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    I have a book that has been designed in Indesign. It's about 143 pages. It has not been formatted appropriately to be printed by Barnes and Nobles Press or uploaded to amazon. I need the book reformatted appropriately. I also want the text in the document to be connected to InCopy. The project will have to be completed within the next 2 weeks.

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    Task is simple. Here you will have multiple word files (around 10 - 15) related to a particular topic, from those files to have to copy and paste the content in a separate new file. Then finally we have to format the new word file so that it looks presentable.

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    Task is simple. Here you will have multiple word files (around 10 - 15) related to a particular topic, from those files to have to copy and paste the content in a separate new file. Then finally we have to format the new word file so that it looks presentable.

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    Made a jpeg online and need it recreated in illustrator and indesign formats. Need to keep the same relative proportions, equalize some image sizes, and save in full/segments.

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    We have - in PDF format only, a set of 120 character education cards that need to be converted into digital format (PNG) in 2 different sets of dimensions (one to be featured on Android and one on iOS). We do not have the source files for these cards - only a PDF with all 120 cards listed within the file one after another. This means each card will have to be saved individually, and sent back to...

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    I'm working on an online endurance sports training platform for cycling/ running/ triathlon. I have workouts in an xml format (e.g. warm up at 50% pace for 10mins, then 1min at 100% pace, then 2 mins recovery at 50%, repeat 5 times, then cool down 50% pace). I'd like to take these workouts and create .fit files that users could use on their Garmin (or similar) to do the workout. New work...

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    Put my short screenplay in to the industry standard format.

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    I have a content editable div which requires some realtime formatting as in the attached animated gif. It has the following modes: - normal text. No formatting should be applied. - tags, which start with "name:" "email:" and finish with a value. We should be able to type "name:" and js inserts a span `<span class="bg-red">name:</span>`. - We can...

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    The project simply include retyping the scanned images in word format.

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    Hi, We require 3D models in STL Format, they can be developed either in Vectric Aspire or in ArtCam. Attached is one design we need now. Depending on the cost, quality of work and timely delivery more designs will follow. We will provide sizes and other details once the project is awarded. Please contact us for any clarification.

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    We have a newspaper archive on the Web, hosted in Wordpress, composed of about 150 similarly formatted pages (one for each year off publication) with links to PDF files. The archive is about 120 GB in size. We want to create portable archives available on 200 GB USB sticks. The job is to create the format with intro pages for this archive. The Web archive also uses Google Custom Site search, ...

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    I need a word expert with the ability to create my CV from a typical and modern PRINCETON/STANFORD model. If you are a recruiter experienced in finances much better. After reviewing your kind and quality of work I will provide you my CV.

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    We will provide invoice format in word document. Person needs to create TDL file so that same invoice can be generated from Tally. We use Tally 6.6 version. Invoice format will be shared after project is awarded.

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    ONYX RIP SOFTWARE EXPERT IN COLOR MANAGEMENT FOR EPSON LARGE FORMAT PRINTER. im looking for an experience persona who can make print profiles in onix rip. person also meed to have STRONG knolegde of COLOR MANAGEMENT.

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    I have a number of mesh surface models in 3D dwg/dxf format and i want them to be converted into Solidworks part models (sldprt) accurately. I attach a sample of one of the mesh surface models in dwg format for you to review. The models i have need also to be divide into separate parts. I also have them in Solidworks surface format, but i want them in sldprt format. The project is URGENT.

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    One of two separate but similar projects. First Project: Need scans of a Employee Handbook converted into Word document form and then redesigned overall (need it to include better graphics, color and our logo)

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    I have few images that I need in editable ai format. Need Illustrator expert.

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    I need to make an app format games to publish in play market.

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    This book with many images has already been formatted to Kindle K8 version (7.5 MB), now I need it formatted so that it can be printed through Amazon as a 5.5" x 8.5" paper back with coloured photos. I already have a proposed full cover, with spine and back .

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    Separating clip studio format file. Clip Texted layer to MS Word from image layer or just typing out the words of the image to Ms word

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    Hi everyone, i need to have the attached image converted into a format that i can send to the printer. Thank you in advance for your help

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    I need you to format a book for ebook and print book for Kindle also.

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    FreeSwitch with FusionPBX setup recording video in mp4 format

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    Hello, I've designed a logo that I like just messing around in Microsoft Word (attached). Could you explain what is needed to recreate it in proper software so there is a good, high-quality image saved in proper formats for the web and also for printing projects (postcards, business cards, etc.) Thank you!

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    Hi, create web site style template in .png format, 3-4 pages. After few works, we offered more working tasks, for periodic and regular work. Write hear or in city data company website.

