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    Need a logo for my website "Uploadhomes"

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    Real estate Website Project Specification (WordPress): Project objective: - To design website, provide different Real States investments aspects - The website provides to visitor’s information about real estate investment - Creating real estate consultancy Home page (Main Menu): - About - Investment - Development - Marketing - Consulting - Projects - News - Clients - Contact us ...

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    Artlab Limited in based in Auckland, New Zealand. We are a retailer of art for domestic and commercial use, sales mainly through USA online channels. This project involves the design of 4 x unique artworks for high definition digital print onto stretched canvas, sizes including 12 x 12”, 16 x 16”, 20 x 40”, 28 x 28”. Please see attached Design Brief for further details.

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    Literature review 6 gün left

    Topic: Attachment Based Therapy The literature review should provide an overview on a counselling theory as chosen by the student. The literature review should be 7 pages(double spacing) in length. The review should include the theoretical definition, strengths and weaknesses, populations it may be best used for, supporting evidence and any relevant information that is specific to your chosen the...

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    E.g build app 6 gün left

    The idea of ​​the application: - It is an application that is a mediator for requests from shops, pharmacies, and associations, and the manager has complete freedom to place an open number of merchants and stores, and every merchant or store has a special control panel through which to submit photos or videos of their products, prices and full details, and after approval the store is classified a...

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    Trophy icon logo design 1 gün left

    ADVOCADO COMPANY NAME: advocado NAME DEFINITION: combination of two words: ADVERTISING and AVOCADO PAYOFF: Marketing & Digital Communication • SERVICES: Social Media Marketing and management, Business Blogging, Storytelling and Copywriting, Digital communication. WHY AVOCADO: A brand can only become customer's favorite if it is as versatile as an avocado. Avocado is s...

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    Write a function MyBipartiteGraph(N) that the number of nodes of the graph as the input for the generation of a random bipartite graph. Then you should generate the bipartite graph and put random edges with random weights. There should be another function TestBipartiteGraph(G) to check if the generated graph G is bipartite or not. Finally, design an ILP for solving the maximum weighted bipartite m...

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    A talented graphic designer/video editor/animator is required to create compelling, aesthetic video, graphical and animation content for a website. Tasks required: 1. Adding animation elements to a logo ( 3 options ) 2. 25 no. high definition and compressed full width splash videos are to be created including motion graphics, transitions and overlay effects based upon the theme/content of the...

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    I am co-founder of a new joint fitness venture 'Mindful Movement Online' and would like two logos made. I have a mock up logo which I have made myself; to help guide the designer of the path I would like to take.

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    Hi! I need a Design for a webpage, the page will be a search-page for medical ICD-Codes, users can search and will get ICD code back (for examples see: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) The design should be inspired by [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I need a logo which must say, " [URL'yi görüntülemek ...

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    This solution is gonna be used by truck drivers that will receive notifications when enter or leaving a certain geofence area. You are not asked to make a fully release-ready solution, but a fully functionally application that we can build on top of. The solution must include: Using Xamarin Forms implementation for Android and iPhone with the use of Shiny. Add( and remove) geofence locations wi...

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    I have a requirement to convert a Matlab project to a C++ class. The MATLAB project is working, and can be run in MATLAB IDE with easily verifiable results. To give you an idea of scope/size, It consists of 41 source code (*.m) files totaling 168Kb, and the code is also heavily commented. The deliverable needs to be a single standard C++ class (no third party libraries), compilable in Visual Studi...

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    Please reproduce the attached image ON THE TOP RIGHT as a clean, vectorial / high definitiPlease reproduce the attached as a clean, vectorial / high definition image. If this is an existing Mac font, fine. I just want a clean copy. ** I NEED FILE WITH FONTS IN SUPERPOSED LAYERS, not a rework of the JPG provided as exaple** You will provide: - Accurate version - Source files (PSD / AI) as part...

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    Please reproduce the attached as a clean, vectorial / high definition image. If this is an existing Mac font, fine. I just want a clean copy. You will provide: - Accurate version - font, colours gradient etc.. - Source files (PSD / AI) as part of the result ** IGNORE the last 3 images at the bottom ** DO NOT DO THE GUARANTEED DANCE **** I PAY, PAY WELL AND PAY QUICK IF THE WORK IS GOOD. End of.

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    Task definition - Table formatting in NodeRED Preparation of the code for ui_control node to get paginated table 1. Create paginated table 2. Update fields in mentioned table PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW NODERED !! Will not install anything - piece of java script code for function module or ui_control node is required Repeat: Delivery is either: - Code for NodeRED function module ...

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    We are looking for a copywriter to prepare texts about 90+ blood markers (like glucose, albumin and etc). Texts should provide the following information: name of the marker and its alternative names, definition, function in the body and conditions associated with changes in levels of that particular marker. Conditions should have links to reputable resources (WebMed, LTD, peer-review publications....

