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    I am working on a Drupal website ( its around 80% ready ) and i need a few modifications and content add from the initial website in the new one. The template is fixed and its ok.I am not familiar with this CMS and its very frustrating to lose so much time trying to change some things that otherwise would take 5 minutes so i am outsourcing this. To

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    Our website [login to view URL] was built in Joomla CMS. The site is functional for most part but we are looking to refresh it with keeping mobile responsiveness in mind. We are looking to modernize our online presence to accommodates mobile/tablet users. Optional: We will consider separately the cost/benefit to also make the website AODA compliant.

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    ...off a trial page. This page will be the basis for a non-CMS, static and basic HTML web site -- NO WordPress, Drupal or whatever your favourite CMS is. I'll be using the finished page as a sort of template to create all other pages for a simple 10 page web site. The page will be based on the largely finished design I have here at [login to view URL]

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    ...experienced web developer to create a custom website. Probably using Drupal or WP? SAAS Site will need the following functions and capabilities: Have account login in function that blocks parts of the site unless logged in. Ability to list items (similar to a classifieds/for sale site) Search + filter functions Have access to different functions

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    We are looking for designer able to create Drupal template for a gaming site. Freehand, amuse us. We have logo, with defined colors, we have pictures of game items and views of game play can be generated as background. There is existing site with basic content (in non-english language) we have examples what it may have look like (=nice sites from

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    I have a Drupal existing template page. I need to add two d3 charts (responsive SVG, 1) X-Y curve, and 2) a pie chart) plus 2 tables. The main use is for the page to be shown on a mobile smartphone (Iphone 6,..Samsung Galaxy S6…), in the vertical orientation. The charts have to be responsive so they can expand/change position for bigger screen sizes

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    Project is to re-implement a Drupal website. The (free) website template is available here (or in the attached file): [login to view URL] and what the original site looked like using that template can be seen here: [login to view URL]://[login to view URL] I am looking to start up a small

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    I need my website [login to view URL] migrated from Drupal 5.x to Wordpress current version. Most importantly I want to migrate the pages. Look and Feel can change to a Wordpress template. Site Menu structure can change as well. SEO is critical. Site url's cannot change. Would like to keep comments in place on pages. Would be great if fo...

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    First off we need a main site/ area Each department needs to have the ability to create their own “website” each with their own unique look and menu (and in some cases, with their own URL). There will also be an option to keep the main design/header and menu with/without submenu. Each will have the option to create its own library for audio/video/blog

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    I have an existing Drupal site and I want to change the look and feel of the template: change layout, colors, fonts, etc. I already have a design for the new layout. Freelancer must show me where I can change font family and size of any section in the site. I also want modules updated as needed.

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    ...reward tiers 2. Video of selecting a AWS or DigitalOcean droplet template and launching that VM. 3. Video of changing a URL and watching the result change (a bit like [login to view URL]) 4. Diagram of a software library being used in many scenarios 5. Diagram of chart of cart or site abandonment as load time increases 6. Text from Google Web Developer

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    I want to rebuild my drupal template (porto) with the following requirements 1 create menu for (location) taxonomy and it should by at the top of the site in the header (on click should not go to page but change cookie value) 2 create menu for (category) taxonomy and it should be on the header, the first level terms should expand on first click and

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    I need someone to write code for my Drupal 7 site theme so that I can override the default Drupal core page template based on URL Alias. What I would I would like to accomplish is for every page that I create using a specific URL alias, I can have a specific template for that page. For example, If I create a page: [login to view URL], I

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    Read Carefully before you bid. Only experts & professional required with drupal & graphic designs with Aviation. Build a website can zooms like Prezi or through Prezi with high security possible from attacks/to be black listed via Drupal. our concept & requirement is specific & classified till you proof your capability. Payment terms: 1-

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    I have this site [login to view URL] in drupal and i need to make some changes to template: chnnage styles to masonry, change blog,, language,... I need and some changes to store. Add some fields to select dimensions. I have the old version (before change tamplate) to see how works. I upload some info and print screens.

