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    Hello everyone my requirement is cakephp developer having at least 1 years experience . Also have skills, html, css, bootstrap,mvc, rest api , payment gateway intigration etc. My project is diffrent -2 industry.

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    charity-platform rebuild and theme and smoothness and adapting static html-pages to same style we built a WordPress as base for our new platform is has 4 pages and shouldn't become more than 5 as this was just a skeleton now our wish is someone to rebuild this in a new clean WordPress with less plugins theme-optimizing, speed-up, etc.. but WordPress is no need if there are other options th...

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    I want to make a short online video course on how to deal with depression , meaning of life , and wake up with positive vibes everyday . It will require a good writer who can think on deep teenagers problem causing them depression lonliness , a good speaker who can motivates them by their selected words .. both in single person or two .. i dont mind .. i want my video to be touched and content mus...

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    My ecommerce website will be dedicated to blogs about products on amazon and on diffrent affiliate system providing [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] i want to have am attractive website for that.

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    i need these 5 files diffrent sizes 4 of them will be 1 size and the last one will be diffrent it cant look quished it has to look good

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    what we will do ? we are making a lot of lottie animations and have plans to sell it on a website. where customer can able to edit it before download . Here Edit Means : adding "Text" , "Logo" & "Basic shapes " before download ( Just Like A LOT Simpler version of canva ) It will be Like : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] where ...

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    looking for clickable and blinking banners in 3 diffrent sizes . 1. width 160 ;height 160 px [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 200 px ;height 200 px 3.244 px; height 60 px

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    We are Intraweb. Looking for a php developer who can work half or full time with our team on projects for clients of diffrent backgrounds. You will be responsible for the day to day development work at our studio. Things like adding functionality to wordpress websites, building CRUD web apps, API integrations and other backend work will be the main part of the work with us. We have a frontend...

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    Hi Malcum, I search for weeks for artist which can draw a macot for us. I need a special cartoon style and if you proposal is good we need from time to time the same mascot ind diffrent clothes etc Are you interested?

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    Transapp logo Bitti left

    LOGO design in png formats in diffrent sizes.

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    We are Intraweb. Looking for a php developer who can work half or full time with our team on projects for clients of diffrent backgrounds. You will be responsible for the day to day development work at our studio. Things like adding functionality to wordpress websites, building CRUD web apps, API integrations and other backend work will be the main part of the work with us. We have a frontend...

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    We need created price file from our webshop build in Woocomerce to feed diffrent price compare website with our data so they can index our website. Exempel you find below here: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Its some issue in our shop of translated not proper in Swedish and this need be fixed ...

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    We need to create a script in php to extract data from api/json and save to differents csv files. - diffrent urls of api to requests - cron to repeat every xx minutes the multiple requests - 2 flters to skip bad data See attached file .

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    weekly new story diffrent sub every week

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    Hello, I looking for ARM (Cortex) programmer, who can convert program from STM32F030F4P6 to diffrent chip STM32L010F4P6. Unfortunately i don't have source code, only hex file with program. STM32L010F4P6 is slower than STM32F030F4P6 (32mhz/48mhz) and have diffrent timers. So programmer must count diffrence beetwen this chip and edit timer, to keep the same delay value. I attach program that ...

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    Greetings all, i would like to make a website similar to freelancer, same structure, same concept but diffrent brand name, will require , it will be mainly for taking consultancy from lawyers, but still can make it for general consultancy, any expert can bid on the job and place a bid on the project the user created. as laws differs in each and every country, its better to have an option to put ...

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    I am working on an aquarium-like game with realistic fishs swimming around. I need someone to care about the water. There are plenty of options I with to have implemented: -Shadow / Wavy effect from the surface making the ground of the aquarium look like an ocean. -Changable water quality (crystal clear water -> dirty brown mud) -Changable Algae level (green), Oxygen (saturation), Saltwater (wa...

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    [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] This is the SPI display with drivers for RPI and Jestson Nano. The task is to adapt the python driver to the ODYSSEY intel SBC that is having diffrent SPI driver and do not have [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] library that is used in this driver. Here is description of the GPIO in ODYSSEY board i...

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    I would like to market keywords for my websites acroos platform. so need some one to start these project on diffrent platform and guide me with information and set it up.

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    hello my projet is i have a website i need to download my invoice and save them i have large numbers of records and i need to download all invoices i have tested autoclicker to automaticly download each invoice and go the next one and so on but i failed beause the posetion of the invoice in each page is diffrent it can be done manulay but its time consuming since there are over 300 000 invoic...

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    Stupid zombies Bitti left

    Want to make a game like stupid zombies, concept similar, but diffrent backgrounds....and diffrent enemies

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    i have a start of organic product need ppts on target markets ,will be sharing the pictures and details

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    I like the x but dont like the other letters and how its set up. this is two logos one has custom and the other our website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The color can be diffrent just do something cool

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    Looking for new design for 3-ply medical face mask. New art work and design include the mockup design for 4 different boxes . The art work can be same for 4 boxes but different text and minor variation in the design. As an example, check out the link below : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] So basically main artwork is same just he variation in desing and color. ...

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    I am looking for a developer to build my ecommerce website. The website will be basically for cakes and gifts delivery. I have a diffrent business model nad looking for a developer to execute that.

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    CHANGE OF FOCUS: We want to focus on the logo right now, because we are kind of stuck there. [We tried to bring in our ideas - but these might not have been helpful at the end, so please feel free to come up with any logo design matching our vision (no need to lean on our ideas according the symbol).] We are Lale and Stella, two souls working on our dream to build a multivendor-inspirational onl...

