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    Can you help me on this? Let me explain a bit about my business. I'm promoting an mlm program. I have an ebook that my new downlines need to have right after they sign up in the merchant's page. I don't want to do send the ebook every day or week manually, checking the new downlines signed up recently and send the ebook for them. I want this to be automated. I recently visi...

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    These are both Drupal websites. ? This project is to make CSS changes to an existing site to replicate a background. The existing site: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The background to replicate: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Not only should it be blue stripes, but also the slight shadow that surrounds the ...

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    PROJECT #1: Develop a solution that will calculate the average temperature, given a set of temperatures. The number of temperatures may differ from time to time. (Use a trip value to stop the processing of the loop). Test the solution with the following 10 temperatures: 78º 90º 85º 80º 87º 83º 75º 90º 86º 70º PROJECT #2: Develop a ...

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    We have a 1.8gb file in MDF format (Microsoft SQL server data) We need to convert this to sql for usage on a php application so it is easy for us to import all the data into myphpadmin (mysql) This data will be used on a Joomla website so basically we need to make 100% sure the data you convert can be easily imported into NON MICROSOFT sql server like mysql. The job is only to convert ...

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    We're looking for a developer to create a series music lyrics web site using a single, common database for lyrics. The coder would be responsible for the following: - Working with our designer to implement the look and feel. We will supply CSS and images. - Capturing and populating our lyrics database. We'd also need an automated process for updating the lyrics as well. - Databa...

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    Hi! We are looking for someone to organize a Open Source project (please, don't laugh!) to create a 3D courier simulation game (according to a survey we started in some well-known sites for coders, there is some interest in playing and helping to code and design such projects). We have some programmers, too, which will join when their current projects are done, but you will have to find so...

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    Need to build Online Classes. The ideia consist on the student can buy via paypal a quantity of classes then he will receive automatically a user name and password to access the online channel via Livestream. Livestream API - Required Knowledge and skills: 1. XML 2. Basic understanding of REST 3. Any programming language.

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    Task: Both iPhone and C# projects will be provided. The ready made iPhone/iPod application (a questionnaire application like) need to be reconfigured. The application use the SQLite driven database to store information about users and their activities. The tasks (questions) are placed to the XML stored in the database either. (XML format will be sent) The app reads the pro...

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    hello, we are looking for only experts in seo. Currently we have 6 projects with us. we are looking for optimization for keywords like :- affiliate marketing work from home earn online weight loss web hosting search engine optimization and so on . NOTE:- only bid if you can get website on top 10 ranking. payment will be only after getting ranking. no escrow no advance. we a...

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    We require an Access program to allow users to input data into cells and then send via smtp through Outlook to one of a predetermined list of email addresses. A record of all users messages to be kept and logged on a database. Would need to have a user profile area to set up User name, smtp account settings, data source etc. Ability to allow users to view all their messages, search etc. ...

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    I run a site that allows users to share videos (adult content). They are currently allowed to view videos with out signing up, but most sign up to upload and share videos. I would like to create a feature that prohibits them from watching more than 10 seconds of video with out creating an account. After creating an account they may watch 15 seconds of video, but to watch the rest they would ne...

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    As discussed in 10/27 email. Please bid $175.

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    it's a strange question, but does anyone have database access to Naukri or Monster (india/romania/other offshore countries) that they are willing to share. Just bid how much would that cost for me to share with you.

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    €27 - €227
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    I am not a programmer or techie person. I have a website I have been volunteering to help with that is on an unknown server. I only have FTP access, not access to the server. I want to forward the emails that come to me to my gmail address. But I don't know how. I tried doing it in gmail, but I still don't get the messages. I need someone to explain to me how to do it. I can't give ...

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    I need someone that is proficient with PHP. I need someone to program a facebook application. Here is what I want: I want a program to take a snapshot of my minifeed then take the objective data (i.e. John Doe is now in a relationship at 7:32pm) and put that into either an excel spreadsheet or in access. I want to be able to take a snapshot of my minifeed every 3 hours or so. This s...

