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    Need a salesforce Developer with a ... specify contact sync directionality (similar to Outlook connectors) 5) How do you install Salesforce Inbox 6) Does Desktop clients for Inbox have any limitations 7) what Einstein features does Inbox supports 8) Discuss about some of the salesforce Inbox limitations uncovered by you during your previous projects?

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    ...earring hoops on both ears, and money falling out from the inside of the jacket. DAE DAE- The image is a rough draft but the concept is there basically a version of Albert Einstein JO JO- Replace the shirt with a jersey saying " UNT" and the #17 in green lettering Ramon- The last shirt concept is a putting the monkey and Grand Finale together open

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    ...opposite of the Wise Oaks. Audition line #1 “Give it up! You will not survive!” Professor Knowitall He is the wise professor of Genoma who created the Wogglebug. He sounds like Einstein but more whimsical. His audition line is "Well done , Mr. Wogglebug. I am proud of you." King Ethano. He is the noble king of Genoma. His audition line is "I trust you, Mr

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    ...the first one will be Albert Einstein. Your backlink to this tour will be [login to view URL] 2) You look for Albert Einstein related forum threads. There are many possible searches to apply, but the most simple is just to google "Albert Einstein forum". 3) You choose a forum with a Albert Einstein thread. You check if there

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    Trophy icon Create a Logo for us Bitti left

    Hello, we are launching our next project. it is called: EINSTEIN The product is related to intelligence and negotiation skills. Now we need a logo that is similar to our first product named LABES. in attachment you can see the old product and its logo. P.S. Need a high quality, high resolution PNG. Thank you

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    Burton and Dogs is a start-...can work and strive to be "on a peak," rather than in a valley. - Circles: if you go to our website and scroll down a little bit, one of the first things you'll see is an Einstein quote about expanding a "circle of compassion" to embrace all living creatures. This is a central idea that animates what we do. Thanks again!

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    ...7- Your English must be above 80%. You MUST agree to a phone conversation with me where I could validate your English proficiency 8- You must be Smart; I am not looking for Einstein, but you must be smart to some degree 9- You MUST agree to receive some of the tasks by phone from me from time to time. That means that you must have a mobile phone on you

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    Trophy icon Logo design Bitti left

    It is for an educational project and website. For the logo, we would want a simple caricature based on Einstein (the "crazy scientist" archetype). I'll attach a couple of sketches as references. The name of the company is E = md^2 which stands for Education = making through development and design. If we could get a logo without the equation and another

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    Looking for a Salesforce Einstein business analyst who can develop dashboards on Einstein working from our Bangalore office

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    Trophy icon LOGO DESIGN Bitti left

    ...have our mobile app and our website. our brand name is FX Einstein. Basically Einstein was very well known scientist. so we took this name as symbolic that we are scientist of Forex market. Our tag line is " Look deep into FX-Market" so it can/cant be part of logo. We want Einstein cartoonic logo. Logo can be with one or more any colors

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    need someone with lot of experience

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    5 teklifler can have references to neurons and neural networks - it may have references to well-known characters directly or indirectly related to artificial intelligence (Albert Einstein, Alan Turing, etc.) - it can be part of a universe made up of multiple characters (of which the mascot is the main character and the other characters are gregari derived

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    Trophy icon Albert Enstein Bee Bitti left

    We want to take an ICONIC photo of Einstein and turn him into a BEE. See the attached photo that we want morphed into a bee. We want it to say BEE= mc2 (I can't make this type an exponent 2) This is one of two contest jobs we have posted. The other one is Save the Queen. We would PREFER to have the same person work on both to have the same

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    Trophy icon Save the queen Bitti left

    THIS WILL REQUIRE ARTIST ABILITY, NOT JUST GRAPHICS We see where to begin. Please see the comments on the picture to help adjust. Keep Calm and Buzz On! This is one of 2 jobs we have posted. The other is for the Albert Einstein DRAWING. We would PREFER the same person for both jobs to keep the same "look" for our t-shirts.

