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    ...developer to fix and update my website's landing page. Website is fully functional as of now, however my previous freelancer could not meet the design specifications. The following changes need to be made to the website: - Fix layout and size of the entire website to match my adobe XD mockup image - Fix Font sizes and logo size to match mockup - Fix bac...

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    ...know how to fix this I need someone who can do this. Also the size of the website seems not to be exactly defined. The website is: [login to view URL] I have all the texts, pictures, pictures, css-file, html-files. So all I need is: -Definition of size for laptop-/desktop-version -Maybe size definition of background image ( which I can fix) -A version

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    ... See the attached PDF for the details and the examples of the old and new design of the webshop. You can see the current webshop on: [login to view URL] --::BACKGROUND::-------- We have a custom build webshop that has been build using PHP Codeigniter. The webshop is selling Whisky / Wine / Rum and more (Alcohol drinks). Recently we have

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    I am struggling to get a full screen background image as part of the [login to view URL] for a DEMO of a Python web app hosted on Pythonanywhere.com. I'm looking for a developer familiar with Python, Flask, Jinja and Bootstrap. This is a 5 min job for somebody who knows what they are doing. However, I expect the successful candidate to help me again many

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    ...our customers to toggle between prices that have included VAT and excluded VAT. I have come as far as I can with my limited CSS knowledge but now I need a professional to fix the rest. As you can see in the attached image, the tax toggle is located on the left in the topbar. It should be located to the right in the topbar, where LOGOUT currently

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    ...installed a new versión of the template Alaska into our site [login to view URL] and it is need to make some minor fixes, for example: - Remove space between main menú and below image - Make than the images below main menú fits wide screen - Replace red color in some places like signup button, top right triangle, round icons (like in Backups Available)

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    ...design-suggestion for a background-image or some kind of graphic element beside/behind the text in the banner-area of a mockup-website. Site is: [login to view URL] To be perfectly clear about what you should improve: I have squared in the area with red where I want you to improve: [login to view URL] Please note: The css is bit off, so

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    looking to hire someone that can fix some minor changes in my email template on mailchimp. This person will need to know css, html and be comfortable working with table, rows and columns in html. Important that the person has experience with making emails look good within outlook my business is a business to business company and most of the people

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    I have a simple page that needs a quick fix. Problem: The background image is repeating vertical when site responds to mobile view. Fix: I need a CSS html expert to correct this so that the image does not repeat vertically when viewed view mobile devices (small screens). However the background image must still be response and cover the ful...

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    Need some CSS/HTML issues fixed. Very quick, small job need done ASAP. Wordpress theme. I need 3 quick CSS fixes to fix background image, icon colors and menu size.

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    I need to fix some problems in ionic project. I will detail it page by page: Start app: • The video when finish has to go to next page automatically (I don’t want to click done) • I don’t want to see the viewer controllers if it’s possible • In Android I don’t want see the player image before video starts Slide content: • All s...

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    I have a website that has a background image slider using HTML/CSS, but the transition is not smooth. I need someone who can fix this so that each slide fades into the next one instead of white background. No jQuery as this will be turned into Wordpress site. link: [login to view URL]

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    ...That is good. Except it needs to be more like the menu on [login to view URL] where the background isn’t grey but clear while on top of the home page video image it doesn’t hide. Then after it passes it, it should behave exactly like it is now with the grey background. However, responsive hamburger icon for main menu for smaller screens. While the link

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    ...That is good. Except it needs to be more like the menu on [login to view URL] where the background isn’t grey but clear while on top of the home page video image it doesn’t hide. Then after it passes it, it should behave exactly like it is now with the grey background. However, responsive hamburger icon for main menu for smaller screens. While the link

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    ...in designer: ADD: Hight protection of images in Design ideas => Designer - prevent from user can see image url and can download image or can remove layers above and show image. Protect images also on product details. ADD: Make lower design idea image resolution only in Designer and on product details. When Save or Make Order design will be in full resolution

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    We are building a Woocommerce shop and want to stylize our page to match another site. This will be some CSS/HTML changes but will also require some customization to Woocommerce to add new product information fields that don't currently exist. The site that we want to replicate is here: [login to view URL] I can send a link to the development

