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    I need someone to create a PHP script that converts an Excel spreadsheet to a PHP array/object so that I can manipulate the data. PART 1 - create a form with a field to upload an Excel spreadsheet - select the sheet by name - read the sheet and convert the data into a PHP array or object so that I can later manipulate the data - s...

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    29 teklifler 1. Convert an Excel form to an attractive HTML/CSS form. 2. Insert the data into a SQL table using classic ASP script. 3. Load the form with data from a specific row. I have attached an Excel spreadsheet that is has a form to collect data. I would like you to convert this form to an attractive and functiona...

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    We currently use an antiquated excel spreadsheet for ordering our stock from our supplier. We would like to make the order form simpler and online, but for the result to be emailed to us in excel (or similar) format that can be emailed to our suppliers. The spreadsheet is attached, however prices have been omitted and will only be provided to the

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    ...Currently they use an Excel spreadsheet with formulas to figure out the pricing when talking to a potential customer. They would like to convert this spreadsheet into an online tool that automates the price estimation process. Basically, every day they receieve updated pricing sent to them via email - the pricing is in an Excel Spreadsheet. To get pr...

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    I need a PHP Script Code written to extract information from an HTML form that was completed on my web site by existing clients that will convert the HTML information into a Miocrsoft Excel Spreadsheet format. The form information is currently uploaded to a remote server and then sent to my e-mail account for viewing.

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    ...looking for a talented web developer to build a simple webapp that provides a multi-page form used to make a simple financial calculation. It's a student budget calculator (simple arithmetic & some boolean logic). We're looking to build a close clone of this form : [[login to view URL]][1] with a few enhancements and additional

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    ...create some form of online database that can run from our own server running PHP MYSQL. We already know exactly what we want as we have a system setup in excel which is what we are aiming for I have made some changes on the excel but this is all to be finalised. So baslicy i am looking for someone to more or less convert a excel spreadsheet...

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    52 teklifler some in xls format in PHP, whichwill be filtered sorted and various calculations done etc and then a websitecreated to publish the end results? ## Deliverables Design and build database and website,automatically collect data from around a 10 websites some using javascript, importing data some in xls format in PHP, whichwill be filtered sorted

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    ...searches an online database pulling search keyword field. Steps would be 1. Convert Excel spreadsheet that we have (just one column of data called names) into a mysql database/table. 2. There will be around 4000 names, these names need to used to search an online search form. The search results(which will be links to pdf and text file) would need to

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    Need to convert a Microsoft excel spreadsheet (macros need to be enabled when the excel is open) with calculations on it into a online html/JavaScript/php form that will just send all the info to an email address. I can style it with css But I just need the script working. The calculations are under the spreadsheet which I would want kept hidd...

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    Convert the attached excel sheet into a php form that submits and presents a result. All the? formulas? are simple and complete in the excel sheet with the instructions. Feel free to contact me for clarification ## Deliverables See attached spreadsheet for calculations

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    This project is to develop a simple financial modeling web site. You should be experienced with financial modeling (for example in Excel), and be able to write code in PHP and HTML and upload to a Linux Server. Create a PHP/HTML page where the user can model the following scenarios: 1. Up to 5 rounds of investment funding (Series A - E). 2. Ability to

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    Convert an excel spreadsheet into a php program that will query a database, perform calculations based on a specific algorythm, and output the data into 3 separate forms. ## Deliverables * * *This broadcast message was sent to all bidders on Saturday Jul 12, 2008 12:54:37 PM: I am developing a car buying website designed to help car buyers

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    Phase I Create web form to collect information from possible candidates to be on a TV show. Data submitted through this form would need to be stored in a database, csv or tab file. An employee would need to be able to download this data in csv or tab format to be imported into a proprietary FileMaker Pro database. The employee would probably download

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    ...have investment calulators written in excel. We want to convert the excel spreadsheet data entry and formulates to php. We want to offer this caluclator online to our clients. We are calling this product The Prophet - Done-For-You Deals Wealth Wizard All the calculations are done and in a spreadsheet (see attached). Our members should be

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    **I HAVE BEEN LET DOWN AND NEED THIS DONE ASAP PLEASE!!** I Have a simple php application that needs to be converted from PHP/MySQL to JSP/Oracle. The current solution reads an excel file that has been uploaded so this will also need to replicated. Perhaps Apache POI? Or similar free/open source module. The solution must work on Red Hat

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    PHP to JSP Bitti left

    I Have a simple php application that needs to be converted from PHP/MySQL to JSP/Oracle. The current solution reads an excel file that has been uploaded so this will also need to replicated. Perhaps Apache POI? Or similar free/open source module. The solution must work on Red Hat Linux as well as a Windows Platform. Deliverables are:

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    **_Work Scope_** **Purpose:** Need to create an application that we have created in an excel spreadsheet and convert it flash, php, or perl type application. Preferably we would like a flash or web-based application. It needs to have the following abilities: * Input data interface: data from CSV or delimited text file. (Import and/orpaste)

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    ...want an Excel spreadsheet that allows the 'user' to enter data into that spreadsheet (standalone), where that spreadsheet has been designed to have pull down boxes etc. to make data entry faster for drop down type options. Then through a PHP script/HTML form (that you need to provide), allow the user to browse their filesystem for a spread...

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    I seek a PHP programmer to convert an Excel spreadsheet to a PHP 4 script. The Excel spreadsheet will be provided to the winner bidder. It already contains all the formula's to do the math. The PHP script must be stand-alone and not rely on Open Office or other spreadsheet code or components. Your role will be to build an interfac...

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    Convert existing 9-sheet Excel spreadsheet to on online, multi-user subscription format. 9-Page tabbed interface. Each subscriber can save/open their data. Data can be exported for import into possible future database style version. (ASCII). Both to file and to screen. Security: Needs to be in a secure login environment. All formulas need to be protected

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    1 teklifler a web form. With this form, we want users to enter information that will then be captured in a database. I beleive there will be less than 5,000 people registering in this form, so I understand Access database will work for this. Is this correct? We want to be able to take this database later and convert it to an Excel spreadsheet so that printer...

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    ...CUSTOMER, WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT COME. IF IT DOES NOT, I WILL HAVE TO CANCEL IT AND I THANK EVERY BIDDER IN ADVANCE FOR STOPPING BY. Convert an existing Real estate financial analysis EXCEL spreadsheet with calculations into a windows based application. We will provide all the formulars used in calculation. The application will be of two

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    I am looking for some help on a internal Intranet form for database entry. I currently have an Excel worksheet (macro) that works as follow: A magnetic card swipe inputs customer # into an input text field which dumps it into a column, then a barcoded coupon is scanned and enter into another column in the same manner. The two are then merged

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    I am a newbie, please excuse my ignorance. There are 2 main components: [login to view URL] password access system. It will be secure, automatic and built using PHP and mySQL. Each user will have a username (their email address) plus an automatically generated password. Passwords will be changed automatically each month. I will be able to initiate a change at any

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