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    I need a PHP/MySQL database of dolls, which will allow the end user to "login" to his/her account, be able to build a "collection" of dolls and grade them "open" or "sealed" along with a price. There must also be a place for a trading/selling forum where members can put dolls up for sale/trade and other members can make postings of dolls they are look...

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    I am looking to redesign I just found out that the design I am using is from a template that sells all over the internet. This was not mentioned when I bought the domain. Anyway I am looking for a starving webdesigner that can develop me a good website design cheaply. Visit my site [login to view URL] now visit my competitors

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    ...designing/redesigning an existing database and website. I need two things: First, someone to look over my database design and workflow from the website. Make any changes in structure to increase efficency. Database is MS SQL 2000. Second, I need help creating reports, forms, and other components on the website using ASP. I would prefer to pay hourly or

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    I want VB code which will prompt me a message "Correct Login Info" if Login Name, Domain Name and Password are entered correctly of the currently logged in user to TCP/IP network. The code must work on a Win98 system. I want this urgently. The winner will get a bonus also. ITS URGENTLY REQUIRED. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    Hello everyone :) Thank you for taking the time to read this message. My main website: [login to view URL] has recently stopped allowing my members to login. I am unsure why, as I have not changed anything on my server, and as far as I can tell - either has my hosting company. Your job, is to identify the problem, and to fix it

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    ...possibility of rotating images. 2. There has to be an online conversion chart for US, UK and European sizes. 3. The colour scheme of the website has to match our corporate logo. The design must not match any existing website out there, so we are looking for talent. This can be revealed through your current portfolio. 4. Flash introduction using our logo,

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    The full request can be found here [login to view URL] If you are interested in this bid please use this document as it contains the full assignment and diagram needed to complete this work. Everything below here is just a sumary of the above doc, so reading the document will give you a better overview. All work must

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    I want a template for a Matrimonials website. This is the statement registered by the company for the site "A website for today's faithful single (TM)". It should be used somewhere on the homepage template. This site will be focussing on Black Christian Singles, so it should have pictures of black people. Its all based on religious faith, so keep that

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    ...for login. Cookies are required. 4. Navigates to the search page and performs a search based on parameters given by the calling code. 5. Returns the HTML results of that search. 6. Allows multiple repeats of steps 4 and 5. The proposed class might have an interface similar to this, but this is just a suggestion: class CFamilySearch { ErrVal Login( CString

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    small website Bitti left

    website name: The Indian Cash and Carry. Will give excellent review and bonus if completed quickly and effectively. I am looking to create a on-line shopping cart for my project with order tracking for customers. the website is strictly for UK residents and only deals in £ pound sterling. Basically, the functionality of the website is very important

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    ...something very similar to this [login to view URL] in layout only. Yes the design Basically as you can see on the top menu, I would like About us, Contact Foroum, Chat, Singup and Login. Nothing else there. I need to scripting and design done for this website, I need a login area, Registration form, inside the members area I need space for chat sessions

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    Login page (PHP/MySQL) I need login page on PHP. The users need to have the ability to register, login to the member's area, view profile. There will be the administration panel with the following functions: 1) Add/delete/modify user and also freeze (suspend) members. when an account is 'suspended', their login prompt will change to something like 'y...

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    I would like a graphical program that searches the network for printers and allows an admin to select printers and then generates a vb login script named by the admin. This login script would allow all users that connect to a 2000 or XP Pro machine to have the printer installed. I frequently setup small networks that have 10 computers and maybe 15 people

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    I need a login system that has been created using java, with a database that has employee name, username and password. I also need it to have an encryption and decrytpion using blowfish alogorithm. The login system also has to be attached to a web page ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    ...want is a website designed in php to sell the program from. I will be using the site on several domains so there must be a install file ( to easily create tables ) and i have to be able to change the website name very easily ( this will change website name and all links including the logo link ) I will provide the wording for the website and pictures

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    ...Regions I already have the design templates in place. Also, before someone can make edits to the website, a login page should also be in place. This will be verified through a particular table (this will pertain to whatever table is used to collect user information under Site Administration ??" Manage Users section) *I have a website hosted somewhere, so

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    I am looking to create a website for my project. Basically, this only needs to be a small website but all the features have to be working. The features required are : Membership area where users can register and become members then login/update details etc. Online shopping with a small range of items- with a shopping cart, automatic email and sms text

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    ...require: a dynamic website/web database to be created for me. Now this website is basically an online store (selling only about a dozen items) it needs to have the usual store features: -online ordering ( with email confirmation of the order placed and a shopping cart) -a members login, users should be able to register and login from a login page -an administr...

