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    Create an image of a clock that looks like the clock in the attached image but it must be a complete clock (not half a clock..). Remove the clock from the attached image. So as an end result, I want two images: 1. Clock 2. Attached image without the clock You must use photoshop for this project.

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    Project is simple, I have layed out the info (images and text) to use in cute flow chart of sorts to be made into a .jpeg graphic. There will be THREE total graphics for three charts. ******SEE ATTACHED PDF of content****** What YOU will do… - Play with font size/style/color (no green, brown, yellow, white or orange colors) - Play with size and shape of the images I provide - Pla...

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    Project is simple, I have layed out the info (images and text) to use in cute flow chart of sorts to be made into a .jpeg graphic. There will be THREE total graphics for three charts. ******SEE ATTACHED PDF of content****** What YOU will do… - Play with font size/style/color (no green, brown, yellow, white or orange colors) - Play with size and shape of the images I provide - Play ...

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    I have some basketball pictures that I need to add some motion graphics to, similar to the file attached. Ideally you can produce several individual figures from my photo's and also potentially create a website background on the ning network. For even more work, if you can design in CSS, there's a bigger project on the table - if not, no worries, let's just get the photoshop desig...

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    My Bike Garage Bitti left

    I am creating a game for mobile platforms that involves characters working in a garage. I need 6 mechanic characters designed in the style of the attached file. These are the brief descriptions of the characters. Fat Character Old Character Young Character Scrawny Character Bikey Looking Character Grungy character Characters to be rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Must be supplied as ...

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    Looking for a skilled, creative individual to create a set of 10-20 token icons for a website. These token icons will be used to symbolize various levels of achievement that a user attains while using our website. These icons will require the skill of a freehand drawer, be original, distinctive, and help define our brand, which will be explained to those who submit a competitive bid. Graphics m...

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    hi there i am in the final stages of developing my website and i need some final adjustments before i go live. 1 - there is a glitch/bug in the website somewhere that makes thumbnails, images, icons and graphics disappear then reappear whenever you scroll over them. i need this bug found and removed. 2 - the shop by side bar is not filtering products correctly and i need this fixed and fully...

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    I am seeking bids to construct a dating/social media website that will serve the gay adult male market. I have example sites that that I would like to reference for functionality and graphics (visual feel). Additionally, I would like to incorporate a mapping technology that would show members online from a map-view. This would be a view option, in addition to traditional list and thumbnail v...

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    We are looking for a talented team or individuals to under take an interesting Flex based web application. Project description: This is going to be a flex based application allowing users to design and create their own custom garments using the tools available within the application. Good example of similar application would be “spread Shirt” see link for more details [URL�...

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    Hello, Please see attached for a file that has 3 specific product images of a motorcycle. We are attempting to create an animated 'bike map' picture that is similar to the below URL. We will provide a zip file that contains the 3 product images, as well as the product and image assets that need to be encoded. Further instruction will be provided once bid request is accepted. Ho...

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    If you own an iPhone and can speak a 2nd language (English (UK), French (France), German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Arabic, Thai, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Malay, Romanian, Slovak, Croatian, Catalan, and V...

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    I need a graphically pleasing, inviting graphic for my Facebook landing page that will impress new visitors and establish their image of my company and brand. I will provide base graphics.

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    We need a C# class ported to C++, optionally with performance enhancements. The class reads a fairly simple file format and creates a bitmap. The C# version works 100% - we just need it ported to C++ and are open to any performance enhancements offered to the C# or C++ versions. Will provide the source class to anyone on request before bidding. ## Deliverables [URL'yi görünt&uum...

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    Hello. I'm seeking for an art designer, to rebuild all the graphics, for an iPad/iPhone game that I made. These are what i'll need ------------------------------ Game Logo Game Icon (512x512) Characters (the cubes), with different emotions, like happy, sad, scary, tongue outside of the mouth. Sun, Clouds Menu Buttons, restart,back to menu, sound on/off, etc (All the buttons and ...

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    Please read though this entire post before bidding. Do not bid if you can not meet the requirements. Looking for long term project with an experienced craigslist poster Hello I need some craigslist posting in the services section of craigslist. The cities to start will be Austin San Diego Los Angeles Chicago New York These will be the first one and then they will rotate. You need...

