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    Challenging a final logo - Feedback - add oder change small things. I’m building up a popcorn shop - the logo musst have the characteristics of - Organic - natural - special / elegant I can have the logo in 5 different file types.

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    Hi , I have 2 pictures with a title on it and I want to change the title to other name. I want exactly the same with no lookint difference

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    We need a complete re-design for our online catalogue system. I will provide you a demo login credentials for our system that needs to be re-designed. The functionality must be the same but the design must be re-done. 1- Fresh, cool and modern look, 2- Cross browser support. It should work on all browsers. 3- Responsive. 4- Portrait and Landscape mode support. (It must work properly when...

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    Looking for someone to assist with making one change on a website NOW It is only the deletion of text which I can not locate and may be within a coded section (unable for me to see)

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    I need some changes to an existing website.

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    Hi Looking for redesign my website has need some customizations Redesign my website just change some colors and frontpage along with email functionality. I will supply reference web and color codes. Thank you , Maxwell

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    Build me a app Bitti left

    simple excel file loaded in to app with search and filter options

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    We have a multiple Theme Wordpress the Master theme is Termosolar and the secondary theme is Twenty Twenty. We need to add our logo to the Twenty Twenty theme and remove the URL or disable the URL on the Logo. Master theme = Termosolar = [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] secondary theme = Twenty Twenty = [URL'yi görüntülemek için giri...

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    Hello, Looking for someone that can scrape [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I'd like the scraping bot to be written in Python. This is a very advanced website and web elements load dynamically so please be sure you can do it before bidding.

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    Hi, Im looking for a EXPERT in wordpress. Im wanting to change the layout of my home page - add a large picture,and move the slider under this. Im also wanting to add a new page which shows a map of Australia with dot points which highlight where our retailer stores are located - X 29 of them. Im wanting a few of the pictures that in the slider to be changed.

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    Hi there, I need to change the product option selection on shopify product page from 2 sets of radio buttons to drop down menu. All product variations need to be in drop down menu. Small project for someone who knows how to do this. The winning bidder will get new user ID for the website to edit the code required to make the dropdowns. Many thanks J

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    Hey all, I need someone to help to change some fonts on my website, I have installed the easy google fonts plugin but that has not done the job, Please contact me if you are willing to work with me,

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    I would like a full shopify store set up for my fitness apparel brand , I have min stock to sell so I would require a fair amount of content edited and all images of items up loaded .

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    I need to customize currency exchange app that converts EGP to other currencies. The should convert all currencies and should have the buy/sell rate for each bank in Egypt.

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    Dear Freelancers, I need to hire someone to develop 4 tasks on my HTML5/Bootstrap website ( It's not Wordpress ) : 1st task : Import Google Rating & Reviews into my website. ( You have to create a new page with the same architecture of my inner pages ( header, menu, footer, etc .. ) In the body of the page you will import the google rating & reviews with maximum 5 reviews loaded....

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    Hi, We have built a video player in React native. need to change video quality from 1080 to 720,480 and auto in real-time.

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    This project is to create a visual interface to categorize/tag specific moments in a video. This information will be used later-on within a different component to easily jump to that moment in the video. This React component should be developed so that it can easily be embedded within an existing CMS, for that it should use React Habitat. [URL'yi görüntülemek için gir...

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    ####Timer project --> Ios platform ---> List of exercises based on sequence from admin panel —-> workout can be loaded from saved spreadsheet —-> can be edited from the admin panel --> Timer --> Set timer colour for: * Exercise time *Rest time *Pause state --> counting of sets per exercise —- > Finish Screen when the Timer Reaches the end of the workout ...

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    previous Coding for Ninjatrader 8 is required The RealTime Swing Indicator (RTSI) is one of the inputs of an integrated trading system. The RTSI should be visible on the Ninjatrader 8 chart AND be readable in a Strategy and/or MarketAnalyser. This indicator is used to determine the price swing based on the set parameters. The input to this indicator is the price array of NT8. (OHLC The source ...

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    My project is an iOS HTML5 app, I own my main app, I need you to make an app to add my interface switch (here the interface switch means: my self-built interface I can pass my interface The configuration application shows my content) You also need to add push and handle no network problems (no network problems mean: when the app is open, by default, the Chinese version of the iPhone will have no n...

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    We are seeking an experienced Full stack Android Developer who has skills at stack level to develop a 3G/4G USB driver, detect the modem connected, configure the APN, the SMSC/MMSC settings to the appropriate USB port. The developer will also be able to configure Android OS to pass IP Data in one port and out the USB port connected to a configured 3G/4G Modem (direct through port). This is typic...

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    I need someone to alter some images.

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    Change the seller code api in android apps. There are 2 android apps and want to update the api according to mobile number. Add the ads in both the apps.