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    Hi I am looking for someone supporting me in researching about "digital platform business models". I am looking for different things: - Description and definition of the platform economy (1 page) - Description and definition of digital platform business models, the different types, characteristics and success criteria (5 pages) - Research and evaluation of frameworks in the context of b...

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    I am working on developing a freelancing application. More specifically, in the process of designing the user interface and developing prototype prior to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] application connects application/website connects customers with service providers requiring handyman assistance to for their homes/offices (e.g., plumbing, electricity, moving, c...

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    looking for an already available product that can do fleet maintenance and asset maintenance. Fleet maintenance: 1. Registration of vehicles, users; 2. Vehicle users and cost center; 3. Vehicle document management; 4. Fuel consumption record; 5. Vehicle maintenance map; 6. Registration of claims; 7. Other costs associated with cars: insurance, emoluments, car registration, circulation tax,...

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    Rainbow art 2 gün left

    Create rainbow artwork high definition approx 5x5cm Colours - olive green , blue, pink , purple , gold

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    Logo Design 2 gün left

    Here's my elevator pitch: I'm a tee shirt and jeans kind of girl. No matter if I'm lounging at home with my kids or going out for a cocktail, I can dress my tee shirt and jeans up or down. After I had my first baby, I had no idea what a constant struggle it was going to be to be a full time working mom and also breastfeeding and pumping. I had to stare at my clothes everyday and try...

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    Looking for someone to remove the 'Fusion' writing from an artwork and replace it with our Coffee DNA logo. I have attached two sample files of the artworks that need to be changed. There are 8 different colours for each and I will send the rest, along with the logo when awarded. These need to be in PDF, PNG, and JPG, high definition - Please include the AI file if possible. This needs t...

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    We are looking for a professional Polish SEO agency that can manage different websites of a client. The agency should be able to: • do high quality onpage analysis and keyword analysis • Write high quality texts along with the SEO best practices • Furthermore, the agency should be able to create catalogues of measures for On- and Offpage tasks For the communication with the c...

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    create one to two-page design concept for new applications; Will provide the basic concept You will create the technical details plus the high level visual. This is kind like a presentation to show the concept definition and how the idea flow works.

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    PICTURE HD CREATION -- 2 1 gün left

    I need to create an HD picture for a product to put on the webiste. the picture will be used for website and marketing material so it is important the the final job will be high definition. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS AND MAKE BID ACCORDINGLY, FALSE BID WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED All instructions are on the file attached, the 3 D are not attached yet i will give you when we start project

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    This will be the image/ symbol/ logo for my website and future brand. I want it to be like a Pixar character. A pink sheep with a bodybuilding style, v shape physique standing on a mountain. But not too muscular , more so very lean, and definition. I guess the mid point between shredded and big and muscular. Heart shaped necklace that’s noticeable but not overwhelming, also pink. Green eyes...

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    SKILLS: - Creation of Reports via Alteryx Workflows - Transformation of existing manual Excel Reports into Alteryx Workflows - Analysis and understanding of MSO Reporting Tasks for all relevant Reports - Definition of Transformation for the manual MSO Reporting Tasks into an Alteryx Script - Understanding of Data requirements for the QLIK/Tableau reports (creation of QLIK/Tableau Reports...

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    The report should explain Natural deduction calculus for first-order logic. The report should include the following section: - The definition of the calculus - Proof of soundness and completeness - Some significant examples of proofs- A complete bibliography of the sources used in the paper. Format. The paper should be about ten pages long (more, if necessary or desired). It should be prepared...

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    PICTURE HD CREATION 1 gün left

    I need to create an HD picture for a product to put on the webiste. the picture will be used for website and marketing material so it is important the the final job will be high definition. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS AND MAKE BID ACCORDINGLY, FALSE BID WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED All instructions are on the file attached, the 3 D are not attached yet i will give you when we start project

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    I'm opening a women's online clothing boutique. The name of my company is ChiBoss Collection (pronounced "sheboss"). We will provide trendy and unique clothing for women at an affordable price. At ChiBoss Collection our definition of a 'sheboss" is a woman who owns who she is, she fully accepts herself; flaws and all. She takes care of herself, family, and business. I...

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    Problem statement Write and execute a MapReduce program to figure out the top 100 trending songs from Saavn’s stream data, on a daily basis, for the week December 25-31. Although this is a real-time streaming problem, you may use all the data till the (n−1)th day to calculate your output for the nth day, i.e. you may consider all the stream data till 24 December (included) in your prog...

