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    ...connect 2 pc for a little data bitrate with audio bandwidth (wire connection). Usb/jack audio connectors. With modem client and modem server (i.e old 56k modem) or whatever... For example (but you can use other solutions): analog modem using Arduino controller. FSK enconde/decode. 2 modems wired by 2 lines. Input from Pc would be a serial over USB.

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Need an android app which can decode qr code and extract the product code and quantity from it and ten match it to the required quantity which will be provided in the form of an excel

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    I need this done within one day. please let me know If its possible!

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    ...value 2. Use a Greedy algorithm to build up a Huffman Tree, such that a. smaller frequencies at bottom of the tree while larger frequencies at top b. assign codes to the tree by placing a 0 on every left branch and a 1 on every right branch c. use priority queue for efficient implementation of selecting the minimum at each time 3. A traversal of

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    ...with SWIFT). After that, the developer just have to make a function that calls the lib. I need samples of: How to: 1- Send a text message(that I will pass as parameter) using Audio modem kit using unaudible frequency 2- Another function to listen and receive the message and be able to decode it. [login to view URL] Despite

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    Hi, is their any body can change the software update feature. I want to crack one software.I had only setup file of the software. Are you able to decode the software and turn off its license key verification and update features.. Urgently looking for software developer.

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    I need a some one to give me a solution so I can encode and decode using an MCU (Arduino or any other MCU) a FSK code a based on BELL 202 Modem standard, 1200 baud, half duplex. The solution may be a code or an hardware (frequency filters) and a code for MCU. If it is possible I prefer the solution with C code where only a pin and interrup...

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    I would like to hire someone who is a native English speaker and who lives in the US. It is very important that I sit alongside the project until I feel confident I have found someone who under stands exactly what I am looking for. That means I would need to send you my Excel spread sheet, and Skype voice in real time to talk about every detail to

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    ...programming language. The y86 architecture is a very small subset of the x86 instruction set which performs many of the essential functions of x86 and which is useful for teaching and research purposes. I've included a number of documents about y86 which has all the essential details about the architecture, including a chapter from the textbook for which the

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    ...assignment is to write an emulator for the Y86 instruction set. Implement a program y86emul that executes Y86 executable files. Your program y86emul should support the following user interface: y86emul [-h] <y86 input file> where <y86 input file> is the name of a Y86 input file, whose structure is defined in Section 5. If -h is given as an argu...

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    i need a simple app in android...1 page to display speed being transmitted through bluetooth to device. the speed is created in ASCII Language by the radar and i have the guidelines to decode the signal and create display. So in recap, i need a one page app that will decode and display an ASCII Signal to an android device that is sent via bluetooth

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    I need Decode / Unpack the link ([login to view URL]) code and leave it with original code. to other external links and that need to be Decode / Unpack as well

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    ...with qualcomm chipsets on the android phones. API must intercept and write Layer 3 data to log files as well as extract particular parameters of signalization in real time, decode them and send them to our application. Following particular parameters have to be delivered: - 3G/WCDMA: Band, Ec/Io, RSCP, RSSI, PSC, RRC State,TX Level, Neighbor Cell Measurements

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    Your emulator should read in a text file that contains only the opcode bytes representing the program. The file will be plain ASCII text file representing the bytes in either lower or uppercase (expect to see "30f4b8" or "30F4B8"). You can assume the file contains no spaces or line breaks, only characters representing the program's bytes....

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    This project is about creating a simple huffman tree with the given frequencies for the 5 vowels. Encode and decode methods are also needed.

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    Design and test a VHDL model for the instruction cache of a speculative out-of-order VLIW processor. Your VHDL code should have the following: - PC register updated on falling_edge of the clk to one of the following values: PC + VLIW_INST_SIZE, branch_target_PC, or EXCEPTION_ROUTINE_PC. PC register should be initialized to 1000 Hex when reset is

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    Hi, i need a Geosjon export. i need help me to decode geosjon outputs form export. after debuing i wont build new export with new format. (Correct geosjon format )

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    Hi Dimosthenis K. We need decode Ioncube page. Can you check my proposal? Let me know how to work with you Thanks

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    ...require Delphi developer who can write a small example project to decode Base64 image data and insert to SQLite DB. I can supply an external file(s) with example Base64 data, I require a small example project that loads the file ... loads it into an onscreen container (memo, etc so it can be seen) then insert it into a simple SQLite database. It is e...

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    ...between round trips. If you have worked with viewstate and know how to decode viewstate values I am interested in talking to you. I need a very simple script that will allow me to have a hidden form on a page that will post the viewstate content back to me whereby i can decode it and identify values from it. Something like this: <form method="...

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    simple program ...CSV & The output should be given in CSV CAPTCHA. Automatically should decode CHAPTCHA and add in to amazon page Please keep in mind that the features asked are mostly covered by sites like SYNCCENTRIC for $40/month. This is a simple program for in-company use, not a commercial one, so please be competitive with your pricing

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    ...devised a code that encodes UPPERCASE words by shifting their letters forward. Shifting a letter by S positions means to go forward S letters in the alphabet. For example, shifting ‘B’ by S where S = 3 positions gives ‘E’. However, sometimes this makes us go past ‘Z’, the last letter of the alphabet. Whenever this happens we wrap around, treatin...

