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    I want android app to send real time data to aurdino device from WiFi and get real time data from aurdino device

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    I have a C# program [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] , invoke activate format is Rankbits -c TotalFrequencies Frequencies0 Frequencies1 Frequencies2 ..... FrequenciesN ( SUM Frequencies0toN == TotalFrequencies ) , returns integfer number with fractions P,ls simply make into callable C# DLL , passing it parameters TotalFrequencies Frequencies0 Frequencies1 Freq...

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    We need native Russian speaker to record a voice message for our company. Voice-over must be young energetic female. Only Russian speakers without accent, please. Please provide simple of your voice recoding

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    i have e commerce website [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] but we are rebuilding the site here [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] we will send a lot of emails from the website about 500-5000 / day

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    I have 11 000 facebook page fans. I need send to all of them update message. Message is the same for every one with one link and image included. Job cant be make it manual! Contact me only if you have experience with that kind of job!

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    We have a C++ DLL that interfaces with the Background Intelligent Transfer Service. We need additional functionality added. Your task is to add Authentication (e.g. SetCredentials) and associated structures. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] The VSS 2010 project will be provided to the successful bidder.

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    Simple mobile app with flutter (IOS and Android) with voice recognition and transmission of data - Voice recognition service free, language portuguese BR, quality like google service - Real time transmission of transcribed text (data) - Transmission of transcribed texts to webapp (already exist) using websocket (need to configure websocket on backend) - Transmission of transcribed texts to window...

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    We are looking for a speaker who can create video message. Please check sample message below [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Video length is 2 minutes. We will provide the message (text) for video. You will record the video message. Video message to have white background.

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    Hi I need a freelancer to send out 5k email by seeing if a website has a video or not. If they don't you send my script (NOT SCRAPING EMAILS) Complete 1st project successfully I will award 50 projects a month after that. Total $500 for 50 projects if you can complete it or have a team

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    I want to be able to take keyboard or joystick input from one PC and output a keystroke on another PC via http connection on local network. The application can be very simple and just needs to be able to connect to another instance and send key up and key down inputs to activate push to talk.

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    Need push notification experts :)

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    Hi, We need a very small job, we've prepared a form and we need this form to send a CURL command. The form is in html at this time, best would be to use PHP. Best regards,

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    Send bulk invoices. Display email sent message

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    poster custom untuk segala kegiatan

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    I need some help with selling something.

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    1 - User login using websocket 2 - User can register its visitors picture from your gallery and upload it into our webserver

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    Mencari Indonesia SEO specialist bekerja tetap di filipina dengan gaji diatas 10 jt dan bermacam tambahan fasilitas perusahaan seperti uang makan, jaminan kesehatan dll. JOB REQUIREMENTS - Required Skills: Search Engine Optimization, Website Builder, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing - Required Language: Bahasa Indonesia - At least 1 year of working experience in the related field is required f...

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    I need some help with internet marketing.

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    I have create a HTML website with a form, I need someone to make the form functions with PHP. So when user completes the form and presses submit the information is sent to 2 emails. After the form is submitted the user will be fowarded to a thank you page. I will give you following files: 1) [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] - contains the site 2) [URL'yi ...

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    Saya butuh penulis profesional dan berpengalaman: Punya pengalaman ttg grab/ gojek atau punya kenalan yang tahu sistem gojek/ grab sehingga bisa berbagi. Contoh artikel yang ditulis seperti pengalaman daftar gojek dll Bisa mewawancarai orang untuk mengambil informasi Bisa menulis dan submit hasil tulisan di wordpress/ blog dengan baik dan lengkap dengan gambar tambahan (jika dibutuhkan) Intiny...

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    I am looking for a NodeJS app (web & mobile [electron,cordova, etc.]) that has the following functionality/screens: - Dialer/Keypad - Incoming call/video call (action: Answer/Decline[send to voicemail]) - Outbound call/video call - Contact List - Recent Calls/Call History - SMS/MMS Sending/Receiving - Overview of messages grouped by contact/phone number/sip id (similar t...

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    We have lists and the the message to send. All the emails have been ran through FreshAddress and we've had good delivery using mailjet and sendinblue. But the lists are bought and we can't use those services anymore. We don't need them to go out all at once but do need 30k-50k per day. Is this something you can do? We can do a small test and if the delivery / response rate is there...

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    I want an up to date version of lua AIO (luaforge) , [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Binaries are at : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] With some included .dll/.so : [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Not all, but most .dll/.so should work , its discusable as to what .dll has to be upgraded (the w...

