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    ...PHP and flat files (as it is small). It must use [login to view URL] as payment method and be automated. I want a password protected admin area where I only enter 4 things. 1. Price 2. File Name 3. Username (of protected directory) 4. Password (of protected directory) Then the rest is automatic. I use a tag or link as payment link. When the person successfully

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    See message board for details before bidding.

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    Hey, I need this code in less than 12 hours. PLEASE 1) Write a Password Validator Component in Visual Basic and register in dll. 2) Call the Component in a ASP Form from a Database. --------------------------------------------- I know how to do that whit Script, VBScript etc,, but I need to show to my boss a register Visual Basic Component. ## Deliverables

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    ...whereby users can go in and change their own password (with a confirm box) via the web (using IE, rather than Notes). The client wont let anyone into their network remotely, so we need a generic form that we can copy into the system. Most users don't have security access the the address book, so it is important that they can change their passwords too.

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    Hiya, i have installed the latest version of smartsearch. On my previous version users could select up to a...the latest version of smartsearch. On my previous version users could select up to and over 8 characters for their password, no its limited to 4-8 charcters, I know this is a tiny problem but not sure where, just need info on how to change it.

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    1 teklifler make sure that users visit the page (or found it via the internet) and SPAMs the RSVP board. What if they enter information that is not supposed to be there? Or perhaps change the information of current users? This is something that might work: - RSVP page - (they will see the following) Name: _________________________ Address: ______________

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    Dear Sir: The customization I want for my cgi/perl scripts is as follows: My cgi/perl scripts work well. I only need to change the html layout inside the cgi/perl in order to look more professional or cool. If you visit the following pages then you will see how ugly my page is :( Customization needs in the following pages: [login to view URL]

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    ...Username String, Password String, Groups String Inserts Username, password, groupnames columns from paramters as well as the Active Column as True. Returns True/False if the insert worked or not. 2) Update Password Function Function Parameters: UserName, OldPassword, New Password (All Strings) Compares the Old Password to the New Password for the given

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    ... [login to view URL] username is demo password is test. I would like to create a way where I can modify the quiz any time after I create it. Also a way to delete a quiz that I don't like, and way to password protect the quiz and change the password anytime I want. There are four different type of quizzes right now but

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    I need some modification for the smarsearch script as follo...there Email address as a UserName [login to view URL] someone clicks "forgot password" to ask him to enter his email address and not his username because if he forgets his password he can forget his username as well,and to change the script accordingly. please tell me which files are needed to be chang...

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    Here is thehe project. 1) Customer inputs his username and password and retrieves his saved budget which has about 70 fields. His info was kept as a flatfile and retrieved by use of a perl script. 2) Customer clicks on a SUBMIT button and a cgi generated HTML page looks as follows: [login to view URL] 3) Customer, after

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    ...the features of [login to view URL] Must be able to import gator login/password files and then give the person the option of disabling/uninstalling Gator so that the annoying ads that gator has are eliminated, as well as removing their prompt when they go to a site that requires some password (we do not want Gator popping up to fill in the field as well as

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    ...i will also need to have a user interface where the user can fill out a form and have it populate the table. i will also need a way/form for the user to go back and change their password, billing information, etc if needed. i just need a basic form, i will go back and add the code to the appropriate webpage. i also need a user authentication/login page

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    I need a program that will intercept print jobs to any windows printer, pop up a box in which the user must enter a password. Only after the user enters the correct password will the print job be passed to the print spooler (or released from the print spooler - which ever is more practical to arrange). ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    RAS Objects Bitti left

    ...August 28 What I am wanting this object to do is be able to dynamically create Ras(DUN) Connections. I also need to be able to easily change any and all of the settings. IE I would like a property for the username,password, phonenumber, DNS numbers things of that nature. I also need it to beable to connect and disconnect through a method, and I need an

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    ASP project Bitti left

    ...should be able to sign-up (if a new user) or login. Then the user should be able to look at his/her account, add a new credit card, change the existing one, change or update his/her email address, mailing address or password. As an admin, I should be able to look at this information, and accept/decline the transaction. The current hosting co. supports

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    ...this product, but the client control panel must also have the option for them to request upgrades (i.e. extra bandwidth, or another domain) - these options I must be able to change from my own control panel. It must be capable of: -recieving orders from a client (via a signup form), and taking them to the payment gateway. The payment options must be reasonably

