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    Create a flash demo for an intranet application. The demo should cover the main functionality of the application including: Collaboration Tools Communication Tools Productivity Tools Admin Tools Customization Tools Services Visit < [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]> for further descriptions of the functionality. The flash demo should be a...

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    this is an opne GL homework , the first part of the home work is done but not that much correct . please read about the first part in the file [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] understand what is done in the first part please. it is to draw that shape in the sqaure . this part is done but not that much correct. i have the source code of the first part so you can c...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] an algorithm to implement factoring of SOP forms (see algorithm below). The algorithm should include literal minimization. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] a simple routine to parse simple Boolean expressions and generate a database for input to the tools you have been developing. The syn...

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    I need a fairly user friendly Flash thumbnail gallery, possibly a component. The following is a list of the features I would like: 1. Infinite scrolling of the thumbnail images. All of the thumbnail images should reside on a single line and highlight on mouse over. I would need to have unlimited thumbnails. 2. I would need to be able to adjust the height and width of the scroller. Namely the h...

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    I have 2 PHP scripts running on Linux servers . One of them is Renewal script & the Other for Addon Features . The Two scripts is already done & working . What i need the follwoing 1-To add some New Features to the Addon working with Calculator . 2-Few modifications (Adding Username of client , His domain ,Password , etc.) to the the Renewal form . 3-To send Notificatio...

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    I require a website that is a clone of this website, I really couldn't give less of a rat's behind about the design, I'll take care of that later. My greatest concern is coder+buyer signups buyer setting bid requests buyer financials search coders newest open work browse all work search all work my bids my coder financials my general i...

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    **Asp.Net (VB) E-Commerce Website with MySQL database backend:** A e-commerce website built in (VB) using a MySQL database. Application requires the following functionality: * Product Catalogue: * Shopping Cart * Auxiliary Menu * Vertical drop down Navigation Menu. Code will be provided for menu ??" menu must be made compatible with Netscape. * Admin section Full details ...

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    Please price for developing an update area us to update our PHP/MySQL website. Pages contain text and image(s) all retrieved from a mysql database. We wish to be able to add information or make changes to the pages or delete any records. We are currently updating the website through PhpMyadmin and wish now for a secure browser based version. Our site consist of the following pages: Pricing (im...

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    We have been given the opportunity to develop a website for our main client. They require the site to be able to seel their products online. This is not something we have handled before and need individuals / companies to work alongside us with this project as we are looking to develop the look and feel of the website, with another company (You!) to handle the developing of the Ecommerce side of...

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    We are developing an Ecommerce Website where we will be selling wood sheds, gazebos and outdoor furniture on the Web to consumers. We are looking for someone to help us write great content for the Website. This project involves no coding. Please note that writing for an ecommerce website is very different then writing articles. It must be clear, succint, and enticing, as well as reassuring. T...

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    Complete the development of the MamCom Component as found on my website at: [ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]][1]. This will involve Making all necessary code changes to ensure that it is fully functional with the latest version of Mambo v4.5 RC 1 which will be out by the time this bid is accepted. Please see attached file. Bonuses may be paid on this project. #...

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    **Multimedia Software Calendar **A fun multimedia calendar project. App will be developed in Delphi 6.0/Flash, with the back-end (for user registration/login) either being a combination of ColdFusion/MySQL or PHP/MySQL. Since high traffic volume and scaling will be a significant factor, please defend why ColdFusion or PHP would be a better choice with regards to speed, performance, and espe...

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    Mr Bitti left

    We're a uk research company looking to develop a tool that will monitor which websites / internet programs our panel use. The monitoring program will need to switched on/off (dependent on who is using the PC) and send information back to our server on: Each website / page visited Duration of stay on website Use of instant messaging programs (how long the window is in focus for and wh...

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    music portal Bitti left

    NO MONEY AT THE MOMENT! Hi, I'm trying to setup a music portal, to support unsigned / up & coming bands in the UK. At the moment I'm mainly interested in the rock/alternative genres, but there's no real reason why it couldn't be used for other genres in a seperate site. I've a partially completed portal in JSP/Servlets(Java), however I'm currently prototyping ...

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    €181 - €272
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    Hi, I am developing an application in which users can upload a file to a website and the contents of the file will be validated against the files record structure. The file has 4 different records in it, A header, A footer and two different record types in between. Each file must start and end with a header and footer, and the two different record types in between have for the most part ...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] an algorithm to implement factoring of SOP forms (see notes in attachment). The algorithm should include literal minimization. 2. Write a simple routine to parse simple Boolean expressions and generate a database for input to the tools you have been developing. The syntax is: + OR * AND ' NOT ( ) parenthesis ...

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    Web developer with 2+ years experience developing ecommerce website required. My company has just taken over the management of an online clothing retailer. The original developers no longer want to continue maintaining the site, therefore we need a developer who can take over this maintenance. We are also planning to launch another different version of the store that will target a niche ...