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    ...should include the story of how they came about their main inventions or discoveries, that they are known for. Note: Grammatical Mistakes will not be accepted. 1. Albert Einstein 2. Isac Newton 3. Marie Curie 4. Galileo Galilei 5. Charles Darwin 6. Thomas Edison 7. Nikola Tesla 8. Michael Faraday 9. Stephen Hawking 10. Louis Pasteur 11. Nicolaus

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    ...easier. Concepts & Messages that has to be visually communicated in the design : - Innovation , Startups - Crypto Exchange - Universities, Individual scientists ( i.e Einstein , Nikolas Tesla ,etc ) - Investors ( Crowd Investors, Crypto Investors , Corporate Investors ) - Revolution in capitalization of innovation - Easier access to capital

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    ...damit deine Seele Lust hat darin zu wohnen, by Winston Churchill Wer schweigt, stimmt nicht immer zu. Er hat nur manchmal keine Lust, mit idioten zu diskutieren, by Albert Einstein 2x feel good. 2x Bird Black 2x World in colour Address: Fyness Inh. Marco Mordeniz Seubertweg 16, 88662 Überlingen. 1X Kopfmassagegerät...

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    Hi there, I'm looking for someone, who is familiar with Einstein dynamic dashboards, apex, and lightning connect. Thanks!

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    Design...application requirements. Min. 2 Years experience in Salesforce Development with at least 1 years in Wave Analytics. Strong experience and highly skilled in Wave Analytics/ Einstein Analytics Designing and developing sophisticated reports and dashboards. Reports using JSON on Wave Analytics platform Reports on data outside salesforce.

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    Hi there, I'm looking for someone, who is familiar with Einstein dynamic dashboards, apex and lightning CSS. Thanks!

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    I need help to work on analytics dashboards, My task is to combine all the dashboards in single dashboard and show the data of dashboard which we click.

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    ...first one will be Albert Einstein. Your backlink to this tour will be [login to view URL] 2) You look for Albert Einstein related forum threads. There are many possible searches to apply, but the most simple is just to google "Albert Einstein forum". 3) You choose a forum with a Albert Einstein thread. You check if there

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    ...perfettamente la materia del copyright in materia di immagini e foto. Astenersi perditempo. I personaggi per i quali cerchiamo le foto ritratto sono i seguenti: Albert Einstein Antoine de Saint-Exupery Arthur Schopenhauer Audrey Hepburn Bob Marley Charles Baudelaire Charles Bukowski Charles Dickens Charlie Chaplin Coco Chanel Dalai Lama

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    Trophy icon Draw a Tattoo Bitti left

    I need you to draw a tattoo, must follows the requirements: - Image of the classic Einstein(attach) as an adversiting professional, so it can be a funky Eistein, with symbols of the advertising area. If possible also in cartoon drawing.

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    Trophy icon Creative! Draw a character Bitti left

    Hi guys! I need you to create a digital illustration of an owl that is called Owlbert Einstein. I would love to see and pay for your original take in this competition. THE CHARACTER * He'll need to be an owl with Einstein-like characteristics. * He is going to be a mascot, so I'd like to feel some charisma. * I would like him to look fri

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    Hi Jorge it's Travis. Project description: I need two rigged 3D head models designing for game avatars with an exclusive license. One is of an old Einstein type man and the other is of a cute anime girl. I just need the head models so I can use them for animating in a similar style to animojis. I want the characters to be the same cute cartoon style

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    ...application requirements. Min. 2 Years experience in Salesforce Development with at least 1 years in Wave Analytics. Strong experience and highly skilled in Wave Analytics/ Einstein Analytics Designing and developing sophisticated reports and dashboards. 5-10 Big projects implementations which can be verified. Reports using JSON on Wave Analytics platform

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    ... Ants, Lion, Eagle, Elephant, Donkey, Owl, Tiger, Cockers, Duck, Fish, Dolphins, Whales, Sea Horses, Butterfly, Panda Know historical 1. Goads 2. Mandela 3. Bop Mealy 4. Einstein 5. Confucius 6. Haile Selassie 7. Rumi 8. Socrates 9. Daninci 10. Tesla 11. Lincan 12 The Servent 4. OPC is looking for its currency symbol i.e. Artist is required to give

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for Sheldon AI Bitti left

    Sheldon AI is a tech startup that focuses on machine learning/deep learning/AI/utilizing neural networks. Competitors are AWS and Einstein Sales Force. Need a logo that is clean, memorable, and direct. Cannot use SAI as an acronym or have any connection to the Sheldon character on Big Bang Theory (logo should not be a nerdy guy with glasses). Needs

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    Required tasks: • Each illustration must include the character portrait, his/her quote, background design, and his/her iconic symbol (such as e=mc2 for Einstein or V for Churchill) • Supplier will provide 2 sketches for review and selection, along with two rounds of adjustments 2. Expected output: • Portrait designs need to include both drawing

