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    Merhaba cuma gunu saat 12.30 online circuit2 sinavim olacak bjt circuits yardimci olabilir misiniz?

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    Proofreading 6 gün left

    Proofread all jobs and performs quality checks for accuracy of content and style, image position and overall composition. Ensures job instructions meet client expectations. Use available systems to digitally check documents for accuracy. Receives, prepares copy for initial production stages and performs quality auditing, sampling and inspections as assigned. Cross trains in various skill sets as a...

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    Before bidding read the description carefully only for spanish person not from other country. low budget 600- 800 for the task. New freelancer welcome. DESCRIPTION (SPAIN) : This is a Speech data collection project where an individual records a set of 234 Spanish sentences via mobile application (iOS/Android) and will be paid once their recorded sentences are duly checked and qualified (above 90...

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    ACADEMIA DIGITAL PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION. Create a system that will allow Universities, High Schools and Secundary Schools to register their teachers and students into the platform. After registered, teachers must be able to upload content such as videos, images and PDFs in the platform for their respective classes. For example, the content of the grade 8 Mathematic teacher for the “Harva...

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    Need help with circuits and how to calculate

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    The name of my company is Skool Pods. Skool Pods is an educational resource company providing in-person (Brooklyn, NY- Cobble Hill) and online group education for children in grades K-12. Skool Pods also offers a solution for parents who have jobs with a quiet study hall where children are supervised during their daily classroom meeting. Our company was born out of a desire to help families who a...

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    This project is to design a simple alarm display module. The module will monitor 8 x digital inputs and display the status of these inputs on the LCD. The MCU will control the LCD and monitor the inputs - there will also be a web page for viewing status of the inputs and setting up the unit (changing the input name and operation etc.). From the LCD and the webpage operators will be able to mute an...

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    We are paying for written application notes based on our configurable mixed signal ICs & integrated power switches. These parts are very versatile so there are many applications that they can be designed for. The application note should be a 1000-3500 word technical white paper describing an application and how it uses the part (ICs or integrated power switches). Writer will be responsible for...

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    Digital class learning app. Teacher - Student interaction in the classroom like teaching lessons, student class room activity, conducting test, assessment in the classroom. Students can take test at home. Home projects. Location Chennai .

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    Budget: $200 - $300 Included: USERSTORIES, WIREFRAMES developed in ( HTML & CSS ) ______________________________________________________________________________ Platform developed in: ( VISUAL STUDIOS 2019 ) Target Framework: ( .NET CORE 3.1 ) Design Pattern: MVC ( Model-View-Controller ) ______________________________________________________________________________ Platform Descripti...

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    We supply Wireframes, and would like to start ASAP. Budget: $100 Platform developed in: ( VISUAL STUDIOS 2019 ) Target Framework: ( .NET CORE 3.1 ) Design Pattern: MVC ( Model-View-Controller ) Platform Description: Where teachers find videos to share with students with filters. Students create individual response videos to Classroom Challenges posted by the ADMIN and other CLASSROOMS. Clas...

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    Platform developed in: ( VISUAL STUDIOS 2019 ) Target Framework: ( .NET CORE 3.1 ) Design Pattern: MVC ( Model-View-Controller ) Included: WIREFRAMES developed in ( HTML & CSS ) Platform Description: Where teachers find videos to share with students with filters. Students create individual response videos to Classroom Challenges posted by the ADMIN and other CLASSROOMS. Classrooms can in...

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    I need several web sites each with Big Blue Button or Zoom and the ability to save all meetings to be available to students for the whole year. Ech site should be able to handle 1000 - 2500 students. Can you bulid me such school sites and help me host them on an elastic Web server or whatever to minimize the cost. ready-made solutions are welcome

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    two circuits. examine operation and properties of MOS transistors and simple MOS transistor circuits( model MC14007), and Identify the MOS FET parameter λ (lambda) from the plot, Record the numerical values of ID vs. VGS., Find the transconductance parameter and the threshold voltage from this plot

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    working on labs that contains NMOS, PMOS and diodes

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    Working with electronics labs that contains PMOS and NMOS and Diodes

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    Our 94 year old father just wrote his first children's book, Wee Willie. It's actually adorable. Heading off to Kindergarten is scary and when Wee Willie finds he's the smallest kid in the class, it's even harder. Wee Willie overcomes teasing and bullying as he navigates his first year in school. Each page is a chapter (about 20 pages) We are hoping to have a cheerful illustrat...

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    Hi, We are an IT company based in Vancouver, BC. I need someone to come up with a strategic sales plan to tackle K-12 and higher education schools in BC, Canada. What is the landscape? what are some of the challenges? with everyone moving to remote classroom how can we support?

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    I am looking for someone to help me create, design, and build a better online classroom. I currently have basic web design knowledge and I am able to build sites using other programs, but I want to build something customizable and functionally for teachers.

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    I am a first grade teacher and I am setting up a Bitmoji Google Slides Virtual Classroom to help my first graders learn remotely. I am trying to set up deeplinks so that they can open ups with the click of a button. They will all be using ipads. I have icons for different educational programs in our Google Slides Virtual Classroom. I would like them to be able to click on the icon and have it forc...

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    I am developing an elearning based in moodle. Additional module needed are: 1. Lesson plan for school 2. Classroom assessment Attached are the documents that need the data entry and items that need to integrate with moodle.