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    Need Login screen: Currently need a login screen to do the following If the user correctly enters the password and username then they will be taken to another screen which will allow the user to change the password/username combination. The users can change the main login password and then they will be able to unlock /lock certain screens on the mdi

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    website design Bitti left

    Hi, Need someone to design a website: It is an ebook club where user need to register, pay the due, and login to download/read the ebooks. Coder will need to design a logo/graphic, Homepage as typical layout: top -Menu, Left-category, right -ads. In the middle will be some text to explain the site. If a visitor click on a link for an ebook, it will

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    Yes, I started my webpage about 3 months ago, [login to view URL] , and I have been meaning to finish it but just havent had the time. What I need is someone to finish making a few pages, eg, the edit storie page, and I was possibly thinking about makeing a few special features for a price. Lets not talk about that yet though, this bid is for 3 pages os ASP, one is edit already posted story. and t...

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    ...RENTAL WEBSITE" Our website will be an adult website. what we are looking for in a website is the following: - the website must look almost similar in a way to [login to view URL] and work the same way. I am not 100% sure on what is needed to make a website like [login to view URL] but below are a few things we feel is important to be included on o...

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    Hi, I need a complete website design for a school Content Management Objective: Depending on the permissions of the user, the user would be able to edit, update, and insert content, graphics, and can post including of adding, editing or deleting, services dynamically. Functionality Details: This editing should be capable of being done in either one

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    ...Modify/Update/Add to the database using forms for textfields,pulldowns,radio,checkboxes. * How to delete from the database single and multiple tables. * How to implement a dynamic login that redirects users to their unique view. * How to implement simple statistics for results from the database * How to implement my CSS styles to DB results. * Anything

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    Need a script to run my client login area. Here is how I want the page to look... [login to view URL] Everything is explained on the pages. Just click the links and read the text in black... those are the notes I added. If you have any questions about the project post a message in the message board. You must be able to be able to

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    homepage sskit Bitti left

    ...allows a student to login (if he is already a member) or click a link to become a member. I want you to: 1) Redesign the homepage- make it look appealing and desirable to university students (18 to 22 years old). Use DESIGN and COLORS and CLICKABLE IMAGES and FLASH IMAGES and AUDIO-MUSIC. Add more bright color to the homepage (the website main colors are-

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    login system Bitti left

    hi i need to create a user login system using ASP and MS ACCESS. The user does not have the privilidges to register them selves insted an admin staff has to give them a password and login id. Admin staff should be able to give out new login ids and passwords without having to type it in the database, the editing of all users' details should be online

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    WEBPAK is a basic 5 page website package sold to small businesses. The sale is done by a team of field sales persons, who work on a two part commission: First they get a percentage of the sale value; Second they get a residual income which is a percentage of the hosting charges (collected annually) as long as they service the clients. The Sales Persons

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    I am going to need a full website created for [login to view URL] Please go to [login to view URL] Check out that design. I want that exact design but changed to my content. Please read below to explanation: Please mock up my site in relation to this: 1. [login to view URL] 2. http://www.maxnet-tech

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    ...logo made, ALONG with the site's template. My site is called Go there and check out the first logo I made. That is just a mock up design. Doesn't have to be like that at all. My second design was can be found at [login to view URL] I really like the locker aspect of the top part of the page but the text needs a little

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    I need a Username and password page. The user and password info will come from a config file. ### Admin Login $ADMIN_LOGIN = "admin" ### Admin Password $ADMIN_PSWD = "123" If all is good I want to be able to set the path where they will go. I will use this in the config file ### Path to Success $scriptpath ="[login to view URL]" If all is bad then

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    ...[login to view URL], but Site2 requires login in order to search their products database. The link to detailed description for item1 will have an URL like [login to view URL] We want something like this to happen: When user click on Item1 on Site1. It will go to Site2 and automatically login in (we have login/password info on Site2), Site2

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    I need a new web design for a software company, only logo and (standard)menu content is available at the moment. Logo may be improved (if you can do a better job). Website will be hosted with an Unix ISP, Php and MySQL is supported. Beside an offer for the basic web site (Product & services description, News, Jobs, Contact incl. web form, mailing

