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    Looking for someone to transcribe/ score 4 songs with Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano/keyboard and up to 2 Vocal lines between 3- 4 minutes long. Working with a $200 dollar budget per song. I can provide the recordings with session stems for each instrument with also the LOGIC session to open up and check out. Thanks for your time

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    I created a children's character called Precious Pinata (17 inch stuffed character with seven colorful balls inside of his zippered belly, represent topics or life lessons). Precious Pinata teaches children about health, safety and life-skills. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] An adult mentor, reads Precious' book (Precious Pinata What's in You...

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    100x 3D Models Designed For Print We are looking for a talented individual or company to create and build 3d design files. In this first design round we are after 100x designs completing. We are an upcoming model railway company looking for a large range of designs which can be 3d printed. Our focus is mainly on model railway products but most of the designs are standard universal ideas. We ar...

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    I have an audio of drums performance. Need to boost the bass, make it 8D and enhance the overall audio experience.

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    Freelancer must have Addictive Drums 2. Listen carefully to 22 MIDI drum takes for a 3-minute reggae song (around 60 minutes of recording in total). Make a single comp of the drum takes, which captures the very best parts of the drummer's performance and fits nicely with the arrangement and structure of the song. In addition to the MIDI comp file, tweak the sound of the drums and create an...

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    Take the best parts from 6-7 MIDI takes (around 20 minutes of recording in total) - edit, splice and loop into 1 really good take, which captures the very best of the drummer's performance and fits best with the arrangement and structure. Freelancer must have Addictive Drums 2 and Ableton Live 10 for a fast workflow. The track has a fixed BPM and is synched and aligned to the Ableton grid to ...

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    TASKS A) design some illustrations for our local children courses. B) re-draw the city map illustration in Adobe AI or similar, so we can adapt it to our needs (2x times) INSTRUCTIONS A) Please find out style as an example for the look & feel attached. We want you to come up with a conceptual idea of the illustration and design it. We need: 1-2 illustrations for a parent-child-course wi...

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    Experienced designer needed to create a catchy label about a premium laundry liquid, highlighting the value and quality. It is a premium laundry liquid from Unliver and currently it is sold in 5L drums. It is a fantastic product and it desperately needs a make over and a product name. The product is much cheaper than any supermarket brands and far superior. Please contact for further details

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    Brand name Bitti left

    Experienced designer needed to create a catchy label about a premium laundry liquid, highlighting the value and quality. It is a premium laundry liquid from Unliver and currently it is sold in 5L drums. It is a fantastic product and it desperately needs a make over and a product name. The product is much cheaper than any supermarket brands and far superior. Please contact for further details

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    interested in making a VR video game. I want it to be accessible in stores (Steam VR), easy to play and of course fun (play with friends). I would like to combine some elements of Simulation, Action/Adventure, Fighting, and Role Playing. The idea is humans fighting musical transformers (robots that have transformed out of guitars, drums, etc), you would have to kill the robots, with some sort of s...

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    I need someone to write me a short Chiptune theme for a game. I'm looking for a short 1 minute theme with a few instruments (lead, backup, bass, drums). The piece should loop.

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    I have recorded vocals of a pop song. I’m looking for an experienced music producer to put some chords and melody to it, possibly drums too. Very urgent.

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    **EASY BRIEF** We are redesigning a book cover for our music academy. We have a logo already, and have a basic design that we would like to follow in Photoshop (psd. file.) The new design needs to be BLACK & WHITE though, and needs a front and back design. The design needs to include our logo down the bottom (not the Goodtime one) still needs the space for the students name, and needs to ha...

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    A total of five book covers required for our music school's workbooks. We require books for piano/keyboard, guitar, ukulele, drums and a student homework book.

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    For this project you will need to create 100 unique short 2-4 second sound effects with gravitas 20 categories, 5 effects for each (maximum 50-100kb mp3 files): Orchestra Orchestra percussive Bass plucked Birds chirping Animal roars Whispering Horror Crushes Laugh Cinema effects Cats meow and heat Donkey Modern drums Church pipe organs Organ jazz leslie Chorus angelic Triumphant brass Crying ...

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    I'm looking for a musician who can help with a project. I need a backing track, arranged and recorded from a written chord progression. Looking for an arrangement with guitars, bass, and drums. I would like it to have a 1960s sound, something close to the sound of an early Beatles song. I need a rough mix, as well as the individual dry tracks. I will include an attachment with the chords, ...

