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    ...someone to add onto my website a backend user interface. I have 2 excel sheets attached that I want to be able to have employees produce online through the website. So there will be two options to produce these. There is one data entry input page for each file since different data points and the many pages are auto populated with calculations and graphs

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    Very simple I need to copy a content from excel to excel with some modification ; and some data entry

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    ...entry , User Login and Password, Users can change password after, can be changed if forgotten Issue Creation form - For creating issue, attach required files, photos, tables, data. Email triggers Manager form - for deciding priority, Assigned to responsible dept and Responsible solver and correspondents for clarification. Email trigger with each update

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    ...Integration with Logistics partner API ( Provided by us) 4. No limit on catalouge & Categories . 5. Cataloging to be done by Development Company (Data to be provided by us ) & tool to be built for fetching of data using URL from other portals like :- Amazon, GSMAreana , Flipkart etc 6. Complete maintenance of website in all forms & providing interfaces

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    I need a VBA Expert to export excel data to a text file but with modification. Have a look at the attached files. 1. The extracted .txt (with quotation) must have the same name as the original excel file. 2. The extracted .txt file must be saved in the same location where the original excel exists. 3. Please look carefully at the details in the

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    High-speed data entry using Word, Excel and PowerPoint software at full speedThe work is done immediately upon receiving the data from the buyer Files are sent immediately after completion in a relatively short time The possibility of modification exists, of course You will only receive your work and you are satisfied

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    We need a utility to be created for excel file. We get data as described in the pdf sheet. We need to extract some data, modify column headers and add a few more columns. Also, the extracted sheet should be in CSV Format. If you have questions, please feel free to ping me. Also, if you understand the project, please ping with Lazy in your message.

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    Import an excel file into a SQL database. The database contains several text and data. Some of the data can be edited and modified by the clients. After completion of edition and modification of the client, the supplier can download the Excel file with same format. Design of pages will be given . Only the HTLM pages needs to be done for the front

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    ...Product d. Reports exportable to Excel. Other Requirements Not recommend or develop a system that includes on-going monthly user charges. Can however, recommend a system that has a one-time cost. Can be cloud based or hosted on our own server. System must be mobile friendly, or have an app, to allow “remote” data entry on iOS and Android devices

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    ...Product d. Reports exportable to Excel. Other Requirements Not recommend or develop a system that includes on-going monthly user charges. Can however, recommend a system that has a one-time cost. Can be cloud based or hosted on our own server. System must be mobile friendly, or have an app, to allow “remote” data entry on iOS and Android devices

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    I export an excel data everyday that I need sorted properly. I need you to create an excel summary page based on values i need to see from the raw data. I have uploaded the sheet with the raw data and the summary page format I need to be able to read. Key Features: Site: Need to be able to filter by a single Site or multiple selected Sites

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    ...pages, no limit for maximum pages. g. Colourful Graphical Presentation is expected to explain the topic. Wherever required. 3. Question Bank in following format, in an Excel File if required, individually for each group. a. Each group contains minimum 600 questions, subject weightage according to the depth in syllabus. No limit for maximum questions

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    I have a 2 files in excel, i need some modification in the content through macro. Example i need to erase some data and convert some other into columns using just a single click. YOU NEED TO BE EXPERT IN MACROS/EXCEL...NO BEGINNERS JOB

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    ...and some program changes as per client requirement. Responsibilities: Claim processing, Member Moves, Batch Job Monitoring, Query Request, creating reports from as400 data on excel based on the client request Title : Medical Records application. Role: Team Lead Client: Pharmerica, Tampa Florida (USA) Domain: HealthCare Project Description:

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    ...Application to input, track a donation transaction, generate reports and letters. We have developed a mock-up based on Excel VBA, and we would like to port it over to MS Access with some modification. We will share with you the latest Excel VBA format once the job is awarded. Concurrently we are working with the architecture that we would like to have

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    ...with annual data many indicators y several categories. I will leave it to your imagination how you want to present the dashboard. I like it clean and logic. The units of the indicators are in parenthesis in the first column. Please split the indicators from the units and also return to me the excel sheet with that modification. Annual data is from 1960

