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    ...and uploaded files. 2. form creation that would be served as submission forms for users. 3. when forms submitted, they would be saved in the database, exported in its layout as a PDF file and added to a reports list of all submissions for each type of forms, a list that can be exported as an excel file. 3. FTP server where XML files would be sent and

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    82 teklifler race times (xml data) • Sort list numerically and format for further manual data entry 2. Create a plan to further automate the entry of this manual data entry from additional sources (pdf table to excel) (extract data from email). This planning and development to be ongoing. Website [login to view URL] 1 Select date

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    ...Apps through the Google Store. Objective-- The successful bidder will create a set of components to build business-process applications based on a database masquerading as a multi-tabbed Google Sheet with reports created using Google Docs. I will use these templates to create client-specific customization providing the required application for individual

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    ...copyright belongs to us. Only developers who have created Radio streaming apps before, examples to show. Hosting provider is Voscast. For the radio player some data will come from Voscast XML file and some from our current Wordpress website, you need to work out if you need to install an event plugin such as the 'The Events Calendar' that gives start

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    ...Extraction or CV Extraction, is the conversion of a free-form CV/resume document into structured information in JSON or XML format — suitable for storage, reporting and manipulation. Input:This parser will be used to parse thousands of UNSTRUCTURED resumes in html, word (doc, docx), rtf, text, rtf and pdf formats. Resumes will be in English language to start

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    ... Build a API connected online form for a PHP. platform To submit the application using a series of secure HTTPS requests. Produce an XML document structured according to the schema provided. Use the supplied documentation to create a web form that connects to a online database via API (see 1 of 3 attached PDF documentation, i will supply the other

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    ...sure of that. 2. Add a super admin role. To group companies in groups, where admin's can access. 3. Modify company wizard 4. Add Invoices import feature. - Create a script to read xml with invoices information and update database - All files with same code in name are related, so if i send [login to view URL], [login to view URL], code_qwerty

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    ...essentially would like a web based interface to input configuration data and it outputs pre-formatted XML files for VOIP Phones (Yealink, SNOM, etc). They can then connect to this web server and collect their provisioning files that have been generated and it configures them based on the output XML configuration files this will generate. Initially, we are

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    22 teklifler hotels. The website should look professional, with a rich graphic design. Every new agent will be able to register his business (form) Reservation platform will only be implemented on website as link w Form: Company name Company Registration number Travel Agent / Consortium name Licence number Address (matched by google maps auto fill)

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    Hello, I am after someone that can build a website that captures data from a form and converts it to a pdf format. The plugin needs to: *Allow users to login *Fill in a form *Pick a pdf template *Convert and Export To PDF The plugin will be used to create and edit Resumes on a website. It needs to have high security and allow the

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    I need you to re-create a portion of a SaaS. It will require the use of Twillo API for text message and Stripe API for payment. Please apply and message me to see the SaaS information and further details. From there you can submit your quote. Project Overview: You'll login to our account and clone portions of the SaaS and it's functionality. You'll

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    Overview: User submits a form on our website. The form data is sent via an XML post to an API using CURL. The API sends back a response code (see attached PDF for response codes). **The form data submitted, already goes to a MySQL database. Everything is working currently. I know the form posts successfully as a 200 response. But you are...

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    ...project is to replace thesis form with the our eForm solution and an application (user interface – called UNI-App ) to support this solution. The project aims to create the application side of the UNI e-Thesis project. Note that the UNI e-Thesis project exists out of 3 parts: • Application: This will drive the e-Form solution and is the topic of

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    We need a wordpress XML API Plugin coded for our clients group of websites. Background Info / Application of Project: Plugin pulls XML data from provider, provider is a car listing service ( local ). Plugin then pushes data to create a post, custom type is already setup with input fields. Data is then pulled to a nice search & listing area

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    Create webapp Bitti left

    Hi, Create a small webapp with following functions: User Panel: 1. Create a form(based on my jpeg template)(in html/xml/ or any fast light script) 2. Provide user interface to fill form manually with limited fields 3. Provide option for autofill of form from uploaded/provided pdf data 4. Store data in database 5. Add barcode/q...