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    Hi Marrow Jerry C., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you one of my projects. The budget is not fixed, I show you my idea and you send me a price offer, please. In the moment I search for artists all over the world which can realize my ideas. We have much future projetcs, all the same style but diffrent. We need backgrounds, mascots etc we have to fill a webside with pictures, a f...

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    I need a product designer for a wooden horse cleaning set for kids. I want to produce a wooden horse cleaning set for children and sell it online. There is already a finished product to buy but made of plastic. I need someone who can draw me creative brushes (about 5-7 different brushes) that look cool and are suitable for children. Attached is an example of how approximately the brushes COULD loo...

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    Describe a plan for a SEO-optimated website to be scalable so it can be under diffrent domains and easily changed in visual design, but also multi lingual as choice. It will need many plug-ins for postal and banking services. It is supposed to only have 30 versions of more or less the same product, under about 5 categories. I am used to wordpress, open but not keen on learning a new one unless n...

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    - the teacher in every class scans the QR code from the student card, the code will open in the browser every student have a diffrent link, in dashboard we can see the student What classes did he attend and did not attend for each student? The report can be downloaded in an excel file

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    Hallo Tbh L., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. At first sorry for my bad english. I need a software for Windows, where the employee can fill diffrent check forms. The check forms must be able create them by myself. If u interesting i will write down everything we need and than u can say me what u get for the work and how long u...

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    Create 50 Real Estate Slide Videos You Will Work With About 10-15 Same Images And Then Create 50 Diffrent Concepets Im A video marketer and need to showcase these videos as sample to real estste owners 50 video for $25 - NO OFFERS!!!!!!!!!

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    we need to make new copy with diffrent design for a multilanguage site i will provide a link in a chat

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    Heaven On-Earth Rituals Heaven on earth Rituals sacred healing products are made by Arosha Jaiprem a wounded Healer who have used these Rituals in her own healing Journey & Now with a total transformation she is creating her own Rituals and self healing products which are a must for the one who has said , YES to once self evolution. She combines the essence of aroma and plants intuitively wit...

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    Hello all. Please note we use unity and we use these complete assets to save time + cost. Do not place bid if you dont read full info and if you request more than the budget OFFERWALL APP The app is simulair to "Cashapp" on google play, also there is many of these kind of apps. The app will work follows: User will register, email+pw or facebook login. Lost password should include Use...

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    We need a assistant in data enty desiging and coding. We need u on a monthly base for diffrent type of work.

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    I need a logo that displays the company services. Our company offers diagnostic services for truck,tractors,excavators,wheel loaders. We diagnose and search for problems inside the motors, gearbox and electrical systems on site at the customers location if needed. The name of the company is " TUNG DIAGNOSTIK" and website adress [URL'yi görüntülemek için giri...

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    TCADMIN Theme Bitti left

    Hey we are wanting a Fully Custom TCADMIN Theme what is completely diffrent from the standard TCADMIN Theme and we would like it to match our website theme. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    I make children clothes and I would like a logo for my brand. Not just the name in funky letters (that can I do meself). I would like to see a logo based on the info below. The name of the brand is Xamen. The name comes from the names of my children; Ben, Max and Sam. There like 3 monkey’s, so I would like that in the logo. The look that I like is simple, cool and a little diffrent. Not gi...

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    I have a brand of hair care products that features products for hair care, men, technical hair coloring (salons) and home use color improvement. I need to make this website in Romanian, but i will provide text and pictures. There are going to be the following sections: 1. Product catalogue grouped by categories (product type) 2. Media section containing information from facebook, instagram, ...

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    i have hp tipping point firewall. probem is no one ever updated the base ios, it is 2400, i talk hp throw odd what they told me they could not provide files but did not care if i got them else whare. i also need device configer in way to block remote access of any kind. even if it ment putting diffrent flash on it, my understanding unit be reflash with a diffrent ios also want trace back to al...

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    Trophy icon Logo Sneakers Web Site Bitti left

    Hi, We need a logo for a new website: Https:// [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] This web site with propose deadstock sneakers You have to keep the same style police as the example (See picture) We need another logo proposal or diffrent style. You have to use the same colors. Thanks Nour

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    its a really really simple job. so i have some software that scrapes the web, i need you to take the saftware and do the following. Check to see if the price is diffrent or if its no longer in stock. Move the old price into the old cell in the database and upload the new price if the stock has changed, connect to a external database and update a table, if the price has changed. Run it through my...

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    We need free lancer for our digital marketing write ups/ making emailer for our diffrent products ranges, attractive intro letter drafting/ PPT maker etc we need to hire people who can give us best output in least time. individual or a group of ppl can also send apply.

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    -devlope a plugin with below requirenments -use ajax + js + php to devlope script - devlope html to send and recive data using ajax + js -devlope php scripts' to recive / process and send the result back to html -make html dynamically arrange the results data -devlope multiple php scripts to proparly perform the tasks -design template that can be use for numbers of diffrent theme parts ...

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    icon design Bitti left

    I need a set of 13 Icons. They should showecase the heat of peppers. Important is that they all have the same style. Font from the page is umbuntu so this should be used for the numbering The coloring from the diffrent Icons should follow a color gradient from green to red using Yellow and Orange in between. Here the discrition of the different Icons. 1 - is 0 so no heat this should be a silhouett...

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    We need software and hardware design four our led display and spring touch reading board. Our board working very close to an ec fan motor so is taking to much noise. And we have diffrent touch button height. we are already achieved this but need more heat stability and self calibration while working. Device must be able to talk to a master device using r232 at ttl level.

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    AEONVIDA is group of companies we want some logo which have feel and look of corporate. AEONVIDA deals in diffrent services internationaly. Creativity for colors and design are welcome.

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