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    We are looking for a developer to create a new desktop application that will provide analytical tools to assist in the pricing of a product or service. Users will enter a small amount of data covering competitors, potential price points, expected customer reactions to potential prices, and costs. The application will analyze the input data to determine the prices that maximize profits, revenues, o...

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    | **_**list of Spyware-Mailware,Adware, Required** _ Hi, ** **Great Oppertunity not to be missed. We are a new and young company looking for selective candidates that would be able to provide a list containing definitions of Spy wares / adwares / Mailwares or any similar software's.****As a new company we can provide great benefits We are currently developing an application and...

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    Project Details: I am developing a Community oriented web site. My initial requirement for one of the site is very simple. It is community oriented and I have the database of members which I want to include in the site. I want this area to be secured and also I want the facility for members to be able to enter and update their information. Unlike other sites where members can go to the site and re...

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    This project is about developing a 'clone/replica' (without violating any copy rights) of web-site builders similar to ... [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ... or ... [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ... that should be integrated into a complete, simultaneously to be developed Web-Hosting portal that offers additional &#...

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    Hello, I am looking for a graphic artist and web designer to create a professional software company website that is as high quality as [ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]][1]. We like the look and feel of their website and would like to incorporate some of their features with our own unique products/features. The main goal of this project is to create a distinct c...

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    Website Brief Bitti left

    We are a relatively new and growing company who specialise in 3D visualisation, animation and graphics. We are currently looking to put together a simple, tasteful and modern looking site. We would like flash elements in our site but are keen that the site is fast loading on dial-up and ISDN therefore we would anticipate an HTML based site. We also require the site to be optimised for search engin...

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    €181 - €272
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    When ever I try to upload a file through my application I am developing, it will upload the first time, but after that it throws a [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] exception. with the message, can't find a part of the path: c:.... etc. I don't understand what is happening because the upload works the first time. Its not a premissions problem, as...

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    I am developing an online game. The actual software will run after users sign up for "battles" on a website. The development of the software itself is a ways out, however I need some expert advice to point me in the right direction. This is an opportunity to be the programmer for this software. If my expectations on this are exceeded, I will NOT forget you. I need an experienced Jav...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] **_Project Overview_** Project Description: New Development and Pre-Developed existing modules. **_Required Features_** · Buyer Login / Registration · Printer Login / Registration · Web Backend Administration · Form and Query Handling · Credit Card Processing · Database Administrat...

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    We are developing Stock Market Game for students. The game will be web based and developed in PHP and mySQL to be run on FreeBSD (or another derivate of Linux/Unix). The game would include sign-up process, ability to place trades, check portfolio and history, generate performance graph (and apply it against another index, such as Dow). The system should also generate top 10 (or another number...

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    This is the Algorithm of the [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] is all about developing a Visualization Technique. Given a large data set, [ say 6 or more variables] we should be able to draw Matrix of Scatterplots. Say Comparison of Cars with the help of to Cylinders,horsepower,Weight Etc. **Scatterplot Matrix Code **// Normalize data // determine array ...

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    We are a Karaoke hardware manufacture/distributor. We are in the process of developing a Set-top MP3+G (MP3 + Graphics) solution that requires the following functionality: 1) Be able to capture or "rip" CD+G source material (standard WAV/CDA audio from cd audio and graphics stored in subcode) and save as a MP3 file and accompanying .cdg file. (Please refer to CDRWin application if...

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    I am developing a system for online games over satellite transmition. We need to transfer data on one of the two audio channels. This channel is clean and is resereved only for the data transmition so you can assume that there is nothing else running on this channel. The code sould handle the 2 sides. 1 side will recive a string for transmition (Max 100 bytes) it will convert the s...

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    I am developing a small VB project and need someone to do some coding of some of the components and also answer any questions I have. I want to finish the project by this Friday. I have intermediate VB skills so most of the work I can do myself. It is hard to say just how many hours it would take but I would normally pay about $50 for a coder to develop the whole project. In this case I would say ...

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    Web Re-design Bitti left

    Redesign exisitng website and incorporate interactivity with existing MS SQL Server 2000 database. Please reply only if serious about developing database connectivty. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional website with all content transferred from exisiting website. See attached for necessary approvals. 2) Installation of website on web host of purchaser's choice. Website mus...

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    My business, 'Grimshaw Student Accommodation Services', requires a logo/brand image/signature for all brandable products and materials. The logo must work for business cards, stationery, website, clothing merchandise, small brand reminders (such as post-it notes, coffee mugs etc), and brochures etc. The design must use standard font(s) or at least be complementary to standards fonts in M...

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    I am developing an e-book creation engine for my e-book company. As I already have a coder for the project, this bid request is for just a SMALL PORTION of the coding which we wanted to outsource. We are looking for an HTML Application (.hta) file that will allow our e-books once downloaded to interface with the AOL Instant Messenger profile of the user of the e-book. What will need...

