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    Merhaba, [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] , [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] , [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] bu sitelerin herhangi birinden haftalık futbol bültenini çekmek için bot istiyoruz. İş çok acildir, en kısa sürede yapılıp teslim edilmesi gerekmekt...

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    I need python developer 6 gün left

    I need someone who can work with me on an hourly basis to solve few problems with my Telegram Bot. He will be working with me directly on the code using screen share to my desktop. If I find a good developer I will surely use your assistance as we develop our relationship. You should have good python skills as well as experience in building bots with the Python-Telegram-Bot-12.8 framework. For ...

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    Hola Marcos G., vi tu perfil y me gustaría saber si tienes experiencia en la creacion de bots para hacer arbitraje intraexchange con croptomonedas. Podemos conversar por chat acerca de los detalles.

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    edit php script -- 2 6 gün left

    I have chatbot platform but i want some edit code 1- user can't register, i want make page for register with rolls. 2- user can't create new cast bots, i want user create chat and after that copy script code to pest his website. 3- i want put payment method. 4- fix sms getaway for all user with deferent company from panel and number for sms if you can send me msg.

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    Hello world! This is an I.O mobile game project using Unity3D. I'm looking for a team who can help me to publish the game in the markets (Google and Apple). I currently owned a prototype project that can help your understandings on this project and you can choose to start it from that or scratch, either. The fixed development guides will be provided with design assets, but we need to figure...

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    Am looking for internet marketing specialist to create up to 3 sites (only 3 by now, we can work big time if satisfied.)on wordpress that can make $15-30 each of them and must be related to a niche that will remain in game for long. I am also looking for types of monetizations, so you can use your own methods/strategies: CPA offers, affiliate marketing, google adsense and many. The site content h...

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    I'm looking for someone can create website that has mechanics exchange skins like [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] but a little bit different. User login to website via Steam API. Then they trade their in-game items skins to our bots for an product. They can put credit by Bitcoin, PayPal, Skrill or Credit Card (and few more payment gateways). For exchanging ...

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    Hi! this is my youtube channel. I need someone to help us grow and to monetize this channel in a short time. but I want everything to be real and no bots! [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I have a feeling that youtube is deleting the likes and views on my videos! I don't answer prewritten proposals! I only answer to proposals starting with the word: ZURG

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    We are in the process of securing a Fortune 500 client for whom we will be developing an iOS game. This post is to interview candidates, so we can begin development immediately when the contract is finalized. We will reveal specific details of the game once you're hired, and after an NDA is signed. To apply for this position, please adhere to the following rules & qualification guideline...

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    This is a video e-conferencing solution using Big Blue Button which will stream live video, voice and messages between the participants. The application to be used is an opensource program called bigbluebutton at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] with greenlight. Pls study it carefully to understand the technology used The changes required are at [URL'yi g...

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    Please don't bid for my post automatically, I hate the bots! I needed React Native developer for creating app that has chat function and subscription. I already have the design in Figma. Through the design, the developer will understand my app enough. And I have backend server in Heroku. The backend server completed 70%~80%. It is node.js server. The basic pages are rough 10 pages. Of course,...

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    We are in the logistics domain. We will give complex set of data you will need to standardize our data set, create a compelling analysis, and meet all of our changing needs, writing bots; "artificial intelligence". We will like full visualisation.

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    Looking to hire an expert for a long term project. You will be creating facebook ads and manychat bots based on our designed process. Must have experience with Facebook Ads and simple manychat bots.

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    Hello i want chat bots script similar to this site : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I don't want to program new, I want something ready and it will be configured within a day. If you have my order please send me an email with an example. Please do not disturb me with messages

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    No Bots, No Sales man, no Teams, please. I only want to find 1 Developer who can code in C#, a component to connect Twitter API and TD Ameritrade API to my C# Codes. If you are a programmer with this 2 technologies, please send me a message and I will hire you immediately. I am also a C# programmer myself and I am a little bit behind on my jobs, so I need help to get it done right away. Need to s...

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    We Code Custom Internet Marketing, Automation, Social Media, Etc. Bots. Read the attachment for our description.. Thank you.

