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    applying for a distribution and manufacturing licenses, need accurately point out where cameras and each room purposes i have all the layouts already just need someone to better correct it in CAD file and put into pdf for me below is the instructions for manufacturing diagram, a distribution diagram instruction is attached which is very similar to manufacturing Premises FAQs ​​ CDPH defines a ...

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    I need to build an Android application which is a music player that can play encrypted audio (WAV) files. Ideally start with an open source player like Shuttle or RetroMusicPlayer and add decryption of the audio. Here are some additional details on it: 1. It needs to be able to run in disconnected mode as it will not have access to Google Play store or other API services, as it will be used in Ch...

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    “Am calling you” is a big step taken by CMSSWIFT Pvt. Ltd. The application is designed to help its users to communicate with each other and is a secure system to interact with unknown contacts. In this application, every user’s contact number is identified by a unique id and the id masks the user’s original contact number while communicating through this application. The...

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    Website: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 1. Site Graphics front end Color Retouch: Visit [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] upon entry, the site colors appeal to the average visitor to peruse the site even if they do not intend to transact. 2. Ease of Navigation: The current platform is hard to navigate, the service categories...

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    No "teams" aka resellers. Individual freelancer only. Read before bidding! 1. secure delete function. bots are deleting posts. Bots or anyone can delete post without login just by query string. 2. REVIEW: If bots can STILL delete or post comments, like, post photo without login. I think these are fixed. I can give you the urls bots can reach to double check. --- the rest of the task...

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    The synchonization need is for Google calendar and Outlook calendar. You will provide a way for the user to click on the link to register on his account which will allow us to extract the information from his calendar. (UI) I would like to extract from the 8am to 8pm (Variable) every day the empty slots range btw appointments within the next 96h , in a CSV format with the time, the date, the year...

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    The synchonization need is for Google calendar and Outlook calendar. You will provide a way for the user to click on the link to register on his account which will allow us to extract the information from his calendar. (UI) I would like to extract from the 8am to 8pm (Variable) every day the empty slots range btw appointments within the next 96h , in a CSV format with the time, the date, the year...

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    Articles are for an influencer and their work, life and interesting story.

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    We need a back-end web API and CMS site for our desktop software, which will manage the entry, validation and management of licences; as well as providing an email service for the software. The CMS will need to provide a way to enter and manage licence information with specific fields, and delete or deactivate licences. The API will need to provide a way that our software can automatically verif...

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    I am looking for someone to find me clients for my freelance SMM business. You must search for potential leads yourself, and you must turn these leads into prospects, and then you must try to turn those prospects into clients. I can also do this, but I dont have the time. I would rather let someone else spend time finding leads and turning some of them into clients, so that I can be free to focus...

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    For Muhammad M. as discussed. Wordpress site inc. Holding page to start, then main site will be 12 pages in total with contact form, gallery and map. Usual SEO friendly setup of site, highly secure and work until client is happy to approve.

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    I need help with installing Ubuntu on my 2018/2019 MacBook Pro with T2 chip. I have already adjusted the Secure Boot settings on the Startup Security Utility and allowed the External Boot option without any effects.

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    We are a boutique DevOps consultancy mainly working with startups. We help companies implement and maintain Kubernetes infrastructure. We are growing and we want to add more people to our existing team of 3 engineers to help us with Kubernetes implementation projects. We need on-going help with: - Setting up secure Kubernetes clusters on AWS using Kops or EKS. We'll need to work with Terra...

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    I have a martial arts website that students enroll pay and then watch videos and then i send them a certificate once they complete the course. It is done manually and i want it automated and fully online instead of me sending DVDs. I am in India, Pune next to Infosys so please don't ask for ridiculous amounts. Budget is $170 final completed ,online live site and with follow up if needed. Ple...

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    maintenance and secure or emails laptops , system , office updating ,download micro office

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    Hello, I want an iOS App developed with following ONLINE + OFFLINE functionalities, 1) Login (if user doesn't exist or inactive in DB then immediately all the offline content to be removed from device. Also if user didn't login for a week then the offline content access to be disabled in App. In this case, content not deleted from device yet.) Otherwise offline content should be accessi...

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    I need full new brief methodology framework architecture for securing IoT devices by Edge computing and Fog computing with less coding. The idea should be plagiarism free. Only the experiecend persons are welcome to message me please. Thank you.

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    hello, I am looking to get both Mobile Phone Numbers and / or Emails of Hong Kong Residents that either have an interest in the following subjects: Real Estate and / or Business Owners And / Or Top Level Executives And / OR Finances. Many Thanks

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    I'm an electrical engineer from Portugal. I want to implement a platform for a projet of mine. The main idea is to build a web site that people can buy tickets and win products. For that i want to hire someone that knows how to create a MySQL platform, a login and signup system with email password recovery, a user profile, and the main page were the user can place a bid for a product. The mai...

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    Looking for someont to extract Data from a website and insert into the table.

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    Need a simple fast and secure plugin made. This is requirements of the plugin. 1) Categories – allow different categories to be created 2) Under Each Category a. You can input links with the following attributes: i. Link ii. Amount (if no amount entered, no amount displayed) 3) Links will be displayed based on Category with a Shortcode 4) Links will be displayed in a box with following ...

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    Looking for entry level Online Research specialist. I will share details with selected candidate.