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    I need an expert PHP/ci developer with knowledge in bigbluebutton to do quick integration in my system to start right away in a few minutes. you have to use any available PHP API for big blue button such as [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and u will need these variables: endpoint variable, u can use this for testing [URL'yi görüntülemek i&c...

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    hey would like to hire an experience DL expert to solve my problem.......

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    Design a controller for an elevator, with the following specifications: • elevator can be called to any floor, by a button on each floor • elevator can be sent to floors by 3 buttons in the elevator • sensors (button) on each floor indicate if elevator has arrived, or is passing by • indicators on each floor and in the elevator of present elevator location (3 LEDs) • order...

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    We are a floor company and would need fast accurate take offs from plans provided so we can cost projects. Please quote for a 300m2 school classroom block with carpet, vinyl and wall coverings.

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    Hi guys, I'm looking for a logo wich can be used for my LTD. The domain is auto electrician and I'm thinking to use a car image with with some circuits conected, or a man with a laptop in his hands nearly a car doing a diagnosis or something else wich is representing the domain idea (feel free to improve your imagination and ideas). Thanks

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    Transcription 9 saat left

    I am looking for someone to listen to tapes of classes and help me organize the recordings and transcribe them I to word or some agreed medium. All in English. It’s a audio of classroom instruction for teaching a specific math instruction so interest in the topic would be useful.

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    I am looking for a writer to draft 3,000 - 4,000 word e-learning course about COVID-19 geared at 12-15 year old teenagers in a teenager friendly manner, i.e. it will acknowledge how things will be different for young people going forward in schools, at home and when part-taking in sports. The course would be undertaken by students as they return to school and there should be multiple choice type q...

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    PhD with experience who has expertise in the area of flexible energy harvesters such as TENG and Piezoelectric Energy Harvester based on micro/nanostructures, power management, conditioning electronics and circuits.

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    Hi We require Experience and Enthusiastic Faculty to teach Physics Classes for our Online Tuition Centre based in Telangana. FACULTY SHOULD BELONG TO TELANGANA STATE OF INDIA (Hyderabad or any other city of State) 1. Faculty should be Msc and have minimum 5 Yrs Experience. 2. Should be patient to teach as students forgot their basics due to no school since last 6 months. S3. Should explainphysics...

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    Compose a brief document of between 500 and 850 words (approximately 2 to 3 pages long). Your document should do all of the following: Compare at least two of the tools, examining advantages and disadvantages of each type. Speculate about why a particular situation or setting might call for one type of software over another. Think about classroom, social, or workplace experience you have had as...

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    I'm looking for advice on how to safely power 3v LED tape with 3.7v LIPO batteries for a portable signage project. Understanding of current regulators, charging circuits, PCB manufacture etc. all beneficial!

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    Need a PhD in electronics that has knowledge in electronics, LED lighting, energy savings of LEDs, circuit development, thermal and power energy circuits and actuation circuitry, software development, firmware development and sensors. Knowledge of government contracts and unsolicited proposals preferred.

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    should know how to use multisim and read ll the questions carefully in the attached file PASSWORD FOR FILE OPENING IS AC_Summer19

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    Project using a device called DAD 2

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    Using DAD 2 to build electric projects

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    hi ! i am trying to understand how a circuit, that i have found in an old device, works, and what it produces (apparently electric waves with a frequency converted into electromagnetic waves via 2 coils) i have only a basic understanding of electronics, and how components work and how they are connected, so i have managed to draw a schematic (did it 2 times from scratch same result!), but i nee...

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    need some one to a project on digital logic design ,need some one who has a good knowledge of logism [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] would be tasks every week and one project and need to make a demonstration of the project aswell. need to have a good knowledge of gates and making circuits on the logism simulator

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    My purpose for this podcast is to begin the formation of a movement toward a "culture of learning for life", which will, hopefully, blossom into a nationwide movement. Initially my focus will be on developing a following of visionary parents who strongly desire to have their child or children, who may already be in school grades K-12, not only achieve good grades in school, but be enthu...

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    Looking for Embedded designer who has better knowledge on GPIO protection circuits and MCU.

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    **Lighting designer required who works with DIALux Heres a project that I would like you to quote on, I have made a start on the GF DIALux. I would like to use DIALux to present the GF main area and entrance gallery/landing Some points… • Very few flat ceilings upstairs • Utility room is a sloped ceiling • Main living area to be zoned, they are quite keen on some RGB s...

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    Dc generators and magentic circuits questions

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    Lütfen detayları görmek için Kaydolun ya da Giriş Yapın.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store. the two website design for online tutoring the design is responsive with Mobil apps. the site should utilize high technology to present tutor to student's. virual classroom shall be integrated and the design support LTI for virual classroom. connect with social/speed optimization /security and with all features to sell the...

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    The service I am looking for is the installation and configuration of a videoconference server to integrate it with the virtual classroom moodle

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    Looking for Vitrual Classroom Software 1. White Board 2. Online Chat Reference: 1. Vedantu [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    We have a product for instant recording of classroom lectures. The challenge is to be able to record blackboard/whiteboard/green board based writing clearly. In order to do that one has to point the network IP camera to the area of interest and zoom in - this enables the autofocus to focus sharply on the writing. Now we are doing that by enabling the camera to be moved manually by clicking on a Us...

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    I run a training institute and offer online training where I release videos each week as per the schedule. currently I use google classroom to do that. I thought it might be better if I have my own platform to handle this. People should not be able to download the videos.

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