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    I have a webstore running on Zen Cart version 1.5.0. Recently I have dozens of fake customers registering on my store and I want to prevent these bots and spammers from creating new accounts. I don't want to include any Captcha solutions, I just need one or two regex lines on the PHP to prevent Post Codes longer than 10 characters and Names over 12 characters on the "New Account" cr...

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    Good evening, or well in my country it is late. I hope I don't disturb you. I am a novice programmer with a great future idea. I have been looking for a way to make an Instagram engagement via Telegram that I have not managed to do. So I decided to find someone who can do it for me. Must have 3 types of engagement Dx30 & Dx20 & Dx10. Only Likes I'm not interested in comments. N...

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    I was a Mixer streamer for gaming that never truly set up my page and stream bot commands / music the way I wanted. Now that Mixer is shutting down I want to stream primarily on Twitch (but also on Trovo and other platforms potentially). I need someone to help set up the Bots and beautify my stream page and add overlays. Please ALREADY KNOW HOW TO USE TWITCH and streaming bots / add commands.

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    For the Beginning: I need the full and available historical Data for all EUR traded coins from Binance in minute ticks and every „tick“ from now on to be represented in one list. Where the Oldest data is on top and the newest data is on the bottom and automatically refreshes with a new line once a tick is closed and published. Question: on which medium (Excel, Openpyxl, Html, &hellip...

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    Looking for an illustrator/artist to produce realistic or stylized digital portraits of sports stars and celebrities. This is an ongoing project so work will be available at your convenience. Spammers and bots need not apply. A portfolio of your work would be advantageous. Prices and rates are negotiable depending on work.

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    Project Diablo Bitti left

    1) DevExpress based dockable user interface design. 2) MS SQL local server based test sequence/result data based management 3) Standard PC HW interface management - LAN, USB, BLE, UART and communication 4) Keyword parser from communication log.

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    Don't waste my time or yours. This is what i want, someone with a good experience, someone that can create bots that acts like a human, someone with the ability to bypass some sites firewalls.. I want to build an app that generates unique content by translating from other languages.. In the file below you'll understand how i get unique articles "manually" how to automate everyt...

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    Hi, I need someone who can create 3 marketing posters and 1 back story slide for a mobile game. More information about the game - It is a sci-fi apocalypse endless runner mobile game where robots are uprising, and the player has to reach the safe house. There are four playable characters and four enemies (characters and bots) in the game. All the deliverables must be in PSD formats. I do have...

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    READ THROUGH BEFORE SENDING ME COPY&PASTED STUFF - simply ignoring those. We're hosting a website called " [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]" - and we're looking for a logo describing us perfectly. Our competitors logo is attached below. The website will be filled up with discord BOTS, and SERVERS. So I added some ideas - Bot logo - Server...

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    hey bro I need an automatic bot that places bets for me on bet365. Basically i will manage the leader account, placing bets on it and i want other several accounts to just copy the original bet I have placed on my leader account. The bet365 accounts i use are from different countries, mainly uk and a caribbean country. Preferably i hope the bot is able to tell me that x amount of accounts have p...

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    Dear Experts, We are looking for an expert team to build a Telehealth platform which allows online cloud-based patient health records, remote patient monitoring with API integration with smart health devices (ability to create monitoring teams, video consultation, chat consultation, video education and group meeting, e-prescription (API with third party), lab tests ordering and display results (A...

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    Hi! how are you? This is a web scraping project to find the price of properties and have that information well organized Objective: Get information from the following sites and show results [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL&#...

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    An eCommerce website selling adult products needs 1000+ backlinks. We will give you - 1. Keywords and 2. No. of back-links required for the given keyword The websites must be general or niche-specific like lifestyle, relationship advice. sexual topics. NO - PORN website NO - Comments back-links If you are interested, share the sample of your recent work. My questions - Will you work fo...

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    Hi, I am looking to scrape data from Tmall and [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] will be about 120,000 lines of data from TMall and about 60,000 from JD. The data to be scraped is as follows: Full Name of product Name of seller Price Number of reviews (JD) Number of sales (TMall) Please be aware that these marketplaces institute provisions to stop bots from scra...

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    Chat simulator Bitti left

    An executable program where I can put a link to a streaming site (You Tube) in the URL, for example, or the Nimo TV that is my focus, and generate comments in the chat tab. These conversations (comments) I would have the option to edit and send to the executable program. In order to have more transparency in the subject and not be left without something! A programming language that is one that co...

