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    Linux Debian (siemens iot2050) bir cihaza internet üzerinden VPN erişmek istiyoruz.

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    Semaphore ve pthread kütüphanesi kullanılarak linux ortamında (debian) 4 taksinin belli sayıdaki öğrencileri birkaç kontrolü sağlayarak eşzamanlı olarak almasını ve ekrana bu işlemlerin yazılmasını iceren bir ödev yaptırılacaktır. kodların debian üzerinde compile edilebilmesi gerekmekte.

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    We utilize Orange Pi 3 LTS devices as cost-effective thin clients, connecting them to Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Servers. Presently, we seek a streamlined Linux variant to serve as a thin client operating system. This system should initiate with a custom splash screen and subsequently establish a remote desktop connection to a predetermined IP a...remote desktop connection to a predetermined IP address. Importantly, the IP address should be configurable solely by us through a designated configuration file, so that users will not have the ability to change it from the RDP client. The following OSs are compatible with the Orange Pi 3LTS: Debian and Ubuntu are the preferred choices.

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    I am seeking a Virtual Private Server expert, specifically savvy with an 8-core 16 RAM system. Here's what I will need: - Mastery in Debian 12 32-bit operating system, as you will install it on my server. - Proficiency in installing software/packages. In particular, a Database Management System will have to be set up on the server. - Ability to guide me through the build process. I want to learn from your expertise and will need your assistance throughout the setup. Once the system is up and running on your end, I expect you to replicate the setup on my server promptly. Thanks for considering my project.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can set up an SMTP server on my Linux Debian VPS. Here's what you'll do: - Install and configure an SMTP server - Implement SSL/TLS encryption for security - Configuring the server to handle multiple domains Inbox access, email forwarding, or spam filtering, though useful, are necessary as well. Skills and Experience Required: 1. Proven experience in Linux server administration 2. Knowledge of SMTP server setup 3. Experience with SSL/TLS encryption An understanding of email domain handling is also helpful, but not strictly necessary. Professionals that can offer quick and efficient setup are warmly encouraged to bid. Thanks for considering this project.

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    I'm looking for an Ansible/DebOps expert who can help automate the SSL certificate renewal process for 1-5 Debian servers. This task involves ensuring each server's Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is renewed smoothly every three months without manual intervention on my part. Additionally, I would like to set up an automated email notification system to alert me every time a renewal is successfully completed. It uses DebOps for the Ansible Playbooks. So you need to know it very well. !!!!!!! The work has to be done remotely using anydesk or another remote control software. !!!!!!! We have the complete Ansible playbook currently. However, we have tried various ways to renew Let's Encrypt SSL certificate automatically. But it does not work. After the renewal, som...

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    I'm in immediate need of a talented freelancer to finish setting up my WordPress website today. This is a brand new Debian 12 server installation. I need you to setup wordpress correctly and also create me an FTP account with full server access. you will be provided with the SSH login for the server. I need this job completing TODAY! if you can't start straight away then please don't bid

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    ...based on openwrt and debian. Key features should include: - Configuration and settings: This will help our clients make necessary changes in their router system easily. - Network monitoring and statistics: To give our team real-time insight into network performance and traffic data. - Security and access control: Ensuring only authorized personnel have access and the interface is protected from cybersecurity threats. We're seeking a design that is colorful and vibrant, much different from traditional, flat router interfaces - we want this to catch the eye and be user friendly. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong Python development experience. - Proven background in UI/UX design. - Knowledge in network systems and data security. - Familiarity with openwrt and debia...

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    I'm looking for an expert to assist me in installing the open-source Koha Library System on my shared hosting platform. The task should be completed within a month from project commencement. Key Requirements: - Detailed knowledge of Linux-based operating systems. Although I did not specify a specific Linux distribution, familiarity with popular ones like Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian would be beneficial. - Proven experience with the Koha Library System. - Should be comfortable working with shared web hosting environment. The ideal freelancer would be punctual, thorough, and maintain clear communication through all the steps of the installation process. Demonstrated experience in similar projects will be a plus.

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    Linux Manager Web Interface 23 saat left

    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a web interface that allows for comprehensive management of Debian-based Linux processes. This interface will serve as an essential tool for both monitoring and interacting with the system directly through a web browser. **Essential Functionalities:** - Start and stop specific system processes at will. - Monitor current resource usage including CPU, memory, and disk space. - View and search through system log files in real-time. - Issue commands directly to the system for advanced management tasks. **Technical Requirements:** - The interface must be built using the Node.js framework with Express for its robust and scalable capabilities. - Integration of a secure, user-friendly authentication system, featuring both user login/password ...

