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    Project involves working with a underwater drone running ArduSub (BlueROV2) communicating via MAVLink to a AWS Appstream Server Ground Station. Timeframe: 1 week Budget: $300 Milestones: $100 x3 Minor Modifications: x3 1. Fully Integrate Gstreamer into program. (Appstream currently has issues with installing Gstreamer) 2. Add auto Arm & Stabilise Mode on program start; A...

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    Hey Everyone, I have already implemented an adversarial attack that intentionally generated adversarial sample to fool the model. I implemented adversarial under the white box scenerio that i access the target model all parameter. I wanna implement some other machine elarning model as well to test this adversarial sample foll the model too? I have everythin and share all codes with you

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    i need a coder Bitti left

    mobile application development

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    i have a existing code for diy soldering station that need for some modification for my current arduino project , the current project is just have code to control PID heater control, but want to add a ac air pump control in the existing menu function

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    I need a programmer who can work with Java & Swift/Object-C. An application that helps User decide what to eat, example: “I don’t know what to eat”, so the user inputs their choices they are deliberating on, and the app picks for them. The decisions will need to be based on the users preferences, and information. So when the user signs up for the app they’ll need to be ...

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    We are looking for a coder to help us maintain and expand bespoke CCTV viewing software. Our company installs CCTV systems to enable people to watch birds and other wild animals at nature reserves. We developed early versions of the software ourselves, and it has been greatly improved and had new cameras added by another developer who has recently changed careers and can no longer help us. We...

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    We have a suscription membership site and we implemented callbacks in php for the payments between our site and our billing provider. All works ok but we have a little issue in the code . When the user chose our monthly and anual suscription, in the gateway payment sent from our callback when the user fullfil the template in our site to go to the payment, appears the 2 options and should appear t...

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    i need a coder Bitti left

    We need 2d first party gateway with design and hosting..

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    Php developer Bitti left

    I need a coder that can create a php file which gets variables from a URL and implements if/then functions so if Variable = 0 then perform x or if variable = 1 perform y

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    Project Description Looking for a ThinkScript programmer (on the ThinkorSwim - Trading Platform) code a study indicator and custom scan. I have specific details of what I want programmed, and am looking for a coder to write and test the scripts. More details will be sent within a personal message. Please have prior experience in coding ThinkScript studies and scans. This is a fairly easy...

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    I want a WordPress website (with the full plugin code set) that includes all the features and add-ons of GeoCore by Geodesic Solutions. It must be 100% compatible with Elementor Pro. The features and add-ons can be viewed at [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], and [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın], respectively. Please note: geoc...

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    Need website with code completed. This is a very basic 2-3 page site with some custom code. Need it fast, and will not respond to automatic or overpriced bids. I need a good coder to handle this.

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    Eutopia Systems is a digital automation company headquartered in Delhi NCR region of India and is a Govt of India recognized healthcare startup. Eutopia Systems envisions themselves as a innovation hub for development of some very interesting products that bring about a step function improvement in the quality of life & treatment of patients and contribute to accuracy & efficacy of the hea...

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    Please read the entire description this job is actually worth $1040 Australian dollars for a few hours work. this is around $750 US dollars I think. Just go to Google and do the conversions if you don't know Australian dollars. DO NOT BID MORE THAN $40 AUD. The additional $1000 Australian dollars will be paid once the app generates $10,000 in profits. I will create a brand new project at fre...

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    We are looking for SparkAR Developer freelancers. We have lots of ongoing Projects where we need dedicated, good coder, end result and optimization focused Freelancers.

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    I need an app for Android. I already have the design, I just need you to believe it. always on top. h264. peer to peer lan/wifi, reguster, phone book, customs logo, keypad for dtmf dial on call, mute, history, sos, phone, video WiFi, ethernet, 3G, 4G. and push for service with asterisk, phone book, blf list.

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    We are two business graduate students, and we have this idea of creating an aggregator for all events tickets. The concept is simple, a user enter the website, make a request for an event and state its approximate budget, when the user enters the request, the platform search all reselling tickets websites (such as StubHub, TicketMaster, SeatGeek for sports for example) and display the ticket price...

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    Cần thiết kế web hỗ trợ cho mọi thành viên được đăng thông tin lên Có thể comment, vote ở trên các bài đăng đó Chi tiết vui lòng trao đổi cụ thể Only work with Coder from Vietnam Thanks Mong muốn được hợp tác với Chuyên viên ở các công ty lớn đi làm thêm ngoài giờ Coder lâ...

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    For Adroid app need to fix some minor bugs like country selection, disable temporarly the booking commission (should be free temporarly) Turn back admob. Fix any other small problem that may still have. Note: the service is base on 2 apps. (seller app. and buyer app.) Backend is Mysql and php

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    I want someone to create an email based beacon for me. I could do this myself but don't have the time to do it as im not a coder and i know that someone should be able to throw it together quite quickly. I am happy to share more detail in a chat. I need this done quite quickly - so please bear this in mind when you reply.

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    I eed help for perforing a code in Android espacially in kernel Linux. If you are expert in this field, please contact me.

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    twillow whatsapp opt in and massaging after optin it will send a template massage which will ask for customer pin and when it will be confirmed it will start session massaging for 24 hours with available registered user. very easy TASK because session and template massaging are the basic part. session massaging and template massaging It is for new joiner and low budget work **************...

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    greetings, I am looking for an Embedded C/C++ coder who is well experienced and can write code neatly and efficiently. you need to be available for next three months at least. Details attached. Good luck.

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    Hello, this is a private project and no need to bid. My coder will bid and accept it. Looking forward to start and finish it.