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    I have a few tables in my sql server 14.0 database that I want to monitor. I want to add triggers after insert, update and delete to these few tables. I want a log of every record inserted, updated, or deleted. One of the tables I would like to monitor is tblChild. Its definition is below. CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tblChild]( [ChildId] [numeric](18, 0) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [User] [numeric](...

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    I have a spredsheet with 2,900 terms in Hindi and Arabic that need definitions. These terms are also on a website with hyperlinks to open source dictionary. You can just scroll down a page and click each link and copy and paste the English definition and part of speech into two columns on the spreadsheet. I will provide spreadsheet on selection of a freelancer, and you can approve it based on more...

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    Trophy icon Branding / Logo 2 saat left

    This is a quote from a teenager who's looking to create his brand. A football can be incorporate in the design, but not limited to just a football (i.e., like an acronym etc). Dreams Into Reality!( boy running to his dreams) Looking for something that embodies this quote: There's more ways to make a hustle, than in the streets; I'm the new definition of hustle & grin...

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    We are in the need for someone to review a definition of certaing singing skills we've created in order to see if they can be understood by someone who doesnt know anything about this activity. It's really simple and easy.

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    The synthesis referee / report. The report will be written in LaTeX (type report) ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] / [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]), about 10 - 15 pages, 12 font, normal spacing. The report will contains at least the title; author/ authors; abst...

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    website and social media management with three weekly advertisements (posters, photos and videos, all in high definition) plus the contents of the financial topics on mortgages and bank guarantees, blog creation and managementI am looking for an experienced specialist to increase visibility on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. SEO m...

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    Hi, I need someone to do technical interview to assist with recruitment of new IT consultants to work in Malaysia/Singapore. Here is what you need to do :- 1) Search for prospective IT candidates in Linkedin from India, Philippines and Indonesia who are willing to work in Malaysia/Singapore. 2) Their skills domain should be any one of the following SAP, Oracle, Java, PHP, Dot Net, C++, Python, ...

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    title (Revised definition and nomenclature for fatty liver disease) I need editing and rephrasing if needed for this medical min-review (1200 words)

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    looking for a prestahop pro for 1 issue: visibility of mobile version of my website is wrong . screen definition is unclear -only 50% visible - the screen shows the website not correctly. google has informed already about this problem.

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    The project deals with a series of pipe connection to a plate, which in turn is connected to a large domain. You can refer to the images attached below for getting a good idea about the project. The problem is running but it is consuming a lot of time maybe because of some inherent problem definition.

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    Reproduction of drawings as in high definition photos "vector file" total file 8.

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    I need a script or a metodogy for creating a 360deg image for my ecommerce based on magento2. i can shoot every photo do you need but i need to show the product images on 360deg preferally in high definition.

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    Small video Bitti left

    New website and app help and support any individual & family producers in one app to posting his advertisement free , increase sales & it easier for people to know the Products and services close to . Animation or moving graphic Definition of app and what you get benefit if you post Advertisements

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    Agile Foundation: What is Agile? Why Agile? Why our clients want Agile? Sharing the value proposition and discussing couple of Agile topics: SCRUM – Definition & Example SAFe program manager- Definition & Example Other Examples of Sia Partners Agile experience: Financial Services Technology Energy Clients Sia Partners has done Agile projects with (Slide with logos of companies) ...

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    Hi Anna N, Conduct Research Report on Life Cycle Assessment on Re-useable Plastic Crates as a preferred transport packaging systems for fruit and vegetable distribution in Europe The LCA Reserach Report should be minimum 2500words & referencing in Harvard Style & completed with timeframe of FIVE DAYS. The report is meant to present an average situation (generalised view) of the most susta...

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    We want to develop an application in MAC where we shall "Lock any folder" the definition for Lock folder means, our application is only allowed to access that folder as well as our application may add other mac application to access that folder. deliverables are 1. MAC application which allow us to lock / unlock any folder 2. allow us to add any application to access lock folder 3...

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    I'm not looking for someone to take a test for me Jag skulle vilja lära mig envariabelanalys på svenska. Du som skriver får gärna ha erfarenhet i ämnet samt kunna prata och skriva väl på svenska Totalt 3timmar undervisningstid. 1)Gränsvärden: definition och räkneregler 2)Kontinuitet, egenskaper hos kontinuerliga funktioner 3)Derivator:...

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    Article writer Bitti left

    Minimum length: 2-3 pages (at least 600 words) Definition essay Writing.

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    Conduct 2500 WORDS Research Report of Life Cycle Assessment study on Solar Photovoltaic For Electricity Generation based published literature Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study based on Cradle-to-Grave to evaluate the environmental performance of a Solar Photovoltaic Product LCA study should include the following FOUR stages on the basis of ISO Standards (ISO 14044, ISO 14040) 1 Goal and Scope De...

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