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    Başlıkta da belirttiğim üzere HTML, CSS(web sitesi tasarlıyorum), PHOTOSHOP, AFTER EFFECT, LOGO, İNTRO, LOGO İNTROSU, KARTVİZİT, TWİTCH YAYINCI KARTLARI, TWİTCH YAYIN BAŞLIYOR İNTROSU, BİTİŞ EKRANI TASARIMI, TEXT LOGO gibi birçok şeyi hızlı ve tatmin edici şekilde yapabiliyorum eğer istenilirse yaptığım tasarımların örneklerini mail veya mesaj ile gönderebilirim DİP NOT:ALTTA YÜKLEDİĞİM İNTRO ÖRNEK BİR TWİTCH İNTROSUDUR KİŞİYE GÖRE TASARLANABİLİR(video boyutu büyük olduğu için ekran görüntüsü aldım ve görüntü bundan daha uzun yani kolaylıkla loopa sokulabilir).

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    Kelime anlamıyla Tavsiye motoru olan recommendation engine projesinin temel amacı; bütün e-ticaret şirketlerinin sahip oldukları web sitelerinde kullanılabilecek ve temel olarak müşteri davranışlarına göre potansiyel müşter...bütün e-ticaret şirketlerinin sahip oldukları web sitelerinde kullanılabilecek ve temel olarak müşteri davranışlarına göre potansiyel müşterilere en uygun ürünleri widgetlar,display bannerlar ve e-mailing kanallarıyla müşteriye sunan bir sistem yaratmaktadır. Bu sistem sayesinde artan dönüşüm oranları e-ticaret sitelerinin ciro ve karlılıklarını arttıracak, dijital pazarlama maliyetlerini düşürecek, dip toplamda ise müşterilere öncelikle interaktif ve gelişkin bi...

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    I want to need only RFID reader PCB module with antena. I sent you an some pdf file for my pcb. you have to use MFRC522 NXP IC. You will give to us these pin on the board such as MFRC522 PINS (6 Sleep, 23 IRQ, 24 CS, 29 CLK, 30 MOSI, 31 MISO, VCC, GND ) I sent to Altium pcb file. you can see board dimensions. You can use only this area for pcb designing. You will calculate antena and other components like 0402 or 0603. You know. Best Regards.

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    Merhaba, beş gün içinde üzerinde 40 kadar düşük akım rölesi olacak bir kart tasarlayabilir misiniz? Altium kullanılmalı, 64 pin 16 bit bir mcu freescale, dc/dc dönüştürücüler ve bir rs232 olacak. Tşk

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    €239 - €239
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    I need to get the file attached inside this .tar achieve file into Altium. Unfortunately for me, Altium cannot import a file. It can only import an file. If you have OrCAD, either the demo or the full version, you should be able to open this file and SaveAs *.alg Then I should be able to import to Altium. Here is a link that explains why I can't import this .brd file to Altium.

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    Using Altium designer, Design a simple PCB to be able to connect an oscilloscope to a high voltage cables with protections see drawing. Voltage: Phase to phase RMS voltage is 750VAC at 50 to 70Hz or 1200VDC depending on the device where we will connect. Transient at in the 3kV range, with 1MHz frequency. This is what we want to record. So each trace will need to be spaced accordingly. Current: The wire we will use is a AWG18, however we can have fuse holder with fuse down to 2A for the track width. The probe I’m using have only micro-grabber tip, so ideally I would like to connect on some kind of test point, as shown below. So in the drawing in attachment, the plan was to install the PCB board inside a plastic box, have my cable that are connected on the top. I was thin...

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    We have a small 2in x 2in PCB design that requires a couple of minor modifications. The EE we were working with was located in the Ukr...mounting hole locations as they are although if more room is required to accommodate items 1 and 3 we can potentially make it longer although the standoff locations must remain unchanged. This can de discussed in detail if resizing is required. We can provide the Gerber files and supporting documentation although we do not have the original design files. We believe the original design was done in Altium. The EE we are looking for must be able to communicate and be fluent in written English, the EE will also need to be open to providing ideas and suggestions and work with us quickly to complete this project quickly. Please feel free to ask any ...