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    Wordpress / Pretix / Debian server PLEASE READ THIS JOB POST BEFORE BIDDING! I had a freelancer setup a wordpress site and also a installation of pretix. This site is currently running directly from its IP address as the domain name is in use with a live site whilst this is built behind the scenes. They have setup wordpress on port 81 and pretix on port 80. Currently pretix isn’t working it just throwing up a 500 error. Firstly is it possible to run them both from port 80? If so I need that to be done. Secondly I need pretix to work, this site isn’t currently live so I’m happy for just a fresh working installation of pretix if that’s what it takes. Finally I know very little about Debian, I need an FTP user account setting up for myself with full...

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    I'm in urgent need of a Linux Sysadmin who can dive deep into the digital trenches to keep my servers running smoothly, securely, and efficiently. My priorities are clear: I need someone who isn't just familiar but is an expert with Ubuntu and Debian. You'll be the frontline defense and the architect of our system's stability and security. You will be working in a Web & Game hosting service provider environment. **Key Responsibilities:** - **Server Configuration:** Setting up and configuring servers from scratch, ensuring optimal performance for applications. - **Security Hardening:** Implementing best practices and cutting-edge strategies to fortify server defenses against potential threats. - **System Monitoring:** Constant vigilance over system p...

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    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to assist me with setting up both WordPress and Pretix on my Debian 12 server. The end goal is to have both platforms up and running smoothly for future use I'm currently not ready to point my domain name at this server so it will need to be running from the server IP Here's what I'm looking for in a freelancer: - **Expertise with Debian Systems**: You should be comfortable working with Debian 12, understanding its ins and outs to ensure a smooth setup process. - **WordPress Proficiency**: Experience in installing and configuring WordPress on a server is essential. Knowledge of theme selection and installation will also be beneficial since I have yet to decide on a specific theme. - **Pretix Experience**: Fam...

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    ...- GTX 1660 running debian 11. I need to get the the Nvidia drivers installed, toolkit and ffmpeg installed to use nvidia to process video encoding (and maybe some other things I just need ffmpeg to use the nvidia gpu to process videos)... the command I'm using is like this: ffmpeg -i $(if [ -n "$(lspci | grep -i nvidia)" ]; then echo "-c:v h264_nvenc -b:v 5M"; else echo "-c:v libx264 -crf 25"; fi) -movflags +faststart -threads 0 -r 25 -g 50 -trellis 0 -bf 8 -acodec aac -strict -2 -ar 44100 -ab 128k -vf "scale=848:480" -f mp4 I also run this command on some other servers that do not use the gpu, so the command has to be organized to work with either ffmpeg gpu or cpu. I require a skilled freelancer to install Nvidia dr...

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    ...on a shared server at Hetzner. The local directory running Debian containing numerous files and subdirectories will be backed up daily, including only those files that have changed since the last backup on the Hetzner storage box. The script should help perform the following functions: - Create incremental backups of a directory that is larger than 10 GB in size. - Automate those backups on a daily basis. - Send the created backups to a Hetzner box for storage. The script should follow the Hetzner tutorial: Perfect candidates for this project would have prior experience in handling large quantities of data backup, scripting with SH Duplicity, and working with Debian systems. Working knowledge of Hetzner systems would be a significant

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    ...Node.js on two separate Debian VPS setups. Here are the key specifics and what I expect: - System Configuration: Implementation must be compatible with Debian 12. This is the OS version installed on both VPS systems. - Software Installation: I have the necessary software package that needs to accompany the Node.js environment. It should be set up precisely as intended. - Version-Specific Installation: The Node.js setup must align with a specific version requirement tied to the functionality of my software. The software to be installed: @sergefabiano/taste-of-the-open-e-mobility-open-source-ca2f308e3317 Ideal candidate skills: - Proficient in Node.js and its version management tools (like nvm) - Experienced with Debian-based systems, especially Debian 12 - ...

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    instale astpp basado en astpp, el problema que presento es que luego de haberlo instalado en debian 10 no me permite realizar conexiones sip, cabe destacar que desactive el firewalld y fail2ban para ver si era el problema y aun no me permite realizar conexiones

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    ...create an ultra-thin Linux iso file for the primary intentions of lower resource usage. The Linux system should first connect to the WiFi via the command line before it sets up a connection to a windows rdp. As the specific Linux distribution wasn't specified, you're free to use any distribution that you think would meet the project’s requirements most effectively, whether that's Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, or another one. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with Linux operating systems - Experience with WiFi connection using command line - Knowledge of windows RDP integration with Linux The primary goal is a lightweight, streamlined Linux distribution that can run with minimal resources, making sure that the operating system is as lean as possible with...

