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    Need a Wordpress web developer to build a SEO responsive website application for my short term(1night+ Airbnb) & mid term (3months+) fully furnished accommodations + property management Services I offer. 1. Web App will allow guests to book accomodations & pay online.  2. Property owners can list their properties on my website & manage themselves or can use my property managemen...

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    Our small team of rebels puts on the largest startup conference in the world, the LAUNCH Festival, the podcast This Week In Startups, and we run the LAUNCH Accelerator. We invest millions of dollars into promising founders, some of which go on to change the world. Are you? Hands on. Passionate. Persistent. Creative. Easy to deal with. Gets things done. High personal productivity; you are a doer...

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    Wants Real time Tracking and Socket communication between Android application functionality

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    We are looking for a PHP Developer responsible for managing back-end services and the interchange of data between the server and the users. • Working as part of our lively and expert development team, as Lead Web Applications Developer, you will have a key role in developing, managing and delivering high quality web applications with additional responsibility for the technical quality of prod...

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    Hi There, I have an Android, an IOS app and also a Website for my idea, and wondering if someone can help me to make them more responsive and interactive. Let me know a good time, number, email and I’ll try to connect you, or you can reach me (Removed by Freelancer.com admin) if that works from your end. I’m in Eastern Standard Time and usually available between 7-8 AM and 6-10 PM lo...

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    The following things need to be kept in mind for the article - How good HR practices make a difference (briefly) Why is HR auditing important or needed. Concepts and components of HR auditing. How is HR auditing done. What are HRD strategies. The role of auditing in an organization. Elaborate upon why auditing is needed and how it helps in formuating development and growth startegies for an organ...

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    Hi, we are planning to launch a tourism campain website for which we need auidance need expertise to make it one of the best site. Looking forward to recruite on Quarterly bases. Please chip in and drop me a message if you are good with it.

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    HI, Currently our website in Bootstrap , we want to convert this into Wordpress (SEO Enabled - With Free Templates). Website : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] we have finalized one basic template : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] if you have better theme then please suggest me. Regards, Arti

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    I am a devout born-again Christian who loves Jesus Christ with my family, with all our hearts. I have a load of gift cards and old photos which I would like to be scanned out of the real, physical, paper realm and into the online digital realm. I already have a professional scanner who scans A4 pages in bulk for me. However, I have lots and lots of odd-sized gift cards which are all of differen...

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    Hallo Freelancer, meine Webseite ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) habe ich mit dem Pagebuilder Elementor Pro selbst erstellt. Ich bin noch lange nicht fertig, aber mit dem Hauptkeyword „Limousinenservice München“ Ranke ich trotzdem auf Seite 4 bei Google. Im Google Snack Pack ranke ich auch schon. Technisch ist die Webseite nicht SEO optimie...

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    Analyze our WordPress SEO and Fix all issues, Please note I installed Yoast SEO Premium on my WordPress website

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    I need several Websites built and designed, also need fresh content/News RSS feed added on a daily basis to easily update information. The designer must be able to discuss everything via phone, WhatsApp or Skype.

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    Hello, I Need Content For my Web to print Store Company Name - Print factory Estimated word counts: About 800 - 1250 words Production and shipping Policies, 200-250 Company policies -200-250 Terms and conditions, 200-250 Privacy Policy, 150-200 Payment and Invoicing, 150 Print Files, 150 Templates and Downloads, 150 Why Print Factory, 250 - 300 Print Factory Difference, 250 - 300 Contact us. 50...

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    See attached, my client, a bus driver, supply his bus service to pickup guests from different hostels, a guest wants to depart from a hostel or hotel or Inn, where he stayed, will ask the hostel reception to make a booking via phone call to the driver per the selected time slot as shown on the display (attached document ) , the driver receives this call from the receptionist will check his re...