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    In this task, you choose the type of data that your application should handle. It may e.g. be data of persons, CDs, books, etc. It need not necessarily be data describing real, existing objects, but your data will be such that you can manage it in a meaningful way. To obtain a Pass, your application must meet the following requirements: • The

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    ...(Choicepoint or ISO Verisk), create a quote, process to accept or decline a quote, create a policy, payment process via visa or mastercard, The functionality of the application is as next: Quote Request process. User can request quotes for car or home owner insurance. It’s required to create multiple data entry form based on different rules and criter...

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    ...on that selection, be presented with a list of data elements that would need to be entered to index that doc. Two parts to this, the user interface and a management interface where the document types and indexes would be defined by an admin user. The admin portion would allow the admin user to create different document types and information that would

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    ...with the new info. 2.Create their user ids and passwords online from the website. They should be able to enter the related data of the clients or content with forms. Once they saved the form they can not change or delete the file or folder unless Super Admin can give the permission to them. Also there should be request form to Admin to do this task

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    We make our calls as follows: java –jar [login to view URL] [form] [pdf] For example: c:oinsightbitwin>java -jar [login to view URL] FL-App-for-Certificate-of-Title-82040 filled form = the file being updated/filled with data. pdf = the new/updated form presented to the user. [login to view URL] assumes: - A directory named forms e...

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    XML to PDF Bitti left

    Hi 1 We Create a PDF form ( we do it , we can change the layout format of the form any time we need) 2 We define data field with Adobe Acrobat, and assign these data field to the specific result in the submitted XML~result xml file . [login to view URL] A script to put the data in the result Xml data to the PDF...

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    ...we would like to keep just "Save" button on create-invoice.php. And when user press "Save" then others buttons appears on a page like "Download pdf", "open pdf" and "send invoice" buttons. But page should not be refreshed. 5. Search in database functionality. When user enters few letters into input form and press &qu...

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    Objectives: • To create one app through QB SDK which will have following two functions: 1. To import transactions directly from EA (Our in house data entry software) to QB. • Currently, our in-house software EA is optimized to integrate with another accounting software “ Access Dimensions” only. So, a small modification would

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    I am exploring the idea of using an HTML Application (HTA) file to create an application to run on some client PCs. In order to see if this works I'd like a basic HTA application created as a proof of concept. It must all work client-side (no server) on PCs running Windows 7. All PCs will have Internet Explorer installed. I appreciate that HTA is

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    ...product sold on the website will be a dynamically created affidavit. Once this affidavit is purchased, a form will be presented the user which they will complete and submit. Once submitted, the website will need to create the affidavit in a pdf form which the user can download from their account. Important features and pages If a user purchases multiple

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    ...not much knowledge of Object Oriented programming, I mostly do C code. I struggle with creating UI interface with multiple form talking to each other. I also have problem with implementing a database backend to a multi form Interface. I manage to do it, but it far from the right way to do it I'm sure and cause issue when I try to expend the application

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    ... Main Requirements : Display PDF files Print PDF files Convert text and image files (gif, png, jpg, tiff) to PDF on the fly Fill and save interactive PDF forms Markup PDFs (all PDF annotations and text markups supported) Digitally sign PDF files Content editing Redaction Access jPDFProcess powerful PDF manipulation API Text search,...

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    We are in search of a developer/designer to assist in the design and development of an extranet website which will be used for the management of data input by users from different sources. Once a user logs in he will be shown a homepage which shows a small rotating banner with images. These images must be able to be uploaded by an administrator

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    XML PROFESSIONAL PHP MAGENTO PROFESSIONAL TO CREATE ORDER FORMS AND RETRIEVE DATA We need an XML Professional who can code a magento PHP order form to retrieve buyer data from magento into the xml order form and submit that order to our distributor automatically. We also need XML PHP Form to retrieve tracking numbers from our...