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    Looking for someone to create web application 1. User input bunch of data as excel or input box and submit . They can also choose what output data they need. 2. You use bunch of APIs (10-15 API script) to collect different info (50% scripts already working , need some modification.. and reference scripts will be provided for new api script so you dont

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    A data capture Excel workbook requires modification to allow it to function on a Mac. The first known issue is that in Excel for Mac (version 15), the attached error message is displayed and the file can only be opened in read only mode. There are potentially (and likely) more issues that will require attention. A sample file will be provided

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    ...forms and reports already functional. 1. Database design needs modification to make it best practice (some table changes). Ensure these changes don't break existing input forms - repair if necessary. 2. Output primary table to Excel spreadsheet with live database connection so further data analysis can be done at any time. 3. Further reports work maybe

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    I have the complete vba code. It needs slight modification. In input excel sheet tab, data is getting split into multiple rows of a column. This data needs to be combined together. I am also getting an error of subscript of range. This mostly is linked to integer to long definition but not sure.

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    ... So what i need to create. 1. A search bar with all the companies in the attached excel spreadsheet. 2. modification of the portfolio so user can cancel stocks from their list they no longer need and add through the search bar. 3. The programming and data comes from a plugin site [login to view URL] and the code it attached below. (code 4. I need

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    ...a. Upload data in excel/csv: There must a standard template for Sale, purchase, returns etc and we should be able to upload data in bulk by uploading the same in excel/csv format. Entire database should be searchable based multiple fields like invoice number/order number/customer name/product name etc b. Reports Export : From the data imported,

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    ...use without much extra effort. Just upload and website should be able to read the document. Template has the excel attached, would just need some modification 10. Login screen for users and service providers, and let us know where user data base is being stored. As of now we have signup screen for service providers. Login should have 2 bifurcations

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. I have an excel spreadsheet summarizing upcoming projects. I would like to get the data imported into MS project. Project includes 1) minimum modification of Excel spreadsheet 2) setup MS project file which maps to the spreadsheet and automatically updates

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. I have an excel spreadsheet summarizing upcoming projects. I would like to get the data imported into MS project. Project includes 1) minimum modification of Excel spreadsheet 2) setup MS project file which maps to the spreadsheet and automatically updates

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    ...Plain Text, HTML and Rich Text.  Subject and Body of the email should be dynamic  Dashboards should be available to track the success/failure email delivery, all the real-time data and interactive graphs you need to improve your campaigns. Country wide email report, contact/company based in the company type/business stream/category and more  Include Export

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    I need eCommerce data to be taken from a web site and entered into a spreadsheet or .csv file. I would like to work with an experienced Web Scraper who already has a utility that scrapes a web site automatically. I would like the freelancer to modify their utility to work on a web site I designate. If there is a freelancer who can do the work

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    ...currently exists in an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel equations will need to be scripted. I'd prefer all of the variables used in the calculation of cost to be included in the database. A secure Admin page will be needed to allow the webmaster access to & modification of the variables used in cost calculation. And the ability to export the data & fieldname...

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    All the data are saved in Excel file, we extract them to generate an invoice with word. - Modification : Actual system is limited to one line of order per invoice (multiple units are not detected) - Macro : Auto save all invoices in .pdf (individually) with named files ([login to view URL]) - Macro : Auto save one invoice (for update)

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    We are looking to build an Excel to allow us to capture donation information and generate donor reports. Key functionality include the following: - key in data via input form - data validation for certain fields (e.g. date of birth, identity number, date, category of donation) - export individual records to mail merge and allow printing of receipt

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    I have an excel sheet with simple formulas in it and would require simplification of these long formulas and referencing as well as a number of other functions to be added such as a macro button that will copy a certain selected row and output a new row at the end of the sheet with some modification to the data selected. I also require things like auto

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    ...the 3 scripts that need modification. 1) Inventory Updates - Updates inventory from XML file data to Amazon products inventory. In this program I need to change that if the inventory qty is less 3 and price for that item is less than $100 then set inventory to 0. 2) Inventory Updates - Updates inventory from Excel file data to Amazon products inventory

