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    Hello, I really need a custom module in VBA which interrogates a database table (in a local database) for local filenames and then FTP's those filenames to a FTP site specified within several hidden controls on an open form. As I am well aware, it is not terribly sophisticated to do this and I have tried to address this myself, but I am not a VBA person. I think it would need a recordset...

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    I need a password management system installed for my website which validates both "paypal" and "clickbank" payment systems. I offer many different membership lengths to my password protected area at my website: 1 Day Membership $14.95 2 Day Membership $24.95 3 Day Membership $34.95 1 Week Membership $44.95 2 Week Membership $59.95 1 Month Membership $74.95 3 Month Membership $1...

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    I am looking for a Windows network person to provide expert advice to assist me in configuring and installing Windows networks. I know enough to be dangerous, but am not familiar with all the complex bits (I'm a programmer, not a sys admin) I will need support for three months. At that time I may well want additional services. I only need help with the "hard" stuff - I'm not a ...

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    I need a simple VB6 application that randomly generates sentences based on pre-determined formulas. Here's how I prefer it to work: A) When run, a dialog box opens which contains: 1. a textbox 2. a "NEXT SENTENCE" button 3. a "SAVE THIS ONE" button 4. a "VIEW SAVED ITEMS" button B) When the user clicks "NEXT SENTENCE"... The app opens a data file (eg, ...

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    I need an IDE (graphics editor) like VB for an 'other' programming language The program beginns, like VB, with an empty form (and there can be only one form at a time). The User should then be able to select a control on an toolbar and place this control whereever on the form, all under the definition of a selectable grid structure. Then this control must be resizable and movable. Also t...

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    I need a password management system installed for my website which validates both "paypal" and "clickbank" payment systems. I offer many different membership lengths to my password protected area at my website: 1 Day Membership $14.95 2 Day Membership $24.95 3 Day Membership $34.95 1 Week Membership $44.95 2 Week Membership $59.95 1 Month Membership $74.95 3 Month Membership $1...

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    I want an affiliate system for a hosting company. I can integrate with the existing signup system myself, so long as you make it clear what I need to do. An appealing design is a must. Signup forms for an affiliate to sign up to the system, along with information on the affiliate programme. Admin section for when the affiliate has joined, detailing amout owed, amount paid, number of referrals, a...

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    problem: I want to randomly display bannerads on a page. they will be retrieved from a mysql db. the banners have different sizes, like: 10*100, 100*200,200*200,400*100,200*400,400*400,400*200 - ok, no problem so far... BUT they have to be arranged, so that they fit on the page WITHOUT any GAPS ! (except in the last row) I tried this myself but did not find a solution... think about it, it&acut...

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    FTP Help Bitti left

    Need help with a small project (Weii I say small). I need to create a FTP like application that will allow all uses who load the application to share a shared folder but also download at the same time. The application will show all connected nodes in a tree view list. There will be no search functions. Just a chat function and download/upload. I have many little application like file explorer and ...

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    I need a nice design for my programmer's site. I am a database- and web-programmer with a website that should be visited by local customers. Design should be nice but no overkill. May have small animation/flash-animation to attract attention (no flash intros please). What I need is a design template, that I can slice into the necessary parts. The site navigation will be programmed by myself i...

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    I am a front-end web designer. I would like to build the interface/graphics/flash/layout for a dating website targeted at Catholics. This is strictly a programming project ??" graphic design is not needed as I will take care of this. I would like to find a programmer who has a strong programming skillset that can program functionality that is similar to The programmer sho...

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    Hi. All this should do is have a screen, with the ie component on it. Also it should refresh the ie component evey x seconds and load y address. x and y should be placed in a text file and have it loaded from there so i can configure. Also - have it so it loads the dimensions of the window from there too. Jave no maxamize on the window. I know this is extremly simple so dont go trying to rip me ...

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    The problem is relatively complex, involving good knowledge of both Delphi internals and ActiveX building using Delphi Active Forms. In the attached archive you will find a sample ActiveX built using Active Form wizard, that contains 3 edit boxes (Edit1, Edit2 and Edit3). Install the resulting OCX and create the corresponding Delphi wrapper for it. Next, run the [URL'yi görüntü...

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    Web-based application that will allow consumers to enter a website and choose the type of home they From existing plans that will be available on the site and then customize the features of the home. For example - choosing the number of bedrooms, choosing the exterior (wood, concrete, brick, etc...), interior of the home (such as room color, carpeted, hardwood, etc...). Once all the features have ...

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    PHP/MYsql Surfers/Researchers Notes script I have $21 in my scriptlance account. After fees that leaves $16. I'd pay that plus up to $20 more dollars if you can build this today or tomorrow. Its about 3-4 hours worth of work... I want full resale rights to this. No open source code may be incorporated. You must write this from scratch and fully give it to me as my own forever. I may even...

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    If you want to be a top coder, you need to focus on coding jobs over $100. So if you've got the skill, here's an opportunity for you to move up in the rankings... I'm looking for a good original (and stable) FTP client. Not necessarily a clone of CuteFTP, WS_FTP, etc., but similar in quality, features, etc. Original code only, please, preferably in VB6. I need it set up so that I ca...