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    KRITERIA UMUM: - Pria / Wanita - Pengalaman dibidang Marketing lebih diutamakan / non pengalaman sangat dipersilahkan - Tekun, disiplin, tidak mudah menyerah dan mau belajar - Pendidikan Min. SMU / Sederajat - Diutamakan domisili Bekasi dan sekitarnya. Jabodetabek dipersilahkan melamar TANGGUNG JAWAB UTAMA: - Menjuanl produk via online (no target) - Membangun hubungan kerjasa...

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    HI, I need to send out 5,000 emails by finding businesses in google, and see if a website has a video If they don't then you find their email and send with my details and script (I will provide gmail) If you can mange 1 complete project then I will give you 15 projects to mange a month Here's my website: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] it'...

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    I would like a link to a contact file (vcf?) that I can include in an SMS to customers mobile phones which allows them to be able to save us as a contact in their phone. We can currently share this contact with them via an MMS, but I would like to be able to send a link in an SMS instead. It is essential that at the other end both iOS or Android users when clicking on the link, then have the new c...

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    I am running Windows 10 on 64 bit laptop with Intel CPU. Your job is: 1 ) Check the keyboard buffer real time constantly to collect any keystroke(s) from the keyboard real time. 2 ) Send this to Wordpad which is open on the desktop (if not open, please open a new one) in the foreground. This is the ACTIVE window. 3) ALSO, send all same keystrokes to bluetooth (BACKGROUND RUNNING). The fo...

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    Hi I need a DLL and injector with nt remote thread method. Dll should ReadProcessMemory and save logs... Injetor must have persistence and should work with x32 and x64. Logs must be send remote to server and insert in SQL Escrow!!!! Wont release nothing until full software working!

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    i have values on page1 on domain X i need send them and use like POST string on page2 on domain Y one send value anther get the value and use on data like EX. echo $name echo $user i not give access to server, i can give u 1 file with demo value need to send only how know this job please give offer

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    Hello everyone! We need someone with a lot of knowledge about email handling and testing. Our website is sending emails, but it takes 4 minutes. We need it to take under 5 seconds. We are using go daddy and send grid.

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    I am a research engineer working with brain-injured patients and I would like to test the facial expression recognition system and test the facial expressions like happy, sad, angry, etc. over a certain period of time. The app should receive real-time data and make an assessment. I can provide details on what type of input application will receive and how Facial Expression Recognition (FER) syst...

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    Hello everyone, I selected several group tchat on telegram wich represent around 10k people, i need an automated solution to add them in a group or message them.

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    I need you to write a report for something.

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    I need a personal Virtual Assistant to do tasks for me. The first task is very simple: Create a list of coffee blogs,sites, forums that accept sponsored posts. The must provide one do-follow backlink back to my site. You need to compile a list of 25 coffee blogs, forums. You will need to provide me a excel sheet with the contact email, the price the site charges for sponsored guest posts and th...

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    Hi I need a freelancer to send out 50k email by scrapeing and finding web design agency emails then sending out my script Please explain what platform you will use to ensure that email is being sent out does not end in spam $10

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    Fix contact form to be able to send emails to any email.

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    I am seeking the service of sending text (SMS and MMS) to a prescribed list of recipients. Each text will be unique and will require the use of a US Based Phone # (which you will provide). 100 Text per day during the following hours (Tuesday-Saturday 11AM - 8PM EST). When the recipient responds, you will forward response to me.

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    Need a freelancer who can fix send email function

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    Righ now we are creating report (PDF) after rendering html using google chart [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] xyz@ [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] 123456 Click on view button after rendering all chart you are going to see Download report button I want to create report without rendering on html page. My goal is to send periodical...

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    Looking to have a multi tenant messenger/sms/mms/fax developed using a mixture of open source software and API's. A completed project will include the back end, hosted on EC2, and a windows desktop app. The back end will require a fax server, an XMPP server (eJabbered), API connection to QuestBlue for SMS, As this is a multi tenant setup, the server will need to be able to send the items to t...

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    Hi Folks, I have pdf report created using Google Chart in PHP. But for this i need to open render google chart on html page after that i can create PDF. I need your help in such as report can be created directly without rendering on HTML Page so i can send it through mail. Looking forward to see your thoughts and task cost.

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    I have a lot off customers in my store and i want send all news for customers with phone like seal or somthing like this i want trusted site or privet sericve to. good luck for everyone

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    I have c# dll file packed by DNGuard. I am looking for an unpack expert. Please bid unpacking expert. Thanks.

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    using a pre existing mapping site I need to be notified when new alerts are posted.

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    Dear, I need to fix a document submission error through the ios and android apps for my web src. Laravel Framework

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