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    We are looking for an artist to storyboard and draw a manga based on a script, the general synopsis is about a trip around east Asia. The comic would be a short story 6-8 pages long, with potentially additional cover art. It is important that the art-style be cyberpunk. We have style guides and references to help artists but are open to working in your personal style. Looking for portfolios and proof of past work. Extra points if you did some corporate work before.

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    Phat Werld Radio 5 gün left

    I need a logo and backdrop I am just looking for logo designs to do some hobby-level podcasting. The name translates to fat world radio or (Phat Werld Radio) the podcast will be centered around techno, trance harp, cyberpunk, and cyber music.

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    I need a prestashop specialist to optimize my dedicated server settings (apache config, php config, sql, etc). Currently on the dedicated server runs centos 7 with aapanel I have apache installed but we may decide to change if this is needed. Nginx or Openlitespeed. CPU E3-1230v6 4 cores 3.50 Ghz 32gb ram ddr4 ssd 480gb x 2 Aapanel Prestashop 1.7.8 php 7.3 mysql 5.7

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    I'm in the process of completing a music EP under my producer name: EmDm. The title of the EP is Life, Death and Robots. Its a play on the cool Netflix show Love, Death and Robots. The sounds are futuristic and I'm looking for an artist that can do sci-fi art. The themes are: dystopean future, protest; cyberpunk, a friend's suicide AND crossing over to the next plane Want more info? Check out my website or ask me!

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    hi we need a simple invoice system in sheets + app scripts. user selects items, adds 2 basket, then prints invoice and stores data in history tabs -price for it will take 1-2 days. -stage 2 will have +- a another day (not included or priced in this unit) thanks more detail. imagine you are at a country fair and selling clothes. you have e3 clients waiting in line with x items each. process will be -you add the 3 items from client 1 to basket maybe remove a mistake and add correct item. -then you checkout and send items to invoice and enter any order level data there including how they paid etc. -then you point and store data then you clear basket and start client 2. at end of day you print daily $ and review the history (filters) you will need to improve the UI as well to mak...

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    I need website developer like this website

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    ...futuristic cityscape that includes specific details/art I can provide for the Neon lights/advert boards). City Details: - Animated Billboards - Custom Neon Lights (I have building names lined up) - One core dominate and towering building that is bigger than everything else (this will be my HQ) - Bridges - Moving trains/cars? - Lightning in sky? - Rain? Art Style Details: Art Style: Neon Noir, Cyberpunk, Synthwave, Realism, Retro Future Dominant Colour Scheme: Green Size: 1920 x 1080 Animation: Looping (rain, neon lights and advertisement boards that rotate maybe 1 minute - 2 minutes long) I will only consider artists that have a portfolio/example of doing similar projects in the past. Example of cityscape I desire: Cityback drop example:

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    I want to develop a boom height control system for agricultural spraying using the lidar sensor system. It must receive the soil part data and work on different crops. I intend to make a raspberrypi based system using a touchscreen. Or a system using manual buttons, or even an android app that communicates with the syst...rchitecture_fig1_348640286

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    First we need the sketch of the yacht design which contains Futuristic Sci-Fi CyberPunk elements then need to move towards 3d model of the yacht. The base model needed to lock the camera angle and then digitally paint pass in the model. CyberPunk - Sci-Fi Reference Art Style - ( Digital Paint ) Reference Camera Angle - ( ISO View ) Reference Base model of yacht is needed in 3D with all wireframes and layers specification. After it will see the small iterations if required , Base model should be detailed and clean so that it can be used further for the Traits/Variations addition for NFT collection. A reference pdf is provided along.

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    ...code. The camera manual is also available. A few links that you may find helpful (although they don't provide the answers I need): (SDK) ネットワークカメラの調査-sony-アクションカム%E3%80%80 I would like to develop an app that does exactly the same thing - receive video data via Wi-Fi, but from what I searched, the maker does not provide any documentation about how camera does that. What I need is the following: - How commands should be sent to the camera (e.g. cgi / http, port number, websocket) - Some basic commands, like Start / Stop stream - The port used by camera to stream

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    Trophy icon Re-imagine my product Line Bitti left

