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    ...attached images or search ebay). I'll tell you which parts I want to use in my project once we decide to move forward but they are very similar. This project will require - Drawling a schematic using Kicad or Eagle based on the reference designs in the IC's datasheet and EVM modules. - Placing the components to the PCB layout and routing the lines on

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    I need some graphic design. I have a raw drawling that I need smoothed out and touched up . I would like a sample of my logo before I purchase ,so I can make sure I'm paying for EXACTLY what I'm looking for . After project is complete I will have more and more projects for you

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    I need someone who can sketch a very well drawling of my fiancé. Deadline 3/7/18

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    33 teklifler daughter drew I just can not make it look professional. I paid someone before and was very disappointed. I am hoping I can get more luck here. Attached is the hand drawling. I want an American flag as the background. Then an American eagle making the W. Then ARPD in bold letters. Let me know if this can be done. I have more I just want someone

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    cartoon drawling of young teen boy with a red hood include a border

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    Pest Control company is going to be launching a complete line of flyers and brochures. Over the next 12 month...(brochures, doorhangers etc.) for our sales department. We will provide the verbiage, and we have some ideas of how things could look as a finished product. All the art and drawling will be provided by the company selected for this project.

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    Trophy icon Divine Services Bitti left

    I would like a simple logo for a company named , Divine Services and Repair, I would like to incorporate a christian faith in the log...christian faith in the logo with a halo and maybe a cross. I only want to use the initials of the company DSAR. Please only use 1-3 colors. I have attached an image of hand drawling of what I am thinking for the logo.

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    ...hectare lot that we are planning to divide it into 100 (300 to 500 sqm) residential lots and 1 (2 hectare) beach resort lot. This first master site plan project is only a drawling, so it can be sent to the city for approvals. I will need additional work done afterwards and can keep you busy with 3D renderings for the lot plan, residential and commercial

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    ...10 hectare lot that we are planning of sub dividing it into 100 (500 sqm) residential lots and 1 (2 hectare) beach resort lot. This first master site plan project is only a drawling, so it can be sent to the city for approvals. I will need additional work done afterwards and can keep you busy with 3D renderings for the lot plan, residential and commercial

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    Trophy icon Music city Leasing Bitti left

    I need a logo for my company the business is Music City Leasing, LLC. We are located in Nashville, TN. I would like the business name Music company the business is Music City Leasing, LLC. We are located in Nashville, TN. I would like the business name Music City Leasing to be incorporated with a sketch or drawling of the Nashville, TN skyline.

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    Ok, this is simple. I got this warehouse space, I had already purchased the steel for another project where I was going to do a balcony on my house. Instead I changed my mind because of other issues. Now I want to use it for a mezzanine in my little work shop space. I need to turn the plans into what you see in the workshop floor plans v2 page 2 (ignore page 1 and 3). In the 9627 PDF&#...

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    Design project Bitti left

    I need a logo [login to view URL] you do this ? I want basically my features in the face .....Extensions underneath it smaller in pink and then Affordable luxury in gold shiny color in regular font smaller then Kaeluxe but bigger than Extensions , I have a rough draft drawling already made and once u see it , itll make sense.. How much ??? Please and thank u

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    ...will have to capture an intelligent, sophisticated and technological company. I would like to incorporate a life like and realistic cartoon or black and white sharp lined drawling of a man. Half of him will be in a robotic armor plated suit and the other half will show a nerdy guy in a tuxedo. To express the duality of the company. Smart guys with

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    Draw this object in CREO CAD Software. $10 max budget. its simple.

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    We are reclaiming a large abandon quarry and developing it into an industrial park. We want to create a conceptual drawling of how it might look once complete. We want a drawling that we can "dissolve" into from an aerial photograph.

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    32 teklifler background colors. I will write up the wording but I need it arranged around the mocked up images and our provided logo for a nice ascetic appeal. I have attached a drawling similar to the larger one we are wanting to get done. I want to use a real image and a sketched image like the one in the attachment. The second image will just be of a kiosk

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    My father just passed away and my older sister is getting married in August 2016 she is very sad so as a wedding gift I want to find someone to do a portrait drawling of my father from the chest up, but make his clothes the same clothes as the guys are wearing I want it big enough for people to see when they walk in and sit down. I think this would

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    I have a very detailed drawling of a sailfish, boat and a baitfish that I need to be turned into a usable file that is a 100% replica of the drawling to be sent to my t-shirt printing shop.