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    I am image or any other file type is uploaded to any VPS, that data should automatically and immediately be available on both servers. The key elements required for the project are: - File Synchronization between two Linux servers in real time. - The servers are running on a Debian operating system. - Considering the expected data volume to be synced, it's vital that the freelancer has prior experience in handling identical tasks. Ideal skills needed for this job: - High proficiency in Linux environments, notably Debian. - Familiarity with real-time file sync solutions. - A keen understanding of system performance and how to optimise it for large data transfers. - Experience with VPS environments. In your bid, please describe your related experience and y...

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    I'm seeking skilled freelancers to bring up the iMax6 SOC Linux and develop a test application. This task will include: 1. Linux Deployment: You'll need to deploy Debian on the iMax6 SOC. Experience with SOC Linux configurations, especially with Debian, is crucial. Yocto also OK 2. Test Application Development: You'll develop an application allowing for: - I2C Communication - SPI Communication - GPIO Control - CAN Communication Prior knowledge in these specific types of communication and control is required. Note: The end-users for this project haven't been determined yet. However, a user-friendly and intuitive design could be beneficial for possible end consumers or system administrators besides developers.

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    I'm looking for someone setting up a Flarum Forum on my Webserver. (Linux/Debian) using Nginx with preferred Subdomain.

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    Need a good server mann that can update our server, so we can update our plesk, php etc. etc.

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    ...PDFMaker and other modules in use. - Moving comments about organization and contacts are important. - Ability to perform the upgrade without introducing new features or making significant changes to the tool. Might be needed later after discussions with our end customer. Server now is Debian Linux 9. New server if needed: Available are all servers from our server supplier Hetzner (). We will create the server needed. Normally we are using CX31 or CPX21 (Ubuntu or Debian). Your role will primarily involve the upgrade of the tool, ensuring all existing functionalities, especially in the Sales, Marketing, and Support modules, remain unaffected. The system has no customizations, a few additional fields. Maintaining integrity during the upgrade should be manageable

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    WICHTIG! Bitte beachten Sie vor Abgabe Ihres Angebots: Der genannte Preis muss der Endpreis sein – Nachverhandlu... sollen an VM104 geleitet werden. Nextcloud-Server Setup: Installation und Konfiguration von Nextcloud (Docker) auf den beiden Server-VMs (VM103 und VM104), mit der Option zwischen Alpine Linux oder Debian. Dokumentation: Eine Dokumentation der durchgeführten Änderungen und Konfigurationen an Webmin für zukünftige Referenzen. Zugriff und Kontrolle: Der Zugang zu den VMs wird über AnyDesk auf einer Live-Linux-VM bereitgestellt. Zusätzliche Informationen: Der Webmin-Server wurde bereits vorbereitet mit einem frisch installierten Debian Bookworm und NGINX für Webmin eingerichtet. Portweiterleitungen zum Webser...

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    I'm looking for an expert who can assist me in downgrading my Hetzner server. The decision of downgrading comes from the perspective of optimizing costs. Currently, the server is running on Debian Linux. I require to downgrade the following resources: * CPU * RAM * Storage Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with server resource management, particularly Hetzner servers. - Good understanding and knowledge of Linux Operating Systems. - Expertise in cost optimization strategies for server resources will be preferred.

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    I'm currently experiencing some issues with my Debian system and require an expert to help fix these problems. My issues revolve around installation, connectivity, and performance. They arose after making some recent changes to the system. Tasks required to be performed will include but not be limited to: • Diagnosing causes of the aforementioned problems • Fix installation issues • Resolve connectivity problems • Address performance glitches The ideal freelancer would have extensive experience with Debian, strong troubleshooting and debugging skills, and a good understanding of how recent system changes can affect performance and functionality. Confidence in diagnosing and managing concurrent issues is also required.

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    I have a MariaDB 10.1 database currently running on a Windows Server 2016 that needs to be moved to a Linux - Debian machine. I'm seeking an expert who can help ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime. Key tasks include: - Preparing the Debian system for the MariaDB installation - Transferring the database from Windows Server to Debian - Validating the successful movement of the database The ideal freelancer should have: - Proficiency in MariaDB 10.1 - Experience in operating system migration projects - Understanding of both Windows Server 2016 and Debian systems - Proven ability to minimize downtime during such transitions

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    I'm looking for an experienced system administrator to configure and troubleshoot my Debian 11 VPS. Tasks you'll be dealing with will include: - Configuring automysqlbackup in cron - Fixing a problematic FTP script that currently fails to automate transfers, specifically due to errors within the script commands - Creating a robust system backup and restore procedure - Rectifying the sftpd configuration to ensure each user can only access their own folder Your expertise should span an in-depth knowledge of Debian System Administration, specific skills in cron job configuration, FTP and sftpd setup, MySQL backups, as well as proficiency in system backup and restore protocols. Previous experience troubleshooting script commands will be highly advantageous in ensurin...