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    I need a good graphics person to create simple images for an android app I am building. You can come up with your own design or I can show you a few app designs I like. 1. Splash image, about 480 x 800 2. Index image, about 400 x 200 3. icon image 4. and images from below You can create one splash graphic and use the same thing to make the smaller images. I need the psd file a...

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    Simple graphic design project just need a graphic designer to help create and add borders and text to our graphics. A total of 8 graphics and size 768X1024. Examples: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Looking for a lo...

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    Are you good with graphic design online? Can you take a basic Wordpress theme like Thesis and make it snappy, cool, and pretty? Are you handy with custom CSS? Can you design good logos, header graphics, and banners? Can you take a raw HTML form code from an email list management system like Aweber, and style it into a nice look with a custom button and cool design? Can you design and implement ...

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    Hi- You recently did a project for the user "mrsrjp" to create banners. The project was called "header graphics" We were very pleased with what you created for mrsrjp. We need you to do the same kind of project for the same pricing for the following domains. ----------------------- Here are the urls and the areas they apply to: [URL'yi görün...

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    Hi There, We are starting a new fashion jewelry website and we need a logo and overall colour scheme/look for our site. We will also need to incorpoate this look into flyers / web advertisements. We are working off a template which has been installed but not modified at all yet. Our site can be seen at [ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]][1] For a colour t...

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    We are developing a new Video Slot with FISHERMAN theme The game is 5x3 Reels (25 Lines). Game can be SIMILAR to games by: IGT ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) WMS ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) Bally ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) Novomatic ( [URL'yi görüntü...

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    I need the attached layout design to be implemented into a functioning WordPress website. The menus must be custom menus for the main navigation and the sidebar. A banner ad plugin must be installed to allow administrator to manage banner ads. The plugin should be user friendly and allow to include shortcodes anywhere on the site. Another plugin should be installed to allow slideshows wit...

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    I need a programmer who is experienced in iPhone development, specifically coding for a Truth or Dare app. What I'm looking for: - You must have at least 200 hours on oDesk - Minimum 4 star rating - Ability to do both code work and UI design - Graphics design is a plus I NEED THIS TO BE COMPLETED QUICKLY. If you're interested in this project, please respond with some examp...

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    hi! I am looking for someone who can adjust my Joomla template to the design I am looking for. This is the template I am using: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I want to change a few items. Should be pretty easy. Looking to adjust the center graphics to be a series of FLASH images and words. So I need to hollow out the POSITION 3 to hold the FLASH. I ...

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    Need website designed for recording/music production site. It will require js query, possibly flash, and audio player for streaming, with the option of viewers/listeners to purchase and then download music files. This site will be a site that will allow web views the ability to actively listen to music through streaming and also allow for uploading audio files for streaming. The site will als...

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    We have a WordPress website at a2zmedia dot com that we just created and just need some Web2.0 graphics throughout the site that are consistent. Our company is an Internet Marketing company and we need the graphics, images, icons, etc. for all of the pages in order to break up the paragraphs etc. The first thing we need is a simple call to action section on the main site that says something l...

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    I have a website registered. I have no design or template currently. I just want a basic page where the user can log in and create an account with a username and password. Once an account is created the user can login and upload to the server 2 photos of a specific size and a link to a website. There should also be a spot for a logo on the page which I can replace myself. Also an area for a d...

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    ****Design Brief: 2 new graphics needed for new website**** Please see detail requirements Regards, Johan Gold Coast, Australia ## Deliverables **Design Brief 2 new graphics needed for new website** ** ** **The Product: Number Plate Frame example (see image in ZIP).** ** ** **Web site name GR8 PL8 Australia (another way of saying Great Plate). This site is under construction...

    €27 - €4546
    €27 - €4546
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    This app will allow users to message other iPhone users in a unique way, and allow those message receivers to respond in a similarly unique way. It will have only 2D graphics, only a few screens, no multi-user modes, and will communicate either via text message (for non-game owners) or direct game-to-game messaging with simple graphics and text (for game owners). It will store limited data and wil...

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    This is a project that will be done in several parts. I will break up the milestones accordingly. The point of the project is to create 9 new WordPress websites that will drive income via Adsense. These sites are all oriented around a specific niche of online games. 1. Domain Search for each online game to identify the best possible domain for the site. I will get the domain myself, but ...