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    We are developing an application mostly already coded in C++ for Microsoft Mobile OS 5 platform. This applications currently is developed for HTC Advantage 7500 Pocket PC platform and needs the following: . C++ code to integrate into our C++ ATL (active template) project file and allow access to the VGA cameras for FRONT and BACK cameras . The code must be in C++ VS 2005 compatible and must...

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    Organisation website 1. Front-end: dynamic and static contents - Presentation of organisation + areas of activities + Projects + Objectives + Contact - Queries/Feedback sheet - Industry News aggregator: content specific of keywords provided and related to organisation's activities - RSS feeds - RSS, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr - Photo gallery - Video gallery - User regis...

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    as [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] worker need.

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    I have a custom form that web site users fill out information.? The information is stored in an access database and is also emailed to me for review.? If a particular company is already in the database then only the rating information is stored to the database.? If the company is not yet in the database then all data is added to the database. If there is any problem with the form the user is ...

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    I would like a Web Site designing for my own IT Services Firm. We are a small IT Solution provider based in Preston, Lancashire UK.? We provide all sorts of IT Services to local businesses.? We don't currently have a Web Site.? So we need someone who can design and build a web site for us.? It will not be a dynamic web site at the moment.? Just 4/5 pages describing who we are...

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    I want to design job site similar to I want the site to have the following capabilities: 1. Ability to source and display any jobs listed anywhere on the web on my site. People would be taken to respective sites where jobs originates. This site will not have CV uploading features. Basically creating a crawler to take input of site URLS' and store it a db. 2. Ability to send t...

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    Hi looking for someone who can take an excel book and transform the 90 or so charts in it into dynamic charts that are created by data that is stored in pivot tables. I also want help automating several processes in Access (at a later time) - so this is why I want the access assistance & the same for SQL. The charts are just line charts but lots of them and I'd like to also ad a...

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    Hello, I need someone who will submit our affiliate program details to all free online affiliate directories. We will also provide you the access to our link exchange page so when an affiliate program requires a link back, you will be able to add the URL to that page and upload it directly. We will provide you with all the details required like %, signup URL, two tier affiliate info, pay...

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    Urgent business card project - deliverable is an editable .PSD file to be used as a template to print business cards for many employees. Logo needs to be sharpened as it is a low-quality image and we do not have access to the original. Logo and layout are attached. Quick turnaround (within 8 hours of acceptance) appreciated!

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    1. I need a great graphic designer to create about 60 banners, maybe more. 3 banners for each category 2. The size of the banner 915 x 236 3. Each banner will be for a specific category. 4. Example : Business, Nature, Sports, Web Design etc... I will provide you with all the categories. (see example attached) 5. They must be unique and very attractive Please bid on cost per b...

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    €27 - €227
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    This project is to create a free Open Source Screen Reading program for the Symbian Operating system which uses free multilingual text to speech tointerpret what is on the screen for blind, visually impaired, and illiterate people. ## Deliverables This project is to create a free open source Screen Reading program (Screen reader), for the Symbian Operating system using free open source packages...

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    Configure and test a MediaWiki with LaTeX extension at the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] hosting service for book publishing. Configure the MediaWiki as a LaTeX production tool designed specifically for scientific book publishing (Cover, table of contents long and short version, cross references, footnotes, tables, pictures). Features: - Multi-language s...

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    This is a challenging website scraping project that is likely to require a lot of time. I need 5 sqlite databases of information relating to these topics: military hardware, airplanes, birds, space, famous art The databases must contain at least 3000 records each, and every record must have an image associated with in (in a blob field called "imageContent"). I do not care where you get t...

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    Currency converter application for our buy now page. Users given a selection of currency's in which to select for conversion of our prices. ## Deliverables Hello, On this page of my website ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) there are four prices listed above the buy now buttons. Up above the '1 hour trial', '1 hour trial + 3 h...