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    I have this site [login to view URL] in drupal and i need to change the template and customize the rest pages (eshop b2b,... I will use this template: [login to view URL]

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    I have a live drupal site that I can't access anymore, and I would like to clone and convert it to a static web page including all the html, css, javascript, and image files. So I can edit and update my site with different images, and change the text, basically use the website as template. The Job is very simple: 1. Use HTTRACK and follow the

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    ...location). THIS PROJECT IS FOR 1. CREATING THE WEBSITE (You can use an existing template if you like) 2. The content (I will change it later but the basic content should be there, which you can assess from the reference site given above) 3. SEO optimization 4. Site should preferably be mobile friendly 5. Some of the pages should have pictures of

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    Hello, I need a drupal theme template change and some drupal template modifications on a drupal website The template I want to change to can be seen here [login to view URL] Here is an installed preview of the template [login to view URL]

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    I want to build my own website using this template [login to view URL] I prefer drupal because I think I can maintain this in the future as well. I may need to change the colour a bit to suit with my logo but other than that I quite like the settings. So there won't be a lot of changes. I need you to install it online.

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    ...have a drupal website under development, but the client wants a different home page to the current theme that I've already set up. So I need someone to visit this website [login to view URL] and change that into a [login to view URL] template using the data, colours and logo of the site I'm working on. The url of the dev site is in

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    ...have purchased a Drupal Template (Drupal Nuvo from Themeforest). Included with the template are 3 different designs. We would like to install them on to 2 different domains (different design per domain). The server is ready to use based on Windows 2012 and Plesk 12. Afterwards, we would like to change the color theme of the entire site based on our c...

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    ...experienced Drupal developer. Accurate and pro active. Simple UX, might need some custom work. Description. Modified containers are placed in a town or on a event as a temporary shopping centre, an enclave. The site must represent each enclave (1 or more) consisting of 1-multiple containers and their content (physical shops). The site is not a shopping

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    We have a Drupal website, [login to view URL], built from a specific template. We need a developer to customize the site so it works for our specific needs. Here are the details: We require the following modifications made to the drupal site: 1. Basic listings vs. Featured listings We require two different types of listings: A basic (free) listing

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    ...so we need 1. An effective template/plugin that we can reuse for each site. The template must be customizable so we can change the look and feel and add some custom pages if we wish. Eg Some restaurants like to have more than one menu – lunch, dinner, brunch etc. so we may need menu menu pages. We prefer this template to be one provided by a company

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    ...produce yearbooks for schools. Today I'm using Drupal 7 site to manage yearbook projects and collect text and images for the yearbooks. Site system Organized hierarchically (taxonomy, nodes, and permissions) by school, grade, and Pages. Of course, each page has text and images. Today my Drupal site doesn't have any online designer editor, and all

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    PROJECT [login to view URL] Current website is built in Wordpress. We will change the platform to Drupal and it will be multiple subdomains but with the same theme. DEADLINE The deadline is set to sep 23, we are presenting the site on the sep 26, and we have until sep 30 to tweak and fix until we go live. We will input all the information ourselves

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    ...A) you can show you are an experienced Drupal developer and B) show you have read and understood all specs bellow. Create a Drupal 7 site for Splash Awards (Dutch Drupal Awards) based on: 1. HTML5 Theme (will be send to you as .zip) - [login to view URL] 2. Wireframes - http://prototype

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    I am looking for you to do: - audit how my sites are set up. I can see using your checklist to make sure everything is working as it should work. (They are very simple template sites with not much content. Family. Resume. Small business. Running club) - do any configuration work that's needed in my Micfo account. (Probably nothing, but need you

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    ...current website [login to view URL] in Drupal using InnoCompany Template. I wish to change our site over to a word press website using the same template as cane seen [login to view URL] I have a wordpress blog that also need to be integrated into the new site. I need to know the following as well as

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    I have an existing website at [login to view URL] built in WordPress. I have the template built in both WordPress and Drupal. Please see the existing site and see what is currently there, then compare with my comments for changes and additions below. Then please comment on how you plan to solve the problems and ask questions as you need clarification

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    I am looking for a drupal and a php expert to help redesigned and also enhance my script of my website www.ghshoppers.com. the site is to help individuals in countries with no access to credit and debit cards to purchase items abroad. Will need template change and a good redesign of the site. Please only bid if you know drupal and can fix it. The script