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    I need you to assist in cleaning my MacBook Pro that has corrupt MACOS base system that has all my devices blocked, unable to erase corrupt files or repair base system, VMware being loaded...........corrupt files and users are built into the system, this needs someone with code experience, normal reinstalls do not work

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    I have an existing Shopify store than was developed off a purchased theme but heavily modified originally. I want to make some changes to the Collection Templates. The current Collection Template on the site needs to be modified so the correct collection description is loaded when the product filter dropdowns are used. Collection filtering appears to be using jQuery to load relevant products and ...

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    I want the white background removed from our logo and also want it to adjust to the background of an email. For example, if someone is using dark mode in a browser or Outlook, I do not want the white background to show up and want the logo to blend into the theme / colour.

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    Hello to all, i installed gcc5 and python2.6 i would like to change version. On my Arch-linux system I installed python2.7 and gcc9. Can someone help me? Thank you so much

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    We are looking for guide to change ec2 password of amezon web service

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    I have a logo but need the text changed

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    i need to build an application like uber using wix call it RecoveryGo exaclty same of uber but deffirent colors and design

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    I have a wordpress site that is made from a standard theme, and is fully mobile compatible. Even though I am getting errors for mobile usability on Google search console, when it crawls the site. The errors are Content to close together and content wider than screen. Neither of which are correct. When live testing the pages, even Google says that they are mobile compatible. But the are currently l...

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    I have a wordpress site that is made from a standard theme, and is fully mobile compatible. Even though I am getting errors for mobile usability on Google search console, when it crawls the site. The errors are Content to close together and content wider than screen. Neither of which are correct. When live testing the pages, even Google says that they are mobile compatible. But the are currently l...

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    At the moment, I am currently making web splash pages for a client. He reuires 500 websites of the same template just with different information. Currently I am manually copying and pasting folder, opening the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and doing a find and replace for the business name, business area business address, telephone number, lat co-ordinate f...

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    Hello, I have purchased the "Enfold" wordpress theme [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Looking for someone to import content and make some changes so the layout is similar to my old site. I no longer have my old site up but do have the content in a word document. The two images attached show what I would like to have changed - please open them side by ...

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    I would need this created for Google Sheets and can share a link to do it on with my other triggers. I would also need the current code i have enhanced for multiple of the same. The end result i am looking for is: If C3 has a date in it then D3 will change color from green if it is 4 hours passed the C3 date and time, Yellow if it is within 8 hours passed, Orange if it is within 16 hours passed a...

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    Prestashop error: rontcontroller::init - Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart

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    Need quick update to 2 websites, asap. On this page, [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], need 2 changes: 1- change the header area vertical size so that the logo fills it. It is a little short as you see. 2- on the same page, in the middle of the page, to the right of the 2 images is a News box. I want to make that News are more 'fancy'. I.e. a better ...

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    We need some Change your Android Project Winnie the people That is able to use GPS 20 TS Thank you

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    We are looking for a frontend developer to build a Americans with Disabilities Act compliant add-on/plugin for websites that would be compliant to WCAG 2.1 guidelines and can be easily implemented in both PHP 7.0+ and Wordpress (convert to plugin) sites for our clients. Project overview: All prospective bidders will be given NDA to sign before proceeding. The software/code becomes our property ...

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    change a font size from wordpress website

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    change single section in shopify store

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    I need a single script written that shows me an example how to change a UNITY animation property for any Key at any break in c# at runtime. This will be executed right before I play the clip in code. See attachment for example at 1 I want to change the Anchored.Position.X & Anchored.Position.Y to a value at 3 I want to change the Scale.x & Scale.Y to a value I just want to understa...

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    Hi Freelancers, I am looking for someone to help jazz up my website, I have my own images and content is all loaded, however it is a bit too basic and not very appealing. I am looking for someone to assist in "jazzing" it up and making it more stylish and cohesive. The site is live and fully built on Wix which I would like to stick with, I would also like to install a members only forum ...

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    Hi, So I have an old wordpress theme on my site which has a virus/bad plugins on it. I'd like someone to add a new theme to my site and update all the content. The new template has all the same functionality of the original theme and I will be able to provide images, but i'd like to keep the text and content on the page as similar as possible to the current site. I'd like someon...

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    I wrote up a project. Its a quality improvement project. I want to publish it in a scholarly peer reviewed journal. It needs references added and tailored to the journal format. I will provide you with my account credentials for you to submit the final manuscript.

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    I am inquiring for a program to be created that can add 50-100 people viewing to a live streaming service called [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] for stability and reliability testing. The application would need to send these views (each from a unique IP) straight to a specific channel on Mixer and stay there for hours until switched off. Mixer determines that an ...

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    We need our address changed on Invoices, proposals and purchase orders in word. Type left. We moved and our current software program won't let us change it and we have to do it manually each time.

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    Need to change content There is a principle concerning all the revelations in the Bible: first we have the seed of that revelation, then the growth, and then the harvest. The revelation concerning the truth of Christian meetings has its seed in Matthew 18:20. This is the seed—to meet in the name of the Lord Jesus. But what does this mean? We cannot find the answer in the four Gospels; we mu...

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