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    i need an experinced freelancer in sms modem app developement, if you have no experience in this section please dont bid. i have an java sms app and it getting error while recieve a message, please troubleshoot the problem.

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    ...Wordpress website, 309 pages. Goal here is to make the client's website score 85 points or higher according to Google Page Speed Insights up from 19/100 mobile and 26/100 desktop. I can provide the wordpress login, FTP and extendCP access, and Google Webmaster if need be. Please tell me what you will do and the timeline for how long you will need

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    I have a simple rails web app. It just has a couple of pages. I need a design template, ideally in SASS/CSS3 that I can easily apply to the design. The app will need look fine on mobile as well as desktop. Will probably need a simple logo as well. I have colour codes and photos and the site link.

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    I need a responsive website. I would like it designed and built. I'm looking to build a sales app.

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    We are looking for a coder to create 10 desktop [login to view URL] softwars should be proffesionally designed. The software should get signals from our servers. And display them on screen. This software should have as many features as [login to view URL] ll be happy to get your ideas about that.. Plus our basic requirements: Registration screen, sound alarm and

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    We have an adult site that needs a mobile version for members area pages converted to responsive. We need a tech experienced in css and converting our pages that is available right now. Please be ok with adult content and prepared to show us an example on OUR website of one page converted BEFORE we hire you so we know your capable of doing this job. Thanks

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    We are looking for an experienced developer to work on a desktop file sharing application using latest web technologies: electron desktop, webRTC, mean/mern stack, angular 4 or react, Material dessign. Please read the doc attached.

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    ...strong UI (design and development) experienced person with hands on Angular 2 development with JHIPSTER - Build Angular Web Application which is responsive and adaptable to different window sizes (Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop). - Jhipster auto generated Angular 2 UI application will be provided for reference - Contains login screen - App folder structure

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    I have a C# desktop application i need that rewrite it for a ASP.NET MVC and add some CSS Style!

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    Windows Desktop App C#/WPF I have a full application to produce but this project is concentrate on the UI only. If you can develop a simple prototype with impressive UI with some 3D effects similar to C#/WPF viewports then I am interested. Examples [login to view URL] or

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    Creating desktop music player for windows like mediamonkey,winamp etc

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    Hi, I need a Client Server Chatroom for Desktop, I need someone who should be good with Audio and Video Streaming.

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    You are asked to develop a small desktop application in C#, which stores and manages the product list of a shop. In this application the user should be able to display the list of all current products, as well as add, edit, or remove products from the list. Each product consists of its ID (an integer), a textual description, price (a decimal), and

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    Hi, I need someone good in Desktop Development to develop a Desktop App in C#.

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    We need a desktop-based online application that can be used between business owner, managers, team leaders and staff to upload work, manage work, view staff profile etc.

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    Hi ! I have a quite simple project on Unity. I will need the Unity project and some explanation on how to modify it. Everything else is explained in the attached PDF, and all of this is confidential. I'm very open to proposal and advices, and will answer fast ! Please make accurate proposals, it took me a lot of time to make a precise project on the PDF file.

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    We have an application that our employees use to work. We wish to automate the work that they do without having to interface with the client. This is why we are looking to reverse engineer this application, we want to know whether we can create applications that interface directly with the server. Essentially we would develop a second client without a GUI and interactable through an API or CLI. T...

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    looking for someone to Write automated tests for desktop app built in python, This script will test on many partitions to get the result. and then document the result by discussing the test written, tables of the diff cases/scenarios and their outputs, and an evaluation discussion about the system in terms of the tests carried out.

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    I need a simple app. I will provide in chatting.

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    “Prendi la patente” è la prima app con una nuova metodologia di apprendimento che insegna la “Teoria della Patente” giocando ! Utilizzare l’app su smartphone e tablet è semplice, i ragazzi potranno conoscere e apprendere in modo veloce e divertente le norme del Codice della Srada, rispondendo ai “Quiz Ministeriali” dell’esam...

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    1. I need some small tuning to this website so it displays correct on all screens. The issues are only on the desktop version of this website. The mobile/tablet that are coded in Bootstrap are ok. The issue is that the "sticky" menu is not going down enough so the user can read full text on page (please check attached picture "[login to view URL]"

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    ...and the design is 70% responsive. We have some wishes and finished specifications how it has to be that it is 100% responsive. Your work is to implement these specifications on a codeigniter framework sothat it will reach 100% responsiveness. please only bid if you can do the work within 1 week full time work: - adjustment of desktop requirements

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    I require API & User Interface (UI) to integrate online eCommerce website (wordpress / Woocommerce) to Quickbook Premier 2015 on desktop computer. - I have stock items, quantity and prices on Website. - I can select which item need can be downloaded to Quickbook. - Then auto sync Items, (itemcode, title, variations, price, qty) from QB to Website

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    Looking for an experienced developer for a desktop application displaying two graphs based on database source. The program needs to be developed in .NET (VB or C#). The code needs to be robust, that includes common sense error trapping. The application will be developed as multi-project effort. The satisfactory completion of one Project 1 in the attached

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    our website needs to be speed optimised as per google page insights. Current speed test is attached. speed needs to be more than 70 in both versions. Website is built on wordpress and has woo commerce. This task should be completed within 8 hours.