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    Due to the microprocessor shortage, I can no longer source the processer for my PCBA. This means I can't manufacture my product. I need somebody to redesign the PCBA to support the new processor, and edit the firmware to accommodate the new processor. I will supply the Altium native PCB design and Arduino code. Deliverables will be the revised Altium PCB design, revised Arduino code, and a working prototype PCBA that was manufactured in a production environment. The original processor is an ATMEGA328P-AU. The new one (I was able to purchase a lot of them) is ATMEGA4089-MUR. It is expected that you will posses the knowledge to ensure that the design is robust electronically by reviewing power and thermal design. Most likely if the new processor wattage is equal or...

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    I have been looking for a freelancer who can develop RFID card reader with following requirement. requirement: - detectable distance: 3cm - input voltage: 3.3V - communication: UART - board size: 59.5*59mm - interface: PH2.0 4P(1-VCC, 2-TX, 3-RX, 4-GND) You are free to choose the RFID chip, but should ensure the requirement of detectable d...have been looking for a freelancer who can develop RFID card reader with following requirement. requirement: - detectable distance: 3cm - input voltage: 3.3V - communication: UART - board size: 59.5*59mm - interface: PH2.0 4P(1-VCC, 2-TX, 3-RX, 4-GND) You are free to choose the RFID chip, but should ensure the requirement of detectable distance and stock. You should provide pcb design file(Altium Designer) and firmware at the end o...

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    I would like to re-route a Main board. I have schematics ready. The PCB is made in Altium. The Job consist of moving connectors around, reroute traces. Our Organization shall keep the rights to the work. Let me know if you are willing to take on this task.

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    ...under the signs like ‘One Way’, ‘No Entry’ and’ overtaking prohibited‘ are some of the example of mandatory traffic rules. The cautionary traffic signs warn road users in advance about potential hazards and dangers on the roads. It helps drivers to be mentally prepared for any difficulty and bottle necks will moving forward. ‘Steep Ascent’ ‘ school Ahead’,Narrow Road,and dangerous dip’ are some of the examples of cautionary traffic signs . In for me tree traffic signs help road users with information about the direction distance destination alternative routes and important locations such as schools ,hospitals ,public toilets ,and more. Some of the examples are ‘Right Hand Curve ,’ and more. The alarm...

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    We are looking for an Embedded Hardware Engineer to design electronic circuits for our needs. You must meet the following qualifications - Designed a 4-6 layer Circuit Board - Knowledge of communication protocols such as UART, SPI, I2C, rs-232, rs-485 - Experienced in IoT field - Able to design circuits with Altium - Used GSM module on the circuit - Able to select components and read datasheets of components If you have the above qualifications, we are looking for an Embedded System Engineer with whom we can work for a long time. Please write "6161" at the beginning of your application. Applications that are not written will definitely NOT be taken into account!

    €239 - €716
    €239 - €716
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    PCB design for a Project, Schematic is done and i have file ready , i want someone who can finish the design in three days and deliver to me , its a simple project and i also have the guidlines files ready, which has to be taken care, u can use easyeda or altium. please reply if intersted and can do in 3 days of time, thank you

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    Trophy icon The Boob Job Bitti left

    I'm selling adhesive boob tape for my business. My marketing vision is " Plastic surgery."I am opened to any ideas however: I was thinking the "BOOB" in " The Boob Job" could have a ribbon-type cursive font, similar to tape; then scissors in between the two "O's" in "boob," depicting the tape being and or about to be cut, but kinda pressing down to create like a breast like cleavage dip on the tape. I prefer neutral colors, very chic modern, sexy style.i attached a very very rough ( horrible) draft just so you can understand to concept

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    I have a completely routed PCB schematic and layout design as an Altium project. The PCB is 4-layer with both SMD and Through-hole components. It needs some changes as described in the attached file.