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    I need a working example using [login to view URL] to decode barcodes. Must be cross browser compatibl for safari, firefox, chrome on andriod, ios, windows operating systems. I will using either jquery or angularjs for the js framework. Implementation must support multiple scan boxes on a single page

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    I need a delphi script be able to decode a multipart/form-data sent in http post and received by an idhttpserver component. The jpeg image must be decoded and saved correctly. Must work on delphi RAD 10.2

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    I need a simple and fast code to be used with idhttpserver to receive a jpeg image send as multipart/form-data. already tried with TIdMessageDecoderMIME, but it decode wrongly the image that results corrupted, this because add CRLF in the image. Delphi 9. XE.

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    2 teklifler[login to view URL] We need: -We are running on minimal hardware, the speed of the script is very important. -To read directly from socketcan instead of from file. -To be able to decode all messages in the stream, the "missing specification datasheet" used in the example is available, for our poc we hardcoded some spn's in. -To filter messages

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    I have a binary file (4k bytes) that has been stored using some unknown CRC calculation. I do know that, once decoded, it contains 3 particular bytes, but I cannot find them inside the data. I need a freelancer to determine the CRC system used in order to decode all of the data inside the file and find the bytes that I am looking for. I have attached

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    ...succesfull all page data, but when i'm scraping Email ID which protected with cloudflare. its showing coded email. and i'm using below script to decode. <script type="text/javascript"> /* <!--[CDATA[ */ var e, r, n, i, a = jQuery(".__cf_email__").data("cfemail"); for (e = "", r = parseInt([login to view URL](0, 2), 1...

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    Hello, We are looking for a Cryptography Specialist, who can decode a "Number" all ID outputs are different, the real ID is unique ! we need the algorithm and our ID is unique but all outputs are different

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    Hi , can you help me to decode the file with ioncube ?

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    Hello, We are looking for a Cryptography Specialist, who can decode a "Number" all ID outputs are different, the real ID is unique ! we need the algorithm and our ID is unique but all outputs are different

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    Basic files. Groups/Datasets/Attributes. no compression The library shall decode multi-dimensional datasets. The library shall consider the byte order. No bindings of the hdf5lib.

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    [login to view URL] you can decode there code via [login to view URL] What i need is i open [login to view URL] in one tab and i have other tab that have data and that data and number came to another tab and send message. above is working i check. one more thing i think it is

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    Need simple Steganography image encode and decode where users and add image and message and encode it and save it and upload that image to decode the message with R, G, B

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    The project is developing an iOS native application with XCode (I prefer Swift). This app will be a WebRTC Receiver. But Streamer is going to be specific one. You can make following instructions to have Streamer: - Download MPlatform SDK from [login to view URL] for free into your Windows OS computer. And install. - Open “C:Program

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    Hi, I need help decoding a Ioncube file. I already tried an online decode ([login to view URL]), and it decoded most of it, except there are a few elements missing. I need someone who can fully decode the files without these errors. I think it's a php5.6

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    hi all i have ea wich is only for backtesting .if anyone can decode that EA or any one have that EA wich is working on live account please contect with me

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    I need help making an animation film that describes how our service works for social media. - About two minutes length - Including US English speak - Including musi...two minutes length - Including US English speak - Including music if necessary It is not too important how the film is made but it must be catchy and easy to understand/decode.

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    Hi Rastislav H., I noticed your profile and i see you have developed an application to recognize car license plate. I need a method to decode car license plate (es. ES589NZ) in ktype (code of TecDoc). Can you help me?

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    I do forensics on my website logs, i had sql injections on my website ( website (that i patch them) but i want to know what does the hacker tooks from :), so i have a logs file that i want to decode :) , the injection is an SQL BLIND INJECTION type boolean, and i want to understand with a script :) thanks , there is a exemple in the project

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    hello, I am doing forensics on my website and I wanted a script how read my [login to view URL] file and decrypt all the data who is in base64 and decode it. here is my log file. it has to be a simple script and in python

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    This is a very simple and easy project for someone who knows what he is doing: I need a Procmail Recipe to DECODE Base64-encoded email SUBJECT content, and to do a little filtering depending on the email subject content after the decoding on my email server. I know how to do the filtering part, I only need the decoding part of the recipe. I only

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    We need to extract source code from this two files : File information : Both files are written in C in 2001 1- [login to view URL] : is the server side app that listen for connection. 2- [login to view URL] : coming from [login to view URL] as client side. * Important Notice Please check the files and check them first before you set the price * .. then please put the price and

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    Hello, I have 3 pages want to make copy of it but without copy any codes from the original pages Means you gonna decode everything by your own (you will look to the original page as just a picture) And you are transforming this picture to a html page. It's simple project and not gonna take few hours from any professional who done this before. In case

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    ...milestones : A. Write a windows program using ARToolkit in C++ to print multi marker 2D barcode that will look like the attached example. The bar code is going to be used as a sticker. B. Write a windows program using ARToolkit in C++ that will get a JPEG file in high resolution, locate bar-codes like the sticker above , decode them and p...

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    I'm looking for someone that can change the syntax of an Oracle SQL query to Teradata SQL (query att...without having accepted the job previously because I will not read them. I want to subsitute basically the following functions in a compatible syntax, as Teradata 13 doesn't accept this stuff: * trim * replace * decode * (+)= join * =: * nvl

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    Title: “Why Didn’t They Just Say That?” Subtitle: Teaching secondary students with high-functioning autism to decode the social world using PEERspective. Brief Description This book is a curriculum for a high school class that teachers can use to teach students with autism spectrum disorder social skills with their typically-developing peers

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