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    Project TITLE: Looking for Experienced Data Processor to filter and format data into a proper mailing listProject description: Please bid on this project only if you have experience filtering data in Microsoft Access, and can run custom queries, and write functions to make the data proper case, and programmatically split fields like Name into separate first and Last Name fields. I hav...

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    Hello, I have a 2,700 word document that I created using talk to text. It need some real work because it was made via talk to text. I need a few tasks completed. 1) Proofread the entire document and make edits for grammer and clarity 2) Organize and format the document so it looks professional. Include our branding. it should have some design element to it. 3) Break this doucment down into 4 ...

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    I have a bunch of data for my thesis about firm fundamentals, and I need to format them and create new variables based on the existing data points. I am willing to hire a freelancer, but not to do the work for me, but rather to teach me online. File is too big to be uploaded.

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    A very small job all you have to do add 2 rows and 2345 columns, the data will be provided in .txt file and it's already well organized you can import data directly in columns. Only bid if you can start it rightaway must be done within an hour. Thanks!

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    Hello, we are an AdTech company that provides advertising formats that are positioned within the images on the websites of our partner publishers. We are looking for graphic designers and art directors who are able to support us in the creation of beautiful and advanced advertising formats, with HTML5 animations. Here are some of our formats

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    We send a few standard emails via gmail several times per day. Need to format to look better.

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    Convert and merge one jpg (cover) and one pdf (inside pages) into e-book format EPUB and Kindle format

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    I have logo image in JPG format and need to make it vector, so need to redraw. UPD: Just auto-vectorizing is not suitable as image quality is quite low, so I need to redraw logo in vector graphics.

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    Dear Pytorch ONNX experts, I want to convert a model trained in pytorch into ONNX format and use it. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The project in above link has two tasks. It will first do Face detection and then Face Landmark detection. The Face Landmark detection is done using a model trained in pytorch. This landmark detection model needed to be converted...

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    Erpnext custom print format customization 1) Quotation 2) Purchase Order 3) Tax Invoice 4) Sales Order etc....

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    ERP Next Print Format Customization 1) Quotation 2) Tax Invoice 3) Purchase Order 4) Sales Order etc....

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    I have 3 logo images that I want to use for my corporate identity but now the are in jpg, uneditable format, and need to be able to change / edit them Converting this to PSD/AI should be max 1 hour work if you have the experiance. If you can show me some corporate identiy examples or other goofy stuff I see sometimes with logos we can discuss a second project after this one. Thank you in advance...

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    Hi- I am looking for someone to re-format a PPT file that I have. It is a large file (over 280 slides). I need someone to fix some formatting issues, specifically, some text boxes are superimposed over other text boxes on certain slides. I need someone to fix those issues. Secondly, I would like to re-style the PPT file to make it look more professional. Lastly, I would like for someone to add ani...

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    I have been trying to format my husband's book but it has taken me at least 100 hours or more to read and try to apply, then re-read and try. I am about to give up. I have formatted it in a kdp templete but have only done 2 chapters in it. Should I do a page set, margin set, or can we leave it as a 8 1/2 x 11 with one inch margin all the way around and you would format it to a pdf for kdp...

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    Want this for CNC (wood, I think). Starting image is 2D black and white BMP image.

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    Trophy icon Turn a pdf into editable format Bitti left

    The final document needs to look exactly like the original pdf but be fully editable. Ideally the format should be Mac Pages or Numbers but Word, Excel or other formats are also acceptable.

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    Need to change document A into my company styling Font - Segoe UI I want where the yellow logo is replace with supplied These are the 6 cover pages i want [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]!AlkV57V3PbSKjQrSNDXMDRQzgRTi?e=KeVjBl

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    I am looking to set up a template weekly report. Please use the attached word document and crate a table of contents, including the main heading and sub heading, so I can create a formatted word document that is easy to update. I would also like a front page design which I can use on all my documents, which should show our logo, nice and simple colour scheme, I also need the document to be forma...

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    Hello I would like someone to change the logo in white font and change format to png so it is transparent.

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    at present i am executing an URl and getting zip which have some files (CSV). No requiement i want to excute another url for json data and receive the data as it was in zip csv.

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    I will incl. 2 pictures, A1 size and quality - make me 1 poster (frontside) - make me 1 poster (backside)

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    I'm writing a letter to my girlfriends Chinese father asking permission for marriage. The content is written. It's your job to format the document to look professional and traditional.

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    format book Bitti left

    i need book formatted. Look at the green highlighted text and format the same.

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    Need to create an ssrs report. Sql data and required format will be provided. deliverable expected : RDLC file

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