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    We need a simple PCB designed in Altium form the attacehd files. Manufacturing files and a 3D model is required.

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    We have a small PCB design that we’d like reviewed by someone. The files are created in Altium. Essentially the PCB has two LEDs and two photodiodes with amplifiers, a PIC microcontroller, some status indicators. We need a review done to determine if it would meet our requirements and if not we will require you to modify the design.

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    Hi, I am looking for a PCB designer who must have designed Arduino related PCB boards, must have worked on Altium or Eagle. Thanks.

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    I expect to accomplish most of the following tasks through screen sharing by the operator with me on my iMac computer. The media technician may ...Lionel projects on the Citizens for Global Solutions Google Drive. Add the final 30:00 “Promo” timeline already residing there in a different folder. • Add a web portal at the current website dedicated to “Heroes for Our Time” Interactive Screenings • Upload five quality controlled, only password accessible, full-length “Heroes for Our Time” programs, with a five second dip to black in the middle. • Establish a website link to screeners of one short clip from each of the seven shows in the series. • Showcase on this website section previous event flyers, content descriptions, ...

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    Hello All, I'm looking to build a team of electronics Engineers for long-term gigs, one project after the other. The main tasks will be circuit design, Simulation, Design Calculations, Schematic and PCB layout ( Kicad, Diptrace, Altium ...), SW( Arduino/Atmega, STM32, ESP32 ...) Please bid only if you are willing to do the jobs within the agreed requirement, budget, and time. Thank you

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    3kVA Inverter Bitti left

    ...and MPPT simulation results will be shown. Matlab simulation files will be delivered. Fees for this milestone: 150 dollars. 7 days. 2. Altium schematics: I will give you the schematics of the inverter. They will consist of the power stage, the control stage, and the communication stage. I will also attach a list of materials so you can evaluate the costs of the inverter. My fees for this stage are 200 dollars. 8 days. 3. PCBs: Once you confirm and approve the schematic, I will proceed to the design of the PCB board to make the converter as compact as possible as a commercial one. I will give you all the necessary files so that you can compile them in Altium. My fees for this stage are 350 dollars. 10 days. 4. Program Files & Source files, instructions, and technical...

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    Hi, I have schematic 95% complete, i will need someone to assist me over weekend to complete my altium PCB. Its related to 3kw inverter

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    ...completed project. Below are three examples of 4-page books from my series that would require 4 images to match the text on each page. The illustrations will support the text for the child. Mad Cat Max, the lab, can wag and wag. The cat sat on my lap. I pat Max, the lab. The cat got mad. [note: cat should look jealous of dog] The Rig The rig is big, big, big. Will it fit? We will dig so it will dip. It did fit! We win! Gum I like gum! Yum! Gum is fun. I can hum with my gum. I can pop my gum. Pop! The books will progress in difficulty (and word count) so the pictures will get more detailed and challenging as the words do. For this contest, I'd like to see an example of how you would illustrate these three books, using the text above. I anticipate that the pe...

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    Hi Maria, we like your design aesthetic and would like to discuss a design of a dip container box as well as some pattern size readjustment for lunchboxes(3-5 patterns). Please let us know if you are interested.

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    Hi, we like your design aesthetic and would like to discuss a design of a dip container box as well as some pattern size readjustment for lunchboxes(3-5 patterns). Please let us know if you are interested.

    €239 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi So Y., we like your design aesthetic and would like to discuss a design of a dip container box as well as some pattern size readjustment for lunchboxes(3-5 patterns). Please let us know if you are interested.