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    Expert only should bid extract data using twitter R studio and need to analyze it and the case is about understanding user curated playlists on spotify

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    Primary app experience: We have developed a pilot version of our website for web and mobile. We would like to focus on improving the (1) user experience and interface of our app for ease of use and (2) visual appearance while conferring the security of our app, which is the focus of this job posting. Project background: The Vitae app should function as a “wallet” (but with a front end...

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    Information Extraction (financial terms) using NER, CRF and sequential features

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    I am a data entry and Internet research expert. I do manual as well as automated data scraping. I am knowledgeable with all kinds of data extraction process and I am equipped with ample amount of tools to help get any data that you are looking to extract from the web. "I will use all my computer and internet skills to help attain high-quality results, on time." HIRE ME! I am nice and p...

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    General information for the website: Must be built in PHP Database management system (DBMS): MySQL Kind of development: New website from scratch Description of requirements/features: We need a simple contact management system built that will allow our employees to track whom they've contacted. The system features must be as follows: User management system - Must be secure. Allow user creatio...

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    There is a dataset of (bin files) of depth map. The task is to extract features from them.

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    Hi. I have a project for image foreground extraction. Are you interested?

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    Hi. My website will have: Home, About Us, About the Creator, Products, FAQ, Contact Us, Log In page 
- Website will be in 1 language that is English 
- Website will have the admin panel in the wordpress CMS 
- Website will have the payment gateway as Paypal & Stripe 
- On the product page, it will scale the few items and the secure workout video 
(Videos will get play only on the website once...

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    Adapt the graph-based keyword extraction algorithm from the attached file to run on a short document of your choice and use graphviz to visualize the graph extracted from the document.

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    Project initial specs and designs in attached file. DELIVERY NEEDED WITHIN 48 HOURS

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    hi i have a piece of code case 'url': if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['goto']) && tep_not_null($HTTP_GET_VARS['goto'])) { $check_query = tep_db_query("select takeaways_url from " . TABLE_TAKEAWAYS_DESCRIPTION . " where takeaways_url = '" . tep_db_input(urldecode($HTTP_GET_VARS['goto'])) . "' limit 1"); ...

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    I collect road imagery at 30m intervals that has geotagged EXIF data which we use for road condition reporting. have for each road chainage data which is a data base of coordinates along the center of road, road name and distance from start of road for each coordinate. I will require the images to correlate to the chainage database and at the start of this process will rename the imagery with roa...

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    Build me a customised forum which I own Must be very secure I own the site Must have own app Must be able to only let users join by a certain code

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    Authentication module (Mobile APP Android/iOS) developed in React Native to provide authentication functions (User Registration /Login : User:Password / Forget Password ) that could be reused by other apps. Google authentication 2FA is desirable. Modularity is essential. Server side (secure API) for the authentication service should be implemented in Node.JS. We are open to suggestions if you hav...

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    We are looking for assistance from a Full stack web developer (LAMP Stack) to enhance a SAAS based mailer platform (like MailChimp)- Enhance to support multiuser / email based logon and registration. Enable secure payment gateway Setup SMTP and mass mailer server configurations Logo design and UI beautification

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    Joon is a social enterprise providing design and sales support for disadvantaged craft makers. We have 70 beneficiaires and 40 suppliers for now, which is increasing %50 in a year. To organize our production system, we want to develop a secure supply chain management system that can be used in communities that has minimum mobile literacy. That system will include stock management, product manageme...

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    To create LAN and WAN diagram using Packet Tracer Task 1: What types of routers are needed and how many of them are required according to given specification. Task 2: You are required to find out how many switches are needed for this complete project and what type of switches will be suitable for each LAN. Task 3: Establish the sitting and types of terminals, processors and required protocols and...

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    Expert in Facebook, social engineering skills and have a team to secure things You will be securing Facebook pages, groups and accounts

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    i have written a scope of work but it is a bit messy and i might have used wrong terminologies or missed something important. However, i will hire a local company to develop the App but i want to have a clear in detailed scope of work with full design. this scope of work will be attached in the contract to secure my requirements

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    It is an application for loyalty/rewards program. The front end will enable the user to track/earn/redeem points, which they would earn during spends. The backend needs to be a secure database which will capture spends and associated point redemptions or earnings

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    Expert in Facebook, social engineering skills and have a team to secure things You will be securing Facebook pages, groups and accounts

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    Citylink Technology Solutions Private Limited is a fin-tech startup and involved in building world-class financial products for individuals & enterprises. It is a private limited company incorporated in November 2015 at Pune, Maharashtra. It is classified as a non-govt company and is registered at the registrar of companies, Pune. Growcent is a Product of CityLink Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd...

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    I need a Wordpress website developed that will require frontend users to login with a username and password. Depending on the usertype, some users will be able to upload pics that create an image gallery that they can add comments to, whereas other users will be restricted to only viewing the images in the galleries but are also able to add comments to the gallery. The unique order number the d...

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    Project initial specs and designs in attached file.

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    Setup Airflow on Google Kubernetes Engine cluster: You need to have Airflow deployement experience and Google Kubernetes Engine experience - Airflow 1.10.2 or newer - Mysql DB 5.7 - Executor: KubernetesExecutor - 1 cluster - 1 node (to be confirmed) I want to use pure Airflow and open source libraries. I want to have the option to move the whole project to another provider, so I prefer not to ...

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