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    We need to implement a complete **Hotel Booking engine** that we will sell to hotel owners. For a complete list of feature, please refer to the attached file. Please, read carefully the attached file before posting your bid: be sure you understood exactly everything we need. Since the project is very important and we need to be sure that the chosen coder has enough experience in Hotel Reservati...

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    The project consists of developing a small application using Access 2000. The Application The application is to support the operations of a Teaching Hospital, specifically administration of patient services, such as admissions, diagnosis, discharges and so on. The supporting essay (specification follows) will be designed for you to demonstrate how well you understand and can describe the concepts ...

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    Reading, Writing, and Deleting Records from a Database ------------------------------------------------------ Design and develop a windows application similar to the Today’s Sales Check application provided. Use the solution to the Today’s Sales Check application as a starting point for developing a new version of the application that uses information from a database, rather than infor...

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    This project is completely a different then the other projects that you do in everyday life. Its not web development or anything like that. I m basically a lecturer in a college and teach IT and multimedia. Now a days I m preparing/developing a new course for multimedia which is a two year Advanced Diploma of Multimedia. So why I m here???? Basically I have done pretty much have of the co...

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    ========================== ASP IRC Web Client & VB ActiveX ========================== Need a **ASP IRC Web client** which connects to a IRC server using a **VB ActiveX object**. Need 3 ASP pages 1. Room Creation - This page will create new rooms on IRC server 2. Rooms List Page - A page which lists all the rooms presently on active in the IRC server. Then the user will click on one o...

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    im workin on a developing a control that displays terrains from DEM files. i am using VB6 and opengl. i am having problems rotating the objects in the scene. im not sure if i have set up the viewport and the viewvolume right. herez some of the code. plz help " display routine " wglMakeCurrent mlngPic1hDC,mlngWindowcontext glEnable (GL_DEPTH_TEST) glClearColor 0, 0, 0, 1 glClear ...

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    We are looking for someone who can develop a Flash-based RPG much like how Final Fantasy VII worked, except we do not require 3D. We will be using pre-rendered CG backgrounds and 2D character anime-style art. We need the character to be able to move around on a grid that can be changed from scene to scene, within accordance to the CG pre-rendered backgrounds. We also need the character to be able ...

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    We are a non-profit organization based in philadelphia and we are in need of a web designer with creativity to help with the re-development of [ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]][1] this will include: 1)web content/writing development 2) ecommerce to enable acceptance of online donations 3)development of an online jobs section 4) graphic design/artwork 5) deve...

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    Java Card Bitti left

    Programmer required for developing an application using Java card technology. This will be done using simulator and transferred to Smart card reader. following is overview of what is wanted, 1) The program should communicate with Java card using simulator first and then this will be implemented using card reader. 2) Step by step configuration of java card and list of all error...

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    _**Help Please! Data-Base/list of Spyware-Adware,Mailware Definition Required** _ Hi, Is there nobody that can do this task. We are a new and young company looking for selective candidates that would be able to provide a database list containing definitions of Spy wares / ad wares / Mail wares or any similar software’s. As a new company we can provide great benefits to the candida...

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    i need the following functionality for a small site I am developing. I currently have a site selling food products. the products are listed in a catalog online. I now need you to create the ability to determine shipping using the UPS XML API in ASP.NET USING VB from my catalog, they need to click on a link for a given item, and it takes them to a page that determines the shipping price. ...

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    I need assistance in developing a website, including the following: -The website will sell sporting goods through affiliate links such as [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], Sports Authority, etc. -I would also like the ability for myself to add items to the website periodically to sell, including listing a picture and a price. -Paypal shopping cart t...

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    Design a Logo Bitti left

    I need assistance in developing a logo for a business. My business sells new and used networking equipment. I would like to have a logo designed that I can both use on business cards as well as a banner for a website that will be developed down the road. ## Deliverables 1- Logo for use on business cards and as a banner on a website. 2- 1 JPG file and 1 BMP file ## Platform Internet...

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    Hello, I am the owner of a medium sized adult dvd store Im not a programmer nor a designer but I managed to get a pretty nice looking store up and running and doing a good amount of sales in a short period of time. I want to largely expand the stores inventory to include non adult items with added site functionality as well but without me having to take up precious work time...

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    Looking for some ongoing support for an application I'm working on developing in ASP...using VBScript and MS Frontpage. The backend database is MS Access. Also currently using ASPSmartUpload - may require working knowledge of this. Prefer sending code and viewing development on your server. Would like to communicate with coder via email....and in real-time if needed, via Yahoo ...

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    I need a REALLY cool, modern looking logo for a new site I'm developing. It is an eCommerce site for nice, high end mirrors. Can be a jpg, gif, or swf. Size should be 90px height and width can be between 500px-650px. Please make a second image 1px width to fill table cell to the right of image. I am going to set top and left margin of page to 0 so logo will be in absolute top left positi...

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