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    I have a circuit and all the required output files, there is a need to do few modifications. Files are shared later. Deadline - 6-8hrs(Max) Budget - 100AUD(Negotiable)

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    Trophy icon Bottle label for Sauce bottle Bitti left

    Name of the Label - Vegan Lemon Green Chilli Dip. Vegan Mojito Dip. All Natural Logo attached. The pic of the bottle is attached Reference pics attached but do not copy the reference image H=12 CM W=6 CM On the backside the following text is to be written Lemon based Dip, Ingredients: Lemon, Sugar, Salt, Chillies. No added Flavours. Natural Net Weight: 200 gms FSSAI License number : 20819005004394 Manufactured and Marketed by PICKLED LOVE Date of Manufacturing Best Before ...

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    we already discussed. previous design modification

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    ...NFC controller and the supporting components. We will provide PCB outline and critical component placement in an Altium file. This will be a commercial product and must meet CE regulations. Particular to this project is that it will have an RGBW led in the middle of the antenna, which may impact the antenna calculation and performance. The LED traces are going to the edge of the antenna and are connected to an MCU, so this LED itself is not part of the project (but will be physically present on the antenna PCB). Tags should be readable over a distance of at least 5cm. I expect that you have experience with NFC design, that you can draft a schematic and provide a PCB design in Altium within days to a week. There aren't much more requirement than those mentioned. In ...

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    There's 2 parts to this project. First a minor change is needed on an existing Altium project, to add (or unmute) a component that is missing it's pads. The next part of this project is to change the SOC used in the Altium design from the current one, 8devices Carambola2, to a different SOC, 8devices KinKan, and look for any possible bom cost reductions possible in our board design.

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    For our client in the automotive sector, we are looking for a hardware developer – power electronics (all genders). Start: ASAP Location: Remote for German Automotive company Duration: 6 months with Duration: 6 months with possibility of extension Tasks: • Create specifications with the customers • Change customer requirements • Accompany the development process • Create circuit diagrams/schematics and review them • Carry out laboratory activities, system tests Skills: • Hardware developer with experience in power electronics • Experience in an agile environment • Experience with Altium (nice to have) • Fluent in English # Hardware Developer, power electronics Are you interested? Then send me a message now! Lookin...

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    We're looking for someone who can draw basic PCBs that we use as needle beds for our testing fixtures. All necessary dimensions as well as the connection schematic will be provided. * Suggest to use Altium to design the boards * Very basic, no advanced drawing skills required * Perfect for students or beginners in electrical engineering

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    Altium Designer wanted for ongoing PCB design, work. PCBs already created. Thanks

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We need to make a small board that is two ethernet headers in and out with a phoenix connection to break out the POE lines so we can insert 24vdc or use 24vdc supplied internally. The input header should be a Neutrik panel mount connector and the output should be a standard RJ45 female connection. 24 power should be 2 pin phoenix. All PCB mount type connections.

    €43 (Avg Bid)
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    Two cards need designed Card 1 Capabilities - DC voltage measurement from 0-100v -connection for thermistor to read temperature of object -connection for high temperature switch - th...need designed Card 1 Capabilities - DC voltage measurement from 0-100v -connection for thermistor to read temperature of object -connection for high temperature switch - the signals above must be processed and available to transmit via Modbus TCP to a PLC. - must have 2 port switch built into board so next board can daisy chain to it - board to be Poe powered - IP address to be selectable from dip switch Card 2: - amperage measurement from a shunt. - voltage sensing circuit for 0-1000v DV - must have same modbus capabilities and network switch as board #1 More details to follow once project is a...

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    ...broad and want it more narrow. So that the breast is over that area like first two pics. Want the arm slimmer and not fat folds. As well as the collar bone area being smaller. Want the rib cage Size reduced a lot. Want the stomsch the same as first 2 pics , belly button , much slimmer waist , flat stomsch and the same waist etc. want the hip/ thigh area the same as first two pics , fixing hip dip on outer pic. Want the breasts the same as first two pics, make larger and same shape. Get rid of scar under breast and make it so there’s no under boob. ( Closest breast is very odd shape due to surgery recently please make more natural looking and and as close to first two pics as possible.) Make head , neck and body in proportion. Make hair in three last pics longer ...