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    ...Network and tried to re-create it with all of its extended features. File [login to view URL] is attached. The idea is that we will fill in the form by updating the XML, then create the new PDF file from that XML. Because it is free, we used iText, and followed this book: [login to view URL] Our Java program, PDFServlet

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    SUMMARY: need to inject some parameters value (defined on a VB.NET form) into some fields of a dynamic LiveCycle form - plus few additional feature within the PDF form. Hi, We have a VB.NET application to manage the creation and edition of dynamic PDF forms (fishing trip logsheet). The fishing vessel parameters are entered once for good in this

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    Digital Form Editor - Create forms from PDF (used for forms that you or your business use regularly that are paper or PDF) making them digital. - upload a PDF form via dropbox or Google Drive or open from an email. - identify the fields where text is to be entered (drag and drop like iannotate) select fields such as: text

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    ...text to mysql - xml and vice versa. Another Java Program will be able to make calls to it and get data in the form of Java Collections and XML document and do other API like functions. It should run on command line. We do not need any GUI at this time. We already have similar Java project that converts csv / mySql to PDF and vice versa.

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    ...text to mysql - xml and vice versa. Another Java Program will be able to make calls to it and get data in the form of Java Collections and XML document and do other API like functions. It should run on command line. We do not need any GUI at this time. We already have similar Java project that converts csv / mySql to PDF and vice versa.

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    ...text to mysql - xml and vice versa. Another Java Program will be able to make calls to it and get data in the form of Java Collections and XML document and do other API like functions. It should run on command line. We do not need any GUI at this time. We already have similar Java project that converts csv / mySql to PDF and vice versa.

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    Editable admin through a password protected admin page. Role-based Admin AccessScript admin: create as many users as we want and give them different access to the property listing admin. Administrators have full access to the back-end, options, installation code while editors can only edit property listings. administrator password recovery feature

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    17 teklifler the PDF form. __________________________________________________________________________________ Previous project: We have data on our website in XML form. We want to create a PDF using Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional that, when opened, will load the data into the fields we specify in the PDF. The user will not dow...

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    This project is designed to form the basis of cross platform compatible projects which is why it is to be developed using XML and JavaScript. The resource will form the basis of application and site security to Authenticate and Authorise users. The prototype application will be based on the C# programming language within the .NET framework and used

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    ...all browser. We need create framework according MVC pattern. So this framework will help us to complete module/ template programming faster and secure. User/User Permission/Menu/page (form or content)/tab/Template and module can be Manage. Backup database. Help. Few Field, dropdown, tab & button = page/form, Few page/form = 1 module, Few module

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    ...printer should create a PDF files with the document image and an XML files that holds the print information and additional user input. Usage Workflow This is a description of how the product is expected to be used: 1. The user will install Nipendo bDox Printer on his local machine 2. One of the steps in the installation process is a setup form to be filled

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    ...built that will take XML data submissions from my online rental application and create an easy to read PDF rental application that only shows the data that is submitted. So, basically if someone has a co-applicant then it should show the fields for a co-applicant and they should be populated with the data that was submitted by XML....but if they ...

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    ...will NOT be able to edit, nor access the original database; I will be able to modify all apects of the 'form'; in the database. 2) allows you to create your own custom forms for storing information on your iPad. 3) Data collected on the form can be stored as a record and searched at a later date. 4) The forms are unique in that they support the

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    i need an APP developed ASAP. I need the framework Ipad App requirements: ' 2) allows you to create your own custom forms for storing information on your iPad. 3) Data collected on the form can be stored as a record and searched at a later date. 4) The forms are unique in that they support the following: 1. Multiple Field Types – Choose from

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    ...with Acord XML Standards that also has experience with PHP5. The XML data will be passed from an insurance software company used in property casualty insurance agencies. We need the XML data to automatically fill in the form we have created using PHP. We already have the form and PHP coded but just need the XML data to load into the...

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    ...ImageMagick, jQuery, Ioncube) 3. Create THREE database tables in MySQL (detailed table and field designs provided) 4. Create ONE CakePHP MVC class to encrypt/decrypt strings using Base64/AES method (example code provided) 5. Create TWO simple REST interface classes in CakePHP that return simple XML responses (example XML provided): - REST MVC Class

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    I have an incomplete software in Java, in this software you can modeled in an intuitive form, mental models, actors can be added, you can add activities and can make relations between the actors and activities and can make relationships between activities and other activities by arrows within a JScrollPane. You can save this information as a file

    €88 - €175
    €88 - €175
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