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    I install a drupal site from Template Monster Template nr: 39985, but this template use the panel module and i have some problem whit the translation and some block. The site is Bilingual French and English. 1) The menu doesn't show in french. 2) I am not able to translate some panel 3 I will like to as a language tap French | English on top

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    We need a CMS (WordPress or Drupal) to display data collected through questionnaires. The site does not offer the possibility to actually answer the questions nor does it do any interpretation of the results. It just displays the answers collected by other means. The workflow we want to implement is as follows 1. Unauthenticated users can only

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    ...ecommerce site to sell print. I wish to emulate and replicate the following site using my own logo and colour scheme. This is the site.... [login to view URL] It does not have to be identical but I would like it to be able to do and display the same features. I want to be able to control the site myself once finished, ie edit and change the content

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    ...Mobile site developer to improve the existing functionality of company products. Two mobile sites will require fixes: 1) LodeStar mobile product template code: a. Requires debugging to properly connect to LodeStar server and render query results on mobile user interface. b. Requires improvement to User interface layout 2) A Client mobile site: a. requires

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    ...Website project, who could create a Drupal template and convert it into a web page. This is the first part of the project! We want you to work with drupal becouse we want to extend the page later with new modules etc. There is an open-source web application and associated Drupal plug-in that can be installed as a drupal module. The page should work as

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    DRUPAL theme Bitti left

    ...have finished a very nice site on drupal for a customer and we'd like to make this site kind of our "Template". We want to be constantly developing this template on its on and add a lot of functional features. For each customer we would start form that theme and turn on or off the features required, and do some CSS to change feel. W...

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    I need a simple site with 3 main functions ... information (static), form for contact/feedback and a blog area where I can blog some information. I was thinking of getting it done in Drupal for ease of scalability and to make maintenance easy. I'm attaching here the draft design for the site. It is 2 PSDs with the home page and one level down.

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    duplicated project because we now realized that using drupal will not be a good idea for this project. Magento is a better solution because it can be integrated with Lightspeed retail which is a requirement. Store currently uses LightSpeed Retail [login to view URL] We are looking to create a online store that will integrate with our

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    This project will be on drupal and below are the details: So for the template so far we just have an html/css template and we will need to intergrate it with drupal. 1.) We need a system for members to signup including forgot password and login system. 2.) We will need to integrate forums onto the system and these forums will also show daily

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    We are using the Montreal Theme Drupal and we need some updates and modifications. If you are familiar with this theme it would help you when making these changes. Some of the work has been done but there are a lot of little things around the site that need fixed or adjusted. Home page Logo needs to be straightened up... it is cutoff

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    ...I already have an existing drupal 7 theme template which can be viewed at: [login to view URL] The site is currently live and functional on a server, but the theme needs custom adjustments/tailoring to meet the need of my company. At the moment, the template is for a car-dealer website, but I would need to change it to a nightclub/bar-review

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    Take an existing home page design (PSD's available), change design as per requirements (blend of components from 2 designs) create landing and content page design insert into a responsive theme/template for Joomla/Drupal put place holder pages into place we have the site navigation server is ready to go content is ready (we will populate)

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    We would like a website similar to [login to view URL] What we require: 1. Totally custom simple CMS with custom template directory so that we can create themes later on. (we do have a 2nd option for drupal but not sure yet) 2. User registration feature (such as email, full name, contact number) Do not require activation via email but keep

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    ...total of about 17 pages, but some of these pages are just simple landing pages and text-based pages, like Privacy Policy, About us etc. Below are the requirements of the web site: -use of content flip script ([login to view URL]) -image sliding script (integration of Nivo Slider into website)

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    ...total of about 17 pages, but some of these pages are just simple landing pages and text-based pages, like Privacy Policy, About us etc. Below are the requirements of the web site: -use of content flip script ([login to view URL]) -image sliding script (integration of Nivo Slider into website)

    €81 - €215
    €81 - €215
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    I need to optimize a template file [login to view URL] for EYEWEAR site - need to change direct SQL Queries to Drupal API.

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    ...are going to have redone as we bought a template for zen cart but don't need zen cart anymore as we want Drupal [login to view URL] is the zencart template and [login to view URL] is my drupal site that I would like to modify and change volmine over to it. maybe I will keep the zencart or maybe buy another drupal theme and have it modified....

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