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    I need some help finishing up a design for a kiosk in solidworks for manufacturing. Some of the base items are done but Im still needing a few items added inside of certain points Please find attached what I currently have and what Im needing added. there are also a few holes that need to be added and brackets that are not in the drawling.

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    i need 1 image of a charicter from a story im working on. im leaning on a combo of realism and anime for the work. the images are going to be a little on the dark side since the book is about a possessed priest.

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    $30 for someone to provide a caricature of the attached photo that can be emailed through to me and printed onto A4 paper. Can be colour or black and white. Must be received by 10am Wednesday 6th August 2014.

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    If i accept you i will go into more details with what this project is about.

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    will give you more details if you accept should not take more then 1 or two hours. Your call buddy basic forloops and other stuff

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    I'm an inventor at idea for a product and I need a detailed sketch of it .

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    Sooner Logo Bitti left flame going around the right side (as seen in the files attached) - I like to see serif font as well as the Oklahoma State font used (see files) I also included a drawling of what the client believes the logo should look like . I need the logo by end of business day today I would like to see 3 or 4 different logos I was hoping to

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for a church Bitti left

    Our church wants our logo redesign so that we have more of ...redesign so that we have more of a symbol like the life church (see screenshot jpg). Our church's name is URCC - Upper Room Christian Cathedral. The pastor came up with the drawling - see photo.jpg. We want the fire symbol, something like The Life Church has the LEAF symbol. Files attached.

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    This project is for a caricature/cartoon drawling of a piece a fruit. This a perfect time to let your creative side show. I would like drawling in Adobe Illustrator. More information upon project award. Send examples of your past work.

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    ...up because of pregnancy. You may be given something to eat or drink with sugar. I had an orange liquid that tasted with like flat soda. They then test your blood sugar by drawling blood. If you fail the one-hour test, which I did, you take the three hour test. This consists of getting your blood drawn, then drinking the liquid, then waiting an hour

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    ...and clear vision of what our app is and how the app should function. I also know exactly how I want the app to look and have many examples from other apps along with my own drawling. Now we are looking for someone to take what we have on paper and make a pleasant/efficient UI experience. This will require pulling free stock, options and chart data

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    ...tablet facebook website I require you to sign a full disclosure agreement & I will need the full source code for every platform. First app will deal with coloring, drawling, photo editing, database backend to store users data. There will also be many Questions and Answers as part of the coloring game. It will need to be integrated with advertising

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    Church Look Bitti left

    I have attached a picture of a drawling of what our new church will be shaped like. I would like a 3D drawling of what the inside will be design like... it does not have to be elaborate, but make the classrooms look like classes for children with TV on the wall. -Make the kitchen look like a kitchen -Make the offices look like offices - Office 1 should

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    I need a CAD or PDF drawling of a 2 legged base for a fan the legs are at a 60 deg angle.

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    ...each or two separate logos for each style but something linking them together. The Wing Chun logo part must have in it two of the Butterfly knives similiar to the one in this drawling /Users/Chris/Desktop/Sammuel [login to view URL] also the chinese characters for the word Wing Tsun and also my school name which is Ocean Martial Arts Academy. You can visit

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    I need to get 4 new fresh logo designs made up, I have one now, and a idea for another. Idea 1) I need a mesquite tree in a drawling form with a hunting dog coming up to it with birds flying out and some text. If we go with that logo, I also need a flash animation of the dog sniffing then running up to the tree with the birds spooking out, with

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    I am looking for a simple graphic design for a mosaic project. Therefore it is mostly going to be black line drawling with basic detail. Imagine you're desing a coloring book page. what I am looking for is a woman's head sideways who has her checks puffed and lips puckered as if she is blowing iar out. She ? will have ? long flowing hair which

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    I would like a gameing ladder site. As you may know there are many sites like this out there, mainly one i intend to compete with is I...require these 3 weeks because if it is going to be paid for i want it made the way i want. I also require a 1 week trial of this site, if it doesn't work we will go back to the drawling board.

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    ...system such as joomla if you believe this to be the best route. NEXT: are the special features of the site 4.) ability for them to use a program that is mostly a design/drawling program- think of an online house desing program and we will be on the same page here... however, MUCH less complicated and not as many options in this first phase. 5.)

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    Short flash movie with text and 3 sim...flash movie with text and 3 simple animations. The text will be provided. Animation detail: 1. a simple drawing of a brain with cogs spinning (flexible) 2. a simple drawling of a monster-like creature attacking a brain 3.a simple drawing a pac-man like creature eating the monster-like creatures from 2.

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