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    Need a collection of black and white and grayscale logos created for a website. Logos will be used to communicate capabilities and experience of engineering design firm. Set will be comprised of corporate logos and logos representing design tools and competencies: - Analog Devices - Intel - Microchip - STMicroelectronics - Texas Instruments - Altium Designer - Docker - Github - Gitlab - Matlab - SolidWorks - C (Programming Language) - C++ (Programming Language) - FreeRTOS - Linux (Penguin) - Python (Programming Language) Want all graphical logos, no text included. Start with 175x175pixel or 200x200pixel PNG logos and associated vector graphics (or appropriate scalable format). One set which is black and white and one which is gray (color code to be provided) and white.

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    Hi! For a new project we are developing, we will need a battery pack. Cells we will be using for this pack are 3.6V/3100mAh 18650 cells, in a 2P4S configuration. I am looking for someone who can make a schematic in (preferably in Altium) (either integrated in 1 chip or multiple chips) and a PCB layout (based on our provided PCB outline which has more than enough space) , which can charge the pack, have gauge function and power/load switching. So the device must be able to work both from AC power (adaptor) or battery power. If you have prior experience for 18650 cell charging PCB development and are interested in such a project, then feel free to bid, and clearly specify in your bid message what IC's you would like to use. Selection/agreement of IC's to be used must be set...

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    Convert 3 Altium Schematics/PCB files to Eagle 5.6.0 Version (best for us) or 9.0 version

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    Looking for an hardware designer for sch and PCB design using altium designer. The candidate should work on US time are several projects for long term. Please attach portfolios and start your proposal with "Altium"

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    pcb design Bitti left

    i need a freelancer to review my current pcb design and solve the errors, deliverables: PCB design files in altium or any software bom gerber schematics

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    A battery management system design in Altium for a battery pack that is 4s5p configuration (20 cells total). It needs to charge the battery via a solar panel using MPPT. It should also monitor each cell, SOH, SOC, over voltage, over current etc. I have picked out a battery cell monitor, fuel gauge, and MCU already. The BMS should also, (using a buck converter), provide output power to 4 different devices each 5V devices.

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    Need help to create a dashboard to show the trend / change in the KPI for the past 30 days. Probably highlighting the dip in the KPI as well. Please contact for further detailed information.

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    We need PCB Design File (Altium), Schematic File(Altium), Gerber File (GBR274X), Bill of Material File (Excel), Program Source File (Software File) with Program installing instructions. Altium project file with Schematic, PCB and BOM synchronization is also required.

    €179 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello! I build digital organs (Like Hammonds, with two or more keyboards), and need to build manufacturing documentation, for the furniture and electronics. I have several parts done, like the cabinet and controllers in Fusion 360, pcbs in Altium, but need a complete assembly guide, with plans with views, etc. The instrument is open source, you can see how it looks at

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    Board IoT mqtt Bitti left

    i need to develop a board with the following features: - the board must have a power input 9-30 volt DC - N. 3 relays - dip switch to select switch or button operating mode - each relay must be capable of being controlled by an external physical switch - send relays state via mqtt to my broker - choose between lan/wifi operating mode (not simultaneously)

    €528 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a PCB designer for my project. I have already the schematic on KiCad with the foot prints and 3D models. The circuits contain electromagnetics ( current transformers, flyback transformers and relays). So I need someone experienced with the EMC PCB rules, a d with power supply routing. The deliveries shall be - the PCB files ( Kicad to review, and altium if you use it) - a 3D model of the board - Placement reports and Fab notes to forward to manufacturing shortly after. We are looking for a reliable and honest designer to work on many projects in the future. Let's chat to discuss the project requirements in detail.

    €150 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, My name is Ahmad and I’m a farmer,I need of fruit preserve syrup for my different fruits, you already know about pipe apple and olive in cans which dip in preserve/liquid/syrup,so I need of that preserve liquid for different fruits, Your answer is required in this regards,

    €894 (Avg Bid)
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