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    I have roughly 1000 sheets that have to be posted to you and enterd into 3 databases (the sheets are already separated by what database the have to go into) and then posted back. The sheets consist of hourly customer counts for a day and are very simple to understand and enter. taking roughly 5 minutes each to enter. The databases and sheets must then be posted back.

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    We are looking for a NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKING person to take an MS Excel spreadsheet (see attached sample) and convert it into an MS Access database file using the attached template ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). Please view both files and understand the format that we require prior to bidding. You must use the attached database template for the output, ...

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    I am looking for someone to write 10 quality articles in the make money online niche!

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    The articles are assigned to categories by the author. Other users can Comment and Vote on Articles, the articles with the most popular votes will also appear in Category Top Lists. The portal also has messaging (internal email), so that private massages can be sent between users, etc. The author of an article can rework their article and post it as a new edition that begins with a cle...

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    Hello, I have 5000 emails in my inbox on outlook web access. 1) I would like to save all email messages 2) I want a list of all email IDs who sent emails to me. So you have to somehow export the ids (they are not sved in a list yet) You have to go through all 5000 messages I think this is a very eazy job. Need this in the next 2 days!

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    Free PBX Install with A2Billing in a 2 server high availability installation. Please not: if 1 server makes a change all server need to be updated within 1 hour of change We will be using [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] round robin dns to complete this if possible or a [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ? product if necessary. We w...

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    €453 - €907
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    Hello, My website is currently being transferred over to word press. Most of the content has been moved across, approximately 70% of the work is done...I just need a word press professional to finish it up by Monday! - Tidy up the buttons - Add the rest of the content - Add 6 plug-ins - Add the blog (design already provided) - Test to see it's all working okay This is the situati...

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    Need a programmer that can associate the form fields in a simple Access database form to a linked CSV file. Special Notes: Amenities Checkboxes: all selections need to output to same cell with field name and semi colon separation (see entries table for example). Categories Listbox: all selections need to output to same cell with field name and bar separation (see entries table for example...

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    Hi All. I want someone who is well versed with ms access to create a simple database for me. The database has to be create with two table, one form, and one online data access page. The Data Access page should be able to fetch data from the table when any user searches any records from the db. This is just simple project to test your skill. I am having more long term projects for a dese...

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    A central server or client based application should be able to collect the details as listed below and store all details in an XML file for later retrieval and display in a windows form. No application should be installed on each client. Following are the basic requirements: 1. Identify when a PC is connected any ware in the network in a given domain. 2. Identify when a PC have started or st...

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    We are looking to create a new section to a website, which basically will allow us to list investment projects in China. Users will need to register before being able to view and search projects from their account. There should be both free and VIP users, with VIP users having access to some of the features that free users would not have. A search function will be available for visitors to sear...

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    hello i have 5 captcha projects need serious teams not individuals waiting for bidding and rate is also good in pmb give me ur y id and without pmb bid not accepted

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    Need projects Bitti left

    Hello We are looking for people who could find web design/development jobs for my company. We are a huge company with over 7 years of experience. From each project a commission of 20% from the profits will be awarded. Jobs can be ranged from: 1. Web designing 2. CSS / HTML 3. Theme Development 8. Graphic designing 9. Any kind of Joomla work 10. Any kind of Wordpress Work Any oth...

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    Have an app in MS Access. Wants to allow customers to download the application but the app should be locked until we create the license key and send to them. Need someone who has experience in creating license key system for apps. Pls bid if you a. have demonstrable experience b. can accept payment via paypal and c. have good ratings on this site. Thank you

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    Hello, We are looking out for professional writers for a long time Job. We want writers who can write high quality articles and can easily deliver 10-15 articles in a day. Our main concern is quality and we want only writers who can write high quality articles. Our price for 500 words original article is $1.5 and for rewritten articles its is $1. We pay only through paypal and payment is...

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