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    I need some help with qualifying prospects

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    Python web scrarping. Need to collect serveral results for 5 business categories or more from 2 separate Business Directories ( urls) , and set up python scraper for 5-6 more business categories in both directory sites. Need to collect business name, Address, telephone , email city, prefecture. The results need to be in specific database format

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    Finalization and addition of a few additional features of a mobile and web application to collect product data at retail level.

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    ...products. As a result, I need a WordPress Plugin or Chrome Extension ... that when installed, it will ... 1. Collect information from users via a registration form; 2. Track users' orders when they buy any affiliate products via my site; The main goal of this Project is to identify which user bought which product. I hardly hire freelancers from

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    ...application that will collect data and store in database. I should be able to generate reports and charts for Total usage, daily usage, weekly usage, monthly usage. It should be user friendly. I should be able to integrate this application to my existing windows application, so source should be provided. I will share about the data formats after offering

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    8 teklifler result Example search = "best basketball team" I want to collect URL of top 3 organic results (not include Adwords Ads) in CSV Columns A = keyword Columns B = url for first result Columns C = url for secound result Columns D = url for third result Each time to process data is around 10,000 - 30,000 keywords 1. The important thing is speed

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    Hi Freelancers, My name is Alexis and I am looking for a Data Entry Agency or Freelancer for a long term basis maybe 6 months or 1 year, Basically, I need someone to collect email addresses of companies listed on directories as I am looking to prepare a database for my business. I will be providing with directories and other relevant links. I assume

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    Need to collect data/ research a specific product on the U.S market.

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    We are looking for a Google chrome plugin that will collect facebook group questions that people answer before they are approved to join a facebook group. When people request to join our facebook group, they are given 3 questions to answer. When they answer the questions it looks like the below [login to view URL]

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    High Level View: This is a single page application. It consists of a wizard with multiple options that should collect input data and store them in a MySQL database in addition to sending an email as a notification. Home page: has six buttons, each leading to either a web page or a PDF file. Survey: Which is a wizard with 6 steps each presenting a

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    Project for D F. 18 saat left

    Hi DF, I got your referral from my Indian friend, I need your help with collecting my Hong Kong Visa and courier it to me....I have already booked round trip flight tickets and booked AIRBNB, and my flight is on July 12th. If you agree I will send you the service fee and courier charges once you collect my documents from the embassy. Thank you, Ravi

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    ...only the analysis of water filters for water in Germany. I need a report: SELLER'S ADDRESS DATA, CONTACT DATA, PRODUCT NAME, WATER FILTER TYPE or TYPE OF PRODUCT, Prices, and other data for sales analysis at Do you also have the opportunity to collect data from [login to view URL] I look forward to hearing from you and the price of the service....

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    You will be provided a list of 250 schools. We will provide you name, email. You will need to collect the following information for each of the schools: * Website * Country * City * State/Private * Primary/Secondary * If they have a science club The result should be provided as Excel file. Deadline: 3 days

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    ...many Tweets can be found for a keyword. I.e. if I would want the same done for a very frequent keyword with one Tweet per second on average, would it still be possible to collect all Tweets containing this keywords from a timespan up to 10 days in the past? This project is basically the prototype for a project where I would like to get the Tweets

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    I need to collect Specific dataset from authentic research paper for future research .

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    WOW! Please Read Before send me Off...block any users. 7. You will upload the both iOS and Android to store. Already Built with Webview technology Please Note: You will Sign NDA and I will test you before you collect this project. I don't need fake Guys Please. Budget is $500 100% test is sure for you before give you project Warning Regard!

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    This job will be both customer service email/chat support work and as well as data entry to collect leads

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    Please visit this website: [login to view URL] and collect the details of each squadron. Note: there are at least 1,000 different squadrons More information in the brief attached and the excel sheet to complete is also attached.

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    I am looking for somebody to write me some code, that will crawl a news feed (XML) Example ([login to view URL]) collect the Title and description and then follow the link to the source page and scrape the news content along with any media, such as images and videos. This information will then need to be stored in to a MYSQL database

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    We want to iterate through a list of companies. The url is the same ...companies. The url is the same for all but with just an index counter at the end of the url. At each page there is a company name and an email address that we want to fetch. Collect all email addresses together with the company name and send us an Excel spreed sheet with the result

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    Basically we are a small restaurant that wants to collect name, emails and address info for our soon to be released cookbook. We have a website... but I need a link to a OPENCART login register and a link back to the webpage once info is logged in...… We also have a few tshirts to sell and can utilize opencart again for that ….. Hope that makes

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    Hi Freelancers, My name is Alexis and I am looking for a Data Entry Agency or Freelancer for a long term basis maybe 6 months or 1 year, Basically, I need someone to collect email addresses of companies listed on directories as I am looking to prepare a database for my business. I will be providing with directories and other relevant links. I assume

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    45 teklifler offline and online 2) app should have ads and reward videos ads 3) in app purchase 4) Admin panel for managing categories 5) add timer and support image quiz also 6) collect point each quiz is answered is correct 7) Add social media login like google or Facebook 8) Good UI design 9) able to upload play store account I need an Android app. I would

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    This work at home opportunity is very rewarding and will help shape the products coming to market. In some cases you will even get to see products before the general public and even participate in testing them. You'll be helping companies collect data to help forecast trends and make future business decisions based on the information provided.