    ...text content and logo and colours, you are invited to use your own fonts/designs, vectors, icons etc. I need you to look at my inspiration and design a new product label. You are invited to design vectors, characters, logos etc and layout the design. Extra attention will be awarded to custom characters / vectors / logos / which are designed. the inspiration behind our brand is Japanese future cyberpunk. So think futuristic neon, anime, fashion, and camo, gritty underground. - See inspiration images folder. Let your imagination go wild Additional Inspiration: Our future website: Restrictions: Size: 155m x 135mm The label content, icons, characters and vectors you create can be designed in any format but needs to be converted and uploaded to canva as individual

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    I have a fashion startup and looking for designers for the next product. Need to design a shirt along the lines of techwear (kindly research) fashion which is a subculture of streetwear. I don't wish to go overboard but still stick to the philosophy of "form follows function". If you're someone with profound interests in pop culture, anime, technical gears, sci-fi, noir, cyberpunk etc. then this might be the opportunity to push your creative limits. If you find this appealing please contact me.

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    1) Migration from a physical server on-premises to cloud server. Details- Right now, we have a box running 4 virtual machines under ESXi. One runs a Windows 2008 server with FoxPro Database and the other 3 run Windows 10Pro that we work from. The physical server is a Dell T330 with 64GB RAM, Intel Xeon E3-1220 v5 @3.0GHz, and 4 x 400GB SSDs configured in a hardware RAID producing 200GB, of which 85GB are in use. The files are mostly in 3 categories: - Database (3+ GB, shared access with multiple users making frequent changes concurrently to multiple files, high-speed access required for concurrency) - Images (11+ GB of which over half is archival. Mostly read-only access, except for original creation. Accessed occasionally, one at a time. High-speed access required only when ...

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    Trophy icon cyberpunk Icon design Bitti left

    The task is to create a cyberpunk style, futuristic, minimalist creative logo icon (icon only) for Prometheuz, a Cutting edge AI agency focusing on future use of AI and its applications.

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    Need someone who is experienced in server configuration and MySQL databases. SQL queries are currently very slow getting a response from the server. Operating System Control Panels - cPanel & WHM on Centos 7 Latest Memory 64GB CPU E3-1240 V6 @3.7GHz CloudLinux

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    ...are specified as unsigned integers - The sequence of edges is not ordered in any specific way. Output: - It is one line. - Contains no whitespace. - If errors are present, print te first of below listed errors (e.g. if E1 and E2 are present, print "E1") - If no errors are present, print the route using the representation as described below. Errors E1 - Input syntax error E2 - Logical input error E3 - Failed to find a suitable route Logical input errors are duplicate definitions of edges, specifying either a start or destination node (second line) that is not actually defined in the graph(first line), disconnected graphs, or more than one shportest path found. Output representation: If there were no errors and the shortest route is found, the nodes should be printed ...

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    I need a 3D artist to build a 3D room (20 x 20 ft in size) in the cyberpunk style. Please see pics as references. I need the room to be delivered in .blend file.

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    I need to create 3D virtual rooms in various styles (cyberpunk, cafe, modern, high fantasy etc.). These rooms should be around 20 x 20 ft in size. The projects should be delivered in .blend file. Some of the rooms reference pics are attached.

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    ...ATVs, SxS, Trophy Trucks, etc) that's a plus for me. I’ve attached things I’d like to have done. Exterior - New Paint Job - Keep the vehicle color silver - with black accents/trim. - Black Grille - 6” Suspension Lift - Larger Beadlock Tires - I’d prefer more wheel vs all rim This is more along the lines of what I’m looking for with wheel to tire ratio: I do not like this it is way too much rim: - New Fenders above the tires - Winch - Tube Step Running Boards: Example: - Steel overland bumper on the front and rear: Front Example:

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    ...based on: - Episode "Zima Blue" of Love, Death and Robots - Episode "Ice" of Love, Death and Robots - Series "Tron, Uprising" The card style I'm looking for is the one uploaded, information similar to a real card, this one looks worn, but I want a different theme, so steam engines or something like that. The theme of the card images and the card itself is SteamPunk with Cyberpunk perks, or in this case, it can have Cyberpunk elements and Steampunk elements. The card itself will have some variations, they will have common, uncommon, rare, epic and mythological cards. The card will be very similar, but the common ones are simpler, where each rarity that increases, some more detail is added to the design of the card or the color is change...