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    Website let you share your google+ feed with other social networks. Example: ping dot fm (function) I need the site to run on google app engine and preferably made with python, java, etc. User should be able to sign in using google account . Example is: gglpls dot com (model) Addition: the basic sign up will be free but I need a means to sell premium as a strolling message on the side mu...

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    Hi! I need really eyecatching grapichs that fit well into my website. There will be one graphichs in the top corner that will show on ALL pages, this would be both online and offline graphichs. Also there will be special targeted graphichs that will show for people visitting special pages on my site. This will be different from the above graphic, but they should be the same "theme&q...

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    We are looking for a: Journalist/Corporate Magazine Creator With the following skills: Perfect knowledge of English/Preferably Native Speaker Professional experience in journalism and/or public relations Very strong interpersonal and communications skills Experience in capital markets, forex, stock exchange or other derivative instruments trading Knowledge of other la...

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    Hello, I need a small website with around 4 pages. The main page needs to be a landing page. There will need to be an area where a video starts playing, a form for quick fill out, and the phone number. I will need GREAT marketing graphics. The site will be a Tax Settlement website/landing page in order to capture clients from google adwords. We need a call to action form and we need it to...

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    Hello Dear designers, Here below am given the full works details.. except game server pls tell me your coast and details.. Need Better then contact me soon as possible.. Thank you mail me[Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin] Dear Sir, See below these works needed.. Here is list of development s...

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    Need very fast turnaround on a simple app. App will have a graphic map of a park, list of features in the park and iOS browser to display the park website. I need it built as a Universal App as quickly (but correctly) as possible. Will immediately follow this app with more work - guaranteed - if you do a good job. I will provide a PSD file with all graphics needed and ready to go plus full support...

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    We need a comprehensive International WebShop in multiple languages and currencies. Also including Mobile WebApp Solution for mobile devices (iPhone/iPad etc.) Build using Linux, PHP, MySql, Drupal, UberCart, WebApp, etc. including graphics. As we are selling vitamins, some of the vitamins is restricted in some countries, and this needs to be adressed in the solution. The coder and/...

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    I'm sorry to limit this project to writers with Jewish background only, but the topic is specific to the french speaking Jewish community. Please place your first bid for 7 articles, 500 words each. Thanks.

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    Today the techniques of traditional animation, cinematography, and computer graphics, animations are often used in combination to create new hybrid moving image forms. So I want to create cartoon movie (animation) where I mixed techniques. What I need from You? 1. One person I need who can draw illustrations for animation. Better technique if You draw in vectors. When You bid pls tell me in...

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    I need a very simple yet professional web page created. This page is going to be very simple and will not need a lot of work. This is going to be the front page for my websites affiliate center. I have all the sub pages created, but, I need a front page for navigation that looks really clean, glossy, and professional. This page will include the following; Top page "Business Cent...

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    Hi freelancers, I need some PR6 PERMANENT Contextual Homepage Backlinks for my 4 MNS (micro niche sites). My buget is $50 for all project. I know that my budget is small but if you can provide some PR6 Contextual Homepage Backlinks please bid. In your PM please tell me how many PR6 Contextual Homepage Backlinks can you provide for each MNS. Some rules: * Page Rank is for page that h...

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    I am searching for the right candidate who is able to: 1: Improve the graphics and overall image of an ALREADY EXISTING website. - the site is only ONE PAGE - the site is very minimalistic and simple - the majority of the improvements will be minor alterations such as font sizes, styles, coloring, for OVERALL COHESION and a POLISHED PROFESSIONAL LOOK ...

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    Animation for web site. Public Service Announcement Style, 15-30 seconds. Submit revised story boards and final animation. (previously I didn't know someone else was working on the story boards that are included as examples.) ## Deliverables 10 storyboards required before starting animation. Storyline is below. "Stock" images of characters are attached. This should be a white bac...

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    The business concept in WINE If you have done graphics and design in WINE, please post your work. If not, please send me your work that is the most impressive. I am looking to award this project ASAP, and get this task done. I am looking for people that can thoroughly communicate in English, and understand my directions. Please post your BEST BID. You will be responsible for: Logo ...

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