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    Hi Adedunke Grace F., I need to have automated trading using TradeStation Platform using successful strategies that will run automatically based on TradeStation Easy Language. Most important is STOP LOSS if it goes negative so I don't lose money. I also need to have an API to work from PYTHON ALGOS to interface with Interactive Brokers to do trading automatically. You said you already have...

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    Laravel expert needed to upgrade existing pages from Codeignitor to Laravel using HTML/Laravel theme. Functionalities include adding, search, listing etc. Creating layout from theme will be easy, expert coding skills required to make functional in timely manner. MUST HAVE GIT / GITLAB EXPERIENCE MAX BUDGET IS $1,000 - bots and placeholder bids will be ignored. Independent Freelancer only - N...

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    I need someone who can send REAL QUALITY TRAFFIC (NO BOTS) to my affiliate links daily. Must be a top tier (4 or more stars).This is to build email list and get sales.

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    We're looking for a Developer with experience building Zoom Web Conferencing Addons and making SDK embedded apps. If you are interested, please start your proposal with how many O has Zoom? Proposal without this requirement will be discarded to avoid bots applicants.

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    Hello, I need someone to make a Robot for olymptrade with Basic strategy example Martingale. I want to see how it works.. I am trying with this to understand the possibilities of bots in olymp trade.. I will then go for a complex project where I can pay more.

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    Interactive Home/landing page with a walkthrough or story telling experience of Wheat and Wheat flour process, can use animation. Links to three diff. Products. Menu for Home/Products/Promotions(offers)/Recipes/Contact/About US. Enriched design. Animations as needed. E-commerce shopping cart experience Easy navigation. Links to FB/Twitter. Email link. Page hit counter(excluding web bots/crawlers)....

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    I am looking for someone who specializes (or can) in creating bots, scrapers, and things that can purchase. I have clients who have a desire to go to major company websites and do automatic purchases as soon as "drops" happens. On websites like Nike, Champion and so forth. I need a both that can go to these sites, make purchases with accounts and everything. I had my developer look at it...

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    Hi, Thank you for reviewing my project. This should be a simple and quick project for a designer / Programmer. The requirements as follows: 1. Integrate user opt-in form on web site using web page template to capture user details (name, email) in database. 2. Add email validation to opt-in form and security to prevent bots and malicious software / malware 3. Lock down the database to preve...

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    My company will start e-Cormmance with trading bots. If u have rich experience with bitcoin, bid my job. And u have to be prepared to call me.

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    My WebSite writen with WordPress have to be rebuilt with Laravel. I need 2 experts with 5+ years of experience with web development. Contact to me with "not bots".

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    Hi there, I'm a YouTube musician and want to boost a video here is channel - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] here is video - [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] here is what I require 1) US/Europe viewers 2) likes 3) comments 4) subs ORGANIC ONLY -no bots please I want to know how you can help with my budget ($30USD),...

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    Everything is simple. Follow the file with details! I am totally in favor of receiving options from the freelancer. But the programmer must have an understanding of how bots work on game sites or Youtube, because it follows a similar development! Remembering that those who develop this program will have to use a proxy and must already be included in the project for their purchase. I want free mai...

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    i need someone to install recaptcha-v3 on my website to prevent bots

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    Lütfen detayları görmek için Kaydolun ya da Giriş Yapın.

    Özellikli Mühürlü Gizlilik Anlaşması

    Hello, I am personal trainer and I need active and organic 1000 subscribers on YouTube and 4000 watch hours. No bots please. Thank you.

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    Rummy game Bitti left

    Hello guys, I want the rummy multiplayer card game, includes public tables, private tables, tournaments, room chats, bots, payments, etc. Admin panel. user management, game control, etc. Want to be developed in Adobe AIR or Unity3d. Any game server like, SFS2X, photons, AWS. For both platform Android as well as iOS, and Facebook instant. Only serious candidates apply for this job. Best Regards V...

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    Send a message to user, group... Use any library php code here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I'm familiar with php, api, but need support for faster

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    Hi,there i am looking for a Social Media Shoutout (Instagram,twitter,youtube,tiktok ) for my new Youtube Channel to as much followers as possible (only real followers ,no bots!! )

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