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    Hi, We need a desktop database application creating. Containing 36 input fields (see scan1 & scan2 attached) it will require to output to two forms in pdf format. (See Machine Order & Oder Acknowledgement attached) The present database holds about 3000 records and dumps to excel. These existing records would need to be imported. New data would

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    Develop an E-Commence Application (Php Web and Java Desktop)

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    We need a PCB design that will accept an external 24VDC power, and distribute 5v, 12v, and 24v through JST type connectors. A Scope of Work is attached.

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    Looking for a web developer to build 2 desktop/mobile responsive widgets that will display calculation output based upon user's selections and subsequently show competitor comparisons. These widgets would be used for a Credit Union's certificate of deposit page on the website, so we would require beautiful, simple, modern aesthetics. Mobile responsive

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    I need a responsive website. I would like it designed and built.

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    I need application to create servey template, create survey using template, gather survey data, store survey data, download survey data, generate doc report with some charts i need it for desktop and ipad, user must be able to conduct survey if no internet is available, ipdad can be synced to-from survey data and questionaire using dropbix when

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    I want to setup a Linux server with Ubuntu and a desktop environment on goggle cloud so I can setup my PHP, MySQL, Apache on it

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    Need small application run under Ubuntu or Debian graphic desktop, - use Chromium web browser library - run as daemon and start-up automatic when desktop loaded. Task is very easy: - every one minute take txt file from web with url's links inside file. - read txt file and each row have link - load each link in Chromium web browser window - after

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    outlook desktop email client html mailer issues

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    Create a desktop application using and MySQL to manage contracts and print receipts and invoices. An overview of the forms and reports required is in the attached pdf. Please review the pdf and state your expected delivery time for each of the milestones and your quote for the whole project.

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    UI/Website Designer Expert in user flow and Design You need to have min 4 designs which is implemented on working websites that can be verified by customer, do not apply if you don't have that! ***Only independent designers will be considered pls respect!! You must have similar quality as [login to view URL] If you do not have

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    Ridgeway Community School is currently using a system called Solar. It has many features but lacks critical features in respect of the Rochford Report. The s ystem is an online pupil assessment tracker for children with special needs. Ridgeway Community School is considering building a bespoke package. By building its own software, Ridgeway would therefore own the Intellectual Property (IP) an...

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    create a little app to work with 1 database and few tables..

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    HI, This is a small request. My mobile when viewing this page [login to view URL] and then clicking [login to view URL] It works perfect on desktop but does the links to #page do not work only when viewing on mobile device. Very strange and require a fix. Thank you.

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    Hello everyone, I'm Located in India and Recently Purchase a desktop from International Online website. it's a Gaming Desktop CPU, Intel core i7 4770K with liquid cooling. Unfortunately, I'm unable to get it in My Country due to Customs issue and seller is also not taking it back and the worst thing I'm unable to resell it on the website from

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    THEME: Real Estate brokerage firm data management like client details,property details,area,type,price wise search from database,PDF generator for specific client,auto reminder of specific time frame and other modules related firm. Description of requirements/functionality: login Modules,Client Details,Scanned agreement copy (to be save),Transactions details,Receipt automatic print,Property Det...

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    It requires Android developer to work remotely via teamviewer. Ongoing project. You must connect to Remote Computer to Work. Pay Per Hour. No Code is shared. No agency is required.

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    I have an app thats not for some windows users. Your job will be to check it runs okay and report any errors . 1. Install app 2. Report + help debug if issues 3. Get $5

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    I need a freelancer to help me with Windows Desktop. My budget is around $5,000 - $10,000 USD and I need this to be done within 3 days.

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    I am entering in expenses and sales into Quickbooks Desktop Pro. I need ongoing assistance with entering in expenses through Online Banking, reconciling accounts and other questions. This is an ongoing job that could lead to more work.

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    I need help with setting up a remote desktop connection, I have no idea how to set it up with port forwarding.

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    ...simple Java Desktop application which will allow user to search for various movies/series stored in our MySQL database. There are two user roles: admin and regular user. Admin can edit database data, and user can create its own profile and add movies/series to its own [login to view URL] have database model which you have to follow as well as GUI template that should

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    I have built a it displays some pages in desktop view and others in mobile view. I simply require a functional relaible back end code. The code I have I got from, but it will not respond when on the mobile device I click 'view desktop', 'view mobile'

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