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    Hola soy Nacho y trabajo en una Agencia de Comunicación, y estoy buscando posibles perfiles de Informaticos, Ingenieros de Software, ... a los que poder contratar por horas con cierta recurrencia para configurar, reparar, desarrollar Servidores Privados Visrtuales (VPS) donde alojamos nuestros sitios web.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can create an application for Debian that will automatically connect to a Bluetooth device and enable communication over Bluetooth Serial (SPP). Purpose: - The main purpose of the application is to establish a Bluetooth connection for communication. Bluetooth Device: - The application will connect to an "Other Type of Device". Compatibility: - The specific requirement for the Bluetooth version is Serial Profile in Bluetooth 3.0. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in developing applications for Debian - Proficient in Bluetooth technology and protocols - Familiarity with Bluetooth Serial (SPP) - Ability to automate Bluetooth device connection - Knowledge of Serial Profile in Bluetooth...

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    I need expert assistance for my Linux Debian 12 project. The tasks I require help with include: - Installation and setup of Debian 12 - Focusing the setup towards software package installations - Focusing software installation on server applications like Apache, MySQL, and similar The ideal freelancer for this project should have vast experience with Linux Debian, software package installation and configuration, and, noticeable proficiency in server-based applications such as Apache and MySQL. Therefore, an experience in server administration and managing server applications is a must. I am look to do exactly this:

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    ...Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu/Debian. Your main tasks will involve: - Setting up Raspberry Pi with dhcp/cative portal/apache2/phpmyadmin/maria-db/iptables/ufw. - Setting up a captive portal with a registration page (PHP/HTML/JAVASCRIPT). - Page must be contain only email field and submit button. - If a user connect to wifi/wired and receive dhcp ip will get a message for further steps. - Open a page with registration form. - After email is input and submit is clicked should send and activation link to email. - If the link is clicked the user will grant access to internet. - If no click on link, the access on internet will be blocked AFTER 10 mins. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Raspberry Pi configuration - Expertise in Ubuntu/Debian installation and tweaking - Proficiency in...

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    ...still access any secret/path/policy We’ll be able to login to Vault using an OIDC (we’ll use Google) We’ll be able to view the notification of a specific secret in the audit log and note that it has been output to a specific file (or to Google Chat, if you have done this integration). +++ MINIMUM experience Hashicorp Vault HA proxy config Have built complex scripts to integrate Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) shell commands Docker Compose and related YAML config & commands Great documentation experience +++ HOW TO APPLY 1. Send a message to express interest. 2. Please fill out the cost estimator located here: +++ Will this be part of ongoing work? We will have maintenance tasks & other jobs (e.g.: Keycloak deployment

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    I am looking for a freelancer with intermediate experience in working with Raspberry / Orange / banana Pi to help me create a custom kiosk mode with modifications. In order to work on all the OS will need to be Debian. More information:

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    Project react mongo debian Project react mongo debian

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    I'm currently in need of a freelancer with extensive experience in configuring a DHCP server and assigning IP addresses dynamically. Your responsibilities will include: - Set up and configuration of DHCP server on a virtual guest host (CentOS, Debian your choice) - IP addresses must be assigned once to new guest hosts within the network - Guest Hosts should always receive the same 4 IP addresses (ie. once assigned, never changed) - Pool of IP addresses must be used, and each randomly from a specific net All hosts run on Proxmox.

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    Install PHP 5.5 on a Debian 12 sever This is an old php version and not available from repository

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    We are seeking an experienced individual proficient in setting up vdirsyncer on a Debian system to realize synchronization across various calendar systems, including Google, Outlook, Apple, and CalDAV (Nextcloud). This project is the first step towards deploying this solution on client servers to synchronize their diverse calendar systems. Responsibilities: • Install and configure vdirsyncer on Debian. • Establish seamless synchronization between specified calendar systems. • Provide a brief training session on the setup and maintenance of the system. Requirements: • Proven expertise in Linux (Debian), vdirsyncer, and calendar synchronization. • Ability to work with different calendar systems (Google, Outlook, Apple, CalDAV). • E...