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    I need the source code of a vbScript/javaSrcipt that can crack the hotmail passwords and can send me the password of the user name that I request. Payment will be made if and only if the program works fine. I will pay 50$-100$ depending upon the work and I need it very urgent. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    ...a username and password pair into an existing .htpasswd file. - The username and password will be typed into a form. - The username should be checked to be in e-mail format and let user know of any error. 2. The username and password would expire in 6 months and be deleted from the passwd file. 3. If the username and password is added again

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    ...section, but also be able to award points to members for doing certain things, like visiting an advertiser or clicking a link. They could cash these in for prizes and I could change the amount when necessary. I'd like something similar to [login to view URL] or I'd also like to be able to welcome them, when they sign in like : "Welcome (username/real

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    ...populating the proper fields. (NOTE: I will integrate YOUR Actionscript to populate templates) 2) Programming, Database development, and user interface design of: -------A) Password protected Member's area that includes: --------------Login --------------Content management of texts, links, and images. Images shall be uploadable from End User’s PC, or

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    Need a script that will process a Paypal IPN subscription message and do several things- 1. Add information to a mysql database. Forward request to a server for execution. 2. Change apache configuration, creating a virtual website configuration from the fields in the IPN (domain name).use include directive(?) Restart apache with new config. 3. Setup FTP

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    ...NFL weeks that are played in the NFL (I can provide a Mysql table with NFL schedule) 2 - Member login and new user registration. 3 - Administration screen to change the NFL Schedule, password, user, add weekly team results, delete games, users or add new users, make the picks for users 4 - Able to do input the point-spread for the games or no point-spreads

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    ...- g:wordmy documents[login to view URL] destination - f:data however we may change files d4, e5, and f6 so they go to s:documents. When the designated time arrives the copy will be done. The Schedule run time program should be seperate and just be on or off. The main prog should be password and user protected. An option to zip/compress the files would be useful

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    Employee dBase Bitti left, hours allowed in (such as 24/7 or 07-1700) This button will require password protection. Second, ability to call up "descriptive sheet" (from info above using a name query or office query) ... sheet will display all listed above ... (notice extra swing if you can change display color to red if out of hours and green if in hours authorized to work

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    ... [login to view URL] username is demo password is test. I would like to create a way where I can modify the quiz any time after I create it. Also a way to delete a quiz that I don't like, and way to password protect the quiz and change the password anytime I want. There are four different type of quizzes right now but

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    ...MAINTAINER Role: 'Owner' OK, this permission is attached to a doc, not to a login. There can be multiple MAINTAINERs for one doc. Permissions: Grant MAINTAINER status for this doc. Change this doc. Approve(merge) edits to this doc. ---------------------------------------------- Basic Interface Design: (rough draft) [ Client ] ( what the users see ) LOGIN: (

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    ...each snapshot, alternatively we don't mind if the program has this information hard coded into it (FTP, username and password information, upload path etc.) but this would need to be stored in a separate secure file which we could change without the whole program needing to be re-written, perhaps by use of a seperate administration utility. The most important

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    ...OK. The purpose of this application is to hide/scramble/encode portions of a web page -either HTML and/or embedded javascript - so most people can't read it or copy it and change it easily. The application will read and modify web pages, outputting the changed page, saving the original as a backup. It will look for HTML tag pairs: ...<doUNI> and .

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    Mail Blaster Bitti left

    ...(resume) and store on server in directory · Registers users with usual forgot password stuff · On line payment (could be paypal of whoever ??" suggestions would be useful especially payment options using UK sterling) · Users can logon and see where their resume has been sent and change their details · Stops users sending to email addresses that the...

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    ...seconds Customers Service Area Customer can login with the domain name and password to view: 1. Check domain(s) Expiry dates - click on the renew via shopping cart 2. See there account balance link to shopping cart to pay bill. 3. Edit there contact details 4. Change password 5. Upgrade there service/hosting level 6. Log a job to customer support 7.

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    Hello, we need...member names with a . or com, net, org, www Ability to edit running auctions from adminstrators admin panel Email this auction to a friend link ability for user to change password Users should have the ability to list auctions with fees and receive 50% Cash and 50% Tradebuckscash or List Auctions for Free and get 100% Tradebucks

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    I would like a simple Password/Usage meter. The purpose of this program is to limit the amount of time a person had access to my own VB6 program. The code you supply must be simple and clear (well commented) as I will need to take your code and copy it into my own VB6 program. How I think it should work: After my VB6 program (with your code included)

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    ...Form (a) Intro Form with password entry Form (b) A Menu with the following options: (1) Start a new project (This option then requests a Project title. A System Title A Sub-System Title (2) Recall an Existing Project File (Self explanetory) (3) Create a Unit File (To be stored in Sub-System) (4) Recall a Unit File (To Change Inputs) Form (c) Unit Inputs:

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    Spy program Bitti left

    ...The intention is to offer a PC 'Spy' program, to collect and save all PC activity to a hidden file, on the user's PC. I envisage a Windows front end, which takes the owner's password, selects where the hidden file will be located and has the ability to flush or delete contents in the file as well as the ability to set the maximum file size. The program

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    ...a basic encryption on the files. It ecrypts and de-crytps as it loads and saves. The problem is that given a little time anyone could basically hack apart the text file and change the values in those files. It's not tough to figure it out. I need a iron clad way to continue to save and write to those files, but the files are hard-core protected and locked

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    ...There should be options to print extra receipts from previous and current transactions, which should be marked copy. Each Sales person should have an individual username and password, and the receipt should show which sales person made the sale. ## Deliverables The solution will be based around an order creation screen, which will be broken into 4 main

    €88 - €440
    €88 - €440
    0 teklifler The business is a Photography Business/Online Gallery. I plan to host the entire site on at Host Assured on a Bronze Plan and would provide the selected coder login and password to my host assured account for the purpose of getting it up and running. The web site contains two specific areas, a static text brochure style area describing the company

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    ...trustworthy database and SSL programmer to create a password protection system with usernames and passwords that I may assign to certain groups/individuals. I will have parts of my page open to the public, but for certain pages, there will be limited access--only those who enter the username and password may view the page. I would like for you to design

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    ...Ocular Pathology - Uveitis - Epidemiology - Other - Miscellaneous 4.) People who post need to register with their name and email address. They should be given a password to use to be able to change or update their fellowship information. They should be able to select if the position has been filled. I would like posters to see how many times their posting

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    2 teklifler instant messenger, client and server. Must connect to a mysql database to check username and password. This must have the following features: Good interface comparable to MSN's The server must be a linux app The client must have the ability to change fonts and do funny faces. It must support to atleast 10,000 users. The passwords are base64 encrypted

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    ...server to client program to receive text alerts. - Client program will have a Login/Password field when program is opened for user to login. - Admin program must be able to check two .htaccess files for member password. Also, Admin program should have 2 paths to change where the .htaccess files are located on the server. - Program must have an install

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    1. I am currently using Discus 4 pro ([login to view URL]) and PhotoPost PHO ([login to view URL]). I would like to share the same username /passwords as for both software. So my old users do not have to og in twice and new users regiser for both in one step. Do you already have a script for this? How much does it costs if someone would do this for me? Any offers? I would like to have also a &...

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    ...course) Information about the 6100 can be found at: [login to view URL] Basic outline of project requirements are - log-on screen to enter user name/password - menu screen (to choose from 4 options) - Opt 1: Credit Card Sale - swipe credit card (or keyed input) enter amount show verification screen submit to backend processor get

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    encryption Bitti left

    ...expensive. The only thing is that usually you have to provide the key or a password to encrypt and decrypt in the asp code so it is not very safe if a hacker has access to your asp pages. I would like you embed the key or password in a dll with the option to modify this key or password from an html page. Also I saw that the component vendors propose several

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    7 teklifler and all they would need to do to start broadcasting images is enter a broadcast username. From that point on the software would have hard coded into it FTP username and password information, along with the server path to upload the photos to. No website programming will be required as we will setup the view list either by hand, or using MySQL and

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    ...submitted work will do the following. 1.) A user will create an account using the web pages. 2.) The user will start the visual basic application. And enter their userid and password. This will load all of the values stored within their user account to all of the labels and listboxes. First time user will have most fields blank except for account information

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    ...a user a username, password, also gives them access to multiple folders (uses credit card plug-in). The user access expires 6 months from date of purchase. Here's what I need: 1. I need a control panel that will allow me to a. add a new user (to one or multiple folders) b. delete a user (from one or multiple folders) c. change the date the account

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    Key Logger Bitti left it will be characterized as a password in the program. Program must have a timely screencapture based on admin preferance All logs of everything must be stored in a nice clean format showing the date, what page it was on, what window it was in, whatever loaded. Admin panel-secure encrypted and password protected admin file where features are

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    I want to programmatically launch an instance of MSIE (6+), navigate to a site, logon using my password and ID, navigate to the search pages do 2 sets of searches and capture the results to 2 text files. Of course it isn't quite so simple as in one group of searches I'll be limited to just the first 200 found records, so if the found count exceeds 200

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