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    My website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] looking for an expert person to do and maintenance my website SEO, please check my web and tell me your ideas about improving my google ranking

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    T-Shirt Design (Residential Area) This is for residents of four residential areas. The design should be the same. The only difference should be the names of the residential areas. Below are the names of the residential areas: 1. Kgale View 2. Block 9 3. G-West 4. Phase 4 See attachment for the wording. I gave an example using the ‘Kgale View’ residential area. Thank you and regards...

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    SEO Optimisation of a Freench (Quebec) - non-ecomm Wordpress site

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    Hello freelancers, I am looking for someone who has massive experience in generating organic traffic and SEO past experience. I own various different sites with different niches and I need help with all of them with building links and Improving SEO in pages and posts. At least 2 years experience at managing SEO and promoting keywords in search engines. Good English is a must. Cooperative freela...

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    I have an ADULT site (non obscene) and need On Page SEO work done.. I have Yoast and need "Green Lights" on all product and site pages. Looking for: Complete on page optimization Pages and posts Optimization Optimize Yoast SEO title, headings and meta description Keyword Optimization And whatever else you recommend. Thanks!

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    Digital Marketing Agency India - Founded in 2012, Iwalls web Infotech is one of the leading, creative, and most important customer-friendly digital service providers in the India market. Our Digital Marketing Services creates and expands the online business presence of customers, who connect business with clients and generate sales in search of their products / services.

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    Freelancers must abide by the attached document requirements. We would like A grade freelancers need only apply for this project. We require a creative writer who has experience with SEO to revise our keywords and make our website more engaging. High quality back links are a must! Please send me your previous weekly reports, competitor analysis and off page links for review.

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    General Requirement for this project are below; Classified Postings Image Postings Business Listings Descriptive Content + Creative Work Q & A Blog Comments Forum Posting Social Share PPT Cubmission Content Curation Content + Research work Article Writing Content Posting Wikis Type Site Targeting PR Submission Guest Blogs Finding Guest post writing Guest posting Analytics Keep Tracking use...

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    I need two thirty second cut scenes of two difference original RPG video games, to put in a micro-budget indie film.

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    I need a good WordPress expect to build a website for me. The website will look excertly like this [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] But the difference is that, my own website will not have customize, price and login option.

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    We would like to have SEO for E commerce site [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Could you pls. provide your competitive quote and answer the following qs: - Provide us previous examples of previous SEO work. -Any knowledge of Google Web Master guidelines -Your experience in my industry and timeframe -Your SEO techniques and explain no of postings / submission ...

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    Website The website in subject is intended to be used as a delivery system for various kiosks within a region. A very similar website to what I’m trying to create is Deliveroo: https://deliveroo.co.uk. The only difference will be the colors in the background. Plus, in the area where the food is depicted, I would like the two icons to be displayed (Download in iOS and Download in Android; the...

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    I need some help with internet marketing.

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    I have an existing model in Google's AutoML Vision. I would like a simple python script that calls to the AutoML API with a local jpg payload. Returns the results, and has a case for the object detected, where in each case I can just paste in an HTTP Get request (can put a placeholder for testing). Has to run on Windows (shouldn't make a difference). Logic is like this: 1) Pass jpg to...

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    I run a one man show hiking guiding business in Jasper , AB and life coaching business on line through zoom and phone calls. I get alot of my bookings for hiking on [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I get my coaching clients mainly through facebook or approaching people. I am now staring a hiking medition retreat component which I advertise on a fb page I also...

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    We need a JS ninja to code a JS script to work with Google maps engine. The script needs to compare two datasets, the output is a layer called "random forest". We have two layers of different time periods. both need to be compared and output the difference between them. We have layer 'cluster2017 and ''cluster 1987' and see the difference between the two. check t...

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    Simple UI coding, attached screen, please check it. thanks Create view controller that has a grid list. This view controller should subscribe for rxSwift Observable<Car> and in every onNext callback it should get full list of cards, calculate difference between the old list and the new list, and apply difference. View controller should send events to the class that holds Observable<Car...