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    My company sends opted in email to a very large database. Because so many people use GMAIL email addresses we find that GMAIL mistakenly puts our emails into the recipients junk spam folder instead of the recipients INBOX. GMAIL says that every user can go through the steps to have our domain white listed with GMAIL so it goes into the inbox. Most people do not want to take the time to do the...

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    Good morning to you all, We're selling some saas services to physical venues. We are getting helped from partners who are promoting our services. These partners are visiting potential clients. We need a python coder django framework to code this control Panel, which will provide our partners followup of visited venues information. This same control panel (or dashboard) will allow us to over...

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    I am an intern at zoho and I need to create a railway booking system using ember in frontend and java and mssql in the backend. I need to only use servlets in java, no apis. I need to learn the code and how this whole process works. So if I can get a coder who can help me out with this, it'll be great.

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    This job is for a web app and not a regular website. I need a custom web application designed & developed. if you're just a good coder with web apps and you would prefer to receive the design I can furnish my own design.  I need it to do the following.  Has a members section Job application section Job board Learning Center Events Sponsors Messages Activity feed Mark...

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    We are a startup in Ukraine that developps a medical web application, I'm convinced that we will be very successful in the future. I'm Denys, and I'm in charge of the backend development, essentially I'm a coder and I love coding. In order to complete the team, I'm looking for someone to whom I could delegate backend development tasks. The person must master: JS: ES6, O...

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    CAS Platform Bitti left

    I'm a teacher at a school and I'm in charge of a program called CAS which stands for Creativity, Activity and Service. I'm in charge of overseeing around 80 students and 40 faculty members in terms of student engagement with projects. There's a platform called Managebac, that helps CAS Coordinators like myself oversee the project. However, it's expensive and doesn'...

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    i need to a coder who can code and add a GAN to the model

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    need a good JSON coder for fixing up existing JSON in correct structure and complete rest of the JSON for the project part with axios simple task but need perfect execution JSON format must be as JSONSCHEMA :each CSS elements including bgcolors must be on JSON with axios on change onsubmit each CSS elements within vue /vuetify tag , icons , link , buttons bgcolors texts fonts fonts type f...

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    I have custom-made vtiger 5.4 that is significantly rebuilt with many unique features. I'm looking for a coder that can vtiger 5.4 inside and out. I have a custom module called Call list Functions: When adding the companies to the list it also loads all related data from the detailview of organization module and also loads the contacts related to them The list look like the organization list...

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    AFL Coding Bitti left

    I am looking for an Amibroker AFL coder to code few strategies, this can be an on going work if the work is satisfying on completion.

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    I have started a new AI Consulting Firm. I am looking to expand my offerings in all domains . I am looking for ready made solutions that solve a practical problem. If you have already implemented , please describe what problem it solves. If you are a researcher / coder and have some idea, I can consider partnership while bearing some development cost.

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    Mostly things are implemented but just need someone who has knowledge of working with angular and firebase as backend.

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    Looking for a talented and reliable PHP developer that can help to complete an unfinished project. Need a developer that has knowledge. Experience with Food ordering platforms is a plus (but no required) send samples of projects you have worked on and your qualifications. Thank you and good luck

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    Need legal protection from Codementor punishment, ignoring defense against contractors false claims .

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    I am looking some web coder who can write the following pages. 1. Face / Introduction page of Badminton Club group. 2. Sign In Page ( User can create an account by using email , account will be confirmed by link provided from the page, so account can be verified) 3. This data can be saved easily in access database , so no overhead, all web site provider allow to use access data base. 4. Game regis...

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    I need a Sofortüberweisung payment plugin for Gravityforms. The plugin should allow me to enter my sofort project_id and API key in the settings. Gravityform already provides an Add-on Framework for handling 3rd party payment providers. Please check the Sofort API/SDK & Gravityforms documentations. [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] [URL'yi gör...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python

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    Hello i want amibroker coder, who knows how to write code for amibroker. I have all ready made 2 AFL . I want these two AFL into one AFL with some my conditions note-pls ping me those who knows what is amibroker & how to write code?

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    Hello I am looking for a experienced coder / programmer who is familiar with multiplayer games. Please get in contact with me to discuss the details

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    G9 Custom wordpress theme from psd examples and urls. We will need 1 home page, and 1 internal page inner page will be used on all inner pages Wordpress design from the example. Design a custom wordpress theme using the examples provide and .psds provided for colors image placement and text etc. It will need to be fully responsive-mobile ready. The page content should include home, inner page, blo...

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    Custom wordpress theme and shop from psd examples and urls. We will need 1 home page, and 1 internal page wordpress design from the example. Design a custom wordpress theme using the examples provide and .psds provided for colors image placement and text etc. It will need to be fully responsive-mobile ready. The page content should include home, inner page, blog, and post page and content template...

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    I have built a basic website using Cargo Collective, which I'm happy with. I just need an experienced coder to optimise the site by adding a fade with each page transition. At the moment the images are loading in a clunky fashion. Thanks

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    Bonjour, Je recherche une personne en mesure de coder un tcl icecast pour eggdrop. L'objectif de cette tcl icecast est d'annoncer les sons en diffusion sur un irc. Merci

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    Hello, We are looking for a coder/company that could develop a website similar to [URL'yi görüntülemek için giriş yapın] . The site must be easily changeable in the future and built on a content managing system that allows easy adding of news. Visitors must be able to sign-up using email and password. The site must automatically import betting odds of mayor sporting le...

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    Use Phython, Java or something like that to code an app which can auto buy and sell on exchange sites: binance, coineal... based on some criteria, maths. Strategy is very simple. I need an experienced coder and can complete it on time. If you can not show me the relevant experience or last project please do not participate in this. Thank you

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