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    ...Videos • Member Subscribers • Member Friends • Detailed member information is shown. Login Page • Remember Me Login (Keeps Members Logged In) • Reset User Passwords • Forgot Usernames Upload Video Page • Embed Videos System • New Upload Progress Bar • One Page Upload • Upload Progress Details • Video Sponsor System M...

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    14 teklifler myself provided your design is easy to transpose) with the following design uses: - Splash page: a page designed to hold a large image, video, flash movie, DHTML slideshow, etc with a small amount of supporting text. - Informational page: a page designed to hold mainly textual content with some supporting images. these pages are likely to be

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    I want to get build a one page board that will have sticky notes wherein a person can type and able to move. When move a sticky note it change colour and also combine two to make a new one. Finally select few and show connector lines. This can be in Flash or HTML 5 based downloadable simple app that can be opened on any computer/ipad or phone and responsive

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    42 teklifler traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. jQuery Cycle A slideshow plugin for JQuery that supports many different types of transition effects. jQuery version 1.7.1 FancyBox is a tool for displaying images, html content and

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    35 teklifler traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. jQuery Cycle A slideshow plugin for JQuery that supports many different types of transition effects. jQuery version 1.7.1 FancyBox is a tool for displaying images, html content and

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    ...just need it edited to bring it up to date. Please see [login to view URL] (See HTML Source for that page) - If the visiting browser has Flash enabled, it pulls in the complete SWF animation, complete with MP3 soundtrack. - If no Flash on that browser, then it instead displays a video clip of our team, based on that same animation

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    Convert flash site into a HTML 5 site and keep the current look, animations, features, mouse overs, and video background. Site needs to be responsive, each page is to have a URL and meta description and title. Client able to edit the page text ( edit HTML file is ok ) Client able to add image to portfolio Website needs same animations, mouse

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    ...but he was unable to complete the project. The current state of the interface is here: [login to view URL] It was a port of our ancient Flash code, whose functionality we wanted replicated: [login to view URL] Functionality that needs to be added / finished up: 1. When you click

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    Current State of static website 1. Plain html site with php script for email send feature 2. 2 email accounts – info@ and admin@ 3. Static content with jpg pictures 4. Manual content management 5. Simple Search Engine Optimization 6. Not a mobile friendly site 7. Not linked with social media Requirements for uplift of the website A. Visitor

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    ...BB menu change Modify the current Lessons pages menu ([login to view URL]) to match "top menu" i.e. replace this menu [login to view URL] with this menu (with the lessons dropdown) [login to view URL] 2. Fix: Reset PW bug [login to view URL] is having a similar issue that the login page had, that

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    I have three websites, the functions of which I want to merge to create one main site. The first site is a simple landing page where people sign up and it includes around 5 - 7 other basic single pages (i.e. a single video or text with a payment button). The second site is my social network at .ning (I have around 80 members). Ning is glitchy

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    ...document this is part of the info of the document. i have an internet cafe and i would like to include some fun games, i have 2 scripts already made, Script-1.-I have a php/flash casino script that has some issues since we lost the copy of the updated one so in short, i just have the engine with a very bad template and translation issues an example of

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    25 teklifler 2. I need you to help to copy all this page flash and make some change for me 3. I need to make it for my page, I need the flash to meet my products item 4. I need five items, expression in English and my logo on the flash, here is my website:[login to view URL] 5. I need this five products flash 6. there are

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    I have three (3) small interactive Flash maps that I need to gave converted to SVG. The current Flash maps can be seen at [login to view URL] You can flip between the three maps by clicking the highlighted toolbar above the maps. The converted SVG maps must be delivered according to the following specifications: - The width

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    I need an HTML based certificate creator. The application needs to pulls a certificate background [login to view URL] from the server and allow for text entry fields. The text needs options to change font, size and position on the document. The application needs options for landscape or portrait layouts and then to print full page. A Flash animation example

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    Trophy icon Design a Website Mockup Ended

    ...out the site here: [login to view URL] I'm looking for just one page. 1. The final delivery files must be in html/css. NO flash or psd. 2. The site must be fully mobile responsive. 3. I am not looking to change the entire site look as the code behind would have to be altered. I just need a new theme to spruce