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    Need to collect data from website and paste into excel sheet in the appropriate columns. Product dimensions will need to be converted from mm to inches. Use [login to view URL] round to the nearest 2 decimal point 1/4. For example, if the number is 18.11 input 18. If it is 18.34 input 18.25, if it is 18.69 input

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    We have a big funnel which we would like to run. Here for we need to have some good facebook ads to collect the leads. Who is the best here to get the best results with facebook ads campaigns?

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    Hi, I'm searching person who can collect me data from internet and make it to list to Excel or Sheets. Number of individual pieces to collect is around 500. More information with PM. If all goes well, we can continue our partnership.

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    ...gross earnings of bookings of each customer so that a % of their earnings can be charged to their credit card. Deliverables: 0. Create website 1. create method to collect basic user data so that we can create an airbnb profile for the customer if they don't have one (must use our referral link). 2. integrate credit card third party processor 3. Integrate

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    develop app collect answers from the users

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    1 girdi beavers and damnage. A heavy use of the color red is recommended. Only apply if you understand this style of music and the job. All I need's my furry friends and me... collect 200 pass go saved two weeks just to take you out for treats take a chance buy me gas bitch all's I know is what this means to me pop another bullet in my pocket stay with me

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    I have an existi...card (stripe perhaps), and if not too much additional effort or cost also allow PayPal payments. I want people to be able to use their email as their username. I want to collect data on all members eg. Parent/teacher/student. I’m open to paying for a plug-in if needed, though it seems the Simple Membership Plugin will do the job.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build a landing page. complete with a database and a place to collect the emails and information from the visitors. also on the page I would like a place for visitors to sign up to our newsletter an event page where we're located at and where we'll be visiting next also a VIP in guestlist that can be downloaded

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    27 teklifler a very small web application using PHP. It's for storing the details of the internship of students. it's a simple application. with CRUD functionalities. Need to collect the data, store it, retrieve it. provision to enter payment details. The details of the development are given in the attached document. I want someone to complete it in 1

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    ...title or skill set), location. You should also be able to filter to ensure it only brings up jobs from the last 7 days. Once the data is on the screen it should go into an excel document. The type of data it should collect includes (where possible): Name of company Job title Salary Location of the role Point of contact Contact number Contact email

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    I need a team to help me collect data for leads. I need leads from many different industries. Please make a bid base on how much it would cost to get 100 leads. Thanks.

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    An expert in Deep Learning within the broader Machine Learning ...behaviour and facial expression as a predictor of academic performance. The freelancer will help in these regard: -identifying appropriate camera to collect video data -Analysis and labeling of the data -Building facial/behaviour algorithms -Support delivery of project end-to-end

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    We are a medical recruitment agency and I am the director of this international business. We are looking for someone to collect business data such as contact number, email addresses, business name, business contact, and full postal address. I need this information put onto an excel file.

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    ...truck or jeep or sports car) 50 levels to get to chalet Every level ranges in time. From 10 seconds for beginner levels to 2 minutes for later stage levels. No coins to collect, just must get to finish line. The overview is from above like “traffic run”. User will be driving always with high beams with a triangular viewpoint to see all the animals

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    Hello, I would like to find an American native speaker who will call a list of contact, introduce itself as a representative of our company, and collect emails from these contacts.

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    750 leads Specifically in Melbourne Australia and surrounding suburbs Australia located clients that are Barbers. company name, website, location, email required

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    Are you Twitter ninja? Send your Twitter link here. We need you to handle Twitter marketing for our social networking ...take advantage of Celebrity and Influencer tweets on Twitter. You will earn shoutouts from influencers and celebrities on our product. We cater to USA market. You will also collect clicks to our app links. 10 hours a week ongoing.

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    ...Pick Up/Delivery Request (iPhone/Android) with GoogleMap support. 4. Database Collection/Access is required to collected information on clients 5. An Internal Form Page To Collect Merchant/Customer Details We have domain registered and hosting on Premium (6GB) Linux Shared Hosting (CPanel) The app should be simple and straight to the point with the

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    ...created a new site with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce. We want to fix the online ordering system and have it on the new website. NOTE: The online ordering system does not collect payment. It forwards orders by email to the business and payment is collected by the business at the time of delivery. Clone of the original site - clone1

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    106 teklifler, tags & External URL's. Each photo is already assigned with tags of body features, such as Hair Color, Age, Body Weight, etc. The system currently uses the photos tag data to filter results based on the users input already with hard logic. However, we want to convert its backend logic to a Machine Learning recommender system. The website is

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    ... For Agency members watching Live Webinars I collect the following information: * First Name * Last Name * Email Address * Organization (they select their organization from a pre-determined drop down list) * Topic (This is also pre-determined) For Agency members watching recorded webinars I collect the following information * First Name * Last

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    We are a hand tools manufacturing establishment situated at a prime industrial South India, with a marketing model in which we are directly involved with the dealers in market. I need a sales and marketing agent who can book orders, promote sales, collect payment on our behalf. Attractive offers are also available for hard working personnels.

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    We are a small trading company. We receive orders from 8 customers and we give production orders to 6 suppliers. We do the following operations: Collect items cost Issue selling prices list Receive orders Pass the orders to suppliers Issue proforma invoice confirming the orders, value, delivery time, ETA Waiting advance payment Pay advance payment

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    1000 leads Specifically Victoria Australia located clients that are Barbers. company name, website, email, location

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    I need someone to go online and find 100 plus youtube videos and articles about the following: * benefits of nutritional ketoses * fat loss with ketoses * ketoses improving performance in sports * ketoses improving mental clarity * other health and fitness related benefits of ketoses and keytones Information I`m looking for would be the following: * author information such as name, e-m...

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