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    A full paid-to-click site, like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] or similar, with quite a few additional features. I've been quoted $500 on this before so I'm looking for something less than that. It needs some web design skills, some MYSQL/Perl knowledge, and some time, and the willingness to communicate with myself over MSN or a messaging program. The ...

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    We have a new company website the needs a home page design and a new logo. The website was designed in ASP.NET and uses frames. The general functionality is in place as well as a logo I put together myself. The website deals with eCommerce billing so a "financial" theme would be good. Whatever it is, it needs to be very professional and not too flashy. The designer should be versed in AS...

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    Looking for a coder that has experience working with HL7. I need to build an interface for my database application. I will pay the bidder I select for information, code, or tools that help me to create an HL7 interface for my database. I am a developer myself but have know idea how HL7 works. I will pay for some basic tutoring also. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working progr...

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    I am a school psychologist and would like to create a program that will allow me to enter in information/data about a client and select appropriate instruments used and recommendations (from a larger database) to be included in output - a final report. I guess the job would entail creating a "form" to fill out and check off certain selections that would then produce a printable report. T...

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    I need a product catalog, shopping cart, and full integration with PayPal (including PayPal IPN). I would rather not use the PayPal shopping cart. My client wants to have a secure area where they can view COMPLETED/VERIFIED orders that are ready to be shipped out. I also need an admin area where I can manage the store (i.e. products, categories, etc.) Security is a VERY high priority! It should...

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    I need a basic utility program that can combine multiple MS-Word documents into one large document. I am a programmer myself and I will be incorporating this into a larger project. The problems I have had attempting to do this is that it is difficult to retain the headers, footers, and pagination of the individual documents when combining them into one document. Here are the requirements: Program ...

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    This is a college project. It needs to be done. It doesn't need it to be pretty, just need it working. ASAP would be great. I've been screwed around with by a couple other coders, so I'd rather have someone with at least a few ratings on here, but I am willing to talk to anyone who bids. I need this to finish my college tenure, but I've never cared for ASP programming myself, o...

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    Hi, I am looking for a PHP/MySQL script that I can add to my HTML pages easily enough to edit basic things like images and text. Kind of like a WYSIWYG thing with an admin that is accessed via an "owners login" link on the bottom of the pages. I am open to your guys suggestions on developing these update scripts as I know there are many ways to do so. I am after a simple but powerfu...

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    I just need the site completely re-designed in plain html with a new logo, completely new design and new graphics to look very professional and support online ordering via paypal subscriptions. I need it in html only preferrably or php or something that the load speed will be as fast as possible. I just paid way too much for the current design and can't seem to get the designer to do much...

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    surveys Bitti left

    I need an application for surveys. Is a client server application developed in ASP ver 3 (Not .net platform) I am a programmer myself so the program will be fully documented since I will have to maintain it. The analysis: one mdb file (access 2000) to hold username, password, and working directory The program is supplied to maintain the above file (add, edit, delete, print list of users). The user...

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    Basically I have just graduated from a Degree in Stage Lighting. As part of that degree, I worked with my tutor to restore a 60 year old lighting desk called the Light Console. We used MIDI keyboards to convert the old buttons into midi note on/off events. This information went into REALBasic on a Mac, and out to a modern lighting desk. I want to use this at home, with just a midi keyboard and lig...

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    €27 - €108
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    MySql/osCommerce/PHP/Perl Products Import Greetings fellow coders. I need help out of a sudden time crunch. I have a job due by monday which I need part of done for me tonight so I can finish some other stuff myself tomorrow. I need 354 simple text files imported into my oscommerce site as new products. I will attach the text files for you to review as you bid in a zip file. The text files con...

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    MURDER AT LLOYDS PARADISE Part one It all began in a beautiful small African town, Ndola. Ndola is a city known to be the second largest city in Zambia a country based in the southern region of Africa. There in the city of Ndola lived a young man known as Anthony Lloyds born and raised in a simple Christian family. He was quite muscular and of a normal acceptable height of 6 feet 2 inches. He...

    €180 - €270
    €180 - €270
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    I am a college student and i am teaching myself visiual basics. I have 3 very small programs i want to run. They are from a book i bought called "An Introduction to Visual [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]" By David I. Schneider. I just wanted these programs written and ran to see some examples. I will pay you $45 dollars if you can do this for me. I have...

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    I want to get access to information, that is displayed on a window of a Java-program. This Javaprogram runs on the virtual machine inside the internet explorer. The displayed information is a kind of stock quote, which i want to use for further processing in my Visual Basic-Application. I tried to get the information by listening to the TCP/IP-Port, but data seems to be crypted. I need a VB-Exampl...

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    I need the unsubscribe funtion fixed in one of my script must know MySQL and CGI I could eventually get to it myself but I just dont have time and it needs to be finished now. Do not bid if you cant finish this immediately(within hours)...or if you cant provide me exact details of the fix...I need to know exactly where and what was changed! I will choose someone quickly, please be r...

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    I posted a bid two days ago to update content on my site ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) using dreamweaver -- I've since figured out how to use it well enough to do it for myself, so I cancelled the project request. There is still much work to be done on my website and the two most important criteria are: 1. Prof. Quality and 2. SPEED. This is what I need ...

