, preferably also with LiteSpeed webserver and caching to diagnose why performance is slow and assist with improving it.

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    I need nginxproxymanager installed on a CentOS server and then a bash script written to install all dependencies and completely install nginxproxymanager on CentOS systems. All the best!

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    I have server with centos, it can be ubuntu if u want. i want to use proxy servers with this server. aim is, to have more than 1 public ip on the server. so all traffic to out of this server, will tunnel to proxy servers.

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    Scope is to build and create rpms packages for gnutls >= 3.6.4 and with its dependent packages like nettle, p11-kit etc for centos-7 . You need to provide spec file and process so that I can build these rpm at my end and verify also. Please note that centos-7 is must as my production server is using centos-7 and I don't want to upgrade to centos-8 or other OS. Please bid only if you have done similar type of work before also. Important link:

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