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    Task required the update of Raspberry distro to the latest stable version and related drivers. Compatibility with ver.3 and 4 rasp. The drivers must be updated in order to work with a scripts, that implements som...distro and related libraries - modify the bash script to create output file every hours (instead of One day) and send the file to Dropbox Cloud trough the second script that works - create an ISO updated version to be flashed in a sd card - docs All those parts are working properly, they need to be updated. Requirements: - Raspberry compatibility ver. 3 and 4 - documented skills on Linux (Debian) enviroments - Cloud storage to upload the ISO to be tested and released the last working version. After having assinged the task I 'll give the list of command to ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me install Proxmox on a server in the OVH data center via IPMI/KVM. Operating System: Debian Proxmox Version: Yes, I require a specific version 8 1. install os and proxmox 8 on the ssd disks raid 1 2 set the 2 HD disks raid 1 as extra storage migrate all the VMs and CTs from an old proxmox server on ovh and the ftp backup set the ftp backup on the new server mount the ftp on the new proxmox set oll the IPs on the VMs and CTs

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    i need a linux admin can help me setup and with lxc install on Debian,.

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    Восстановить сервер через KVM и обновить. Был Debian 8 (ngnix+php-fpm fastcgi) обновился Debian 11 с ошибками, сегодня сам в 12 ночи лег. Требуется через КВМ восстановить и обновить DEBIAN до 11 версии c nginx + php-fpm fastcgi + phpadmin + mysql На сервере 1 сайт и 4HDD LVM. Нужно всё сохранить.

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    Objective We are looking for a Moodle and Azure administrator to help us develop procedures for backing up, restoring, and upgrading a Moodle production platform deployed through Bitnami on Azure, and document the process for future updates. Detailed requirements Moodle 3.8 LMS production platform is installed on two linux (Debian 9.3) servers deployed as virtual machines on a resource group on Azure. Backup Establish the best backup policy within Moodle, linux servers and Azure resources. Set up automatic full and incremental backups. Restore Establish a procedure and agenda of preventive backup restoration and a procedure for restoring after a critical failure. Upgrade Establish a procedure for updating the Moodle LMS, linux servers and other applications on the ...

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    Migration de dolibarr 13.0.2 (Debian dolibarr bitnami Azure) vers Dolibarr 18.0.3 (Debian dolibarr bitnami Azure)

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    I am in need of a Prestashop expert to resolve the slow page loading issue on my Prestashop 8.1.2 website. The specific problem lies with the product pages, as they are experiencing significant delays in loading. Despite having some performance optimization measures in place, they have proven to be insufficient in resolving the issue. Skills and experience required for this project: - Strong Debian Linux, Nginx, Cache (memcached or APC who is better), php8.2 and prestashop 8.1.2 is hosted on dedicated server iv will give root acces also need to setting logrotate have installed webmin If you have the necessary skills and experience to tackle this project, please reach out to discuss further details.

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    ...the installation process of a server environment on unrooted Android smartphones. This project aims to simplify and streamline the current manual installation process, which involves multiple steps and requires a certain level of technical know-how. Background: The current installation process, while effective, is cumbersome and requires extensive manual intervention. It involves setting up a Debian-based educational mini-server on unrooted Android smartphones using the Termux application. The server hosts several applications including Moodle, Nextcloud, Kiwix, and WordPress. While the process is doable for technophiles, it poses significant challenges for users without advanced computer skills. Project Goals: - Develop an Automated Installation Process: Create a tool or scr...

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    My site is not working after i tried to remove php 7.2 and install php 8.0. All services appears to be running but site only displays a bunch of stuff. Im running two system on the same DB and none are working. System is on digitalocean, running on debian 11 and apache2.

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    Need to test the module 0. Installing Proxmox and Configuring Integration with WHMCS 1. Automatic installation of OS Linux Windows of different versions (Debian, Centos, Alma, Ubuntu, Oracle) 2. Testing available functionality in the client's office - reboot, rescue, password reset, control panel installation, OS reinstallation, monitoring, etc. 3. Migration to another tariff with data retention, 4. Isolation of VPS between each other 5. Create multiple VPSs in the same network 6. Automatic installation of OS templates with customized software 7. Automatic installation Mikrotik CHR 8. Automatic installation of control panels Direct Admin, Cpanel, ISP Manager, Virtualmin, VestaCP, HestiaCP

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    I am looking for an highly skilled Linux administrator who can provide guidance and training to my team of system administrators. Our team consists of more than 11 members, all of whom have extensive experience with distributions such as Redhat, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Expertise in Linux administration - Proven experience in guiding and training other system administrators - Ability to convey complex technical information clearly and effectively Need to show demo, practical sessions. Though my team has considerable experience, I'm open to further expansion of their skills. If you have specialized knowledge in a particular area, such as system maintenance and monitoring, network administration, or security administrati...

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    Önde Gelen debian Topluluk Makaleleri