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    Write a VBA script in Excel that a)Prompts the user to Browse for a dBase III file located somewhere on the server/local drive. Loads the table into excel. Each dBaseIII file has one table only. User then updates the records and adds/modifies/deletes rows and columns as he/she wises using Excel and then presses the Save/Update Button b) Save/Update

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    Dear Freelancer, We request a web application to manage documents related to a business process. Fields data is capture in the web application from users and this data is used to generate barcodes. This barcodes are inserted/printed in documents and then user can print the documents from the application. A mockup and application description is attached

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    ...(2010 & later) as a template and, similar to a mail merge, fill it with data from an Excel file. Currently we use a Word template and populate each item manually and frequently reuse the same information, so we want to make the report creation more efficient and automated. The data will not be simple as in a mail merge, but will consist of: 1) sentences

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    We have data in an excel file which requires some minor modification. This is currently done using sql which needs to be done using a macro

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    I have an online store that sells trading cards. The data entry for the products requires some large excel sheet creation/modification. I have the location of the list of cards, the example of the excel sheets that need to be created out of these lists, which require copy and pasting information about a card into the sheet. Creating the unique product

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    ...developed a financial modelling tool in Ms Excel that I have converted to HTML using Spreadsheet converter. I need assistance in modifying the appearance of the tables that are displayed, as whilst the formulas are correctly converted, the layout needs some modification. Crucially, a graph is created from the data, and this needs considerable work, including

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    ...SCADA Department and reporting to Control Systems Sr. Engineer, the summary of the main functions included are:   Real Time data Bases (RTDB) Engineer will be the technical authority in regards to creation, management and modification of interfaces with Enterprise Historian (OSIsoft PI) or with historians from taken over projects. RTDB field of work will

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    • Process data (Data entry, logging, and copying) through company system by clicking to accept, editing to update, and rejecting to disposition at a high level accuracy rate. • understanding multiple data entry systems, selecting and identifying relevant data, labeling, logging, assignments and all associated data entry with a high level of accurac...

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    ...need to maintain prelimenery data in some local hosted app / website. initially we will import all clients into the platform & each client would be identified by unique pan no. Also, each client would be part of family head. So this add one more filter level at all stages. typical scenario would be staff will do data entry related in forms such as

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    I provide an Excel file with a list of places. There is 2 columns for latitude and longitude. This list have been imported in Wordpress, but without the geo data. I need somebody who will import this geo data without doing modification with the rest. There is an ID for each place to match with Excel.

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    ...following things that im unable to get it done. See attached two Excel files. 1. Unable to paste data in table in Workbook2. 2. If I put "-" in empty cells in column G, H, J and L in book1/sheet1 the code is not working. Other then above things code is working fine just need modification. Second, I want to enter a number in "B3" book1/sheet1 and

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    Data entry jobs and modification in excel

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    Data entry jobs and modification in excel

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    Data entry jobs and modification in excel

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    "[login to view URL]" is the output excel all data come from "[login to view URL]" Search SKU folder to find how many image, get the file name and add the following path to [login to view URL] under "image path" Sample: data/Product/(SKU)[login to view URL] data/Product/(SKU)[login to view URL] data/Product/(SKU)[login to view U...

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    ...admin area where we add Bank details (One by one Reord And also Bulk Import from Excel sheet or any other format) 3) You need to add the site content with full datails of all Bank details in the USA We need website with including All Bank detailed in the USA, the data should be like a) Bank Name b) Bank Code c) Bank Address d) Bank Phone Number

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    ...have a requirement for a VBA macro in excel that is capable of extracting standardised data from input sheets (multiple sheets in one workbook a day (averages about 8-9 sheets daily)) and building such data into one consolidating worksheet. The input sheet data will need standardised and simple modification in the process. I would wish to be

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    ...and Excel Format (The new layout that we want you to use) File: Original Catalog P2 - P198 (The original catalog that we need to modify from Page 2 – Page 198) ★★★★★★ What we need to do ★★★★★★ Translate every Spanish into English. (We will offer on time support) Remove logo of the product. Change the layout from A into C. Pull the data into

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