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    ...a diseñar todo tipo de piezas visuales. Ahora… única y exclusivamente nos interesa tu perfil si cumples estos requisitos: - te fascina (a veces a niveles obsesivos) la ciencia ficción y la fantasía. - Eres una persona interesada en la mente, la filosofía, la espiritualidad y todo lo relacionado con el potencial humano. - Te produce una sensación acogedora/cozy las ciudades distópicas del cyberpunk… aunque… no quieres un futuro tan negativo… pero tampoco el extremo opuesto de las utopías. Quieres ayudar a construir una Protopía (si no conoces qué es eso, busca en DuckDuckGo “protopia Kevin Kelly”) En tu propuesta, debes incluir: 1. Tus 6 obras favoritas de ciencia f...

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    15 teklifler worlds. Your job will be to help us design all kinds of visual pieces. Now… We are solely and exclusively interested in your profile if you meet these requirements: - you are fascinated (sometimes to obsessive levels) by science fiction and fantasy. - You are a person interested in the mind, philosophy, spirituality and everything related to human potential. - The dystopian cities of cyberpunk give you a cozy feeling... although... you don't actually want such a negative future... but neither do you want the opposite extreme of utopias. You want to help build a Protopia (if you don't know what that is, search DuckDuckGo for “Kevin Kelly protopia”) In your proposal, you must include: 1. Your 6 favorite works of science fiction and fantasy (...

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    I'm a developer that wants a portfolio website designed. The key features are the ff. 1.) Showing off my work (different production websites) 2.) Volunteer work. (community talks). 3.) An about and contact me section. This can be one or two pages dependent on the design. I want personalized graphic art to be created as well with the key branding of adventurous and cyberpunk similar to one of my requested commissioned graphic art below. I would also want to explore parallax effects and animated parts (but not too much). Still want to achieve a clean website. Output should be a design placed in a wellknown viewable prototype e.g. figma or adobe xd with a desktop and mobile version.

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    In this project you are required to develop a machine learning application for the board game below: Rules: 1) Each player has 3 pieces and the initial configuration of the board is given above 2) You are supposed to use the indexing given...program is supposed to ask if the user will be a human or a separate program. If the user is another program, the best is to have inter-process communication to get the actions of the other program. However writing the actions to a common file can also be a simple and quick solution (Open to discussion). Then the file name should be an input to your program The file content can be as follows: e2 e3 ……. So the white player can write the first move to the file and then start waiting for the black player process to generate the next l...

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    Hi, I have a city model I want to hop on a call with someone and want to explain how I want my cyberpunk city model needs to look! I can show examples, Images, and references that I already have! I want you to do lightning and send me a rendered image or video to look at! And this should be done in the blender! This will lead to a long-term project too!

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    I need Electrical drawings created to obtain an electrical permit. E1 - legend,symbols and abbreviations. E2 - Removal work. this was done by local thieves. E3 - Floor plan lighting, homeruns and branch circuit numbers. E4 - Floor plan power, homeruns and branch circuits. E5 - Panel schedule, lighting fixture schedule, riser, details. E6 - specifications. more details to follow.

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    ...(Blender) is a MUST 3. Experience is Adobe Photoshop, Procreate is a plus Concept Artist Qualifications 1. Strong drawing skills, with a specialization in concept design 2. Knowledge of anatomy, costuming, cyberpunk 3. A minimum of 2 years experience in Photoshop 4. Experience in Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter & Zbrush is a plus 5. Solid awareness of facial expression, pose, posture, gesture and movement Character Artist Qualifications 1. Ability to draw in a variety of styles, researching the look, style and genre 2. Knowledge of anatomy, costuming, cyberpunk 3. A minimum of 2 years experience in Photoshop 4. Experience in Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter & Zbrush is a plus 5. Solid awareness of facial express...

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    Hi, Magento: 2.4.3-p2 Dedicated server: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1275 v5 @ 3.60GHz, 8 cores Ram: 64GB NvME: 512GB Cloudflare Centos 8 Nginx MariaDB Redis 6379, 6380 Varnish WebP (Magefan) I need better PageSpeed results: Mobile over 80 GtMetrix: A PingDom: A I have access to Amasty, Mirasvti, Swissuplabs modules for speed optimization if you need them. No core files modifications!!! Do not bid if you have some questions!!! Only final bids!!!