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    ...IYER, n.d.). The flaw in RIP is that it doesn’t have built in authentication much like TCP/IP. This attack is significant because RIP attacks change where the data may go to unlike common attacks that change where data has come from. When an attacker is able to compromise RIP addresses and send them from anywhere in the world this poses a huge security

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    ...with Angular for web page decoration. You must be an expert of CSS. The delivery will be CSS files and any code that is written for the implementation. The interface improvement should be using the current html files, and will not change the layout of the web pages. Please read my requirements carefully before you bid. Flash bidding won't be considered

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    ...allowed (when login only single user per pass is allowed.) 11) Security integration, use modules for security. 12) Create backend for user to allow for update of profile, change password. 13) Email program to communicate with members.. 14) Pass validation / 24 hours before pass will expire 15) Purchase and download music and ability to hear demo's

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    I want to develop a software in HTML + Javascript that creates videos from multiple slides and audio. So the idea would be that the softwares exports "explainer videos" (example below) [login to view URL] So the software would work like this: 1st: User adds a full text to the software 2nd: Software creates slides

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    25 teklifler which type of accommodation they want and no date of arrival is requested to the user ([login to view URL]). We would like to change this using a Wordpress hotel room plug-in so the user can instead select their arrival date (again with a fake availability check as we always have availability) and type of

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    have a coldfusion page using cfgrid and format as flash, which works perfectly. but when i change the output to html, the column "id" which is incremental doesnt show up, which directly effects another page, as i cant select a row to edit or view futher in the page. but when the format is flash, the table shows up perfectly including t...

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    ...[login to view URL] All current content is available on the website and must follow the same categories: - Home Page - Products - OEM/ODM Services - About Us - Contact Us The current website is sparse (limited content), which needs to change. With the new design, as well as a "Corporate About Us Showcase", it must also be a "Product Showcase" and

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    35 girdi This tool should be based entirely on HTML (no flash) and can additional use Perl, Python, PHP or other script languages. The created file should be a printable PDF. 0. PURPOSE Cover designer for novice users who want to have their book printed by us. The designer shall be developed just by using HTML/CSS/Javascript for inclusion in our website

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    ...but it has been 12 years so I am rusty here but I still have basic understanding and can do a little work, but still too rusty. But I have pretty good HTML skill I am perfectly capable of writing HTML. Backend: -Ability to create category for each country and blogging under that category. For each category, option to add photo. -Ability to create

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    ...- menu page (main page) - Photo gallery 1 page with Jquery gallery inside an <iframe> - contact page with text inside an <iframe> - The PSD of the design (menu /main page) will be provided. - The Photo gallery 1 page is identical as the menu/main page but with the Jquery gallery inside an <iframe> in the main body <sect...

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    flash game site with Fixed pages plus Dynamically generated pages. Home / Landing page Administration Panel ToS & Privacy Policy The pages containing the games The website A website with integrated Flash games that can be hosted directly on the server or fetched with HTML tag from a different server. The website features

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    ...The app is called NugZee and will be a scavenger hunt type game for a specific industry. Each scavenger hunt will consist of 16 items (some selected items need to have basic flash like animation) that will be pulled randomly from 3 separate lists of items (10 from one list, 3 from a 2nd list and 3 from a 3rd list). I will provide all item graphics/images

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    35 teklifler Javascript to copy content and keep the formatting tags. Take that svg file as example. You must embed this inside a HTML page and work with javascript to change the copy behavior. You are no supposed to work with flash, silverlight or applets plugins. The goal: copy that content and paste inside a Microsoft word document. It should keep

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    ...than two hours' work for a skilled JQuery programmer. I have a website currently written using Macromedia Flash for its image slideshow. I have re-written my old page as a new test page using JQuery BXSlider and uploaded that test page to my server successfully. I am 100% happy with what I have done so far but I accept I am not a JQuery expert

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    ...ours. 3) the homepage, default search, and new tab should permanently setup to the URL I provide. User should not b]e able to edit it not should any third party be able to change it. 4) I have a few javascript I'd like to have loaded into the browser. It should inject these into the pages the users browse via my browser 5) browser should have

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    Overall Redesign and setup Word Press website for company side and subscriber side (members only protected content: html, pdf, videos (later)) Current website (company) [login to view URL] Preview of new Drama Works! Teaching System [login to view URL] Drama Education Network (business of products and services with shopping cart)