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    ...include: 1. A simpler design (see below). Put the sign up form on a page other than the home page. 2. Email sign-up confirmation. 3. The affiliate program needs to be completed. These are the Preliminary Specifications for the orignial project. Most of the core functionally is that of [login to view URL] with a simpler design and similiar links

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    A Members login system database driven. To provide a members only area on a web site. The visitor should be able to register and or change password / username in real time. The following fields required. 1: Username 2: Password 3: Address 4: Telephone Number 5: Email Address 6: Contact Name The member should also be able to upload sound files to ftp

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    ...cart Project Update_ To All Bidder on this project update: First, I would like to inform all of you that I have found web designer which means that I no longer need the web design part of the project. The new requirements will be as fallow: -You will need to download Oscommerce 2.2 at [login to view URL] and go over the package and examine the

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    18 teklifler a website that is already designed and coded, but it's needing a grahical make-over. I'd like to achieve a more business/professional look. The primary website is at [login to view URL] - some possible changes I'd like to see here are (ultimately the designer/bidder will have last-say if changes are accepted): * Logo (re)design * Website

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    Very small project: A user hits a page that has an iis login (username and password). Once he puts that info in, i need to have code that: 1. Stores that info in session variables 2. Pulls that info and places it in a link That's it. Very simple I know, I just don't have the time to play with this right now. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    Web based login I would like a login software without a registration page. The registration information would come from an access db exporting an ascii comma delim file with member number and email for user name and password. This file would be uploaded via an admin interface and each time uploaded would overwrite the existing info and become the new

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    Project: Installing, tuning, connecting and some customization - quote with or without design (I need to see samples) Under the same URL (website), I want to have the following scripts, tools and services: 1. PPC Search engine (Perl - install). Details: [login to view URL] 2. Ad management (Perl - install). Details: http://www

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    I need code to paste onto our website index page that places username/password fields so that when our clients login they will be automatically routed to their own [login to view URL] page which is located in their own directory. Since our web provider (CI Host) has a strange way of providing mySQL functionality, I will create your databases manually for this

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    Small Content Management System I need a CMS for my existing website. Here are the features: - password protected login (separate user-table) - 2 levels (one for the admin/s (write/update/publishing articles, creating templates) and one for the contributors (write/update articles) - password protected articles (individual rights for the contributor

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    Project: Installing, tuning, connecting and some customization - quote with or without design (I need to see samples) Under the same URL (website), I want to have the following scripts, tools and services: 1. PPC Search engine (Perl - install). Details: [login to view URL] 2. Ad management (Perl - install). Details: http://www

    €89 - €445
    €89 - €445
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    ...humor/joke website. Basic requirements are as follow: Must be created in Macromedia Fireworks and transfered in Fireworks format for editing purposes Each design must be unique layout and not a different color scheme or virtual clone of one another header with logo symbol and 6 buttons header with copyright and 8 buttons area for login and search

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    i would like to get a php login script which is secure (from loop holes) Id like the script to take in a value username and password and check them with a database. if user is valid go here or do whatever it has to do if user = admin do this instead else wrong blah blha.. whatever way you think it will be best. This is the first of probably 2-3 project

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    I have a auto-traffic site called [login to view URL] Sometimes it will error on login for no reason... most of the time it will work or if you retry, it will eventually work but it is quite a nuisance for my members and needs fixed. Im sure its a minor script error. Do not bid if you cant tell me exactly what was changed and where. Thank you, Sheila

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    We are currently working on a website project,we need good a PHP developer to help us. It is a membership based e-commerce site, we basically have finished the member login/matrix/admin part. We need to develop the following: 1. online store. which allows each member to build/admin their online store by few simple configuration (without HTML coding)

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    Login Page Bitti left

    I need some work done on a site i have [login to view URL] . i need to be able to have customers login to this site and check their proofs out. I need an admin page that i can setup new users and load their proofs for their approval. i will setup the username and password and when the customer logs in, the site will take them directly to their proof and

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    I need PHP/mySQL code to paste username/password fields (and a Forgot Password field to enter an email address) onto my website index page that will forward my clients to their own web page (created by me) in their own directory. Since the data on our site must be secure, I will pre-assign a username and password to a new client (no New User logins)

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    Simple password script needed. I have a simple website online for an online game I play ([login to view URL]) and I'd like to have a separate section of the site with private information for the guild I play in. I can put a link from the links area of the page to a new "directory" page which would contain links to the private pages. The problem is I want

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