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    I need an experienced Unity 3D C# coder to realize this virtual drumming application. I myself am only 3 months into Unity and focused only on the graphics so far. Having experiences in graphics and 3D I was able to put together a decent scene with a drum set. The application is going to be PC-only. It is not going to be a game where you have to achieve things, but a simulator or tool/instrument...

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    Hello there i need to create an application that users can be able to buy different peace with in a song meaning that a user must be able to see one with different tracks 1. lead vocal [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] vocal 3. drums 4. Guitar 5. Piano 6. Bass guitar 7. Strings with this track the user must be able to mute other tracks and only...

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    We need a design for a System consist of Motor and Gear with Winding Drums. This Driving Mechanism is for Vertical transportation for up to 14 meters of travel. The load capacity and other specification will be provided for interested Freelancers. If you are interested and know about Electric Motors, Gear types, Motor breaks and willing to discuss this project, please don't hesitate to conta...

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    Grant writer Bitti left

    I am looking for a Grant writer for my new busines. This will include purchasing music equipment such as more Guitars, Keyboards and Drums. Also setting up a Studio for recording in a home I will rent or purchase. My wish is to teach Guitar, Keyboard and Drums to beginners and low income families.

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    Our rock band is currently working on a song (current mixdown attached) and we need help with arrangement/production. We currently have the vocals, guitars and drums (midi + wav) recorded into an Ableton Live project. We are looking for a person who will: * Compose and record (audio or MIDI) the bass guitar part. * Add potential other tracks: additional synths/effects/samples as needed. * Mix &...

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    I am looking for a person to transcribe full pdf score of 738 pages to finale. The score has 17 staves (no transcription of the percussion or drums is required) and approximately 8 bars per page. The document must be delivered as a .mus file.

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    Trophy icon poster for a concert Bitti left

    pop rock jazz concert with piano, guitars, drums, singers, the subject is : musical travel . we invite the public on a plane for a musical journey The number of the travel is N° KVO 08/02/20-20 in fact it is the date for the concert ! We want a A 3 poster with colors a joyful moment on flight No. ....

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    Not being new to 3D modelling, but fairly new to Unity (a few weeks in), I need assistance in texturing the drums you see in the attached screenshots, and optimizing several other aspects of the scene to look good and run well in VR. In order for me to be able to continue the work myself, your work has to be done on my Windows 10 device via remote control. So this is going to be mentoring at the ...

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    You'll need to find Guitar Pro song files with specific requirements, like this one: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Project 1. Find and download as many Guitar Pro files of songs by the band "Shinedown" as you can. 2. Install TuxGuitar, free software that opens Guitar Pro files: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] ...

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    Not being new to 3D modelling, but fairly new to Unity (a few weeks in), I need assistance in texturing the drums you see in the attached screenshots, and optimizing several other aspects of the scene to look good and run well in VR. In order for me to be able to continue the work myself, your work has to be done on my Windows 10 device via remote control. So this is going to be mentoring at the ...

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    Required 3D design for lubricants products Tins , Drums and Plastics Bottles .

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    I would like help with the design of a new eye-catching flyer for my DJ fusion band, Kudos Live. We offer DJ plus any combination of sax, singer, violin and drums. We specialise in weddings, birthdays and corporate events You can check out our web site for info, images and videos of us in action [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Please advise which images you wou...

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    Trophy icon Logo Animation **Easy Brief** Bitti left

    I run a Music tutoring business called Monster Music. We tutor children on guitar, drums and ukulele. I like my current logo (attached below "Monster Music Logo [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]") but would like it to be animated with motion. I need a motion designer to make my Logo come to life so that I can use it for promotion videos. The whole motion...

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    As a small printing studio I work with a spotcolor stencil machines. The Driver options are quite limited. There is no third-party software for these wishes. I have a few wishes. One of them: The machine works with different color-drums. All these drums have an individual rotation deviation in their print surface. However, this is consistent. Therefore would like to add a rotation adjustment in th...

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    Hello all, I would like to implement/port Deezer Spleeter on a web interface. This is an "interactive" prototype I did, follow the scenario below: [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] All codes are ready, it just needs implementation on the web (even ui code in prototype is accessible): -Python code for Spleeter: [URL'yi görüntülemek i...

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    Hello My Name is David and i work as a Volunteer Marketing Manager for a new Wine and Musik Festival. The festival was already existing until 5 Years ago, but it was killed by not enough helping workers. It has a long tradition. Now we try to restart it with a complete new Marketing strategie. So for that we need a new Logo. To explain what we want to tell: we are the Capital of the "Blaub...