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    ...elements you deliver: 1 web page TEMPLATE that we can duplicate as a basic page - Scaling, sizing, responsiveness, CSS compliance is the most important - No need to change the graphics, they will be replaced in the future by me - FULLY Responsive (tablets and smart phone compatible scaling) - HTML only (no flash) - Separate Graphics (Floating

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    ...of home page and one inside page template (Table based) I am looking to make profitable website just as [login to view URL], [login to view URL], [login to view URL] [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] - Design the database for the site - Payment gateway integration (CCBill) - Development of some static pages - Video player Integration - Flash player

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    We need to create admin panel for the flash action script. Link to see what needs to be controlled is: [login to view URL] No bidder with more than $250 will be selected. Read first the only bid. Project needs to be completed in 3 days The probability of getting a prize is controled via [login to view URL]

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    ...or put a link to those images. It needs to have a flash uploader. 2. The second thing I need done is PayPal integration. I would like my website to be a paid website. I only want people to get as far as clicking one of the pages on top and then when they click on a post or photo gallery on that page, they must login or signup. You need to integrate

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    Freelancers with HTML certification will have preference in short listing. The project is to design a simple website for a company called Viscona that must be responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile. 1. Visit [login to view URL] this is how I want the website to look like: a one page webstie, except at the end: no captcha and no external email

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    ...move to a different hosting service. Our current site's Front End is developed using HTML with Python/Django/node.js. The video playback uses Adobe Flash plug in. Here are your following mission: 1. Change some of the current button locations 2. Change the drop down dialog boxes, and its behaviors. 3. Port NDB to MySQL (since the new site

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    ...increase traffic to a site. Qualification: A degree and a minimum of one to three years of web experience is required, Digital Marketing including knowledge of Java, Flash, PHP, HTML, CSS, programming language and blogging. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Review and analyze sites for areas that need to improve, delete and update. 2. Prepare detailed

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    ...of product detail page template. 1- First of all we need html editor for “Vitamin Değerleri” “Faydaları” “Saklama Koşulları” and “Bunları biliyormuydunuz”” sections. Because we need give bullets for this sections contents or some bold italik formatting in text areas. 2- We need manually add the recipes for every single produc...

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    PROJECT DESCRIPTION We are a small design studio who have created an online learning environment for school ages that features Flash games (as3). The environment has been brilliantly designed by a professional illustrator and will look great on anyone's CV. Unfortunately, prior to wrapping the project up, our previous developer has moved without

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    37 teklifler e & t Pestcontorl [login to view URL] coffee grounds can you make the home page same as one i sent for sizzle bento want this as sizzle bento one [login to view URL] only change is when opens i want the page to go larger

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    ...[login to view URL] Deadline is in 5 days -I need HTML5 and Javascript animation expert -I want to change the front page design of my website with HTML5 animation. I already have PSD files for the design. the front page will consist of 5 pages -The contents of my front page is dynamic, built with php, joomla modified, the contents are editable from admin panel

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    ...copy my texts. I'm NOT looking for you to deploy the site. Just deliver the html and css files to me, and I'll do the rest. I will judge this contest by: - Quality of the code. I should be able to easily make obvious changes to the website by modifying the CSS and/or HTML in clear ways. - Quality of the website layout. The website should look clean

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    ...php coding is embedded in a web template for that page. This allows me to be able to make small changes quickly whilst keeping costs down & be actively involved with the development. The website is being developed largely as a product test, so speed of development, cost of development & each of change/flexibility are all important. As the client I

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    ...with a flash games. The structure Home ---> Game 004. | ---->Some static content Page 006. Home page a good structured blocked content with fresh news. and last added games whith short text about [login to view URL] games must be linked one with another 3 to 1 and for 2 or shuffle organic way Every page must have possibility to change ...

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    ...with a flash games. The structure Home ---> Game 004. | ---->Some static content Page 006. Home page a good structured blocked content with fresh news. and last added games whith short text about [login to view URL] games must be linked one with another 3 to 1 and for 2 or shuffle organic way Every page must have possibility to change ...

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    ...privileges • Create a welcome page for the membership page that matches the look and feel of the website • Change the current slider on the homepage to another slider that displays using horizontal tabs • Implement a pre-created Flash Presentation into the website • Add a loading bar and test all links • Implement a flash or H...

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