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    The viewer is mirador ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]). It works fine, but some plugins are not compatible between themselves. Issues may be related to js or config. The fixes should be simple and follow the practices of the viewer and the plugins.

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    Creating a possible many to many relationship with a join table. high level filters -------------------------- drop down for agency . (id and name) matched or unmatched (checkbox) include inactive (checkbox) left side . (matched or unmatched is working off this list) ------------ resort name roomtype bedtype want to join with (right side) -------------------- id from list of roomtypes (for par...

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    Hi I have a very basic website and it needs the last tweak: - Make everything looks homogenous (text font e.g.) - Mobile responsive - SEO

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    We are a small Danish consulting firm with HR-related serviced which has recently 'consolidated' our position and transformed into a group which has four business units / brands in it. We need help to properly design and finalize a new logo for one of the brands. We already have a pretty clear sketch as to what we would like, but need help visually tuning the details and turning it into...

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    About us: House to Grow is a charity working in Barcelona (Spain) and Sydney (Australia). Our priority is to transform lives through education, health and personal development, based on the four pillars of the human essence - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We support children in need and women who had experienced DV. We are looking for a motivated, energetic and creative video produc...

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    SEO,SMO,PPC EXPERT for startup website

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    I need translate some documents from German to English and vice versa. Currently I have 4 doc and pdf files need translate. 800 ~ 1500 words for each. More works on the feature. Please send some documents/links/files you done like that to review. Thanks for your time.

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    Hi I need to be top place for google in Canada for certain key words... organically,

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    For our new project in Germany where we are selling nameplates (we have a similar website in The Netherlands), we need 4 SEO texts for specific keywords: - Firmenschild - Schilder drücken/bedrücken - Schilder online - Schilder kaufen All texts should be at least 150 characters (with headings and internal linking), preferable 200-250 characters.

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    HRA Pharma has always been a dream of mine to fulfill unmet medical needs so often overlooked by pharmaceutical laboratories; a primary area of interest being women’s health and endocrinology. As a result, myself and key partners dared to invest personal funds to embark on achieving this goal and so our story began. Today, I am proud of what this company has become. It is a dynamic and fast-...

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    Hi, I have a simple website with 5 pages and I want meta description and title written for these pages. I will provide you with few key words so you can optimise it accordingly. It will probably be couple of hours work for those who have experience. I need it to be done by Saturday so only big if you are able to complete latest by Saturday.

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    The purpose of this app is to facilitate the exchange of contact details. We require a consultant to solve the bug for us. The bug involves memory stacking as a user navigates the app. The issue is a minor memory allocation issue with flipping back and forth between screens.

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    Here is a list of some items that I saw when I was doing an audit on the site: Wordpress backend may have be updated, since I was trying to fix the Missing H1 issue, the pages were adding additional content that was duplicate. With that being said, I would suggest to backup the files on the server and the database associated with Wordpress, just in case if you decide to update Wordpress, we still ...

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    I am looking for data entry expert who focus on details and has keen eye on the work, The task is to Check the data on our excel file from PDF file and If you will found a difference correct our file. I need it to be done with 100% accuracy and very quickly looking for somebody who has available to start right away. there are around 10,000 records to be verified. Happy bidding within my budget. Th...

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    I need high-quality backlinks from relevant websites. We shall be providing the articles. I need 50 such backlinks from different domains. The niche must be Books, Colors, Shades, Magazines.

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    I need you to write content for a website unique articles plz put your price for 1200 words

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    Seo for a web wite and a blog past

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    We created custom fields (pickup list, date and free text) in Quotes-module (see screenshot). The same custom fields we created in Sales Order and Invoice. When creating Sales Order from Quote the values in the custom field will not be transfered to the corresponding fields. Here we need help to find a solution to link these fields so that the values get transfered when creating Sales Order and In...

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