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    I need a short animated video showing our product and its uses. Our Sea containers TAMPER EVIDENT Seals help to maintain container integrity by protecting against the insertion of unauthorised material and/or people and the removal of the cargo from pilferage and theft. This high tack permanent can be applied to a sea containers to act as an indicator that container integrity has either been main...

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    I'm looking for a content writer who can create blogs to help boost my SEO. I own a music school ( [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]) and need to have a content writer create relevant blogs for me to post on my site. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY! You must have EXCELLENT writing/grammar skills. You must also have knowledge with music lessons (or service based busi...

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    Looking for music arrangement as per below: Song: Into the unknown from Frozen 2 movie Key: Same as original song Instruments: Piano, Drums, Bass, Strings, etc. Expected delivery date: 26-nov-2019 It should sound like a cover song with slight variations, but it should be easy for a performer to sing on it. Wouldn’t mind if all instruments are recorded using software/keyboard as long as the ...

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    Trophy icon Promotion poster **Easy Brief** Bitti left

    I run a music teaching business in New Zealand called "Monster Music". We are based in schools. We are about to start promoting our guitar and ukulele lessons for 2020 and need a poster advert that we can use for Facebook and social media. The poster needs to encourage students of Emmanuel Christian School to enrol in guitar or ukulele lessons. - It needs to look professional and appe...

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    ** Post the word "spaceship" in your bid so I know you've actually read the brief ** Hi folks, I have started creating a logomark for a business of mine and I need some help finishing it! I am a drum builder and I am creating a logomark for the badges to go on the drums. The logomark is inspired by a statue called Meckin Kamen (see attached), and I have created a vector silhouett...

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    I need drums for a song my band's working on. The folder below has guitar, vox and demo drums - midi and mp3. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] I made the drum part myself and I mostly like it, but I'm not a drummer, so I need a professional to improve it. Your drums should be similar to what I did. Also something like the drum part in Imagine Dragon&...

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    I'm looking for someone who can engage equally with Greek mythology and the hum-drums of confessional writing. If poetry and prose both have their place in your heart, that's a good sign. I admire the work of poets as far and wide as Robert Hass, Koyabasi Issa, Rilke, Rumi, Kahlil Gibran right through to Wendy Cope, Plath, Hughes, and many more. As a writer I'm trying to express ...

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    guitarists needed to play a 5:18 Tab.. I need it so badly that I'm ready to pay up to 1000 dollars if u manage to play it ALL and can deliver within 12 hours.. the tab is very difficult, but u can use the computer to play the bass guitar n the drums, I'll send tgebacking track required.. I also need it video recorded not audio..

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    I have 15 product Videos already fully completed - They have no background music. I am looking for a Video Editor Who will: 1. Find me a song, tune, or melody, that has no instruments in the song. (Only Acapella or Drums is Acceptable) 2. Then add this Audio to my Videos. Please send some examples.

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    I need the midi file of "SIGNS OF THE SWARM" by "CESSPOOL OF IGNORANCE" until Nov. 8. You can listen to the song on the link below. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın]

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    Trophy icon New brand logo Bitti left

    I need a logo for a new fitness brand. The name is Island Spice Fitness. The tagline is “Where Soca Meets Fitness” Use this hex colors only please in the design Red:#BA1A1A Yellow: #FAD400 Green: #50A100 This is a FITNESS brand but also needs to represent the Island life. So incorporate things like steel pan drums, coconut tree, fire, music symbols and most important fitness. You c...

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    Auxiliary in the work of an extra file for the application apk file in obb format add audio files more than 300MB for the application drums loops

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    We are a 5 piece startup band called All Fired Up consisting of two female lead singers and three Male musicians on drums, bass and guitar. Given the name is All Fired Up, we are hoping for a logo with flames and something that will also look good on t-shirts.

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    I can produce any kind of beat you like from the genres Hip Hop ,Trap, RnB, Old School Type beats. Just send me details on about melody, drums.

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    create a backing track for song "Mon Amour" better known as Rodrigo Concierto De Aranjuez Adagio [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] Apple Logic Pro is a must with a good library of VSTs (KOntakt ...) Create a similar arrangement as youtube video with latin percussions (bongos, congas, marraccas) and better drums (reverb on sidestick and kick ...)

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    I have a music school called "Ignite Music Academy" (with a tag line "Set your passion alight") where we teach piano & singing as well as looking to teach guitar, bass and drums in the very near future. As a musician myself I am aware that our passion for music can be squashed by negative comments or just life, so we chose this name because we want to ignite the passion fo...

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