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    Fixes for [login to view URL]: 1) The CSS styling is not consistent for page headings for category and authors views. On the front page the heading titles of articles looks good. However if you switch to view a category or authors posts the heading sizes change to larger font. This styling needs to be all made the same as the front page for a consistent

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    Hi, I have built a simple website for my startup ([login to view URL]) using html, css, js and need help from someone knowledgeable to fix a few small bugs and add some new features (I am very new to web development). I know exactly what I want and have detailed requirements as well as some code samples - it’s just a matter of refactoring/adding

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    ...'Upcoming Events and Important Dates' (see screen shot) 2. On home page there are two jpg images that have backgrounds which don't match. Redo these image as transparent png files so the website background color can be seen behind them. 3. On home page, when an event is clicked it shows a popup with event details. The top right has a close button, print

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    ...separate CSS sheet for the calculator. In addition, need to add the calculator to our home page without breaking the code. #3 On our landing page with the instant quote calculator, the background image header I am unable to update or change out - Create a module or something to help me make it easy for me to add and change that background image. #4

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    ...need to be made. You will have MONTHS to complete this project :) 1. Add a live interactive collaborative whiteboard with tools like in paint. Must be able to download png image of whiteboard. Must be done as described on this page (Step by step instructions) - [login to view URL] 2. Make SEVERAL changes to UI throughout this

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    We need someone to fix style issues with our bootstrap home page. The live page can be seen here: [login to view URL] The updated page should work under Safari, Chrome, IE Edge and Firefox. The attached file stack_refresh_desktop shows the pages comp. The following issues need to be corrected 1) Around 1100px wide the

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    Common Changes: - Change all prefic to it. - Change all class and function names without any disorder on plugin. - Change all prefix and structure of CSS and JS file and make .minify and put beside main file . - Remove all comments and description on whole plugin. - Change all files/folders name without any disorder on plugin. - Remove all extra

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    ...functionality. may be some minor plugin fixes but not creating new. all modification are about css, html etc very simple and you will be provided an image of before and after to see how it should look. -Add logo to the footer (app logo) -Add an Sticky bar -Fix some plugins which make thing load a little bit slower -change currency switcher look (switcher

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    Hi, I have started to build my simple website using bootstrap 3, html, css etc and need help from someone knowledgeable to fix a few small things/add some features (I am new to web development). I have a design of exactly how the pages I need should look and the current code - it’s just a matter of refactoring/adding to the current functionality

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    I changed the background image on my website, [login to view URL] , you can see the pretty trees and fall season colors. For some reason though, the blog posts like this, [login to view URL] have a different background image showing? Why is this happening? I need someone who is an expert

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    ...the html5/css is having some issue with display size in mobile, and also large screens e.g. 24" . Hence we need a website developer that is familiar in troubleshooting in html5/CSS for the following issue: 1. To fix background image not appearing in mobile, we are using parallax effect - It does shows up in desktop PC (either CSS/image ...

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    simple 30 min job to fix a background image on my website. i have the bg image pre-defined in the css, however, for this page only i need a different bg image. need someone to do a screen share and quickly walk me through it. should not take more than 15 minutes if you know exactly what you are doing... thanks

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    Hello, This is a simple project that involves some CSS customization. I need someone to fix the CSS on an image gallery, change the color of the background div, and customize a hover state when you hover over the image it should show the Project name/label over the image.

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    I need someone to Add a background image to the title area of the blog page and fix the way credit card logos on the cart checkout page. Its using the stripe plugin but the images are not displaying correctly. Would like to to appear like the attached image.

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    ...the site origin visual editor. Despite my attempts at setup (page full width and background photo set to cover) and some CSS tweaks, the homepage image is not resizing correctly for different size screens. I would like someone to fix the setup and write some simple CSS code to auto resize the photo and text/buttons. Once done I'd like you to explain

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    I am looking for someone to make some tweaks to my website. I posted this before and have managed to fix a few of the issues that I had myself, but there are some that remain. The website is: [login to view URL] Right now, it is still very much a work in progress - the screen shots within the iphone for example are all placeholders and are not final screen

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    ...typical work (non PHP HTML, CSS and Wordpress settings) between $15-$35 an hour, We understand the need to make a living and can be flexible regarding delivery times as long as the work is ultimately solid and the agreed upon deadline is met. Our current punch list for [login to view URL] (Salient Theme) is: > Debug / fix responsive display issues