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    Looking for a talented pixel artist with great experience in designing and drawing cyberpunk style arts for website. Need a creative artist with rich experience in cyberpunk field. Can be long-term cooperation. Please add cyber to the first line of your proposal for checking if you read carefully. Thanks.

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    data scrape around 800-1000 images into google spreadsheet. enter price / name / number / and create an image url for us. basically the above, basic data scrap into google spreadsheets. There is a website, i would like data scraped from. It is in japanese. please try t...the name in japanese, entered into google spreadsheet, and that it looks a little different from the website, so i want to delete, the condition, and the brackets, asterixs, and breaks in the title. thankyou. data to be scraped from these two searches data;

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    79 teklifler the US. I am getting more gigs at clubs and I want a more professional and looping animated DJ logo that I can have displayed on club video walls when I am performing. My DJ project name is DJ Mercury, it is based around a character that I play when I am DJing on stage. The character is someone who has time travelled a thousand years into the future into a dystopian cyberpunk era so I would like the logo to have a cyberpunk vibe to it. The name DJ Mercury stems from my initials matching the atomic symbol of the element mercury Hg. So if the logo could also include some reference to that atomic symbol that would be cool as well. The logo must have a looping dynamic animation to it to be more eye catching for an audience. Attached you will find the previous logo that I us...

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    ...release. Im doing this all private, independant and alone. A passion project of mine that i pay straight from my own little pockets. Im ready (almost... when is something really finished tho? xD) with my first song, and i need art and design for that first single release. The sound is synthwave-ish, pop-ish. Trying to go for an "epic big sound". Im looking for a pretty "dark" and dystopian, "cyberpunk", cover. I found two images online that i think could fit 100% to what kind of feel i am looking for. (attached) A dark night city. Neon lights. And a "silhouette" of a man (the n8walker). "Inspiration 1 - n8walker". I think this image is perfect. But the image could allso be that he is standing far away, looking, thinking. Ju...

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    243 girdi new configuration. I tried visual studio code and arduino ide using marlin and klipper and I’m having trouble figuring it out so I need to hire someone to do it for me in a way I can upload it with my slicer software. The body of my 3D printer is all original Creality CR-10 S5 which is the biggest I could find which has a 500 mm by 500 mm by 500 mm build volume. I put in Big Tree Tech SKR mini E3 V3 mainboard, Micro Swiss direct drive feeding, Dragon fly hot end with cartridge style thermistor like e3d that can read temperatures over 500 Celsius with 12 volt 70 watt heating cartridge to get over 500 Celsius temperatures and upgraded hotbed to get up to 180 Celsius. I upgraded my 3D printer so I can 3D print in all filaments on market and even make my own by recycling pl...

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    The game is a PvP third person shooter set in Cyberpunk universe. I need someone to create 5 levels in sci-fi/Cyberpunk style in Unity (the result should be 5 Unity scenes). - I will provide basic schemas (drawings) for the levels. - They also need to include skyboxes to match the style (possible to use free ones from unity asset store). - Levels do not need to be huge just enough for two players to run around, hide and have a shootout. - The game is for mobile platform so needs to be optimized for that. A good example of what I'm looking for is the game Mech Arena on Google Play. Images to give the idea of what the game looks like.

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    20 teklifler new configuration. I tried visual studio code and arduino ide using marlin and klipper and I’m having trouble figuring it out so I need to hire someone to do it for me in a way I can upload it with my slicer software. The body of my 3D printer is all original Creality CR-10 S5 which is the biggest I could find which has a 500 mm by 500 mm by 500 mm build volume. I put in Big Tree Tech SKR mini E3 V3 mainboard, Micro Swiss direct drive feeding, Dragon fly hot end with cartridge style thermistor like e3d that can read temperatures over 500 Celsius with 12 volt 70 watt heating cartridge to get over 500 Celsius temperatures and upgraded hotbed to get up to 180 Celsius. I upgraded my 3D printer so I can 3D print in all filaments on market and even make my own by recycling pla...

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    Hey, I would like to create a 2D character art for my upcoming game. We have 8 different factions, with each character having a unique style based on the factions they are from. I have at...are interested, let me know what other information you would like to have, before we get started on having you design the character. Price is not a problem as well, as eventually we'll like the artist to create a series (20+) of such characters if we do like the work he/she has created. If everything goes well, I can book you for the remainder of the year. We are building an extremely large cyberpunk world and we have 300-500 commissions available if you are able to do them. Do send us an offer and we will use the first piece as a test of your abilities :) have a great day Let me know wha...