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    ...and important elements in the illustration : Doll : long braids Scarecrow: Orange shirt, blue overall straw coming out of his arms, straw hat, Mad scientist : Kind of Einstein haircut, white smock, very funny, has a yellow plane (the plane is important during the whole play and very impressive on stage because of its size) Back ground: Toy shelves

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    ...for “Writing of E-Book” Hi! My name is Shawn. I’m seeking a professional e-book writer to collaborate with me for the following project. -E-book Topic: Thinking like Einstein -Deadline: 11 November 2017 Length: At least 7,000 words. The moment the content exceeds 7,000 words, please inform me immediately and we may remove some unnecessary parts

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    The biographies of those renowned figures must highlight their achievements, contributions to the world and what way their works helped in the development of theory/laws/formulae/principles & awards/honors they received …. The brief biography must be within 30 to 50 words...

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    Trophy icon Create Play Bitti left

    ...has an element of playfulness to it. The logo is for my new business: Create Play Tag Line: Championing the highest form of research (This relates to a quote from Einstein in reference to children's play - "Play is the highest form of research" Vision Our vision is to be a leading organisation for children and young people’s play related

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    Currently we are Looking for "Einstein Analytics (JSON and SAQL) " Online Trainer (part time), who like to work with us for online training assignments. Our students are located across the globe, we facilitate individuals and corporate to meet their training needs. Below is complete offer : Position : Part Time Trainer Course Duration: 30 Hours

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    ...article about Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein. Each question below needs to be answered in two-page length. There is no option to make a copy and paste but you can change words and it will be accepted. • What is the theory of relativity and how did he manage to think of this unbelievable idea? • How would Einstein feel if he knew that his discovery

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    ...want a flag background for all of them it's just an example used here. Thanks in advance. Can't wait to see what you create. Kim Kardashian Ghandi President Obama Einstein 2pac Biggie Mac Dre Kevin hart Michael Jackson Jesus Prince Justin beiber Tha jacka Aliyah Travis Scott Uzi vert Buddy holly Selena James dean Jimmy Hendrix

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    ...thats why we are using your service. Thank you . quotes such as these: The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. Albert Einstein There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self. Aldous Huxley Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try

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    54 teklifler to suggestions and would be happy to work towards an artists favorite things to draw or strong suits... but examples of what I'm looking for would be a drawing of Albert Einstein that is unique or perhaps the portrait of someone who is considered successful and inspiring. Also possibly with a lemon or lemon tree in the picture (will explain to you

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    Hi, Trust this finds you & your loved ones well :) I’ll be creating a personal development product relating to Albert Einstein and how people (i.e. the reader) can utilise the principles behind his success to also attain greater successes for themselves in their own lives. To give you a better sense of this, here’s the chapter outlines for

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    We are looking for some one to create training ...Animation style. We would like to do a small project to test a few people out on cost and quality of the product. Test product will be to create character that looks like an Einstein and have him present a couple slides in a chalk board style training look so we can gauge cost for bigger projects.

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    I need a business blog that talks about Salesforce Lightning, its benefits, business ...language should be crisp, conversational and should be in American English Some sample URLs: [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    Trophy icon Alter some Images Bitti left

    I want my t-shirt design placed on a photo of Albert Einstein. Albert should look like he's wearing a t-shirt with this design on it. Black and white/grayscale in JPG.

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    ...Archive sample image: [login to view URL] Banner 3 - Location of the Office / Contact - Banner to present the location of the office. The address of the office is: Av. Albert Einstein, 627 - Morumbi, São Paulo - SP, 05652-900, Brazil. Following image of the place: [login to view URL] Banner 4 - Presentation of Explicit Videos about treatments

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    ...offering a different science activity, variety is the spice of Mother Nature Science life! • With a wide range of Mother Nature Science products, you could be leading the future Einstein, Hawking or Darwin! • Our friendly HR team is always happy to help and even provide references for future employment opportunities. • Become a part of a large community

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    €174 - €261
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    Melhoramento de logo para Escola de Musica! Pretendo modernização do logotipo de escola de música, mantendo o seu formato da equação de Albert Einstein. Apenas modernizar. Pode ser alterada a fonte as cores... etc Nome: Escola de Música de Chãs Improvement / modernization of logo for School of Music!

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    Trophy icon Prospector Genius Bitti left

    Good Day I'm looking for a new logo The text would need to be for Prospector Genius Inspired by a man in a lab coat who resembles Albert Einstein.

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