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    ...live, not big deals, it is basically CSS & event plugin integration: - Global: fix card styles to variable height properly. Now if the card have a loner title it could looks ugly. See home first card on the center. - Homepage: fix the CSS of the banner (behing the title of the site), if the background image change the size, all is moved, should

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    ...(used to work, currently not working) * On above the fold sliders the green square behind the tagline needs to be implemented in CSS (now part of image, which we need to change) We need a solution for mobile where the image cannot really be seen * I’d like a different top menu on these two pages [login to view URL]

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    ...[login to view URL] If you can see, the main image is not loading on my site (the url is [login to view URL]) Why so? This is the first thing i need to be fixed. Its very easy and literally a 2 min fix for people who know html/css Secondly, on the main website ([login to view URL]

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    Put new background on. Change all text to white or black (whichever makes it appear against the background) Change Promotion Stuff/New Arrival/Best Seller links. Show me how to change the color of those for future Fix Products on Sale and Current Top Sellers containers to show three wide. located on home page. and look nice! Lessen gap between

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    hello i need someone web designer with knowledge into bootstrap, php and css to - fix some bootstrap issues (2-3) - made the website work full responsive (bootstrap) - add website background image (the background , in small monitors the background will disappear i think) - add fonts that i will give him/her - add me one modal that i will give

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    Hiya, i have come up with a list of things i require done to my site (before launch) that i either can't figure out myself or don't have the time to learn to fix (ie CSS/PHP isn't my thing). Ideally, i will be able to find one user who can do all of this for me at once, however if you are unable to do any of the requests that's fine, i can find someone

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    ... I am in need of a CSS expert to help me fix some things with my OpenCart website's design. 1) The header (menu links) is fixed but once you scroll down about an inch or so. I need it to be fixed from the very beginning so as you scroll it remains fixed rather than looking jumpy like it does now. 2) Background cover image. We have turned the

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    ...the jpg/psd. 1.3.- Titles not alight on top of app with button. Review and fix. 1.4.- Review login and logout. Session control. 1.4.1- Some minor bugs and basic changes such us insert logo instead of text in login screen (logo provided), same buttons width, background image, pop-up design , block scroll in login and new user screen), fit login when

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    Hi feelancers I need a little help with some css on our wordpress site [login to view URL] Step one: Add live search to out theme on [login to view URL] . We use the wordpress plugin searchwp to get better results , i need this to be a live search . the documentation for their live search feature is here : [login to view URL]

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    I need someone to be able to make the background image editable via a banner rather than CSS I need someone to remove the map on the content page that is set to default. The product zoom function doesn't work - please fix The remove from cart button has disappeared -please fix To be done in the next 12hrs

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    ...JS and CSS too. I suspect that is the reason of my plugin called “Woochimp” can’t work properly too. Please fix it. 2) Increase the WP Memory limit and PHP time limit of Godaddy Wordpress Manage Hosting 3) Typekit can’t load I am using the typekit web font but now can’t remdering correctly. It may crash by render-blocking JS and CSS. Pl...

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    very simple bootstrap css fix for background image for responsive breakpoints, no time wasters, I need to see the result first!

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    very simple bootstrap css fix for background image for responsive breakpoints

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    ...attached document. The Upload of Images and Changes of images size within the grid should be EASY. I will need to see a working demo preferably a video (different size image upload) - on your hosting how the upload of images is done and how are they managed on the website. This needs to be clarified before you get the job. See attached document

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    Hello! I want you to fix something for me. Im a noob in photoshop, and therefor i will need some help from you. First... i want you to this background-images ( menu ). Want you to make it to be perfect! [login to view URL] On the left side i want #333333 to the light brown color ( as you see on the picture ) on left side.

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    Need to make "cosmetic" changes to my Wordpress site, mostly involving CSS. But there may be some html and php work. Mobile: *Need to make font bolder and larger for article text. *Fix margins for article text. *Make menu bar more horizontal *Make sure next page button is only clickable once. (Most times you have to click twice to open the second

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    We are trying to get our site to have similar background / footer [login to view URL] Our site is [login to view URL] which we used image attached (harris used a wood background and crabs as footer) We need to have programmer give us code to use image [login to view URL] We are using a wordpress theme [login to view URL]

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