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    My series is a cyberpunk world about humanity dealing with the repercussions of a rogue AI that caused the entire world to be on the brink of destruction, I want other writers to create stories in connection to my main world using outlines and ideas.

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    I'm looking for a high-quality "Graphic Designer" to create a variety of graphic content for my company. - Logo - Branding Kit - Social Media Kit - Website Graphic Content - Infographics - Other Miscellaneous Graphics Wizardry Crypto is a crypto-based technology company. The style I'm looking for is like a combination of cyberpunk mixed with all things magic. Or like technology combined with magic. I'd also like an emphasis on visual effects. Please link any examples that might show what you're capable of in regard to the requested style. If you have any questions or would like to talk, shoot me a message! Thank you for your time!

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    I'm looking for an artist to create a female cyberpunk 3D character model T-pose delivered in FBX or OBJ file format and a file with clothes, textures and colours. Polygon requirements are anywhere between 20,000 - 100,000. I will send you the moldboard for this character to clarify our vision. If you are interested in taking on this kind of project, please give me a general quote and a timeline based on this information for the required character design.

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    ...the wall. Proportions height to width 1 to 2. Drawing in the style of the series Arcane A view inside the bar, where Deadpool, Venom, Star-Lord, Billy Butcher are sitting at a table in the foreground on the left, and Rocket is going for a beer. On the right side of the stage is Imagine Dragons. Harley Quinn is on the pole nearby. In the background, Death is playing pool with Terry Pratchett. A cyberpunk raid is on TV. Not far from the table is a guard - John Wick. Additional Easter eggs are welcome. ...

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    I'm looking to have a collection of 3333 randomly generated NFTs created. The art style we're looking for is cyberpunk. The NFT would be a PFP (chest and up, forward or slightly side facing) The animation would be to tie in the music aspect of our NFT project. Looking to have certain layers animated to sync with the music. Total would be about 200-300 visual layers (not all would be animated)

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    We are in need of a trailer video. It is a cinematic trailer for a metaverse. But we need the renders and animation and everything since we don't have gameplay footage. It will be 15-30 seconds long. Our metaverse is modern, elegant style. No Sci-Fi or futuristic or Cyberpunk, just plain modern and elegant Reference Video; like this one Metaverse Website;

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    i need 3d cyberpunk designer and also a animator

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    ...playing this Cyberpunk Red -roleplaying game together. It is a game that is played only in the imagination of the players. We use papers, pens and dice to help with details. Drawings help with visualization, but no-one of our friends can draw. So i come to "" with this small drawing project. I want to enhance our games, by presenting more visually available picture to my friends, so that they can understand, how does the character i play, look and appear in reality. So i need someone to draw me a picture of the game character, that i play. Here is some information related to the drawing of my character: World & surroundings around the player: - Futuristic world, year 2077 (You can Google Cyberpunk for pictures, try different words l...

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    I want a logo for a game, it is called cyVeRpunk, with emphasis in the V and R letters, so you can overread it and make it clear that it is a vr game. ** The title-logo have to contain the name. ** It is a vr game **...with emphasis in the V and R letters, so you can overread it and make it clear that it is a vr game. ** The title-logo have to contain the name. ** It is a vr game ** It is a shooting game. ** I want it in svg format so I can open it later in inkscape. ** The aesthetics of the game are similar to the ones in cyberpunk 2077 game and both bladerunner movies . ** Similar vr games with different theme are: crisis vrigade 1 & 2, pistol whip or superhot VR. ** its not called cyVeRpunk 2077, there is no number in the name. And btw, dont use the same ty...

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    We are a Tech Services company, based out of New Jersey, US. Responsible for the full cycle of Sales and recruitment. · Involved in marketing profiles of H1B, OPT, CPT, E3, TN. · Sole responsibility for marketing IT Bench Consultants (H1B, US Citizen, GC, OPT and CPT) with prime vendors or Direct Client · Sourcing and screening potential IT requirements for candidates from effective usage of Internal as well as External Systems/Database, Job Portals, Postings and Networking within the given time frame · Connect with Vendors(clients), discuss openings, and submit the profiles through job boards like Dice, Monster and other job portals.

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