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    I require mockups (not actual coding) of a new Aerobics web site. Overall, it should be a mixture of [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] and a very informative website. Large, high quality pictures that fades in the background and a unique/easy to use navigation. Flash navigation or surprises are welcome, but keep the navigation simple, well scaled and wide enough to...

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    Personal Logo Bitti left

    I need a logo to be designed for myself (Monira). The logo must be professional but simple I might be using it for my future company logo also. It must look well on print and web. The logo convey the idea symbolize superiority and quality. If you have any questions ask. ## Deliverables 1) Image files in proper format. 2) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. #...

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    I've got a simple multiple item search form made up of three text boxes and two drop downs. Two of the text boxes are a start date and end date field and the third is a Pub Number field. I just need a simple way to force users to enter either the date search fields OR the Pub Number field OR both so that the results list can be narrowed down and not kill the server. I know how to force single...

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    Need webpage template only. I have graphics and content, just need the basic template. It needs to be designed so that it is easy to add my content myself and I can easily update the content. Basic design needs to be fixed width with expandable height. CSS is preferred but not necessary. It needs to start with an initial header area, then a subheader area with two table rows after that. Then...

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    Hi, I am upgrading to a new customer management program and the drag is that the old software I use has a different database structure then the new one. These management pieces are PHP with MySQL backend so it should be pretty easy to convert the two MySQL databases. Here is the biggest problem: the old software stored data in this way: a table holidng customer data (email, name, address, auto ...

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    IP Emailer Bitti left

    This should be a simple project really. I need it to be written in Visual Basic 6. I have been having problems with a certain employees internet browsing habits so I started a project that logs certain information to a text file on drive C: This is the name and path of that text file. C: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] What I need is a program that will email tha...

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    We have finish a cybercafe software. It is a completed software and we are already selling it online. Now I want to fully concentrate on marketing this software. So we need someone who can : (a) **Enhance this software**. (b) Even recoding part of it when necessary (c) Provide information and help me on updating the e-commerce website for this software. (d) Help in technical support. Infac...

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    The site is not in english so I will add all text, links and advertising myself. It's the design I want you to do. An index page with some text and advertising spots for travels, books and stuff. Category page template with links. Place for 468x60 banner on each page. I'm looking for a professional layout with great looking graphics. I expect you to show me a portfolio in your bid or in...

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    I am needing someone to install an XML Feed to my Smartsearch script. I am changing my pay per click partnership from Bay9 to Epilot. Epilot will be giving me an XML Feed of their search results. I've been told it will not be that hard to do but I do not have the knowledge to do it myself. I will pay through Paypal after completion. You will have FTP access to all of the files necessary.

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    I'm looking for a new template for [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . The current version I have designed myself but I'm not capable of doing any better myself... I'm looking for a couple of things: 1. A template for the site with a cartoon like logo. I 'd need the PSD photoshop file and sliced HTML as my HTML knowledge is limited. 2. A Fla...

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    I am a commercial business software engineer (in IBMCOBOL) who would like to get to grips with .NET and stuff, especially for a business idea of my own which I'd like to market via the Web. Problem is, I really have neither that much time to spend on a long learning curve, nor money to outsource it to a company. Here is the outline spec, with apologies for any technological howlers I may make...

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    I am interested in having developed a total management system which would be similar to If you are not familiar with it it would involve: A system that would allow quick linking of links or scripts on my server that would provide adult TGP webmasters with static links that would allow them to maintain their site by having fresh daily galleries without ever adding links. The gal...

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    Surveys Bitti left

    I have the MsDos dBase IV that I am currently using via a batch file from Win98. I now have WinXP and can't use my Dos dbase IV. I have Visual Dbase 5 and MS Access. I want to convert my programs to the Windows enviornment. I have basically 4 databases all with a common field. The main database has about 12,000 records and 20 fields. The other databases have from 3000 to 1000 records and abou...

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    Looking for someone who has a lot of experiences in coding and developing affliate systems (i am talking only about the stats part) in PHP/Perl. I am working myself on affiliate stats system for some time already, and would like to find someone to ask some questions about various stuff concerning to it. Mostly database model - how to do multi-level affliates stats very fast and efficient etc ... t...

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    I'm currently writing a Internet reservation application and I'm looking for help to add the following features/functions: 1. When given a property id build a calendar for the current month showing vacancies and occupied dates. There should be links to let them view the next month and maybe a drop down menu to select a new month and year. 2. I would also like a function that looks thr...

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    I need a content managment system in php and javascript. it should be something like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] but with more features i need all the features which are there in phpwebed (only the javascript one) and i need following more things 1) a menu tag which i can put in my code to make a editable menu. here i sd have choice of a dropdown menu (slidin...

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    Amplitude Reader The program that I need is kind of complicated, so it’s essential that you look at every single detail in the description here. If any other questions arise, please e-mail me as quickly as possible. As the title says, I need an Amplitude Reader in the most literal terms I can think of. It will have to be able to load both Microsoft Wave files and MPEG-Layer3 files as well. F...

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